Space Station Transiting 2017 ECLIPSE, My Brain Stopped Working - Smarter Every Day 175

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    Check out Trevor Mahlmann's Photos: (he can print this for you)
    Check out Matt's Channel - Click here if you're interested in subscribing: ⇊ Click below for more links! ⇊
    A super thank you Dr. Gordon Telepun for teaching me all this amazing content! His app really made this experience special.
    Eclipse Transit Gear List:
    Matt’s setup:
    Galaxy S7 / $25 Celestron Spotting scope, available at a Thrift Store dumpster near you
    A special thanks to Michael Duval for loaning Destin the Tamron lens and the lens adapter!
    Destin’s setup:
    Sky-watcher motorized camera mount -
    Counterweight -
    Lattitude base-
    Multiple Mefoto Tripods -
    Panasonic LUMIX GH5 -
    Tamrom 100-600
    Canon 70D
    Canon 70-300mm
    2X teleconverter
    Canon 35mm Lens (Shadow Bands)
    4x GoPro 4-Silvers
    GH5 Lens 7-14mm -
    Rode Microphone -
    702 Lite SmallHD monitor (allowed me to focus) -
    Trevor’s setup:
    Canon 1DX Mark II -
    500mm -
    2X teleconverter -
    iPhone 7
    $100 Celestron telescope, not found in a dumpster -
    GoPro Black (timelapse) -
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    Ambiance and musicy things by: Gordon McGladdery did the outro music the video.
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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      Trevor is a young man who has decided to pursue technical photography full time. He's all in. His current plan to grow this career via Patreon. His contribution to this project was irreplaceable. He volunteered to help make this video by proposing it to me several months ago and emailing me the coordinates, not knowing that we were already working on it with my buddy Matt Whitman who was miraculously able to get us access. When I told Trevor at the end of this project that it was likely he would have several more Patrons as a result of this effort, it was clear that it had not even crossed his mind. It is my sincere hope that this SEprom comment enables him to pursue a career in technical photography by pairing up hundreds of willing contributors to his work. He photographs Space-X launches, and all things aerospace..... seriously...he was introduced to me by an astronaut. This young man is legit, and his work will not disappoint you. He is going places, and it would be awesome if you checked out his stuff and decided if it's worth investing in someone who is humble and works hard. Also, he can print this picture for you. Please consider supporting Trevor at: At the time of this comment, Trevor is driving across the wilds of Wyoming without cell phone coverage and he has 29 Patrons.

      1. Michael Burbidge

        Destin I hope you get to see this but I just want you to know you're the wholesome awe inspiring dude I've ever known. I'm 22 and a failure at life I look up to you so much and want to be like you dude. You rock!

      2. Aaron Nima

        What is the name of the song that 3:54 minutes tell me



      4. david fenton

        SPACE STATION PASSING SUN HOAX BY ‘SMARTER’ EVERY DAY This video is a fake for the following mathematical facts and reasoning. *Fact 1:* The space station is recorded as taking 92 minutes to orbit earth. *Fact 2:* The angular size of the sun is approx 0.5 degrees *Reasoning* For the Space Station pass 1 degree it will take 92 minutes divide by 360 deg rees = approx 0.25 minutes or 15 seconds per degree Time to pass 0.3 deg is 15 seconds times 0.3 = 4.5 seconds *Fact 3:* IT SHOULD HAVE TAKEN ABOUT 4 SECONDS FOR THE SPACE STATION TO PASS THE SUN WHERE IT DID *Fact 4:* The transit of the space station in the video was less than a second. *Conclusion* The video is a fake Cheers Sincerely David Fenton


        I refuse to allow Trevor to pursue technical photography full time. He needs to stop.

    2. It Beat

      This video always gives small squeeze to my heart (promise its not heartburn 😅). We are currently in midst of pandemic, and as soon as I begin to lose faith in humanity, this video restores my faith back to good people and how good is the god. God bless the earth and the great work you do Destin which I am very thankful for.

    3. Glen DeKoker

      The ISS is so high up you shouldn't be able to see it just not possible. Fake something else up there not that high up.

