Shockwave Shadows in Ultra Slow Motion (Bullet Schlieren) - Smarter Every Day 203

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    Read about Schlieren Imagery
    Derek from Veritasium made a great video about Schlieren
    Mach Angle
    Transonic Regime
    Oblique Shock
    Normal Shock wave equations:
    .300 AAC Blackout
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    1. It's Okay To Be Smart

      I dreamt of this day, and here it is. Thank you for doing the video I hoped you would one day do, Destin. So cool 😎

      1. DragonRire

        what about a shotgun?

      2. Superabbas Almani

        @Sewan & Sawen Creations BOOK I Psalms 1-41 Psalm 1 1 Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers, 2 but whose delight is in the law of the Lord, and who meditates on his law day and night. 3 That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither- whatever they do prospers. 4 Not so the wicked! They are like chaff that the wind blows away. 5 Therefore the wicked will not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the assembly of the righteous. 6 For the Lord watches over the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked leads to destruction. ........................................................ I wish you & all other Bros long life full of Love & Health!

      3. The True Independents

        wow that was sick check out my slomo vid

      4. Gustavo Moura


      5. Ian

        Dude the SloMo guys just did one with a tank round. You should check it out!

    2. bberguson

      This is probably impossible to record but... sub sonic 22 rimfire ammunition is said to be more accurate than super sonic ammo because the super sonic ammo goes subsonic between the barrel and target. It would be awesome to see what the bullet does as it drops below super sonic. Also, you don’t mention the rotation of the bullet and if that causes any of the “lines” that are shown. Thoughts?

    3. StaryNoon

      This is awesome!!!!

    4. faasd fer

      "who uploads a slow-mo video at 3 in the morning?" Destin: "oh boy 3am!"

    5. allen inch

      I love these videos from you and Slo Mo guys.

    6. Joseph Kendrick

      think of it like you throw a ball at a alastick sheet

    7. Peter Flynn

      The shot of th bullet creating a supersonic cone out of the subsonic muzzle powder shock is fantastic - a perfect lesson in aerodynamics in 5 seconds

    8. Anthony Burke

      Tell your friend the shooter that Balls Theorem states that the optimum length of barrel is 70 x bore.

    9. Steve Le

      if you keep spamming > 5:18 < you can hear them speaking russian

    10. Theodore Sweger

      Them was a science fiction move from the 50s

    11. You Tubeblows

      Blm wants to destroy everything in that book. White people are beautiful. Go white people!

    12. Kevin Olver

      See mythbusters for physical consequences of revolver shock waves

    13. Adrian Engineers


    14. DragonRire

      what about a shotgun?

    15. Ravindhar Rajendran

      Wow. This is literally the 3-dimensional ripples that a bullet makes when it travels through air. An array of shock waves originating one after the other in the direction of motion.

    16. Coolfool121

      Why do you cut the light in half?

    17. Bradley Childs

      Ya have good taste in lawnmowers

    18. hrosemd


    19. Doug Anway

      Ought to have turned the revolver sideways since the frame blocks most of the side blast.

    20. Леонид Горбунов

      супер! очень интересно и познавательно!!! класс!

    21. taskforce_1414

      50BMG boys

    22. Concept Quinn

      His buddy, Coup, seems like a good friend to have.

    23. Man D

      Smarter every day will you please do a video on fracture cones well Flint napping I would love to see images of fracture cones and I think you would too.

    24. Lalmuanpuii Jahau


    25. Dan B

      Why does yin&yang symbol resemble the magnetic field of a magnet?


      you better hide All your weapons justin; corrupt Senile bite-me & his commie vp & old 'beto' are coming to steal your weapons, money, & freedoms.

    27. bananamaniac

      Audible is my favorite sponsor

    28. : D

      hello 2 years later destin

    29. 19 liters

      use the supersonic baseball cannon on this thing.... please?

    30. Mary Lagua

      Thank you Destin!!

    31. Casual Flight

      Heya Destin, is there a limit to how effective a Schlieren can be due to size? Im curious how a larger mirror would help with some of those later waves.

    32. Inservio

      00:15 Are you sure that's not a flat mirror, Dustin? Your reflection shows no distortion at all.

    33. Tatang Parone

      Your so political

    34. XPNDBLhero

      This is the cool stuff we get nowadays whenever the "jocks" and "nerds" play nice w/ each other.... LMAO

    35. Randy Grove

      Excellent! I learned a ton of things. Keep up the good work.

    36. Jason Brown

      so there is a lot of energy in the revolver that is wasted, right? seems like all forces should push out the barrel, it appears that most of the shock wave was out the sides, not behind the projectile. awesome video btw

    37. Stefan50326

      I have weapons but the since us great

    38. SCAPE0GOAT

      I love re-watching videos on this channel. Awesome work Destin 👍👍👍

    39. The Wizard Games

      Destin has finally become AMERICAN, i was waiting for a vid with guns, Now I can die happy

    40. Vince Breeze

      but did it make it to the egg?

