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    We built a gun detector using machine learning that works with existing surveillance cameras.
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    There are many companies working on this type of technology at the moment. We made ours in 2018, and Chad visited my house in January 2019 to film most of this. We didn't post it for various reasons, but decided now might be a good time. The fidelity of the inference is a function of how you train it.... so obviously the more data points you provide, the better it will perform. This particular type of machine learning is known as object detection, with the computation being performed by a deep neural network "on the edge". The video stream is processed locally and no internet is needed to find the object in real time. If you're working on something similar or could use this technology in your systems and would like to collaborate.... (or would simply like to support what we're doing) please reach out by using this link:
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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      Do me a favor and PLEASE CONSIDER SHARING THIS VIDEO. I'm a bit worried it won't be distributed due to images in the video and the topic in general.... but I believe this is a positive thing and it's something people on both sides of the gun debate can get behind. I've been talking to people about this type of technology and in an upcoming video I will explain how this is simply one component in a much larger suite of tools which can be used. Are there flaws in this method? Absolutely. Is it possible to spoof a system like this? Yes... this could be easily tricked.... but would be perps would have to take the time to worry about it focus on tricking it. I personally think the main benefit is providing real time situational awareness. Another limitation is that it would identify toy guns as real guns and send a notification to authorities. The purpose of this video is to start the discussion because systems like this are frankly already here and in use. We don't claim to have all the answers, but we decided to use our engineering skills to try to make a positive step. We've found support amongst both sides of the gun debate, and in today's political climate that alone feels like a step in the right direction. If you'd like to reach out, we can be reached through a contact form here:

      1. DanSan Channel

        I think this is the reason SEprom gun channels videos are being taken down...

      2. SLDRCK Of Ages

        @Slayer Fusion We argue for those rights because the people who use the "safety of the children" cliche, to promote their agenda to disarm the American people, couldn't care LESS about our children since they ALSO immediately shut down EVERYTHING that would affect the wholesale murder of the unborn or newly born children, through abortion. It's these very rights that give Americans the ability to free ourselves once more from the tyranny of those who are currently in power, whose ultimate goal is to very literally rule over the American populace. Please consider what these people are actually DOING and don't listen to their rhetoric. The safety of our children should NOT be something the government would accomplish through legislation. Our children should be protected by us and only by us. Any kind of law, generated to ENFORCE the safety of the children, by reducing our ability to protect them ourselves, against EVERY threat, both foreign and domestic, should be immediately struck down as unconstitutional. These rights are are given to us by our Creator, Who knows full well how depraved we humans are and how we'll do anything to have more power over others. Unless we keep the ability to defend ourselves and the lives off our children, against the brutal means that those who are ruled by an insane lust for power, are willing to use against us, we are finished as a nation. These rights are ALSO ours because people gave their life's blood to enable us to have them. They saw with their own eyes what those in power DID to the very children, about whom they were so eloquent, in maintaining the lie that they were actually the champions of the children.

      3. Sans15

        The algorithm has been supporting this video

      4. John Lloyd Scharf

        Find a computer program that can make the decision a cop has to: DEADLY FORCE is justified only when undertaken to prevent 𝙞𝙢𝙢𝙞𝙣𝙚𝙣𝙩 AND otherwise 𝙪𝙣𝙖𝙫𝙤𝙞𝙙𝙖𝙗𝙡𝙚 danger of death or grave bodily harm to the innocent. This requires an assessment of the 𝙖𝙗𝙞𝙡𝙞𝙩𝙮, 𝙤𝙥𝙥𝙤𝙧𝙩𝙪𝙣𝙞𝙩𝙮, 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙞𝙣𝙩𝙚𝙣𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣 of an aggressor necessary to cause serious or lethal harm. Read a situation in less than a second with a computer to compete with what law enforcement has to do.

      5. Peter Abader

        @graemec 09 real legend

    2. Omniscient Dan

      Please the trigger discipline at 6:15 that was eating at me I had to say something about it. Never put your finger on the trigger unless you are going to fire your weapon.

    3. NatTheKiwi

      The problem with this technology is it’s solely reactionary. By this time a shooter would already have taken lives. This would pair well with technology that detects firearms in the first place.

    4. Yellow Jacket

      Gun owners make guns more safe to live with not government.

