STRAPPED INTO A SINKING HELICOPTER (with U.S. Marines) - Smarter Every Day 201

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    I graduated from Advanced Helo Underwater Egress Training at Marine Corps Base Hawaii. When life gets hard THINK CLEARLY, and take small steps towards safety. Please subscribe if this video earned it:
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    The 1999 crash that started Helo Dunker Training:
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    1. Duane Appleget

      I worked in Marine Corps Aviation Logistics and had many friends who were air crew on helicopters (MAG-29)...according to them, anyone who says they are not nervous are complete liars. lol Bc the brain's self-preservation is a powerful force...but the key to being a Marine is overcoming our fears to accomplish the mission. Great job guys!! This video should be added to their training schedule.

      1. Cathy Sherrill

        Thank you for everything that you have done

      2. Leethegamer 100

        @SmarterEveryDay bfc

      3. Leethegamer 100

        @SmarterEveryDay hh

      4. Matt Geans

        Destin - first of all, love your episodes-keep it up. I was a CH-53E Crewchief in the early 90's. In Aircrew Candidate School we dunked 4x+ 1-all go out nearest exit 2-all go out same exit, talk about boot-to-the-head 2-all go out nearest exit with black painted safety goggles on simulating night time 2-all go out same exit, with black painted safety goggles on simulating night time - more boot-to-the-head hahaha! But in the over 1000hrs I had in aircraft type, I never forgot that training.

      5. Sprokey

        If you fear something then you have a reason to fear it. Fear let's us know if it's dangerous.

    2. Pics2Flicks Dennis

      Destin, enjoyable video. When I went through basic flight training at NAS Pensacola in 1979, we had to extract ourselves from a forerunner of the device shown in your video, the 9D5, cleverly called the “Helo Dunker”. However, in the spirit of “when men were men”, and “when I was a boy we walked to school uphill, both ways”, the last 3 of our 4 dunks were performed blind (wearing opaque goggles), and without any supplemental oxygen. I’m not a strong swimmer, but this isn’t about swimming; it’s about controlling instinctive panic, as you found out, and like much of my training in the USN, it really worked.

    3. MrGuvEuroman

      We call it sea Survival training.

    4. SD Scott

      Yup. Poor ensign in class needed rescuing. Good times, especially in black out conditions

    5. MadHot

      Jesus christ my palms feel like the water their getting dunked in

    6. Greshen Gaines

      He looks like the guy from wolfenstine

    7. Kevin

      I had to do it for oil rig training. In ours there was 8 of us and only 2 exits up front. Both guys up front panicked and didn’t get the door off. One diver got his mouth piece pulled out and they had to emergency raise it because so many went in distress . What was even scarier the helicopters I rode on had wire tying the back exit . No clue how they expect someone to get all that wire off in emergency. I guess idiots kept popping the door. Looks like it would have been a FAA no no for doing it.

    8. Ibrahim

      I am extremely terrible in learning new physical training and usually my brain freezes and reject to take any new info, but still Id love to try this training out even tho I know I’ll fail

    9. davkenrem

      I caught your witness in that brother!!

    10. Sina Pi

      This is giving all the info China needs to train its marine corps that will be used to invade other coutries

    11. DieselsWorkshop99

      Ignorant question: how do they put the respirator in their mouth without swallowing/breathing in water?

    12. Kevin Howard

      But they are doing it in daylight they should really be doing it in the darkness as well that really opens your eyes.

    13. Creeper Savage

      I have the same model plane in my room

    14. Zeus Von Rafiel

      I had to go through this many times for working offshore n never had a probpem with this. We did have some men that could not swim n had issues but the others that could swim helped them get out. One thing hate was when I worked in Africa and we were on a chopper where u were in the middle seat with 2 men on each side of you. You had to rely on these men to know what to do if we went down n that was the scary part. While I was there we had two choppers go into the water n on one the national that was in the front of a 206 freaked 9ut n could not get his belt off when it flipped n the pilot tried to help but the guy was drowning him also. He had to leave him to save himself n he had a hard time with it afterwards. God Bless n may His peace be with you all always.

    15. Baddy Kay

      Now imagine this in an actual crash senario, your gonna loose it faster if you don't stay calm and remember training

    16. Jane Alinne

      I’m going to lie but I thought that was a game at first in the first beginning

    17. Bad Boi bears

      I recommend going through sere training as well

    18. Kosrae Tofol

      Pubg plain 0:49😂😘

    19. Mr. Poopy Butthole

      Who just took a deep breath after watching this? Lol

    20. UnknowN_ GameR

      Was a bad idea eating while watching

    21. TheNoUster

      you made me thirsty with the intro somehow

    22. Haizhu Peng

      I have a AK and a M9 in my house and the trigger was like easy to break lol but only the M9

    23. Cars&Kyle

      This would presumably play out differently in the real world in a mostly sealed chopper. The water enters so quickly in this rig. I would think that would happen a bit slower in real life... so what happens when you’re upside down and it’s dry for several seconds longer? Totally different dynamic.

