TALKING BACKWARDS (Backwards Banter Brain Testing) - Smarter Every Day 168

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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      The podcast episode in question is here:

      1. TheWtfnonamez

        He is from the Dark Lodge

      2. Jean Paul

        Good thing about these silly experiments is we can accidentally find something new

      3. Adarsh Srivastav

        You were speaking Hindi alphabets at 5:00

      4. Michael Moore

        New sub, late post. Late 70's? Johnny Carson had a backwards talker. Before the demonstration he explained to Johnny it was very similar sounding to Russian. He also performed it phoenetically in reverse; not just reversing the letters and pronounced that way. It made me think about how our words are much more abrupt at the beginning and fade or taper off at the end. It's very hard to "fade in" and then chop the end of a word. Other guests were: Echo-talker. Sounded like that stadium echo of Lou Gehrig's "Luckiest Man" speech. Repeat-talker: No matter what you said, no matter what language, or if any language at all, he would repeat it exactly and immediately, and was difficult for the speaker to not get disoriented and unable to complete a sentence. And get this, the repeat guy had to stand a few inches away and stared directly at the other guy's lips.

      5. Bonez Dem

        My friend can do this 💯 full stories

    2. H. Samee

      He says words backwards that I can't even spell. Like lepricorn.

    3. directing soup

      The only reason I'm downloading audible is because he had a duck on his shoulder

    4. Docka

      Man from this video alone you can tell he's suuuuper rural american Hoooopefully he isn't also racist and homophobic like most of rural america

    5. Matt Pierrepont

      Ooh ooh! Get him to say "I've got good news. That gum you like is going to come back in style."!!!

    6. Gannon Riley

      That guy has the same phone as me lol

    7. ShadyVlogz

      Crazy how he sounds like a French person speaking English (when played backwards)

    8. Tommy Northwood

      Sounds like chinese

    9. madibear01

      I ma detnioppasid taht ydobon si gnikaeps sdrawkcab ni eht stnemmoc. Uoy retteb ylno ylper ot siht tnemmoc sdrawkcab 0:< Tide: Tcerroc em fi I lleps ffuts gnorw 😂

    10. Brice Ey

      hands down this video inspired the movie Tenet

    11. Ryan Eubanks

      So he can speak Australian now

    12. Alabastine


    13. * CaptainZ15 *

      "I want to task saturate him" *AK-47 Ambush*

    14. Bryan Holder

      Impressive.. incredibly hard to do. Was fun to see this

    15. helicopter

      i call hacks

    16. Ein _

      3:13 yea

    17. Stephen Rose


    18. Wilf Wheeler

      If Borat could speak backwards would he sound American?

    19. Miathebirb


    20. S. N.

      Honestly just sounds like russian to me.

    21. toonz tell ux

      9:22 duck says : YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE

    22. Mr Moose

      1st square regular 2nd animals 3rd music 4th GUN

    23. Doyle Traci

      "This might be akward" Zooms in on his face perfect teeth 3:55

    24. Kevin Sugia

      Your comment about watching his "gears" slow down to a crawl had me bustin' up 😂😂 so true (no slight to your wonderful, well-humored guest; it's a "human trying to do two things at once" thing, not a "him" thing).

    25. Mr. Man

      It almost sounds like somebody speaking in broken dutch and russian at the same time

    26. KillaCamBam 7

      0:28 take notes russia take notes...

    27. Lance Boudreaux

      Welcome to the Black Lodge.

    28. Thomas McCleod

      it’s all fun and games until he accidentally summons a demon

    29. W3stSaeid

      Sounds like someone speaking Russian lmao

    30. hiden lefe

      dude i knew it was a asmar video

    31. Anthony Boylan

      This is incredible! The human brain is fascinating, I just wish mine worked lol

    32. Music by Migue

      DOG=GOD Seems reasonable

    33. uNDERpAR

      "What are we doing, if not trying to do it right"? Great Quote!

    34. joaquin simons

      2:50 this part looks like it is from a flyingkitty video

    35. Samuel Wiley


    36. noah

      Race car backwards

    37. Makoto Playz

      Everybody gangsta til man starts talking enchanting table

    38. Zomzyz

      8:13 Was the moment that made me realize, that this has a weird Tenant© feeling, he's talking normal while everything around him is in reverse.

    39. Great Gig

      hahahahaha what a great episode!!

    40. NYSQUID Z

      Why does backward speak sound like russian

    41. no one

      Well no body believed I can morse code until . . . _ _ . . _ . _ _ _ . . . _ . _ . . _ . . . . . _ _ . _ _ . _ . _ _ _ _ . _ _ . I p r o v e d t h e m w r o n g

    42. Nico Pogi

      The video is fake!!! Obviously the guy is always speaking forward and it is just played backwards. That means Destin is a genius...he always talks backwards and we didn't notice it!

