South American Eclipse - Argentina - Smarter Every Day 221

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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      If you want a REAL treat... go check out the video Matt Parker released on his Stand Up Maths channel: The night before this eclipse we had dinner together and he explained all about the cycles that determine when eclipses happen! He delivers all this information in one take DURING the eclipse! Impressive.

      1. El güero

        One might call this a total eclipse of the heart ❤️

      2. Lukáš Vaněk

        What's the name of the song used in the middle of the video? Is it also by Gordon McGladdery? I couldn't find the actual track even I went through most of albums of A Shell in the Pit. Which one is it?

      3. Swedish Voice Over Röstskådespelare Speakerröst

        Wow this video made my day. Love you guys! - Ps.22:26: "May your hearts live forever".


        Aw shucks! Too bad the mountain got in the way. I have been watching you since your dragons breath shotgun video back in the day. I finally subscribed, since I started a little channel of my own. I think it’s just great that you and your wife could get away. I need to do that myself. More power to ya. God bless from the Colville Indian Reservation,

      5. Jacob Williams

        Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.

    2. Julien Lacourse

      You're a legend!

    3. StrikerTheFoxy

      that background music would make for a good vaporwave remix

    4. Mota 1710

      2:43 Jose Bianco

    5. Tito ferdian[GD]

      Everyone: paying attention to the video Me an intelectual: 01:53 *Juan*

    6. Kim Chi

      I hope your kids realize just how lucky they are!!!!

    7. BRO

      Love you guys sooooo much!

    8. lono68

      Hey Dustin....Loved the video. Can you tell me the overlay app you used in the car to help you find a good spot. Thought it wasn’t treating and I wanted to see more on it. Aloha

    9. L D Brush

      Dustin, outstanding video. Was great to see your wife. She seems very smart and attractive as well. Only question brother, what the heck is she doing with you? Sorry brother could not help that one!

    10. Miky ॐ

      Best couple ever !

    11. Paul Wehner

      9:50 looks like an apple core

    12. TheNIX001

      Dont listen to your Wife dude, a men need a beard. Looks 10 times better !!! Dont care if you like this comment or not, without that beard you look like a 20 year old

    13. The Random Tube

      I saw a partial solar eclipse about 2 months ago, I was and am so happy!!🔥 Edit: However I got a sunstroke.

    14. YAHecker

      In the middle of the desert in Argentina and still better connection than in some german cities... fml

    15. Einezweioctopi

      You have a marriage that I frankly envy. The Lord really has blessed you.

    16. fer stu

      Hi Destin. You have to come again in december. This one is going to be even better than the last one. I'm Fernando from Bariloche. The exactly place for full eclipse. By the way I'm satellite mechanisms engineer

    17. KC2SC

      What a great date with your wife!

    18. Juan Goyechea

      Hey Dustin! So glad you visited our country, and so sad we missed it, didn’t have a chance to salute you! Or even invite you for an “asado” or something... All the best from Argentina, thank you for doing such good, wonderful educational videos, been a big fan for years!

    19. Simon Pruszynski

      Is it thought that the moon drives the earths core?

    20. Jarred Aize Pacinos

      We saw this in the Philippines and all night it was Round because no mountains are in the way

    21. Library Of Thoughts

      I knew Mountain Gods are superior to the Moon Gods!

    22. Kiran R

      Evry video i watch, more i wanna be like him

    23. Mary Lagua

      That beautiful and bright.

    24. Tom

      Notice how this title. is worded, “I took my wife to...” instead of something like “my wife and I decided to travel to..”. This is how this guy who is a mormon degrades his wife and family. She should divorce him.

    25. Matthew Britton

      So THAT'S what you look like without a hat on?!?!

    26. uruG Sandhu

      413 single people with bad past relationships gave the video thumbs down

    27. Chemex_MMG

      To the 400 people who disliked this video...who hurt you

    28. some dude

      Nice music

    29. Noki Arguello

      Dude, I absolutely love your channel and I'm from Mendoza, I'm so happy you came down and checked out this part of the world. Keep on getting smarter everyday, we are all in for the joirney with you. Thank you, cheers man!!!

    30. Epitome

      Conclusion: This is how a black hole looks like.

    31. Luciano Rivera

      Destin! I know it'd be really difficult seeing how everything is going on, but if you're planning to come back for this year's Eclipse in Argentina, please let us know through twitter or YT.