    4. mozaarrjuhh

      You know, i am not even mad at destin for not making good photo’s, because he just went to his kids, and to him that it is more important than a photo...

    5. Boxersteavee

      Just read the description... Holy $h!t you used a galaxy s7!

    6. davidvdbergen

      next time use the Phantom to catch the spacestation transit :-)

    7. Joshua J Day

      It makes me happy that there are people doing this stuff.

    8. Ethen Marceau

      the moment this was happening i was leaving school. everyone on the bus was looking at the sun out the window. we didnt get total eclipse but it was still definitely visible.

    9. Mini Utopia roleplay

      Wow cool to see a satellite fly by like that I once saw a train of satellites in the air places by space x I was so amazed


      Wow thats very very cool

    11. Timothy Henson

      The space station is going wicked fast lol

    12. shadow ninja

      One time like 2 a month ago i saw this glowing object in the night sky while ou tin my backyard and it was the iss it was moving at that almost exact speed it was awesome.

    13. Zylop6

      * Video gets 2.8mio views * * Sad SmarterEveryDay noises because video is not 10 minutes long * Just joking, your videos are amazing dude

    14. VapoRize

      All i could think of when i saw the station fly bye was that it looked exactly like a tie fighter

    15. Shaik Mudassir

      TREVOR KNOWS MATH!! It though that only knows being drunk in an underwear and roam on the streets. EDIT: it's just a joke, I was talking about the Trevor Phillips in GTA 5. :)

    16. Sam Losco

      That old man is such a sweetheart

    17. Roma Erb

      Coming across this made me appretiate my own smile. I had an anneurysm on August 5, 2017. I had made plans to see the eclipse in St. Louis Mo. As luck would have it, the day of the eclipse was the first day I started breathing on my own again without a ventilator. As a photographer from the Show Me state who wakened her grade school children from a dead sleep to see a lunar eclipse, on a school night many years ago. Thank you for sharing this. It is nice to know there really are regular people who TRULY enjoy astrological events to the point of sharing the exsperience with those they love. I really did not know I needed to see this today. Thank you!

    18. Vexom

      5:01 So wholesome

    19. Dan B

      Why does the yin and yang symbol resemble the magnetic field of a magnet 🧲?

    20. Astronomer225

      The only thing I want to say is this is awesome

    21. McDylanNuggets

      It's safe to look at the eclipse?

    22. Kbls Kables


    23. Ambient

      Whats sad is, people still believe that the ISS is fake. Its right there, in this video. And its beautiful.

    24. PS3 Mundo Pirata by JooniDj [ES]

      I use iss detector for see iss during nigth 😌

    25. naise niichan

      thats one weird bird.

    26. Vilma Gagarino


    27. NBD Hydra

      I thought it was just gonna be floating past the sun. But nah that thing was freaking zoomin

      1. Sebastian Nolte

        Things don't float in space. Like all atellites, the ISS flies around the earth with about 28000 km/h. It has to, otherwise it would fall down.

    28. Bleed Blue

      Tbh that countdown gave me vibes of an actual rocket launch ❤️

    29. christopher Russell

      It kind of looked like a Star Wars ship

    30. Hoovie Doovie

      This eclipse was much less spectacular in Washington from my memory lol.

    31. NinetyFourPictures

      Man imagine how fast this thing was going. AMAZING.

    32. Anthony

      Very cool.

    33. Reece Campbell

      Oh guys. We built a tie fighter and sent it into space

    34. Radioactive T-rex

      Anyone else think "that looks like the death star" everytime they look at a total solar eclipse!? Lol

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      Subscribe to me if you want to participate in my challenge to reach 10k subscribers without posting any videos!!!

    36. azaria getachew

      Jesus is King

    37. SuperBomb123

      This video was 8 mins long it felt like 2 minutes

    38. Nelson Kuhns

      This is incredible!!!

    39. Jim Bo

      The sight is great, but getting the math right is what is truly amazing.

    40. Finnigan Sluis


    41. Skerblash

      We went to South Carolina to watch it.

