Potato vs Watermelon - Smarter Every Day 155

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    1. Theo Amann

      What fuel is he using?

    2. TheLocalEngineer

      4:22 no one: nothing mE WhO alWAyS USeS aIR freSHEr As PROpanE: “amaTUREs”

    3. Ryan Feller

      Did he just say "yes sir" raising them right and with respect. I like it

    4. guillermo villalobos

      Does anyone know the measurements of the 2 tubes?

    5. MrKaje72

      Neighbors: Yea 911? He’s out back...no it’s with a potato this time.

    6. The one and only lava lamp

      My dad and his siblings called my grandmaand grandad by their 1st names, it was really weird haha

    7. Trijetz

      noooo the watermelons D-:

    8. Andrew

      3:25 RIP video compression

    9. Nearest

      In the MCU, what you did to that potato is what Stryker did to Logan.

    10. Fross Plays

      when he but a metal bar in the potato... i knew im gonna make one

    11. Simon Holden

      The first mirror slow mo got me good!

    12. orhan arıkan

      @SmarterEveryDay why is the recoil so weak?

    13. gms sona

      Will it surely shatter a bone if thats the target

    14. gms sona

      Im shifting through all those awesome videos of yours that i cant seem to recall what I've or haven't learnt till now in this very short interval.

    15. the modern thompson

      Ok we need to our potatoe gun isint powerful enough my thought more explosion his we need to fortify our potatoe

    16. Simpson

      that kid has the coolest dad in the world.

    17. Living Corpse

      Why has no game allowed me to do a potato gun run only yet?

    18. Nick

      I’m 25 but can I please be adopted by you :(

    19. Rock

      We just made a video on one of these and they are insanely powerful. Especially when you put metal shards in the potato.

    20. MattyE

      That was so cool

    21. prOkrEAt

      Well that escalated quickly...

    22. Ashley Cobb

      I have recently come across your channel and I have really enjoyed your videos. I love the way you invited your son to be part of your adventure. Great video, great parenting and I get geeked out over the Reepicheep graphic. After Aslan, he is my favorite character from. Narnia

    23. darkwizard225 m

      turns out potato guns and mortars have lots in common

    24. Custom Coin Rings USA

      If you live next to a lemon, lime, or orange farm you can find just the right size under-ripe fruit to fit snuggly in the barrel and create a much better seal than a potato. The unripe fruit will also hold its shape at much higher pressure allowing it to stay intact even with a very powerful potato gun which would make a potato explode before it reaches the end of the barrel...not that I've created anything like this or done extensive testing of all the physics of potato guns/cannons ;)

    25. Sue Small

      That kid is so respectful calling his dad sir 👍

    26. ThatAnimeKid

      He said yes sir

    27. ThatAnimeKid

      He said yes it

    28. وارث الحرمين

      Why are your potatoes red???

    29. Andrew Warwick

      I made a pretty spectacular spud gun when I was younger. I had 3 spark plugs wired up to a stun gun, which gave me 3 ignition sources and constant spark, thus burning the propellant faster. It could easily throw a 2" diameter potato 1000 ft, and when I tested shooting a apple at a white pine tree, it ripped the bark off (which was nearly an inch thick), leaving a bare spot that is still there 15 years later. Lol

    30. Annick Nikita

      Great relationship with your kid, I'm nearly 30 and my father never once told me he's proud of me

      1. The one and only lava lamp

        I feel ya

    31. DAN THE MAN

      Squeak squeak I wish you were my dad.

    32. Don Holiday


    33. NANOVA LAB

      I shot from the gun on the monitor. The monitor has not crashed.

    34. NANOVA LAB

      Very POWERFUL

    35. Abhay Sharma

      Cute kid

    36. æ

      i clicked da potato

    37. Harry A

      Your awesome father.. I love spending my day off with my kid too, dont listen to this negative people,much respect to you and your little angel....oh and this vid is going to my favorite vids 😉

    38. Mark InTombstone

      Use ether

    39. CatPaws

      Dustin you need to collab with DemoRanch like for real!

    40. Lukeyboi

      3:24 how anime got their ideas for deaths

    41. Brandon Case

      I swear that music is by Ratatat?

    42. White Supremacist

      What a great father.. Teaching your kids science and respect. Keep up the great work, sir. 👍🏻

    43. Oliver Shannon

      I made one in Canada and almost went to jail

    44. J B

      So did it break the sound barrier?

    45. Marie Sidman

      What a good kid

    46. TheAceOfSpades

      I own several firearms ,and still want to make this.

    47. Word YoMomma

      hear hear

    48. Concon 411

      The evil laugh at 3:46 is the best part


      was this in phoenix

    50. Rahul Mass


    51. Jimmy Catalina

      Eat watermelons

    52. BuildTech Engineers

      wow , which camera you used

    53. Derpy Lion



      2;03 That's how Kennedy was shot.

    55. Andrew Gedman

      delicious explosion

    56. Isaacdman_

      Obturator? More like obture-tater

    57. CaptJas0nT0mahawk

      What are you spraying in the combustion chamber and how are you igniting it? The center ignition is a sparker from a grill (something like that) so I'm referring to the ignition at the base, it looks like you're twisting something.

    58. BrainyBricks

      @Smartereveryday I love that your son used the word obturator. I did not know that word and had to look it up. Thank you young man!

    59. Mark's Drawing Tutorials

      That kid's going places.

    60. Shawn Zamechek


    61. LegendaryFatRat

      *_P O T A T A G U N_*

    62. kyzf

      Doesn't putting metal bits on the front completely negate the whole point of using potatoes as the projectiles? Now you've got potential metal shrapnel to worry about.

