Suppressor in Slow Motion - Smarter Every Day 204

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    300 Blackout
    We used the V2511 Phantom High speed camera
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    Publicerades den 2 år sedan


    1. Cam Ogden

      You do a good job of balancing looking at and respecting firearms, while also geeking out over the science behind them. P.S. Got accepted at UAH!

      1. Lopoo Qwuyt


      2. _ David _

        Who is uah

      3. Mike Godbee


      4. Don Thompson

        Can you help with my comment from Don Thompson many thanks

      5. Water Water

        Like I said why do we have to respect guns there object it does no have a soul it does not pull the trigger the person does

    2. MåcGyver

      I'm quite certain you're NOT a channel that glorifies "weaponry" even in a legal sense, unless by chance the guns you've shown have actually been "used" as weapons in actual combat, because something only becomes a weapon by use. A pen, pencil, hammer or even a rock ETC aren't weapons, but they could all become one. "Black's Law Dictionary" quite literally RULES any argument you might ever need to go to court over because the Judges legally HAVE to go by the definition. "Weapon: An instrument USED in fighting ; an instrument of offensive or defensive combat." "Use: To make use of or to employ something."

    3. MåcGyver

      It's interesting there's that many unburned grains of powder coming out, one would "think" there would be a more complete combustion of anything left in the bore or suppressor from the initial hot gasses or even the residual heat, even with that short of a barrel?! If that was either a "brand new" barrel and suppressor or they were just thoroughly cleaned 100% you wouldn't be seeing that until a couple shots were fired either.

    4. Danny Mckenzie

      People who dont understand or appreciate the science of fire arms are more dangerous than people who do

    5. You Tubeblows

      Also, this is how im able to PROVE im not racist too

    6. Man D

      Smarter every day will you please do a video on fracture cones well Flint napping I would love to see images of fracture cones and I think you would too.

    7. Dan B

      Why does the yin and yang symbol resemble the magnetic field of a magnet 🧲?

    8. johnson jameson


    9. Jesse Early

      I don't think that you're seeing unburned powder leaving the barrel before the projectile. I think that Shockwave your seeing is the compressed air getting shoved out of the suppressor. The limited diameter and volume of the barrel is causing it to compress as the uncompressable bullet pushes against it. For that to be "unburned powder" the barrel would have to be fouled from a previously fired cartridge, or the propulsion gasses would have to be powerful enough to push powder past the bullet in the barrel. This is very unlikely as the projectile has already "opterated" (expanded into the rifling to create a gas seal allowing the propulsion gasses to push it down the barrel. This front wave is commonly referred to as "first round pop", after you fire the first bullet the system is heated, making the atmosphere inside the system less dense, and less resistant to the push from the second projectile.

    10. snowissj

      Bullets are easier to study than fighter jets.

    11. Kovanovsky

      Your intro actually put my feelings towards firearms into words, I had trouble wording out my fascination towards firearms. I live in a country where firearms are illegal to own for most people and most people here just see firearms as weapons for killing and nothing else. My interest in firearms is often seen as concerning or sometimes childish (cus shooter games). I'm gonna steal that disclaimer bit for myself. Thanks.

    12. Deplorable Dave

      I have serious hearing issues and like to shoot. I need to save what I got. I want to stave off hearing aids as long as possible. Ear pro does not completely eliminate damage.Therefore ....suppressors..(plus ear pro).

    13. RattledRoar

      Alright so Im roughly a year late but you do such an awesome job at making these videos with firearms or other weapons super respectful but still being a child at heart. And of course still being both entertaining and informative.

    14. Benjamin Brown

      That crack of the bullet is why the Brrrrrt sound comes after the impacts

    15. Big Dee

      I'm sorry that you feel the need to bow your head to the oppressors ... I felt sad ,, and a little ashamed

    16. trix Rabbit

      Can you do different muzzle breaks next?

    17. Austin Martín Hernández

      "A channel that glorifies weaponry" And? Is that a problem? 😂 That was quite unnecessary

    18. Luke Washington

      I'm someone who firmly sits more towards the control side of the gun control argument, now I'm not here to discuss my beliefs or trying to invoke any sort of discussion that will inevitably get heated, I'm just using that as a preface when I say that I'm also fascinated by the sciences involved with firearms or ballistic weapons and how they work, I also love watching taofledermaus where they'll take really wacky engineered shapes and shoot them through a shotgun to see how they behave in action compared to typical shot. At the end of the day a gun by its very principle is a great way to explore the science behind high velocity objects in motion, because at its core a gun is a compact system for launching a projectile at a high velocity in a controlled manner, so long as you have something to catch the bullet at the other end. Even with the beliefs I have, I do find it a tad sad that there are people that are unable to separate a simple appreciation for and a desire to learn about the sciences involved and a straight up glorification of weaponry