    5. Phillip Greene

      wow can you say the name of that company? pretty scary stuff

    6. Sperm cell with Internet

      Imagine if the military designed an automated anti infantry tank with this tech, it could pick out civilians from combatants, and wait for bystanders to clear out and then fire, and because of the finger recognition, it wouldn't fire at some poor sap walking by with a self defense pistol, not only that but QR codes or some other signal could be used to designate a target as friendly or hostile. And then we can also stack facial recognition on it to detect if someone has ill intentions, are calm, or nervous. So that it knows if someone is being or is about to act up and act accordingly, not only could ot lay down suppressive fire but it could detect were the unit is and move to provide cover, leaving the space inside move supplies, like mounted machine guns, or heavy loads of ammo to a defensive position. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

    7. Wyatt Holcomb

      Wait so what if we put a gun phone case 😂

    8. Joshua J Day

      6:16 please remove your finger from the trigger, Sir! ;)

    9. [ ]

      Either way, its making a survaillance state and at some point this technology will fail and the microwave/xray stuff will be pushed forward.

    10. kevin hman

      you are late to the party this tech that looks under your clothing is already in used by some police departments in ways you would call home invasion from the police cruiser out side of your home in the street

    11. Tbonetim


    12. Alex-No.194CSHP


    13. John john

      Is it car violence when people use cars to kill, is it knife hammer bat or any other random object violence, NO it is not, there is no such thing as gun violence. There is gang violence, mental illness, and terrorists, but instead of putting the blame on the real problem let's attack and put the blame on an inanimate object.

    14. Tyler Massey

      6:16 Good Lord, what is wrong with you?

    15. Tyler Massey

      Great example of a technology that will NOT be used as it's inventor intended

    16. Tyler Massey

      The thumbnail for this video is infuriating.

    17. Octoschizare

      While this is useful, there's not really anything new here. The fact that Destin said SEprom might suppress the video because it contains guns suggests that SEprom already deploys software to detect guns in video. This is basically the same as any other image recognition software, which is used not only in security but also in academic science for processing large data sets of images. Check out deep learning image analysis software like ORS Dragonfly for doing this. You could train it to efficiently learn how to identify anything in a stack of images. I would assume that security organizations have already developed more advanced image recognition software years ago, trained via deep learning to identify guns in images and video. Also, while training deep learning software can be tedious, 30k images all trained by hand was probably a very inefficient way to do this. A more efficient deep learning training strategy is to kickstart the algorithms with some training data identifying guns manually, maybe start with 500 images, then have the software go through a huge amount of data automatically, you could even have it scour google images, or run through movies and sort the data by the confidence level. The high confidence data is likely all correct, but you should have a quick look through the results to see if the trained algorithm got them all correct, then focus your efforts mostly on auditing a portion of the middle confidence data, like maybe two hundred of the many thousands of images. Flip through the images and you only need to correct the mistakes, both false positive and false negative identification, while quickly passing through or approving the successful mid-confidence entries. Then run the deep learning automation program again to scour thousands of images automatically, and repeat auditing of a small portion of the middle range confidence data. Keep going through this iterative process, and the result will skew towards increasing the fraction of high confidence results while the count of data in other confidence levels shrinks. It's inefficient to hand-draw boxes over 30k images when with a more iterative and automated process you only need to do a few hundred at a time, a few times.

    18. Leave Me Alone Insert Text Here

      Is no one else getting anxiety from him having his finger on the trigger in the thumbnail.

    19. Sam Price

      Revolutionary new tech: brown paper bag. It hides your weapon from the camera but doesn't get in the way of bullets.

    20. T Highlander

      your booger hook on the bang switch in thumbnail is not safe where you about to shoot you roof keep you dam bean flicker off the boom boom handle

    21. [COA] ijet7

      Do you think you can train the AI to detect rifles and carbines?

    22. DG3_24_ 4_LIFE

      TRIGGER CONTROL!!!!! Did you not learn the five rules of fire arms?

    23. Lore

      4:05 them:"Hey, we just made this computer understand how gun looks!" company:"Ok, can it see through clothes?" them:"Ehm... no, but it´s 100% working gun detector..." company:We need things to see through clothes." them:Why are you interested so much in seeing through someone´s clothes?" company:( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    24. how_do_you_type


    25. SpartansLXIX

      Still in its infancy. It’s a good start. A long way to go for it to be effective at a large scale. But it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to make it happen sooner

    26. Tanner Notter


    27. RFX Studio's

      By the way, you don’t pronounce it as “coos coos” you pronounce it as “cus cus”

    28. dustin petrey

      I have guns and I think this is perfect for schools airports stores streets matched with facial recognition we keep guns away from felons I how a lot of people see this

    29. Wisdom Won

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    30. Wisdom Won

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    31. Oliver Quigley

      finger off the trigger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    32. Ron Briz

      Our church has a security team. We also have cameras positioned throughout the campus. It would be nice to integrate this technology into the video system to send out a notification. Each security team member needs to have an app installed on their phones, so the notification would point and illustrate the location and movement direction of the intruder. Hang in there this development you have will be an important piece of a more in depth puzzle.

