Slow Motion Sound Design (Part 2) - Smarter Every Day 185

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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      We get this question all the time. In this video, we slow down the actual sound that was recorded to demonstrate slowed down audio distortion. Gordon can be followed on Spotify here: Thanks to 23andMe for supporting this video. Get a DNA test kit here:

      1. PRdeSO

        Destin lives in Alabanana State

      2. Kash Sattar

        You should try and shot the bottle when it's filled with that transparent viscous fluid just to see how the bullet travels through it

      3. RANDOM DIY

        you allowed your wife to hold a banana?

      4. Phil Carroll

        You’re right, that is funny 😂 Great video, as always. You’ve got the best job in the world.

      5. inkbully


    2. D H

      Ohmygoodness, all your slo-mo audio is totally fake?? My whole worldview is shattered! ;-(

    3. Aron Kogler

      0:24 what's just happening with you😂

    4. Fehnik

      That "WHOAA" at 0:23 has brought me back to this video just to watch the intro over again.

    5. Iverao

      0:22 funniest moment on the internet, a dad with college degrees laughing at a banana on a fishing rod

    6. Dull Skulz_GhastCult

      Seeing this man (who I think is a rocket engineer) get surprised by a banana is the BEST thing I've seen all year.

    7. Gordon Beck

      Can you make the original sound better for slowing down by bumping up bit rate, sample rate, bit depth etc. or by going analog even?

    8. B Laws

      Megabrain designs super hyper quantum techno amazing systems. And is left in hysterics by a banana exploding in his buds face

    9. Jakestillplays

      4:50 "were gonna hide because there's gonna be flying glass" yeah, also a bullet...

    10. Fit_ N_Nerdy

      Gordon rocks!!

    11. Colin Castree

      Interesting. I shot a . 223 at a can on a polythene 20l drum sighting in. The bullet made a deep Grove on the top edge of the drum without turning away.

    12. David Johnson

      He looked so worried LMAO

    13. Orville Nation

      Love you guys.....but the real authentic sound slowed down is MUCH MORE INTERESTING....LOL

    14. CptSpears007

      I really prefer the natural sound of the exploding banana

    15. John Kistler

      Destin's laugh is one of the purest forms of joy there is

    16. ThrowingItAway

      The bottle breaks because of cavitation rather than the projectile hitting it. I totally didn't expect that, but it makes sense knowing the physics. The force of the pellet hitting is delayed as the shock wave travels through to the bottom where it smashes the bottle

    17. Iverao

      The intro is incredible

    18. Alexandria Renard

      Destin, I LOVE all of your videos!

    19. Zoe Hartsock

      Watching you laugh at the start of the video improved my day

    20. Emile Edhouse

      sound waves?

    21. WinterDragon 147


    22. Christopher Infante

      Came for the science. Stayed for the kitty.

    23. Solon Anderson

      Dustin seems legitimately high with that banana on a fishing pole and if you pause it at exactly 31 seconds in it's glorious.

    24. Jalae Lain Casaus

      isn't this just a limitation of the recording methods used? ofcourse using a 96khz or 144khz source is going to stretch with low fidelity?

    25. Axel Bendl

      Dustin recreated the sound of an atomic bomb using a banana.

    26. C-Games

      My ears

    27. GreaseObeseYou _

      bA nA n bA? Do yOu fEel tH e sPed?

    28. Mikeztarp

      I remember watching behind the scenes videos on sound design for a video game years ago (I think it might have been Skyrim), and this is remarkably similar to what they do for stuff that doesn't exist. Sound designers (is that the term?) have to ask themselves questions like "what does teleportation sound like in people's minds?" Interesting stuff. :)

    29. Matthew Shipley

      3:33 when i had that cheep curry from the man bown the ally

    30. AGEIS

      he dose not do ad's, wow

    31. Tiny Ford

      I tried the 23 and me thing, I’ve bumped into 3 clones of myself in the last year

    32. Cocchini Corp

      Ooook. But um. He recorded the orange squeeze (for the tomato) and used that to reconstruction the sound for the slow mo.... So why not just record the actual event with the same mics and setup as the orange squeeze samples?

    33. Luke Charters

      Cause slow sound, slow sound takes longer to travel, so it has more of a booooooooooooom instead of a quick boom.

    34. Hjuugoo

      ~ 2:00 I can imagine how someone just walks in and there is a man looking very suspiciously at a banana thats clamped in a vice and saying "this is so scary"😂😂😂

    35. Markus Mulholland

      Seeing a man so humbled by a banana is one of the funniest things I have witnessed on youtube!

    36. 1derScore

      0:22 4:14

    37. Matthew Hart

      0:23💀💀💀 BanaWOAH

    38. Fraoõl

      Gordon is a dead set Legend!

    39. Hawk of the Reborn

      3:23 1/10th speed sounds perfect

    40. Luka Mcfarlane

      At 1:35 I was lmao

    41. Liam Nørstad Helland

      3:18 my friend mic when im clutching a 1v4

    42. RSpudieD

      YOUR LAUGH!!! OMG!!

    43. dat_chip

      If you really want to pitch down audio, the first thing to do is to raise the sample rate a lot. Think of this as the video frame rate, but for audio. Typically people record at 44100 or 48000 samples per second. If you want to be able to play back something 1000x slower, you would in theory need to record at a 1000x higher sample rate, which is probably impossible. 3-4x speeds are possible with (some) sound studio grade equipment, and with lab equipent 10x should be doable.