    19. Richard Briscoe

      Two quick observations about gas flow exiting the muzzle. Multiple trained ballisticians with whom I have spoken indicate that the gases “instantaneously” accelerate to approximately 1.5 times the muzzle velocity of the bullet. That does several things. One is that it creates a brief *reverse flow* of gasses around the bullet which easily accounts for your observation that local supersonic flow around a subsonic bullet did not appear until it had traveled a short distance from the muzzle. Another is that the reverse flow may upset the bullet causing it to either become unstable or delay it “going to sleep” as is sometimes observed with VLD bullets. Obviously, supersonic has flow is going to generate more noticeable noise than subsonic gas flow. There are a number of factors here. Gas pressure at bullet exit from the muzzle and gas volume come readily to mind. The second is gas flow which precedes bullet exit from the muzzle. That is generally regarded as flow around the bullet as it is engraved by the rifling or less than perfect sealing with the rifling. It is more or less taken as a given because it is of a small magnitude and does not appear to affect accuracy.

    20. Sheepdog Chappy

      Don't be ashamed of the coolness of firearms.... they are too cool for a reason.

    21. Bryan Caromunoz

      Who is out there complaining about YOUR channel and YOUR content??? If they don't stop, send their email or whatever to me. I'll make sure they leave you alone. You're freaking cool and I love your content.

    22. Bernd Kirchner

      Somehow now I’m interested how a mortar would look in schlieren effect slo motion. Does it already expel gas bevor the Grenade or just after and how the shockwave from the Grenade looks?

    23. tubagoo dom

      Maybe useing just a little wire mesh like they used to on old school suppressors. I would like to see a suppressor that used modern chambers, rubber baffles to seal around the bullet AAAND wire mesh. I have never see all 3 used and I’m wondering if it will make a difference. The wire mesh would catch in burnt powder, the rubber disk(s) would create a seal(s), and of course the modern expansion chambers would maximize gas expansion. I feel like each has its own uses and each solves a different problem and would be really cool to see a modern example of all three working together

    24. Jeremifications

      I agree with your guy that a tiny piece of powder snuck around the bullet. That tiny amount of gas that squeezes between the bullet and the barrel must be moving incredibly fast. The .300 BLK may get complete burnout at 10", but that's only for powder in it's normal place behind the bullet. A chunk that is launched through the gap may burn much farther out as the burn rate is based on time, and that powder literally jumped the gun. Powder going through the bullet-barrel gap makes me think of sci-fi movies where the spaceship gets a little hole in the hull and something gets sucked into it and launched out into space.

    25. Scott Duffy

      its called the walking farts

    26. Jeremy Linn

      Guns are tools of science, physics, and chemistry.

    27. Stephan C

      Great video

    28. Lina

      wait you know what would honestly be fascinating? a schlieren view of a thunder strike or electricity arcs in general.

    29. BarGauze


    30. Parth Patel

      I don't get how much offended the gun loving people get from America. He's just explaining that he does not glorify weapons like how some IRA slaves believe everyone shooting a gun does.

    31. Rob Schaeffer

      Don’t pander to the Karen’s of the world. Enjoy the science behind whatever you want. If everyone worried about being ostracized for doing research, we would still be in the stone age

    32. Paul Muhrbeck

      Dat afterburner

    33. Rio Sitompul

      The fact that u need to clarify or some sort of disclaimer is sucks. How come people can not tell difference between glorifying and a geek-nerdy observation

    34. Adam Bailey


    35. Patrick Wilson

      I have another proposal other than the unburt propellent getting in front of the projectile when it is fired. I don't think that would be possible. The bullet makes an air tight seal when it is pushed down the barrel. After you fire several rounds, the gun gets dirty from carbon. I think that was a small piece of carbon that formed as the barrel became fouled and was in front of the projectile before it fired.

    36. rokthedok

      Literally starts the video with a cry baby please don’t demonetize next intro. Either support the 2nd or get out.

    37. Roberto S

      WTF was that PC intro? Slightly patetic. Nice videos though

    38. Timothy Wienkes

      It would be interested to do a third episode with OSS suppressors. They are a baffle less system.

    39. Max Mason

      this is so cool

    40. Jonas Horlacher

      You aren’t even close to glorifying weapons , don’t even worry. You are teaching people about tools(guns)

    41. Kevin Bosshart

      If you take the F=ma equation into account (with just basic measurements), the force (the explosion of propellant) is the same acting on all particles. So the only real variable is the mass of the particles involved affecting the acceleration. The mass of a bit of powder is obviously going to be much smaller than the slug. So it makes sense that the unspent powder would be thrust out with the explosion wave before the heavier slug. That also explains how you can get powder residue on your hands after firing a weapon.