    32. Alan Green

      VERY VERY COOL! I would love to see the "flat earthers" tried to explain this.

      1. Regis The Egregious

        Flerfs can't explain night and day.

    33. Miguel A. Cuello

      I loved every second of your video. Thank you...

    34. Bluswede

      For the American total eclipse a couple-three years ago, D chose to drive the shortest distance possible. (a little lazy and a LOT sick with a bad gut and liver) Since I'm in Central Wisconsin and the path of totality was at right angle to my path right over Jefferson City, MO...that was my goal. I figured I could veer right or left as I got close and adjust for weather, which ended up perfect! I looked for viewing spots and found that the small airport right in town looked identical to my home airport, so figured the same sort of crowd hung out there...bang on! I rolled in about an hour before sunrise under a clear sky and saw the Mercury Vapor ight of man fighting with the cobalt blue early light of God battling to light the Capital dome. That is one of my favorite photos!...un-filtered and un-manipulated! The eclipse started rolling around noon, to an audience of about a hundred folks in lawn chairs on the apron. Lots of pix taken of the yellow-orange-red-lit thunderstorms on the horizon...and the funky shadows cast by the trees. (a million crescent-shaped light patches. Finally the full monty! Like a bullet hole in a sky made of crystal! Since then, I got a fresh liver, the gut calmed down, and I'm planning another airport run in 2024. Dayton, and the Air Force Museum is right on the is Wapakoneta!

    35. Alejandro Montes

      You guys are an awesome couple... ..and the science is ok. Hahaha.

    36. Timothy Stratton

      the most amazing thing to me about seeing the solar eclipse in Atlanta a couple years ago was the "360 sunset" the way the whole landscape around us was lighted was something I've never seen before. It was so strange. It was creepy. This is the kind of thing that creates new religions thousands of years ago. Even more amazing than that, is that now we get to study the corona!!!

    37. Alexander Likhterman

      Never have seen something more beautiful and romantic as this. Not even in Korean Dramas xD

    38. Matt Telepenko

      Imagine back in the day when humankind didn't know what this was. People must have been absolutely mind-blown!

    39. Cain Megamack

      saludos desde Tucuman Argentina :) we love your channel too from here hahahahahaha

    40. Scott Crunkleton

      Yeah, Mendoza and San Juan! I served my Mormon mission there.

    41. Infant Nelson

      Really your great man. You did such amazing hard work. Well appreciated brother.

    42. Surprised Pikachu

      Remember when you saw the ISS in front of the eclipse a couple years ago

    43. marines0001

      so glad you are able to do this stuff and flaunt it on line thank you

    44. Gerard

      is it not we went to yaiiks to never ending you

    45. Александр Токарев

      Well, its official now - Destin is my role model!

    46. Rodolfo José Ribeiro

      Me and my wife passed near you on the way to Mogna... Sad you couldn't see the totality. You have a nice equipment. But, forget about it at the moment of totality. Enjoy what your eyes can see. What I saw in Mogna can't be shown by any picture or described in words. December 14, another will occur. Hope you can be in the path.

    47. Jezza The Champ

      It was so cool to watch this video. The beauty of what you guys watched made me emotional. Such a cool thing to see.

    48. Matias Garcia

      Oh my God you met the newsman that I watch every day Jose Vianco lol O.O

    49. retired from the job

      Realy? I thought you were one of us. Poor people

    50. Ban

      Did Warner Bro's sponsor this video?

    51. Святъславлич лѣт Herjaðir

      I was in Mendoza at that time! What a shame I didnt see you there...

    52. W T

      That brought a much needed smile to my face. I already use Express VPN on all my devices, but I'd definitely support your husband\wife adventures if you keep that level of excitement and wonder. Great job. Thank you for sharing.

    53. Felipe Prieto

      greetiis from argentina dude

    54. Jason Chynoweth

      you should use some motion reduction (or plugin for your existing editing) software to fix the steadiness issues filming stuff like this.

    55. YouRegolo

      that photo of the eclipse is one of the most romantic thing i have ever seen.

    56. Bryce Mower

      Man this is crazy, it reminds me of the amazing eclipse I got to experience from home in 2017. That was such an unreal and unforgettable moment, feeling so small as you see a giant floating rock cover the giant fire ball in the sky LOL. You really can't help but think about the scale of the universe if you experience an eclipse yourself.