    41. debovsky123

      So the circles represent fps of the computer simulation we live in.....🤔

    42. I Am DeAdsHoT

      I floated at everything the professor said!

    43. Aeronautical Ashutosh

      At 9:05 how is he running Windows in a MacBook? 🧐

    44. Sanjib Talukder

      I have been trying to understand shocks for so long and u guys showed it with a weapon and super cool camera. long live u guys guys

    45. bojanzeusbt

      This is so coool

    46. Bao Mao

      8:34 Revolvers are old ... but not for beginners. (Modern handguns do not have this issue.). This reminds me in aviation of the original taildraggers, which are similarly unfriendly to beginners vs modern tricycle gear planes that are now most commonly used.

    47. EmR1d

      My favorite video to date. I know I was late to the party, but this is probably my 6th video from Destin, and I'm happy to be here.

    48. scrammy69

      Destin: "Do you know what the speed of sound is?" Shooty McShooter: "Yeah, it's like, duh 12 something..." Destin: "Oh no! We'll put it on the screen right here! That's the speed of sound!" *Completely **_doesn't_** put up 1234 km/hr*

    49. Gleice De Azevedo


    50. charlie.g.hague

      The imaging stuff is cool but I'm geeking out over those guns. Loving that Barrett and the 330blk with that Geissele trigger? Those are some awesome looking boomsticks right there.

    51. sammylw7694

      Dustin, man this was a great video! I can say of all the SEprom’r’s I watch, yours is the only one I watch the adds that you yourself make and talk about. I love you stuff man!! I love watching you learn new stuff as much as I love learning stuff myself. Great job!!

    52. John

      If you ever have the chance - I would recommend to do this test with a M1895 Nagant revolver.

    53. Steve Allen

      Unless you intend to hurt somebody with them, they are called firearms or guns, not weapons. Smarter every day ;)

    54. Keith Lange

      I swear, air is just Liquid Lite™. I fairly certain that the little trails behind the bullet is "cavitation". It was initially discovered by dudes making slim boats going hellllllllllllllllaaa fast, or whatever Lindybeige said in a video.

    55. Ninno Marrocchi

      I could see you like to read some special books, let me recomend you the Osho's books, they are cool!!!

    56. Pyrus Rex

      My old Iver Johnson .32 revolver used to shave lead off the side of the bullet because the cylinder didn't line up perfectly. Do not stand beside someone shootin' one of those.

    57. Daniel Sturgeon

      The sound they played when the revolver discharged really viscerally reminded me of playing Limbo ten years ago.

    58. Виталик Артемов

      Это по истине шокирует)))

    59. W.M. return

      i would love to see what effect whip crack will make

      1. JavaFloof

        W.M. return they made one

    60. dish125db

      that .223 looks to be under powered

    61. Davide Siclari


    62. john lekkas

      till now i saw at least 2 greeks professors ... and in my university 2 of my professors dont now how to use electronic engineer

      1. john lekkas

        @Jim Sagubigula εισαι ημμη κουκλε εγω μπηκα ΤΕΙ και μας έκαναν πανεπιστήμιο

      2. Jim Sagubigula

        @john lekkas Ναι ρε. Απλά το λέω γιατί εγώ είμαι στην Πάτρα και δεν αντιμετωπίζω τέτοια θέματα με τους καθηγητές.

      3. john lekkas

        @Jim Sagubigula it was called technological educational institute of crete now its called Hellenic Mediterranean University Έλληνας είσαι?

      4. Jim Sagubigula

        @john lekkas Σε πιο πανεπιστήμιο είσαι;

      5. john lekkas

        @Jim Sagubigula greece/Hellas

    63. K Tozer

      The subsonic bullet is like: we need pull up I repeat we need to pull up! Pull up!! Maday maday were going down I repeat we are going down. Me: Lmao.

    64. JustFrost

      to @SmarterEveryDay the shock wave from the mid is the preshure of the bullet beying push HARD and the shock of your arm reacts with the "shock"wave yourwelcome

    65. Brenden Stone

      You ought to watch “subsonic, transonic and supersonic flight-a Irgun ballistics 101 pt.10” by airarmshuntingSA

    66. John White

      I would like to see how a .22lr bullet is supposed to "Tumble" as it transition from super to subsonic travel. Or does it really? It is hard for me to imagine. But that is the way of thought. I just don't buy it.

    67. Robert Eskut

      The sub-sonic looks a lot like the shock waves of a F-22 Raptor doing a hard bank.

    68. blalolblalol

      So, what are those circles that are emitted at regular intervals? Why are they emitted at intervals? Which parameters (maybe air temperature, pressure, humidity, density, etc) affect those intervals and/or regularity? You made and outstanding video, but I was surprised someone as curious as you didn't pursue this issue further, especially considering you interviewed an expert in aerodynamics.

