Rolling Shutter Explained (Why Do Cameras Do This?) - Smarter Every Day 172

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    Behind the Scenes video of Henry and I discussing the Genius After Effects template he made
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    1. Michael Diaz

      Really liking those integrated watermarks

      1. JavaFloof


      2. Nathan Stewart

        What? I though that was the Smarter Every Day airplane. jk

      3. Joris Collomb

        oh my god I'm stupid, just thought he just have a sponsored planed...

      4. Elisha Ellis

        @Donovan Higgins oh nevermind, I had my phone in portrait mode 🤦

      5. Elisha Ellis

        @Donovan Higgins I don't see it

    2. Adrian's Chemistry Laboratory

      Another excellent video and well explained- congratulations! :)

    3. inventaunmañana

      Is the high speed camera using another technology, maybe CCD? Or is it also CMOS? Amazing vid!

    4. Shari

      what is even reality?

    5. Ravi Lancarte

      that's why this is one of the best contents in youtube.. omg man. youtube sould treat channels like your different. like monetizing you more or offering more support i don't know. just imagine the awesome things you would do with even more resources to to on those crazy ideas

    6. Enni Hubi

      lol this is so much the filter on instagram rn

    7. NoriXa

      3:12 Seems Like the Propellor is Bent for Real.

    8. Boom

      Plot twist: the plane is god

    9. avalon NewWay

      Why not use instead of progressive scan something more like eye?

    10. Daniel Drader

      So maybe a silly question or request, but can anyone out there recommend a camera - be it webcam, old cell phone, old gopro, etc. that would give these results - particularly the guitar strings. Yes, I'm WANTING to achieve this. Thanks for any info.

    11. Nicholas Leclerc

      1:54 Did you just say “so stinking cool” ??? OMG SOOOOO CUUUUTE !!!!

    12. Bence Biro

      Omg tik tok would made this video moore easy , but it was 2017 LOL !

    13. Pr Gopro

      he had his own plane?

    14. Man D

      Smarter every day will you please do a video on fracture cones well Flint napping I would love to see images of fracture cones and I think you would too.

    15. Zubair Saifi

      My whole life was a lie

    16. BOSS 1

      this is the inspiration of the tiktok filter.

    17. Tanveer Ahmed

      Does anyone know the genre of the guitar music at 4:47 ?

    18. Senz



      Thank YOU! The world is in desperate need of more science and brain feeding material in the social networks these days!


      What amazed me is sync of high speed footage and normal camera footage. That's great

    21. Serp Hardan

      3:21 looks like a boomerang

    22. Pooya Behravesh

      This video is AWESOME

    23. Egi Pratama

      And now, three years later, we can do this trick with just tiktok effect

    24. Daibhidh Robinson

      Every generation of video recording has had different forms of distortion, from the jittery motion of film shot at 16fps in the early 20th century, sometimes made worse if replayed at 24fps, to the strange colours when colour film first came out, the vertical scratches and flickering dust from film projectors, the horizontal effects seen on video-tape, the very poor pixel size when cheap video cameras first came out... And that is before you even get to the effects that you get on TV, such as hue variation and moiré (which varied enormously from country to country). And throughout it all, the wagon-wheel lives on. Would you like to use your technology to demonstrate these various effects as clearly as you did the rolling shutter?

    25. jake hall

      I totally thought guitar strings were that wavey.

    26. A r i e e l l o o

      How about human eyes?

    27. John Paul Riego

      And later on tiktok caught on😂

    28. Belew Yifru

      This is so cool. Thank you for the hard work!

    29. leopold

      I've seen this effect on phone camera footage from time to time and I had just assumed that it was some sort of video capturing issue associated with a low powered general purpose CPU, rather than an optimised video capture processor. It never even occurred to me that it was actually an optical illusion inadvertently created by the tech being used. Seeing it demonstrated here the way you did made it crystal clear how it happens. And I learned something, which is always a good thing!

    30. syatt

      Nobody: SEprom: *Rolling Shutter Explained (Why Do Cameras Do This?) - Smarter Every Day 172*

    31. Hyper.btwツ

      Shot on iphone

    32. Freekenstein The Beast

      Useless, you can do it with your Fan... Jesus click bait

    33. alki9969

      I thought propelers are distorted because od wind and speed of the plaine!

    34. Muhammad Syarruddin

      tiktok use this concept

      1. Muhammad Syarruddin

        @CRAZY MADNEZ you're right


        more like copied

    35. Syaid

      "The more you know"

    36. Genki G

      i was shocked at the angle of attack and surprised it was camera error

    37. Yetigaurd

      Doesn't that mean that our eyes produce a rolling shudder affect sometimes

    38. Marc Fuchs

      Wonderful visualization of rolling shutter. True educational material.

    39. Dicky Satria

      Ok so the question is : what was the human eye rps/fps?

    40. Trump Republicans

      I noticed this when my mom was taking a video of a old ww2 airplane and when I looked at the video after I noticed that the blades wasn’t spinning and I was really confused until I found this video

    41. DanTechTips

      4:40 I see what you did there.

    42. Carl Busani

      OK, this is epic

    43. Le Visionarium

      Why I prefer analog film photography.