    42. David Argiro

      Awesome video for so many different reasons. Loved it!


      D A T E C O N F I R M E D I S S E C L I P S E Aug 23, 2017

    44. Unknown channel

      3:50 Music?

    45. T D

      Flatearther: these Roundearthers go to great lengths to “prove” the earth isn’t flat.





    48. A persun that has a ridiculously long profile name

      Flower: is it night time already? Wait? Now its day? Hmmmmmmmmmm?

    49. A persun that has a ridiculously long profile name

      Person: yes!!! I finally canceled my house energy because i got solar panels!!! OH YEAH Solar eclipse: oh? Yeah... this my day soooooo? No power for today Person: :( no wifi? I HATE YOU I WILL MISS EVER ONE OF YOUR VISITS!!! Person: *realizes that he’s looking into it* Solar eclipses: lol

    50. Daniel Smith

      I was in Dawson Springs Kentucky when I saw it. We camped out for 3 days just to see it and it was one of the best times of my life because I was surrounded by good people from all over America.

    51. Simple History_RBLX

      Not even impressed about the photo just cool that the ISS kinda look like a tie fighter

    52. smokin559

      what amazes me is people really believe the sun is 94.5 million miles away and the earth travels 1.6 million miles a day. use your own common sense

      1. Zeen Daniels

        Common sense is useless if you try to use it to explain something you ignore 🤷🏻‍♂️

      2. max5250

        "use your own common sense" Maybe you should try to listen to your own advice.

    53. GameFly485

      The moment when I realized that 3 years ago during the eclips I was not that far away from him😂

    54. 002-Gannoju Ikshwak

      Is the space station revolving arround moon or arround earth

      1. Zeen Daniels

        The ISS? Around the Earth, of course...

    55. Butterfly Man

      Dude he makes great content

    56. epicEaston197

      are you not supposed to look at a eclipse this what I found on Google (tect your eyes! Never look directly at the sun during a solar eclipse (except during the very brief time the sun is in total eclipse; and even then, with caution). Looking directly at the sun can cause permanent damage to your eyes.)

      1. max5250

        @epicEaston197 They are all using filters (one can be seen in the video) for their cameras, binoculars, and naked eyes, so they need no glasses. Also, do notice that You need no filter during totality (part of the eclipse when Sun is completely covered with the Moon).

      2. epicEaston197

        @max5250 did he tell his kids to take their glasses off? and look at it

      3. max5250

        You are supposed to look at an eclipse, but not with unprotected naked eyes. One should use glasses (not polycarbonate one but real glass) since prolonged watching of the Sun might cause temporary or even permanent blindness (due to UV light exposure).

    57. clive lambert

      Flat earth ha

    58. Neil Cantorne

      Imagine a flat earther saw the ISS

    59. ZenMaster

      1:43 You've got to love that good old-fashioned country honesty.


      3:30 pretty much in the time it took the guy to say the word, "Transit," the ISS had nearly ended its transit of the sun. Fascinating.

    61. Alex neff

      How can I upload a picture of the transit to files?

    62. ardvark84

      No wonder that ancient people believed in such crazy stuff. Witnessing an eclipse without any knowledge of what's going on can be terryfying.

    63. Steve Davis

      Well , you all can say what you like. So get this. Frig that, I saw E.T. phone home on a dang land line phone, it's now nearing Year 2021. Call me , maybe. and it ain't , 786-5309 either/neither.

    64. ZappyKyler

      August 21?? ITS MY BDAY!

    65. S EQUALS rθ

      You know the kind of excitement that you cant describe to anybody. It happened to me too when I first saw jupiter and its four moons. That felling you just can't describe it. It makes you fell so little and gives you a bit of existential crisis.

    66. Sean Mckenna

      3:50 why am I scared at this

    67. Eyþór Úlfar

      Looks like a Tie Fighter 100%!

    68. Kytao Fujimaki

      brain.exe has stopped working

    69. Oscar Tango

      You really dont get the scale of speed on the station until you see it zooming by with your eye. If you blink you miss it.