    57. Brian D

      More than how much I love your content and all of the things that you do, I really respect you as a person and your love for life and for your great family! Keep up the amazing work!!!

    58. Lukáš Vaněk

      @SmarterEveryDay what's the name of song used in the middle of the video? Is it also by Gordon McGladdery? I couldn't find the actual track even I went through most of albums of A Shell in the Pit.

    59. Kris Orraj

      This video gave me so much joy i started crying, the passion for science is so beautiful

    60. Diego Bianco

      Didn't knew you been here! What an awesome eclipse it was! The mountain made quite an escenary for it. I went to the countryside near BA. And the flat horizon made quite a show also!

    61. Alice NotinChains

      That was a cool video. Nice one.

    62. Nicolás Lage

      q tonto ponerse a hacer publicidad en un momento tan unico, totalmente innecesario

    63. xGarettx

      I'm glad you enjoyed our country, next year we'll have another eclipse that will go through the south of the country if you wanna return :D

    64. Clay Bennett

      I want a marriage like Destin

    65. Jack Ham

      My first total eclipse was the one in 2017. Really cool thing to be apart of. This looks like it was a fun adventure. I really look forward to taking my kids to the next one I go to. My oldest wasn't even a year old on the 2017, but scored a cool pic of him with solar eclipse glasses on.

    66. E bo

      Argentina is america, America is a continent, gringolnad is the US

    67. MrTurboTash

      6:42 Thank you for the new desktop background image

    68. Red

      why people dislike this video? this video is awesome!!!!!

    69. Zan B

      Absolutely Beautiful . Thanks for sharing.

    70. Juan Pierro

      How come I missed this video before!!!!

    71. Emmer Tagum

      I'm just gonna say this. Beards make men hotter.

    72. Fran Schroder

      Are you returning to Argentina this December?

    73. Jonnek Jonneksson

      I really liked the soundtrack of the spectacular eclipse video. I searched for it on Gordon McGladdery's channel to spot it with no luck. Any chance to be informed of the title or the place to buy it?

    74. Ryan Robinson

      God is Good thank u for the bible verse

    75. Don Omar Ramiro

      OMG.! I never knew you came to Argentina.! That is so cool.! You guys got really cool footage of the eclipse, im glad.! I hope you liked Argentina :)

    76. Karasu

      Sana all. Haha, love from the Philippines💪🏻

    77. Ronaldo Jação Caramella

      Congrats for having such a smart wife man! I wish my ex was that smart, when I first met her she didn't even know which way was left or right!

    78. Palanthis

      Destin, a rocket engineer, flies to Argentina in shorts. Engineers...

    79. Osvaldo Gil

      Man I love your channel I love your stories actually think you are the best channel on SEprom... But man! you travel like a gringo! How do you didn’t know about the weather you know a lot of stuff however you just assumed that because its South America is the jungle or something... yes we have the Amazon and many other jungles but we also have highlands and temperate zones too...

    80. Sebastian Silvera

      it will be always beyond me why 400 people would dislike a video like this....

    81. joyal george

      Sooo lovely

    82. Mohamed Hmini

      lovely couple

    83. Mohamed Hmini

      looks like a giant blackhole

    84. HailHadrian

      I too choose this man's wife.

    85. Keith80027

      Picking the right spot is everything. I was amazed at how the light disappeared at sunset. There was more light than I expected with just a small piece of the sun showing.

    86. Knivss

      The solar eclipse is the coolest thing ever

    87. Jeyson Rueda

      10:59 pretty cool

    88. Alexander Hansen

      what is the app that he is using?

    89. Hossein Behdarvandi

      one of best videos that i ever seen !!!

    90. Take Me Chrome

      Destin: wow look at my beard it’s a real beard Wife: sure honey sure

    91. MrAsMmMaR

      The two of you are more beautiful than the eclipse ♥

    92. Gumersindo Carrillo

      Great Video right here! This is goals! I appreciate everything you do. You're doing it buddy.

    93. Rancheño de Corazon

      Argentina is America FYI

    94. Santiago Ardiles González

      This is the most romantic date ever!!

    95. Matias Fernandez


    96. SkipMuck

      if you come to Chile this year send me a DM for any help

    97. Datsko

      you got to see the sun and moon fall together beneath the Andes.

    98. Guo Alain

      It kinda looked like a black hole lol