    44. Khunvyel

      So out of the blue, my immediate question is: "so, is there a sensor technology with a static shutter? That captures the frame as is in video?"

    45. Brandon Fitzpatrick

      Should have called it the Seamoth

    46. AGgames

      You mean you make the camera perfect by it by adding some sort of math to this

    47. 5dd

      Fantastic explanation! I've often heard the rolling shutter effect incorrectly described as aliasing, which makes no sense whatsoever. Happy to finally learn what is really happening.

    48. Reilly jarvis

      or he could have used a drone... just saying.

    49. Mohammed Abubakar

      Oh my god sometimes my eyes See's this

    50. Treytrey

      So is this what you see when you move a pencil horizontally quickly?!

    51. Angerpull

      There is no such thing called the Tarmac on an airport.


      I feel smarter right now. Thanks for the video.

    53. Rio Ferdinan

      Similar to tiktok right now

    54. Anuraag Prithvi

      3 years later, this is now a filter!!!

    55. marineimaging

      Thank you so much. Having worked with video transitioning from analog to digital I understood the effect but had a hard time conveying it to my grandchildren. Next time they ask i am going to point them to your video. Excellent. Thanks again.

    56. Shawn Conell

      So; as technology improves, the entire chip can scan at once and the odd effect will be fixed .

    57. mdkl _

      tiktok filter inspired by this video

    58. Anthony Baker

      Does he have his own plane? Notice the name on the props 2:15

      1. GaMMer 500

        no its edited

    59. 1 2 3


    60. Alice M.

      I love that the guitar strings looks like soundwaves ❤ fitting!

    61. Vester Travel Productions

      Nice video and I really admire the work you've put into this :)

    62. GoShiggyGo

      Please do a video on GLOBAL shutter.

    63. Elizabeth Ojinal

      How about in water?

    64. Infamous Times

      Why does guitar strings looks like it makes the same effect as a rolling shutter when you pluck the string with the TV in the background? Pluck string, look at the string while the TV is playing in the background and it wiggles and dances showing the vibrations as if it's wavey dancing not just vibrating.

    65. Magic Mushroom

      Some good editing Jesus

    66. M R

      Einstein theory of relativity

    67. Dirk Allen Garcia

      Why do vehicle's wheel rim looks like its moving backwards?

    68. DexZ Gaming

      Try it on beyblade :)

    69. Devlin Maguire

      jeez mate get life

    70. Kirby Pua

      Can rolling shutters be accomplished with normal phone cameras?

    71. GS 5717

      This is freakin' awesome!

    72. teebeekoto

      How about the ones where wheels look like they're spinning backwards?

    73. Orange Harrison

      4:02 Youd get this pattern too if youre the kind of guy who practices guitar by CRT light

    74. johnjeanb

      Thanks for doing a REALLY interesting video on an everyday bizarre subject

    75. kinox100

      136.000 understand ...1600 don't Thanks man 👍

    76. आशुतोष राणे

      06:05 😄😆😄

    77. ferg span

      I did this on a rex flight

    78. Rohan Preis

      Nah bro, that’s just the new bent propellor

    79. Daniel Wolf

      Really impressive. Great video and explanation. Congrats. Grettings from Argentina

    80. Muszahar Mdsaad

      Glass wine singging?

    81. Robert Noble

      Destin, This is a really urgent and mindbending question for you. Where did you get the cube storage shelf in the background? Build it? I have really been looking all over for a good one.

    82. Caden Ashworth

      Jesus loves you so much!! More than anything❤️

    83. John Whodat

      Is this why my face look so fked up on cell phone cameras?

    84. robin vermillion

      i wonder if they can invent a camera that can film the shutter effect of a black hole

    85. ch1rx _

      haha multiple rudders

    86. alan fay

      why is he wearing a hat indoors? Bald or cool?

    87. HiddnTest

      so all this while I've been consuming vibrating noodles frozen in time....

    88. Joseph Stalin

      His very smart

    89. Max Kimmings

      This is a filter in tiktok now -_-

    90. Andwele Harris

      my phone: 30fps .... random cameras in the wild: 20,000fps

    91. سلطان الزهراني

      i think henry did a really hard job

    92. Pumpkin

      Smarter Every Day Cessna 172

    93. Não Sei 2.0


    94. John Paul Legaspi

      4:00 now that's what you call a SOUND WAVES

    95. Rosana Falcao

      I can't trust cameras anymore

      1. Rosana Falcao

        @आशुतोष राणे The high speed cameras are amazing!

      2. आशुतोष राणे

        ...and what opinion about high speed camera

    96. NT NT

      This guys a genius but he’s the biggest nerd ever

    97. Mary Lagua

      That’s really smart.

      1. Mary Lagua

        Good morning!!

    98. Tyler MG / Tyler mega games

      Energy ready for pic, release! Full shutter.

    99. Sr. Sr. Jon A. MacDonald

      U didn't tell me u had a private plane

    100. Howard Williams

      Which is why there is no such thing as real time. All things have delays in processing a continuous moving image. During the delay for processing no more data is being processed from the sensor (eye or CCD for that matter). The data can be stored (if the storage process is fast enough) and analyzed later (sometimes within microseconds). Great video!