    43. Reuter Bayoneta

      Tenet behind the scenes.

    44. 90Entergetical aka Bot3141

      0:59 This man knows when the camera switches

    45. Typewriter Maniac

      Bro, when he speaks backwards over the AK-47 it sounds like he is speaking Russian.

    46. Garrett Elder

      Wow he is good.

    47. smart lucker

      Some skills am I right?

    48. Galaxy Voyager

      No one: Not even a single soul: Him: *wubshev*

    49. my boy

      Just watch twin peaks

    50. Hairysteed

      This guy would be great in Twin Peaks!

    51. Paumonsu

      Inspired the movie Tenet

    52. Kanishk Jain

      He will start speaking enchanting table if given enough time.

    53. Flinch

      After watching this, I'm dying to know if Maou and Ashiya from The Devil is Part-timer are just talking Japanese backwards.

    54. Rick Torres

      I can talk backwards...a little bit

    55. GhostZodick

      LOL, you have so many animals, a big piece of land, and a lot of firearms. You are a true American.

    56. Madmartigan

      Sounds like he's Norwegian or Danish when played backwards.

    57. Jean Paul

      He said I'm from California funny

    58. Jean Paul

      Banjo guy's saying. Where the heck i got stuck now ?

    59. Harry Roberts

      Well now we know were the Christopher Nolan got the idea for Tenet

    60. Bird_Thats_Blue

      Why does he look like John Wilkes Booth

    61. I like cheese

      i wanna hear him try to say llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyllllantysiliogogogoch backwards

    62. Thestargazer56

      1 CORINTHIANS 13:1 “Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.”

    63. Hulfe

      " .dʌk ;zɪewɪnɛ' "

    64. David Mbamalu

      So this man is the reason Tenet was a movie basically.

    65. Panzer Ausf Productions

      The AK ambush I felt like they were recording an isis video

    66. Braden Thatcher

      !looc ytterp saw tahT

    67. Dougdrive Francis

      He's not bad but pretty amateurish. Get the emphasis and flow right. I got onto it as an eventual result of a linguistics course. Just practice really. Then there's creative stuttering....

    68. Chinchilla_Fandoms

      3:59 Dude this man's teeth are brighter than my future

    69. Fw Wryh

      So technically he can sing songs backwards, hum a tune backwards and play music backwards keeping the tempo and nuances. That is next level if he can hum notes backwards.

    70. Dragojuice

      When they were shooting the AKs, my head beelined to him yelling drills in russian

    71. Abe Möller


    72. Zoroark

      try henry stickmin as distraction

    73. Lars Birkemose

      Training backwards bicycling with bare knees on asphalt, is more like ... bloodier every day ...

    74. Isaac Maxwell

      I remember when our ducks were that small they are so cute

    75. thomas peter

      This dude would be pretty useful in tenet

    76. thomas peter

      This dude would be pretty useful in tenet

    77. Agravain English

      For some reason I can't distinguish backwards English to Russian :< they sound the same

    78. a random internet poggers

      Backwards english sounds like russian

    79. Cat's Meow

      David Lynch should make a whole film with this dude.

    80. Willzone02 Gaming

      Is he speaking backwards or Russian?

    81. Jace Mayberry

      It sounds like he is speaking russian

    82. Keegan Galligher

      dog is god confirmed

    83. Rave Homard

      I downloaded a play backwards app and now I can say a lot of things backwards and my brain does it on its own.

    84. Pedro Cabrera

      Thats freaking sick!!!!! Love that!!

    85. Thali

      Him: teeth. *points to tongue Him: tongue. *points to teeth

    86. just Natsuki

      ɔɐuʇo ᴉ

    87. RazerWolf

      Sounds Russian

    88. rcraft92

      Now I'm fully convinced the Russian language is just English backwards.

    89. Araru P

      He looks like a dollar store Idubbz

    90. Mosi My Creations

      Ngl at 0:00 i thought he was speaking backwards 😂

    91. katz680

      It's interesting that along with plosives, English has a ton of diphthongs, which seem to get better when he sings at the end.

    92. kokroucz

      despite his awesome skills this guy was fun to watch, really cool dude

    93. Rivet0153


    94. S.Swathi Sree

      aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa downwards is eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    95. Alex Ganschow

      Can he play a song backward?

    96. Ridge Cole

      sounds like russian.

    97. Maël MORETTO

      Is this russian ?

    98. Roman // HRJ

      2:33 Demon eggs?

    99. Kenneth Huang

      WOW this feels like the movie tenet?!?!

    100. bigman

      sounds russian