    63. Scott Esau

      Shame that you had this wonderful setup and used hair spray as your fuel instead of starting fluid

    64. I state your name

      OBTURATOR = Luckiest kid ever!

    65. steve kim

      One SERIOUSLY lucky boy! And your son is pretty lucky too!

    66. Sam Hurley

      That kid has some thicc aim.

    67. BadW01f 2

      that last one with the mirror scared me a little 😂

    68. Shawn Brogan

      Does anyone know what he's using for fuel?

    69. Little Lott

      I really love learning about this!PLZ do more!!!!!

    70. Minh Bui Tuan

      This is awesome

    71. Vlad3000

      Hey Destin, not sure the best way to contact you, just wondering if you would let me use about 2.5 seconds of this video in a small production myself and my buddy are doing. I have no problem leaving the watermark. Great channel. Been a subscriber for a while now.

    72. Rueben Osborn

      @SmarterEveryDay, next time you should try adding the fuel before you force the projectile down the barrel. Compressing the fuel-air mixture for a more powerful explosion. Like an ICE piston.

    73. Mdv Gau

      I learned about "rear obturation" in 1966 as an Artillery Office Candidate at Ft Sill, OK. You are the first person, aside from a "Redleg" (artilleryman), to use this term so I naturally thought it was pretty cool, Thanks

    74. Himanshu Bharti

      why your potatoes are Red

    75. clayrev

      Expanding air (gas) cools, maybe that is just condensation? like when you blow it out of a air compressor nozzle?

    76. Koushik Prasad

      5.01 does subliminal messaging actually work??!!!

    77. Elizabeth Webb

      that is cool

    78. shmoney on da set

      YES SIR!!!

    79. Sabīne Mitkus

      if your son is calling you sir, I can tell you he ain't gonna have a too happy life I loved my father very much and that's why I called him dad, in 13 reasons why Alex called his father sir too, and he shot himself, i think thats just ain't right

    80. ItnaxSocial

      Pause at 3️⃣⏺2️⃣5️⃣

    81. Mastacheifa 118

      World of Warships: Backyard Edition.

    82. Annu Fall

      Why is your potato RED?? Potatoes are yellowish brown.

      1. Tatiana Nicole

        potatoes can be MANY colors, red, purple, blue, ect. have you seriously never seen a red potato????

    83. Matheus Dias

      Just unsubscribed because of that "Sir" thing going on. It's really weird and all the ''respect thing'' looks more like an excuse. I respect and love my father and I would never call him, nor anyone else ''sir'' because it would feel like this people are superior then me in any shape or form. Even when people say ''it's a regional thing'', who cares? Beating women is a regional/cultural thing in some countrys, does that makes it ok? To the channel owner, you have a great content and I'm not juding your parenting, but I don't want to have any kind of contact with something that for me is so agressively bad as authoritarian parenthood. I'm also not saying that you are a authoritariam father, just that it looks like so and even if you're not, I still think the ''sir'' thing is bad. Also people who says ''maybe the kid says it because he wants too and not because he was taught"... I really don't think so, even if it's a common thing there, it's just unnatural, respect is not taught, it's achieved by your doings. The tumblr post his made justify nothing.

    84. NewbTopolis 2 1/2

      Heheheh. Click the potato to subscribe!

    85. Justin Raphael

      For your convenience... "We’ve chosen to teach our children to say “yes/no sir/m’am” because we thing that it shows respect to others, especially those in authority. The even stranger thing is that we (the parents) also say “yes/no sir/m’am” to them… the children. We’ve found that it promotes an atmosphere of respect in our home that ends up being quite lovely. I didn’t demand that they say “sir” when I filmed this video, I simply asked them questions. They say “sir” when they know I’m trying to clearly communicate something and they’re letting me know in a very clear way that they understand. We don’t try to modify their behavior, we try to shepherd their hearts. Brainwashing a child is selfish, dumb, and destructive, so this isn’t what you’re seeing" - DESTIN

    86. Richard Castle

      @smartereveryday i have a question, instead of using the hairspray as a fule source what can you recommend that would be even stronger ?

    87. Tony Smida

      Even though your kid said, "yes sir", it does seem like you are a nice father that really teaches him well. It might have sounded like you are harsh when your kid said, "Yes sir", but your kid is probably very smart and nice.

    88. EyeOfHorus 4293

      HEAD SHOT!

    89. Marc Angelo Chiapco

      3:48 boi cant aim

    90. Braeden Macander

      Yes sir

    91. kul'tkargo


    92. zxc

      3:23 big bang for raw vegans

    93. Robby Brandt

      what kind of flint sparker did you use though?

    94. Robby Brandt

      I see now that you wold explain it in 30 seconds.

    95. Mart s

      Love how you're doing this stuff with your kids

    96. Celt Gunn

      I can't express just how beautiful the watermelon explosion was. Just glorious Dustin, thank you for sharing this with us. 💝

    97. trMinyMonsterx ROBLOX

      A long range potato gun called the piper or the potoper You decide

    98. Juan Sebastian Dueñas Salamanca

      they say that a tomato cause more damage than a potato you should try and build a tomato cannon

    99. Anthony URUGWILD-Canal abandonado

      Destin, you forgot to put in the video the warning of: "Don't try it at home" I have a 15 yo cousin that tried to make a potato gun after watching this video and it ended in the hospital with horrible burns on his entire right arm >:( I know my cousin really messed up and the accident was his, not yours, but you also are a little guilty. You must remember to have your subscribers (LIKE ME) not just informed, but safe. Because being safe and knowing the stuff that you should not try to do at home, it's part of getting Smarter Every Day. Greetings from Uruguay, South America.

    100. GolD_R0ger

      Ilikerockets too :)