    24. Lester Walit

      Man, this first few seconds of the video gave me anxiety.

    25. amanda c.

      My anxiety gets anxiety from watching this

    26. Christian Outsider Network

      Remember doing this with my Marines, good times, Doc.

    27. Jared Honus Ankrom

      The ending is a wholesome metaphor.

    28. Cesar Calderon

      I feel like US SHOULD ADD AIR bags to helicopter. At least. It wont probably work but it will at least delay the helicopter from going down fast giving others time to scape


      God bless everyone and protect everyone y’all be blessed and safe Amen 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    30. Caden

      I like how in scuba they force you to breath with only the regulator now its wierd you can keep your nose closed without using your hand

    31. Marcel Baylis

      If you start humming before you go under water it won't get in your nose.

    32. Angeledesma11717

      Man I was nervous...I dont want to be in that situation

    33. West Virginian

      The guy in yellow reminds me of Jeff Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemond High lol. Whooaaa. 😄

    34. Jayanta Debnath

      I did my IPHABD in Okinawa. Coincidentally I did my Advanced Open water SCUBA certificate in Okinawa as well.

    35. Zman's Edits

      8:41 Anybody else thinking of that scene in Mission Impossible: Fallout with Soloman Lane in the truck underwater??

    36. No name G

      I will just accept my faith and just say this is where it ends

    37. The Ansilgregory Show

      Dude I love your channel man this is probably one of the best channels on SEprom I have told so many people about this channel.

    38. American Bluejacket

      Ahhh....Just living the dream. : )

    39. Makrothymia

      I wanna try it :(

    40. VINAYAK 186f

      What if the rotators are still on while being upside down at the same time , won't that not injure them if they try to come out ?

    41. Foxy and Lucy

      The guy in the yellow sounded like a 1980s surfer dude (or think Bill and Ted's excellent adventures type of guy) but now it's 30-35 years later and he is well into his 60s still sounding like "Hey duuuude, what's uuuuup?" While trying to teach life saving skills. Very strange. Very strange indeed!.

    42. HighChurro

      If I go upside down and I get water in my nose it’s a wrap for me lol

    43. Mike Bernard

      Bro memes

    44. Chommy Tong

      Im a firm believer in "keeping your head". It has saved me more than once.

    45. sertouyt hanker

      "Strapped inside a sinking helicopter" Ah yes, a dream come true

    46. Ashton Lyons

      They’re all Marine aviators lol why would they be scared of a training event?

    47. Sam B.

      I'd be worried about passing out if the g-forces that would be acting on you while you're crashing were great enough. Also all that shrapnel in the water

    48. CrazyVickGaming

      0:04 - 0:24 should be a first mission to a COD game.

    49. Donk

      Why is surfer dude Bill teaching marines how to survive a plane crash

    50. Kumikuler

      This would scare the s*it out of anyone

    51. nononsenselogic

      As a prior service Marine, I REALLY appreciate what you did here. Converting this to a life lesson at the end without engaging biases from a neutral platform, well done sir. Nice job.

    52. 26 1 9 4

      “Looks at navy seal training” Me while eating cookie: “I can totally do that”

      1. Anwin S


    53. spencer ray

      1:00 I love how he still has toys.

    54. Mark Golyaka

      Is this real 😟

      1. Laurenn Dionisio


    55. Clint Eastwood



      This reminds me of a video I saw a long time ago about what to do if your car is sinking. You shouldn't try to open the door while the car is still going under because the pressure of the water coming in will be too much. It's also important to have a small glass breaker somewhere so that when the car is fully submerged you can break the glass and swim out.

    57. Paul Dixon

      “Are you scared?” “Ehhh, terrified”

    58. mat s

      I did this in Louisiana as a commercial diver

    59. Life is one **ENJOY**

      i went there every year is fun. 😂 in pensacola navy base scare for first time but after that is ok

    60. Pratush Charan #pratushspeaks

      Stay anchored to a few things in life. Good message at last.

    61. CDM CDM

      I used to be a MCIWS at the training tank at the Camp Horne, Camp Pendleton from 04 and part of 05. We had a dunker and it was a blast to use. And I was on the USNS John Ericson which is a ship very similar to the one where that CH 46 crash in the Persian Gulf. The Marines on board where other FAST CO or Recon From Bahrain. That guy has a high risk job just walking around with that huge gut. Great vid.

