Shooting Down a Lost Drone and why Dogs Tilt their Heads - Smarter Every Day 173

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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      Thank you to those who are taking the "blood oath covenant" seriously. (LOL.) I look forward to your tweets. Also, thanks to Patreon supporters for the Pupper videos!

      1. Austin Ferguson

        I love watching sound videos due to going deaf in my right ear at the age of 10. Same with brain and psychology ones to know what is going on with what happened to me. TBI and deaf in the right ear due to nerve damage on that side. Basically I am trying to figure out a way to hear normally in a game I play where binaural hearing is a big part of the game. I found these headphones online where this guy made these headphones where both channels are in one earcup, staggering the channels to simulate left and right. I am no scientist so I am skeptical, but he makes it sound pretty legitimate in his description explaining everything about them. His reason for making them is because his wife is deaf in one ear and is a gamer as well. I'm wondering if others or @SmarterEveryDay could comment on suggestions or confirmation of these headphones and how they are made.

      2. Super Duper

        For the "blood oath" I was only able to read the small blurry words. The longer blurry words were to fused together to clearly see what the words was. So, how much would you say the bloodoath aapplies giving that I physically couldn't read all of it? I say it's like the terms and conditions contract that people don't read in full before when clicking the "I agree" button. They don't know what they agreed to, but they agreed nontheless.

      3. Texas_stone_ Stone

        I lost my left eye last year in an accident. This video got me to thinking about how similar principles influence sight. Something I learned through my ordeal is that some eye nerves connect directly to the brain, and some nerves connect to each other before they connect to the brain. The way they interact with the brain has been fascinating for me to learn about. I hope you will see this and will consider doing something similar with sight. I'm in Texas and wouldn't mind traveling to you to help for a control with a person with only one eye.

      4. Phillip Otey

        Completely wrong but good effort. I know the field of Audiology is almost pseudo science at this point as with many sciences studying our senses.

      5. s.swathi sree

        @AIDS_MCGUFFIN me too

    2. paltryblather

      that means you could substantially increase the quality of a hearing aid with a small ai & a photo of the persons ear.

    3. Michael Mercier

      That was an incredible shot with a .22

    4. Spray paint boiz

      hi destin (i think thats how you spell your name) but anyway i love your vids watch them every day along with mark rober's vids

    5. Rômulo Menelli Cardoso

      So.. when science cant resolve, get a rifle.

    6. Kzar Lopez

      That Ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh made my morning sir . Safety practices and good habits over everything when it comes to guns or rifles .

    7. Gierth

      Dustin reminds me of suck a kind stereotype of americand

    8. Taylor Slade

      couldn't you just tilt your head to hear vertically?

    9. James Weber

      Rookie mistake never say "Son, go get a rifle" Say "Son, go get the freedom machine"

    10. PaidMeToWrite

      I love your channel and really respect the way you present material in an understandable and well articulated format. You have to know that I laughed when a guy of your background used the term ear hole. Then you explained that you have a second Channel dedicated to sound. All the funnier. Regardless thank you for all the quality content you produce. It's good to gather ideas so I can teach my own kids. I have a final thought regarding locating an item up in the tree. If the three of you were to spread out and lay on your backs would you have been able to locate the drone? In other words lay down and stare towards the tree tops. Update: I just realized this video is over 3 years old

    11. Daniel J

      Y'all have defective ears. LOL!

    12. Mika Jacobsen

      Otologist: "Explain to me again why your ear canals are full of play-doh" Kid: "My dad did that before clapping at me from random directions" Otologist: "Ah yes, time to call child protective services"

    13. Pranay Kumar

      I am in class 12 and I ask this question from myself in class 7 thank you for give me answer

    14. GodBlessYou2008

      After I played Sniper Ghost Worrier 3, I thought it was a joke that a kid uses a sniper rifle but now I know it is real in USA.

    15. Bar Rotem

      How do you know destin is American? *You watch the video*

    16. Nathan Yu


    17. billyum braskey

      these guys are right wing

    18. no one

      The American way of problem solving

    19. Ron Matson

      Son get a rifle,I love this guy more every video I watch

    20. Ecktor

      You gotta be the ultimate dad... Holy, dude.... 😂

    21. - liamrbgw -

      Should’ve let the kid shoot the gun

    22. aHipMom

      this is probably why people with cauliflower ear report hearing loss

    23. Ishwan Dhanoa

      I read it saying become a supporter and I stopped reading so I don't have to but I probably will anyway

    24. n0id4u

      Please don't call it a weapon.