    69. Longbow Shooter

      The shockwaves all around the revolver makes sense. The bullet and expanding gases escape in the gap between the chamber/cylinder and the entrance to the barrel. The rifle doesn't have that gap between the chamber and the barrel, so you don't have gases escaping to the sides.

    70. mnpd3

      I've got a 12" parabolic mirror. Depending on the wave precision your 16", you could have paid a quite a bit for it.

    71. René Alanís Orta

      - Do you know what the speed of sound is? - Yeah, its like, 12 something..

    72. Pawan Khanal

      2:23 why bullet produce wave ?? but there is no any source of sound? what kind of wave is that ?

    73. Lenny Isaac

      When you shot the subsonic bullet it looked like you could see the rifling spyroll

    74. Dick Rendell

      Does Mach angle determine pitch of the crack the object makes as it breaks the barrier? If so, that would explain why you can identify calibre when it's been going on by, i've just not realised the physics of it.

    75. Scott Duffy

      Wow thank you I actually feel smarter not really but that was cool

    76. muchada1

      Wow . That is cool

    77. Trying to learn

      Thanks. Please investigate this further.

    78. Hitech Expert

      Pressure has no affect on the speed of sound only the temperature ...nice video

    79. beartastic

      Haha, best "if not t̶h̶a̶t̶'s̶ ̶c̶o̶o̶l̶" outro so far! I guess those people need to start keeping their revolvers in their fridge so they can get with the program?

    80. Johannes Conrad

      The shock wave angle is not the same as the Mach angle. They might be quite close and the shock angle can't be greater than the shock angle. You can calculate the correct shock angle and therefore the Mach number. Also, the Masch number and speed of sound are not constant. They vary with Temperature

    81. Laki Strajk

      Is it not the density of air, + the movement of air of closed air, surface reaction? If so can you do one more test from other area higher ground? Im curious if emp can do the same if modification is given? Reply if you see comment?

    82. Fujiwhara

      Dr. Konstantinos Kanistras seemed like a really friendly amazing person!

    83. Loui Throttler

      That sound coming out when the revolver is shot - that's amazing. Sample city.

    84. Rahul Blaze

      that is called local area speed

    85. Spysweeper

      This is AWESOME!! Thanks for another snippet of knowledge gained!!!👍🏽😄


      The professor was definitely geeked up on something and I'm guessing it wasn't maths.

    87. Chase Madden

      Destin, you're awesome. Would love to see you do a close up of the muzzle velocity with a suppressor on the weapon to show how the waves are different. My guess is you would have one supersonic wave off the bullet but then the muzzle waves would be significantly slower.

    88. Ivan Cvetnić

      3:48 Why we see only shock wave directly above and below the bullet? Does the bullet not produce shock wave all around itself in shape of cone? Is this connected with distance from mirror? And does somebody have explanation for circles in regular intervals that Destin doesn't know how to explain (3:41)?

    89. Paul Freyhofer

      Nobody: Americans: GUNS

    90. My dad is in prison

      Someone should send this video to Gayjin. Even though APFSDS and other solid shells have no explosive filler, no matter how thin the skin of the vehicle said APFSDS and other solid shells perforate through, the shock wave propagated from the trajectory of said APFSDS and other solid shells will generate enough pressure to rupture the internal organs of every nearby crew member in the vehicle! Tl;dr: Non explosive kinetic energy shell is perfectly capable of killing most of the crew members in a vehicle regardless of vehicle skin thickness in a single hit. Gayjin pls fix your Ground RB!

    91. Gary Paul

      Natural straight lines???

    92. Giuliani

      That was pretty cool. Especially the guy that explained the air flow around the bullet. That never would have occurred to me.

    93. lostman518

      Do a video on visible bullet flight path at distance. Camera behind shooter.

    94. Robert Golden

      Man fantastic video. Love the imagery and he science behind it. Thanks for sharing.

    95. iiiMEHiii

      This is my favorite SEprom channel what person doesn't want to get smarter every day

    96. Burdiboi

      The second bullet went transonic

    97. David Sanchez

      (Repugnantcan) "Keurect". VOMIT!!!

    98. David Sanchez

      Did you have to use a repugnantcan psychopath for this? It projects a negative image, to say the least. SMH. Try using a human next time. Ah, who am I kidding, I wouldn't dream of watching any further. I guess I'll go vomit now.

      1. Jim Sagubigula

        @Nina Williams A lot of things, for sure.

      2. Nina Williams

        bruh what's wrong with you

    99. Chandra Grandsworn

      What about hypersonic??

      1. Jim Sagubigula

        There are no hypersonic bullets.

    100. ABIZI TV

      I will like to be part of this