    70. John Guilfoyle

      The one thing I remember from this eclipse that he missed was seeing mom sitting in the shade as totality approached and every sunbeam shining between the leaves of the trees turned into a pinhole camera shining millions of circles with missing crescents on the ground.

    71. AR - 12ZC 626450 Humberview SS

      “Thanks for coming with me” “Your welcome”

    72. ITS_Luke!

      i watched it in real life when i was 7 in 2017

    73. the POW/MIA newspot

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    76. the POW/MIA newspot

      SO, 6.666 years later from 8/21/17 to 4/8/24 is the NEXT TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE that CROSSES EXACTLY the FIRST eclipse at Carbon/dale Illinois.and Make an X in the very Middle of AMERICA. and 4/8 which IS the TIME of CHRIST. AMERICA's greatest Monument was almost CAST Down 8/23/11 almost Exactly 6 Years to the DAY. The Monument was Damaged and the Cathedral was Damaged quite alot(Millions upon Millions spent to fix and the MONUMENT is still having Troubles--- WHATS FUNNY--almost NOTHING ELSE in Washington DC was DAMAGED ---only TWO MAJOR RELIGIOUS SYMBOLS. NOW---the JUDGEMENT IS Here..ARE YOU READY????????????????????????????????????????

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      CROW HEART???? OUCH what a name--Monks say that the crow(raven) are the messengers of the Gods????? and when they DIE their Bodies are Chopped up and FED to these Messengers____FUNNY,FUNNY,FUNNY

    78. Leslley Scotte

      I was in Avila Beach California when a rocket was launched and I was ready to take photos of the exhaust vapors but it was so beautiful I couldn’t stop watching it. I didn’t get a single photo. My brainjust stopped and I got to see the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, uninterrupted. I’ll take photos next time because I’ll never get back the chance to experience it for the first time like that. It’s was like I was watching a nebula form in front of me. Aww struck.

    79. Dapper Genesis

      I'm really surprised this video didn't get as popular as it should have. Great work Destin and Trevor!

    80. ITS_B

      That was definitely a tie fighter! come on guys !

    81. bpdubb

      so what now flat earthers?

    82. Oscar Tango

      That thing is scooting!

    83. Master Chief 00117

      Reminds me off Star Trek.. Thrust Controls at Spock's command..We are now in the year around 1980's.. Engage Cloak....

    84. HolyKlea • 12 years ago

      make america straight again

    85. Keegan Hannan

      Bro this is honestly incredible

    86. MrAngelofflames

      this happened on my birthday. Best birthday present ever!

    87. zbig83

      Wait a minute. WAIT A MINUTE! Wasn't this eclipse this year? Jesus! Time goes by so quickly!

    88. JaWatDenn Jonge

      4:31 sorry, what can I see there?

    89. aj deguzman

      Everythung about this video is Amazing frim the swearing cowboy to the Eclipse i dream of seeing this on day.

    90. This Guy

      How are people saying the iss is fake?

    91. Floopus Doopus

      For a minute I thought you were gonna say that it was a Alien thing lol

    92. Skip

      I was in Casper that day with my family and we were absolutely blown away at how amazing that was. One thing that we were all surprised by was the temperature drop! The 360 sunset was crazy! Just an awesome day we will never forget!


      “The earth is flat” lmao really?

    94. solarsynapse

      I shot most of it except the exact eclipse because some people from Chicago rode up on motorcycles and distracted me for enough seconds that I did not take the filter off soon enough. I did grab the diamond ring in time and put the filter back on for the second half. I should have stayed focused! Pun intended. Maybe 2024.

    95. Vytenis Cubrinskas

      Most beautiful view I saw today

    96. Valentino Tera

      UAO!! In 39 years spent in Italy, I had no memories of a good one solar eclipse.

    97. legrandtc

      I really enjoy your videos, you make it exciting. I love the energy you put in it. To see a total eclipse live would be a wonderfull thing to me. Take care man.

    98. maJR

      Dude on my birthday!

    99. Kaleb Bruwer

      My country's gonna have one in 2030. It might be a little early to do the transit math, though