See Through Suppressor in Super Slow Motion (110,000 fps) - Smarter Every Day 177

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    1. abisz007007

      you have to give props to Gordon for that incredible incredible sounddesign.

      1. D31 5M

        @Gottom murder? Guns don't always have to be used to kill. Plus, killing isnt the same as murder

      2. Chris Huddleston

        I was just about to comment something similar... haha

      3. 5150 Eddie

        You'd definately enjoy Huntsville.

      4. misi 2012g

        Pubg tho

      5. Jonas Johnson

        @Alex Leach sadly no we have no way of recording useable slow-motion sounds

    2. Adele Dazeem

      There was a big thing about Hello Fresh in my community lately. A family was given rotten fish and they all ended up in hospital because of it. NO THANK YOUUU

    3. Adele Dazeem

      I'm really curious... when in slow motion... are you making your own sounds for it? 6:19 for example. Does it ACTUALLY sounds like that in slow motion

    4. TEYRIS01

      A fleshlight review.

    5. jaisleen kaur

      6:01 my dreams

    6. tiny kid

      6:00 that was cool

    7. Pine Nut

      Midas Muffler and Brake.

    8. Sudirman Temanggung

      The air pulling

    9. Sudirman Temanggung

      The air pulling

    10. Is Desert


    11. Cocoolboi gaming

      2:20 this has got to be the most efficient way to switch from a suppressor to a muzzle break

    12. Karthikeya Patnala

      What if we keep a vacuum attached to the suppressor

    13. pitchfork peasant

      Is the bullet loaded with rifle powder or pistol powder. 7.8 grains titegroup SEEMS to burn completely before leaving the end of a 24 inch barrel. No suppressor yet quieter much than a purchased subsonic 308 bullet

    14. iwas legend

      That was 😎

    15. Blurzzy

      lol spr 208 with clear monolithic suppresor

    16. Otto Hess

      Is this what Alabama is like?

    17. Tahyab Azim

      Steve is a legend

    18. lucky em em

      You too wos

    19. lucky em em

      Apa itu

    20. Gian Pacayra

      Amazing footage

    21. Lobsterman

      5:56 .. pure amazing.

    22. Tony Batchelor

      A lot of plastic wrapping

    23. Preston Palma

      I like that ASMR 6:18

    24. Marlesden

      that second silencer was soo quiet

    25. Sam And Prince

      Fun fact: Slow motion cameras don’t capture sound, so some people hire someone to produce sounds that fit the video!

    26. eyetextico


    27. Mayson Cunningham

      *Dude I’d love to make this video* * ATF “no *

    28. Kevin Dien

      Just add the monolithic and you’ll be good

    29. Skully


    30. Диванный Эксперт

      Нихрена не понятно, но очень интересно!!!

    31. Ohmie Levisope

      Ey if you dont kill your target with the bullet then the supressor behind it will shurely finish your target off.

    32. 51WCDodge

      A failure can tell you as much as a succes.

    33. Dari Sampah

      Hello Destin, Could you make another video about this, but with "Tesla Valve" design? Pin me up 📌

    34. Xvaldez32

      should try this again with polycarbonate wanna see if it works better

    35. Roy Hsieh

      4:23 that thing works like a tesla valve so why not try a real tesla valve design minimizing back flow and see if it still provide boost to the projectile like part of the barrel? but then i think the acrylic wall will definitely break.

    36. Roy Hsieh

      that light pad thingy next to the world map at rhe beginning reminds me of the commander control rooms in early scifi. i wonder what it is.

    37. H Colin

      VERY KOO!!!!

    38. GiltBoss 08460

      They said a lot of words that my brain can’t comprehend

    39. michael bass

      That is the most BADASS thing I've ever seen !!!!

    40. HIV3*MIND

      That last glass breaking one was amazing 🤩

    41. Shyanne Schultz

      you have to give props to Gordon for that incredible incredible sounddesign.

    42. บักแท

      █╗░░░░░░█████╗░░░░░░░███████╗████║░░░░░██╔══██╗░░░░░░██╔════╝████║░░░░░██║░░██║█████╗█████╗░░████║░░░░░██║░░██║╚════ ╝██╔ ═ ═╝░░█████████╗╚█████╔╝░░░░░░██║░░░░░██╚══════╝░╚════╝░░░░░░░╚═╝░░░░░╚═!

    43. บักแท


    44. Dick Mills

      LOL, when I first saw this on SEprom, I thought wow, he has pictures of lightning hitting a lightning suppressor. I was disappointed to see that it's a very different kind of suppressor. Not that guns aren't fun, but not as much fun as lightning is to a retired power engineer.

    45. creaper3 pvp

      I was gonna say, “110,000 feet per second?!??”

    46. Jared Woodall

      Which one was the quietest

    47. zykeveyin malone

      When the Suppressor is also a Dangerous projectile.