    25. MrAmed73

      хотел посмотреть такой видос - а он сам выпал в рекомендации)

    26. shashank jatav

      Now how does this happens in AirPods Pro?

    27. will york

      "son go get a rifle" is the best sentence ive ever heard

    28. will york

      ok, first off, that sky is GORGEOUS

    29. MatthewPlaysDaily

      just reading the title makes me want to think you have good aim

    30. mikeas 02

      bruh im no scientist but to hear up just tilt your head

    31. Ryan Barry

      How is no one talking about shooting at an angle up in the air??? The angle you guys were shooting in perhaps the least safe angle possible...

    32. Dariusz Sliz

      2:00 That's the most American thing I've ever heard

    33. Nirjhar Bhatnaagar

      what is that thing with light blinking in the background.

    34. Mario Joia

      So, it's not related to pressure differentials.

    35. MiniCrisps

      How does hair covering your ears affect hearing? 🤔

    36. Aitch

      I'm more impressed it only took her 2 shots to get that down than anything. Great video as ever though

    37. sibli57

      2:56 That kid, is gangsta...

    38. Michael Noyola

      Tip your head sideways....

    39. Kshitij Chhokar

      Meanwhile UFC fighters, Wrestlers and Mick Foley (● ̄(工) ̄●)

    40. Isaac

      Ears and hearing...amazing huh, almost like it's designed that Excellent videos as always, sorry for the sarcasm but the more and more we learn through science the more and more the idea of nothing to something organized into everything becomes more and more absurd.

    41. IanSdS

      funnily enough, I first knew the sound traveller, and was a subscriber for quite sometime, and only recently i started watching this channel, and boom i meet the people behind another awesome channel

    42. c pat

      hey Destin just a side note, definitions are important to me being a gun owner too, a hammer is only a weapon if you attacking someone with it, same with a firearm. Your great, love your videos.

    43. Bertelli Justin

      We had the same issue once. We cut the tree down. Drone still flew afterwards.

    44. Joe H.S

      This is the most Alabama thing ever

    45. godmodeforever

      Yet another use for a firearm in the hands of a NON- criminal.

    46. Lustest

      yep this video earnt a sub from me , i learnt something today

    47. mjb007bond

      There are blind people that have learned to see their environment with sound.

    48. Osiris261

      So can a bullet kill on it way down ?

    49. David Houser

      When you get hearing aids, with blue tooth you can't find things

    50. William

      How a lot of horror stories start, "Let's split up".

    51. Chris Lai

      This girl can shoot. You are such a good teacher and can find way to geek out life’s little details without making them sound boring.

    52. Dino Slayer600

      10-22 ruger is my favorite rifle

    53. WITE FOX

      You actually can hear a different when sounds are above you..


      Lol i used to do this when hunting squirrels as a kid. Tilt your head up the trees you need to point you ears so the sounds goes across your head like it would if the source is on the ground. The tiny differnce your brain registers in the input time of the sounds let you know derection. We cant move our ears like satellite dishes like animals can.

    55. David Kling

      You're the definition of a responsible gun owner! Good for you!

    56. spencer ray

      I read the blood oath writing at the bottom, and was super disappointed. It was patreon stuff.

    57. John Smith

      "Son, go get a rifle."

    58. Buff Barnaby

      cats even better can turn their 2 radars independently.

    59. VOX

      this is how you can tell its in america. "Son get the rifle"

    60. TheLonesometoad

      Excellent info in vid, but, where did the bullet land? HHMMM?????

    61. GUNKMAN

      @5:58 unfortunate phrasing

    62. Vemund Stoltenberg

      Wtf u cant shut UP in th air u maniac

    63. Dan Ervin

      Wow.. smarter every day.. great video..

    64. NightFury G

      I don't have any cupcakes to hold and I don't have an account to take a pic on lol YEAH I READ THE PARTS YOU TOLD ME NOT TO I am very curious lol

    65. tommy fred

      shooting in the air is the first stupid thing i have ever seen done on this channel and they just had to go full stupid with a gun. only in america

    66. Juan Motorsports

      Awesome job teaching your kids to shoot and safely as well. We need our youth strong in those departments.