    62. Highping1

      In the oilfield we had to do it correctly three times and the last time was blindfolded. We also had to climb into a raft, which was much harder than is sounds when exhausted.

    63. Zac Attack

      Lol the closest thing to this that iv done is get swamped in a canoe😂

    64. Guilherme Prt

      Is this some type of fear factor training facility ?

      1. Laurenn Dionisio

        Its a marine training facility

    65. eron mathew

      Yo I just did this today here in Okinawa japan... lol I failed at the end, going to have to remediate.

    66. Patrick Broders

      I work in airborne law enforcement and search and rescue including offshore, and Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) is a mandatory qualification that we renew every two years. I've actually gotten to a point where I kind of enjoy it in some masochistic way but I would still hate to be in an aircraft that ditches in the Bass Strait (between Tasmania and mainland Australia) in the middle of winter. They say it's the cold water shock that's the real killer. Great video though. Thanks for sharing.

    67. Tim Temple

      WAY tough!

    68. Dillard Steadman

      Thank you for the video, you have such a great attitude towards life. May the Creator shine His face upon you. Thank you for your sacrifice and service🇺🇸

    69. Muhammad Rafli

      i want his collectuon of aircraft toys

    70. Sean Strand

      Won’t even lie, by far the most fun I had was Underwater Egress training.

      1. Break Core

        Makrothymia join the military

      2. Samuel Hayden With a gun

        @Azzark it’s the training their doing in the video.

      3. Makrothymia

        What is that? I wanna do it.

    71. Bob Ross Ultra Instinct

      It's sad all this training is to fight others who are doing the same thing

    72. Ravi Pratap

      0:56 *HeY vSaUcE MiChEaL hErE..* which way is down? *Vsauce background music starts playing*

    73. Dave Dennis

      It would be great if training like this was more general.... Meaning everyone does it. Start with grade school kids.

    74. TTorVE

      Why don’t they just plug their nose with their upper lip? I’d rather not have my face full of water

    75. Brandon Cummings

      Ahhh the god old days of dunker. Went through this in south korea.

    76. Hunter Patterson

      I nearly drowned on my first try in this lmao

    77. The Other Side

      *In short form. DO NOT PANIC. Then everything else follows.*

    78. The Other Side

      *I hate water.*

    79. Tony Chenh

      Great video

    80. Cute Cookies

      Does SEprom want to recruit me into the army or something???

    81. NorCal0518

      HUET is a fun class.

    82. Elvis H

      Like my dad said to me when we were flordia in the pool teaching me to swim dont panic its just gonna make things worse

    83. minininja376 oof

      I'm used to wearing a thingy with out the nose part for swimming so I'm like well this is ez

    84. Ethan Letzer

      I've never done this or anything close so I have a question about finding your bearings. If you loose sense of direction, can't you simply look at which direction your exhale bubbles are moving? Since they cannot sink, the bubbles will always be moving up right?

    85. T. Kunnard

      That looks like the training area in hawaii.

    86. Ben Kidd

      Y tho

    87. Valentino Di Paolo

      The old instructor guy seem like he'd sound like a Hawaii surfer like " Yooo brah the heli shiftin and flipping at the bottom was gnarly mah dude"

    88. Damarcus

      Anxiety: are you insane don’t watch that Curiosity: but I must

    89. Carlos Hernandez

      The thing is when they were looking underwater the water than hurt their eyes because when they crash at sea but water has salt so that means it will hurt their eyes in the still water goes up there nose they will Panic even more.

    90. ReaperNation Shame

      I was thinking about why did they not pinch there nose

    91. David Flores

      Good job Destin @ Smarter Everyday! That was a good episode!

    92. Troll Master

      I struggled to breathe watching this.

    93. Eternal_Erudition

      Thank you marines!

    94. DrewTube

      This is why Im not in the marines

    95. Wyatt Warbiany

      That last bit was like a metaphore for life.

    96. Holmesy87

      >cant swim >joins the Marines Son, you're about to learn REAL fast lol.

      1. Drnx

        I came to the comments just for this

      2. Trevor Sortland

        @Andrew Johnson there’s a basic water survival qualification that we all have to do, but the only people who have any trouble with that are the guys that had never swam before. This isn’t even a whole lot like normal swimming though. Like he said in the video, you literally just have to stay calm and move without panicking.

      3. Andrew Johnson

        Yea i thought there was a swimming proficiency requirement, no?

    97. James Moniz

      Wtf, weakkkkkkk they aren’t even blind folded with the black out goggles and these clowns have o2 bottles????? Wtf where is the rubber rifles or flaks?????? Weak

    98. Adam Bernal

      They should do this at night

    99. would you wrather

      im scared for being a marine

    100. Hebrew Hooligan

      Dunkerheads training was great best week ever.