    42. Liam Magnago

      You make learning so fun, at this point I watch your videos to learn, not because I am interested in the subject. BEST SCIENCE TEACHER

    43. Jigsss Cupid

      I like weapons, guns, bombs, aircraft , speed, sound, etc etc just as u are fascinated by these things. I also enjoy the physics, education, professional breakdowns, the time , expenses of equipment being used to teach us... don't be apologizing for the 'glorifying weapons' statement .... u do a gr8 job. Continue the work

    44. Pedro Henrique

      the way he says "this is insane, we are just like learning like important stuff" made me want to give 100 likes lmao

    45. Luke Ruble

      Notice how he has to tiptoe around the libtards in the intro

    46. siddh Yagneshkumar kalolia

      What is the line near the suppressor

    47. Adrian Tam

      2:43 It still creates shockwaves because of the gas. How about we add a one way valve like the ones in our hearts that give way for the bullet/projectile but closes up for the weaker pressure gas after the projectile exits the muzzle?

    48. N D

      thanks for the video Sciencey Bill Burr

    49. starhawke380

      I would like to see the slow mo on a "wet" suppressor. If you spritz a little water in the can before shooting, the first couple shots are really really quiet. I've wondered about the fluid dynamics of that air water interaction at supersonic speeds given that air compresses but water does not.

    50. Rated R

      Seems like because the barrel is rifled and slightly tapered till the muzzle just enough gas escapes past the bullet just before the bullet hits a tight spot within the barrel to receive the rifling print

    51. Dave Shindig

      I've always liked guns to admire the physics and mechanical engineering. There's nothing more interesting than fully stripping down a glock or AR to each individual piece and understanding how it works. Then there's pondering different ways to improve or modify the platform or how things would work under certain circumstances. I didn't know people liked guns for any other reason lol. Yeah they go boom and will destroy anything you shoot but what's the point if you don't know how it works?

    52. Kendrick

      Imagine having to explain yourself for liking guns

    53. Joseph Hoolihan

      "And 2: it makes me all tingly inside"... I'm dying hahah

    54. Daryl liggins

      Don’t worry we do not gun shame! Your in a free state.

    55. Sofjan Mustopoh

      Propellant our running the bullet creating its own supersonic shockwave 😁👍

    56. Piet Hannig

      I love it how you pronounce "Schlieren" 😂❤️ Grüße aus Deutschland!!!

    57. Max Hearld

      I wonder what a low velocity .22 would look like

    58. Liam Patton

      The Works of the LORD are great, sought out of all them that have pleasure therein. If you look at the shape formed at the boundary between the bullet's shock cone and the muzzle blast, it forms exactly the same shape as the cross-section of the lens in your eye relative to your eyeball. After diving down this rabbit hole a bit, I've found that it's exactly the same shape as mushroom clouds as well. There's something here that's way bigger than all of these topics, as the image looks very similar to a potential diagram of time relative to God, and maybe other stuff too. Please check it out.

      1. Liam Patton

        Also Jesus Christ is coming back soon

    59. hillary clinton

      it is interesting that the peak of the subsonic shock wave does not line up with the bullet centerline.

    60. hillary clinton

      4:31 what you are seeing is the air that was compressed in front of the bullet as it is launched.

    61. hillary clinton

      you love all the science, excellent since a suppressor involves all the fluid dynamics and the control of gas and sound flow is intentional

    62. Myth-ter Moth

      Oh, i am hearing what you are saying about ballistics being absolutely the most absorbing area of human investigation. I taught myself calculus to understand the drag equations of ballistics after failing calculus twice at university. Now i find calculus easy.

    63. longshotlightholder

      Seeing the subsonic round through the suppressor. I wonder what the subsonic round unsuppressed would have looked like. Great informative video.

    64. Robert Hastin

      Behold the glory of firearms yay guns I’m so glad you guys love guns! Guns are great!

    65. ID FC

      0:03 - 0:07 simple answer to that, FOR SCIENCE!

    66. Jose Martinez

      Destin, there’s no need to explain yourself to those that are easily offended over nothing. Keep the science coming, we all enjoy it tremendously!!

    67. Johan Visser

      Your wife is a very smart person (insert *smarter every day* comment here). You can definitely alter the recipe. In truth if you can eliminate jalapeños, that is pretty much compulsory!!

    68. Isaak The Gamer

      I would’ve never thought a bullets and guns would have so much science in it

    69. Sean Finley

      Thank you! I’m glad to see there’s someone with the same curiosity like mine!