    44. Craig Townsend

      As a student studying a masters degree in sound.. I genuinely LOVE this video.. I instantly recognsied the rocket launch, brilliant, brilliant video.. I love the quick insight into DAW work and Sound Design/Audio Manipulation. I'm Trying to understand more how sound/resonance can be used to treat Cancer, Virus, Bacteria & Fungae. 'The 11th Harmonic'Theory.. Have you done a video on 11th Harmonic at all Dustin? that would be VERY cool if you could shed some light onto this.. being science and all.

    45. Just Adam


    46. G.Trahan

      Y’all have to be HIGH

    47. Colton Elliott

      3:19 makes me laugh

    48. Driftliketokyo34 Ftw

      *P U T A F I R E C R A C K E R I N A B A N A N A*

    49. MikeE

      I actually like the slowed down version. Making the sounds feel more fake

    50. NPC S/N 1579325

      It’s so funny... never really donned on me when I watched these slow-no videos... Bullets traveling faster than the speed of sound won’t be heard until they pass the observer at the distances that they’re recorded at. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    51. Anoushirvan Paakzaad

      Your doing a great job dude. Greetings from Iran.

    52. RC maniac

      When you are a scientist and you find weed

    53. Brandon Brown

      Well that ruined all future slow motion videos for me.... Bummer!

    54. Quarantine Sucks

      3:19 was i the only one that got creeped out hy that sound? Not scared because of the volume, but it sounds like one of those super creepy late 1800s sound recordings?

    55. AMAN

      It was interesting to watch the slo-mo sounds and video. Learned how they make the audio more entertaining ect. Anyway it is better for us to Control our laughter because too much laughter deadens the heart. Laughter is good but excessive laughter will make you feel insensitive to enjoyment. Sorry for any rudeness or mistakes.

    56. James Webb, Disabled USAF Veteran, CANCER WARRIOR

      Watching and listening to you laugh brings such joy!!

    57. SK W

      “You spit in the kit”. Not something I expected to hear on this channel.

    58. Ray Abhay

      6:18, speed up X2😍😍

    59. D Rozzelle

      I thought i was one of the only people that thought the most random things were funny.

    60. Matt Miklus

      Best video I’ve seen on this channel Edit: I didn’t know that bananas=rockets

    61. Jim O'Hagan

      In regards to not being able to record audio and slow it down to these speeds... of course you can! It'll probably be below human range.. and you'd have to sample the microphone voltages extremely fast, much like the high speed cameras you use. So unless you have 30" of subwoofer to *feel* the sound... yeah, it's all gotta be faked.

    62. Orion

      How do I buy the shirt that Gordon is wearing? Also, I enjoy the breadth of subject's you have exposed me to.

    63. Dee Jay

      Destin it looked like you were desperately trying not to laugh when talking about organic sounds. The irony lol

    64. Outside

      So rockets = time bananas

    65. Tigs_ 3039

      Nobody: Destins banana: ⬇️

    66. Rex Kwando


    67. Will Harrison


    68. Will Harrison


    69. Will Harrison


    70. Will Harrison


    71. that_G_EvanP

      Gordon's really good at what he does.

    72. Blananas2

      Ah this video will be fun to wa--AAAAAAA

    73. Liquid Mike

      I thought the thumbnail was a tongue in cheek Amazing Atheist joke

    74. Jubilee Bray

      if you slow it it down it sounds like something I love me: popcorn?

    75. Steve Z

      its all good mate. we like fun videos yeah we do. laugh it up

    76. stevie e

      Gordon vids are my fave! Oh Canada buddy 🤟🇨🇦

    77. Cyril Baume

      Hi I just listened to the track Bottles on Spotify, I liked it a lot. But is this the voice of my old Commodore 64 that I heard in the background?!?

    78. Greg Walker

      Channels called smarter every day and sticks head next to explosive And shoot guns inside the house. Here’s your sign.

    79. Forest Taniguchi

      Can you link me to his sequence waltz please?

    80. PlanetRylosIV

      4:15 ALMOST looks like a maine coon cat!

    81. Esme Guy


    82. Brian Neeley

      They are *ALL* fun. Granted, I may not have learned AS MUCH on this video, but I still learned a lot.

    83. David Holloway

      Funny thing is, a rocket engine is just a sustained and controlled explosion... that 1/100th speed banana recording (if you record at a high enough sample rate) is actually accurate.

    84. Kevi Kiru

      Really Destin?!

    85. Alex S

      Okay...physics question. What causes the cap to launch in the opposite direction of the bullet?

    86. Jacques Mains

      Great video, and wonderful sound designs! What made the entire bottle shatter almost instantly? Is it the sudden increase in the content's volume?

    87. NEC Jersey Railfan

      7:19 banana falls out of no where

    88. riccardo manfrin


    89. Deputydog1122

      Nicely done...I never realized the process! It’s really an art...

    90. Roach DoggJR

      After learning this process, I remember the domino video... MY GOD! Every bump was manually added.

    91. Roach DoggJR

      Banana must be the funniest fruit.

    92. Cachi -

      Destin, your laugh was contagious! Pretty funny.

    93. Sergeant Seven

      The issue with using the real sound is that you are stretching the wave form and distorting the sound. You need to time scale it rather than slow it down. There is a few VST plug-ins around that do it fairly well and accurately.

    94. Ryan Mahler

      The skill it took to close the 23 and me box while looking at the banana

    95. Paskal Kotey

      Hi. How do you chose the verses posted at the end of your videos? It's a really nice touch. Thank you.

    96. Joshua Crafts

      Mmmm granularity!

    97. Jeremiah Mullikin

      A countdown on a website about Forrest Fenn's Treasure linked to this video.

    98. Kenneth Linde

      i didn't know weed was legalized at that time :D

    99. Relex Gaming

      Rocket powered banana

    100. Relex Gaming