    48. Chan Kwon

      this video was awesome

    49. Chan Kwon

      2:34 when she say shes on the pill

    50. Richard Chen

      you have to give props to Gordon for that incredible incredible sounddesign.

    51. King0fBanditJing

      That last suppressor went out in a literal blaze of glory IMO

    52. Phantom

      Sweet home Alabama

    53. Robson

      Pensa num vídeo bom

    54. Dreamy Kebab14

      6:00 the start of a cod trailer be like

    55. Astro Du

      Only me that was astonished by those mach diamond at the end of the nozzle?

    56. Ivan Petrov

      The breaking of the suppressor was the best part of the video - such a beautiful breakage.

    57. sushrut ruikar

      Is it compulsory to watch this video 1500 times , SEprom?? 🤨

    58. Vasco Mangano

      These seem like guys against lgbtq+ rights, like it’s okay content, but they are obviously trumpists

    59. ranau a

      3:00 lol

    60. liljahseh XxX

      That's a M24😯

    61. Ryan Libera

      Did the casing spin off or break off the threads

    62. Sebby 324


    63. Cam

      Is this ASMR?

    64. Kevin Contreras

      muffler for your gun

    65. cullenami

      is that an oil filter?

    66. Fokke Groen

      Would try a Tesla valve structure.

    67. Ollie Wallace

      you have to give props to Gordon for that incredible incredible sounddesign.

    68. angel Castorena

      If the shot hits it's like a exyra insult like you shoot a deer then threw a bottle at it

    69. david irimia

      no one: me a 4 am in the morning: that is preety cool

    70. OlderSpud

      Hmm, did I saw shock diamond at 6:24? Escaping gas looked awful lot like that.

    71. Callum Jones

      love videos like this but dislike seeing them be nearly 10 minutes long.

    72. Saytoh

      So the suppressor more or less acts as, a double bullet. First the bullet Then the suppressor

    73. Jeff Willy

      Liberals' heads are exploding faster than that suppressor

    74. Military Update

      this video is awesome

    75. Surplus Division

      A silencer that is also a missile launcher. I might have to get one when my next machine gun is approved.

    76. Kayden

      The first one was a 2 shot in 1 lol

    77. Tony C

      Wonder what would happen if it were designed like a Tesla valve

    78. rom65536

      I wonder what suppressor baffles making the shape of a tesla valve would do.

    79. Faqih Aldian Noor

      2:35 "bullet, wait!... I want to go too"

    80. banana bread

      Can slo mo guys or someone explain how he just captures the speed of glass breaking when they show how its almost too fast to catch

    81. Magpie John

      8.1k dislikes WTF. This was one of the most awesome things I've witnessed. Now to get out my lathe and learn how to not kill myself in my live experiments using suppressors.

      1. Surplus Division

        It’s because he thinks you need a license for a supressor.

    82. Stephen Luke

      I preferred the design of the second one and it also seamed to look more successful. Is the second design been manufactured and on sale yet?

    83. The Ploot

      Separating a suppressor for a gun is pretty reduntant, why not intergrate every guns with a suppressor if its gonna be for hearing protection.

    84. Del Hatton

      Have they ever thought of putting in a spring loaded pressure compensator to take up the expansion in the tubes, like whats used with water well storage tanks? But miniaturized.

    85. Thomas McElroy

      So I'm curious I know on the Prince Rupert drop video you could see the light that occured from the fracture is that visible here as well or does acrilic absorb energy so much so that you don't have that effect or is it the wrong material

    86. Trendkiller

      Additude sunglasses guy who doesn't like people smarter than him. Dime a dozen.

    87. Arthyu Alagao

      2:46 It sounds like you're breaking Minecraft dirt

      1. GoodGenes

        stolen bro

    88. Sasha Clarence

      2:46 walking on dirt 6:17 defeating the enderdragon

    89. 5dd

      High speed cameras are such a fantastic analytical tool! I would love to see a Smarter Every Day episode describing the science and technology associated with high speed cameras. I'm sure Destin would do a great job with the topic.

    90. Tomy Sonodikromo

      I think the stream should follow the Tesla Valve design

    91. Oob


    92. Jacob Kroll

      I hate this this video is 9 minutes

    93. snake in top hat

      he dosnt have a gun licence in alabama? i thought it was a law there

    94. Jason Mcmechon

      Jesus Christ is Lord God of all! God bless you all! Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is too difficult for the Lord our God, with Christ, ALL things are possible!

    95. Perry Gossman

      Your still a jerk! I just don't like you.

    96. TheHeanBean

      they should give you this custom option in call of duty

    97. Art None

      u should have made a rifled barrel

    98. Manix Burn

      If only the package could be eaten, one meal would last a week !

    99. Eric Smith


    100. Brian Williams-unfiltered

      2:33 now thats a bullet you gotta watch out for