    70. Dwayne Madsen

      You can't deviate from the recipe. Yes, yes I can! HA Ha ha!

    71. Mohit Dhali

      dat afterburner! (1:42)

    72. dandexinventor

      Firearms in loving hands is all good. It's too bad the things we are drawn to are judged wrongly by ignorance, but like preppers in this Covid19 thing, those that opted to protect their loved ones and themselves will be understood as wise. Those that act foolishly by making firearms an issue, simply don't understand freedom and love which, by-the-way, cannot be separated. Where there is love, there is freedom, where there is freedom, it's because love is present. I think firearms are great for the same reasons and love to work with my hands. When did it become a bad thing?

    73. Black Beard Carvings

      You didn’t have to add that anti firearms blip.

    74. Jim Anderson

      Beautiful Family . You sure are blessed. I too am interested in the science of ballistics. Avid shooter and collector as well. Really like your videos, nice work , please keep em coming . And YES , worthy of me hitting that subscribe button. Powder before projectile ..... mind blowing !!

    75. David A. Kaiser III

      Weapons keep our families safe and is everyone's right. Come to the range.

    76. J H

      I think Dustin should purchase (or even make, with a lathe) an Econo-Can suppressor adapter that lets you use automotive oil filters as suppressors and compare the shockwaves off of those to regular suppressors (in most videos, the econo-can actually does a better job, surprisingly enough).

    77. Serge Godin

      Yes sir you did earn my subscription!

    78. Danny Green

      Don't be apologetic about it.

    79. Dan Hard

      a point of interest you didn't get the shock waves till it got past the barrel because of the air in the barrel is traveling the same speed as the bullet

    80. See the Light

      Hey. Go read about Democide. Then start glorifying firearms.

    81. Zog Grog

      its pretty sad that you feel the need to pander to the anti gun crowd.. Unsubscribe!

    82. Thomas H.L.

      Disclaimer for the liberals

    83. no name

      would the pressure wave ignite the un burnt powder? maybe on the edge of a high pressure behind it and low pressure in front of it it would push it over the speed of sound?

    84. Larry B

      Sorry, but despite me liking your channel, I absolutely see you as a gun nut. And before you make assumptions, I do own guns...5 of them.

    85. Al Bundy

      Caveat...I support the 2nd amendment. Dont try to appease SJW's, they dont believe in science anyway!

    86. Jeff Cruce

      As a very new subscriber, please disregard the rhetoric of anti-gun nuts.

    87. Jc Lc

      That was awesome!

    88. Silver Back

      You rock. Interest in the whole technology and science around guns and ammunition s why I began shooting. Super interesting and challenging hobby.

    89. Stompacks

      Nice intro. Good job.

    90. Ben Diehl

      I'd like to see one with water in the suppressor water makes it even quiter but why

    91. dbmail545

      I would suggest that an inductor is a better electronic analogy than a capacitor.

    92. Oby-1

      I was out changing my irrigation in my field one day and a sharp crack with a bit of whistling noise went right past my head. I immediately stopped everything to see if I could hear where the gunshot came from, but nothing.

    93. 1guitarlover

      By the way, why don't you film a voltaic arc??? It deals also with speed, energy and light. Cheers!

    94. 1guitarlover

      Keep ahead doing what you like and pay no attention to critics. They are jealous people unable to do what they would like to do.

    95. goofyfoot2001

      You don't want youtube to go commie fucktard on you and demonitize your channel.

    96. Mellissa Dalby

      Hi Destin, (1) I always enjoy your videos, (2) I also very much enjoyed your commercial (and I normally HATE commercials). Perhaps I just need an Engineer to present commercials to me so that I will find them palatable.

    97. Mick Martin

      Noice work boys! I LOVE SCIENCE!

    98. Ori Kaplan

      Hi Destin. I am an engineer and a patent attorney, so i can appreciate enlightening scientific videos (this being one of them). I was also a soldier for several years, so i am not shocked by guns. In the past i did see some marvelous videos on your channel. I remember the ones about the fourrier transform and about the glass (prince what's it's name ) dropplet. I also admire the community work you did on some previous videos. You are a genuinely good person. That being said, and not being an American, i find the "right to bear arms" argument to be unintelligible, and i do feel uneasy with videos that popularize weaponry. That's why i refrained from watching some of your work. It is enough to see some of the comments here (e.g., "guns are cool dude") to figure out the crowd that such videos assemble. Looking forward to your next great science video !

    99. chris lomas

      I wish you could film a Pulse Jet engine made of glass or something.A hobbyking PJ design would be a good one to copy.

    100. John FredericK Samonte

      Resistor sir... I think you mean resistor...