    67. Tom 7078

      2:00 I had to screen shot it then zoom in to read the last part

    68. Michael Martin


    69. CEO

      Real men use shotguns

    70. John Watson

      shooting down a drone with a gun and why dogs tilt there head are 2 very different things


      I don't feel smarter shooting a drone down.

    72. Ball Buster


    73. James Davis

      I already took the Blood Oath Covenant and got a signed baseball as a gift for doing so. That only means one thing, Destin: It's cupcake time.

    74. LuniZunie Gamer

      2:01 fwi the tiny text is self advertisement. Edit: it also talks about a picture of a cupcake or laminar flow. Ohh and he also talks about how he doesn't know what else to put there.

    75. Bucketman

      So what you're telling me is... Rainbow Six and Modern Warfare need to figure spectral cues some way into their games so you can tell whether or not someone is above, below or in front of you? Neat. Cuz right now with their stereo audio, it's almost impossible to tell

    76. dasin6

      id imagine that a sound from above and below have slight differences just from the sound wave hitting the ear twice cus of bouncing off the ground. so up higher would have a longer delay between the 2

    77. Javierjr1224

      I think I'm in love

    78. Данил Сл

      Destin, that's another mechanism how U can locate that the soundsource is above or below. Our brain analyzes the sound in comparison to ambient sounds at the same distance. On a ratio how the ambient sounds fade from ear downrange comparing to the sound from above (or below) - our brain gives us signal - Gotcha - it's above!

    79. heydonray

      Awesome. The best part is that the kids can shoot!

    80. Texas_stone_ Stone

      I lost my left eye last year in an accident. This video got me to thinking about how similar principles influence sight. Something I learned through my ordeal is that some eye nerves connect directly to the brain, and some nerves connect to each other before they connect to the brain. The way they interact with the brain has been fascinating for me to learn about. I hope you will see this and will consider doing something similar with sight. I'm in Texas and wouldn't mind traveling to you to help for a control with a person with only one eye.

    81. Huey Iroquois

      A weird phenomenon I've noticed is that sometimes I get the font-back wrong while simultaneously getting left-right correct.

    82. Nicholas Leclerc

      Leave it to a Texan to bring a drone down *with a gun*

    83. Rory Walker

      Was that a pellet gun? I'm surprised the drone survived getting shot at and falling out of a tree.

    84. Mike Lig

      great shot!

    85. Mr.E

      So when we use earbuds, we negate the spectral cues

    86. Comit

      "son go get the rifle" -dustin 2017

    87. Mads Hansen

      what a cool dad you must be

    88. Fire Brand Gaming

      Woman actually have better hearing then men

    89. isaac hough

      a drone falls out of the sky then a boeing 747 lol idc what you need dont ever shoot up in the air you never know whats up there

    90. Ole Nielsen

      oO(... dang... tricked into patreon support) [cupcake]--> ô

    91. DiggidyDawg 113

      *ball gets stuck in tree* son, grab the AK

    92. fmailscammer

      I guessed about tilting the head as soon as you said how high up it was

    93. Jakob Sturm

      Don't tell me not to read things, bc that is the only way to get me to reading things...

    94. Anthony

      Really ? Did you say that ?" Son go get the rifle XD i'am sure i can imagine your face full of satisfaction hen you say the sentence we all want to say once in life LOL

    95. Blank Blank

      That’s a nice rifle looks like a tiger 10/22 am I correct

    96. roadsweeper1

      So lets preach gun safety, but fire a rifle up into the air. Thats a bit hypocritical isnt it? Discharging a weapon into the air like that is incredibly unsafe, and stupid. That round has to come down somewhere. It looks like a 22 which has a range of several miles. Firing up like that, bit less. Can you guarantee there was no-one within a mile or two of the person firing? I doubt it.

    97. usmcusausaf

      there is an acoustic echo in the void.

    98. Blackside Polska

      I would say it's the power of lr.22 by ok

    99. James Weldon

      I love the firearm safety practices!!! Teach them young to make the habits!!!

    100. snowflake slayer

      Son get the rifle daughter you shoot 😂