    33. ahweikun

      nice to have your daughter cooking for the family. Great family bond

    34. Adan Eden

      Guns are instruments of dead, so it don't should be selling like candyes !

    35. David Thomas

      Trigger safety!!!!!

    36. R pain's my name

      Yo! Trigger Discipline!

    37. JCB

      If only everyone in America was as intelligent or at least mentally capable of thinking like Destin we would be in such a better place "Maybe we don't want to live in a society where cameras are constantly hitting us with xrays to see if we have a gun" where as thousands of moron kids would be like "Yeah im fine with that anything to reduce gun violence!" so daft

    38. Royce Braman

      what about airsoft?

    39. Karls Berzns

      Help save lives and ban guns. As simple as that.

    40. Balistic Ren

      Why is a few frames of the training footage Crocodile Dundee

    41. Michael Harrison

      The thumbnail shows poor trigger discipline

    42. Jerreinemy

      ITS NOT THE GUN, ITS THE PEOPLE, people have lost common sence, and all morals,

    43. Tom Braselton

      I would be happy to make an iPhone/iPad app that detects guns. Alerts, along with a direct video stream and location can be sent to a central location or many people.

    44. NC

      a fun fact for anyone wondering but you can actually make something similar without knowing too much math if you just know basic python programming and watch some tutorials on machine learning and maybe have a bit of an idea about algorithms... its not the easiest thing ever but the point is. you don't need a computer science degree to do something like this

    45. R1G1D

      The fact SEprom demonized this makes me mad because it does show guns but it’s in a good way preventing shootings

    46. Ryan Wagener

      More cameras? Less privacy? In the demo you pass restrooms, what do you suggest to preserve privacy while tracking a shooter with this system?

    47. Bass Dat

      or just dont get weapons at all. the end.

    48. Kraig De Leon Diedrick

      Why is your finger on the trigger?

    49. The Butcher BSG


    50. N.T.F.

      11:19 squirrel

    51. WILL D

      What's the gun Destin has @ 4 minute?

    52. Arvind Lohar

      What will happen if Demolitionranch make Collab with him 😂😂😂😂

    53. FlightSimDev

      What about plastic guns like water pistols ? 3d printed guns or even Wooden guns ?

    54. Gun building kid

      Finger displin

    55. Andrew Martinez

      Using this in a BB gun war you’ll prob be banned from the team and I don’t even think it’ll work but whooo knowsss

    56. hayden cairns

      Let’s work on how we clear our weapons

    57. Dacred

      30.000 Images is NOTHING for an AI

    58. Dacred

      Sorry to break it to you guys but this wont work. Unless they are installed in secred something as simple as a layer of very black paint, reflective paint, or a few lines of paint will totally break the system

    59. TheAssening

      this is not a comment

    60. Sad-Os the eggnog

      people: *dislike video* fbi tracking everyone who disliked: WHOO YEAH BABY this is what ive been waiting for! thats what its all about!

    61. Callum Jenkins

      try a bb gun

    62. coolblue192

      The only counter measure to an active shooter is a gun

    63. caleb sorrells

      I clicked on the video to tell u to put the finger off the trigger lol

    64. Luna Lockhart

      I appreciate you not goin' for the "under-the-clothes" technology. A lot of security discussions, whether it's guns or child abuse, really try to dismantle the 4th amendment's protections. There are ways of educating and using technology responsibly to reduce the necessity and danger of gun violence on economic, health, and social levels

    65. peaceful Fury

      I do not agree with people invading our rights and I know that the only reason they want to is because they are afraid of us, but what did they do to be afraid of us?

    66. Adam Van Cleave

      This would be very good body cam videos on police officers

    67. Yashanjot Singh

      Can it detect some not much normal guns like uzi ok revolvers etc

    68. ApocalypticCOLA

      So this is for places where you've got one guy sitting in front of 15 camera feeds and the detector identifies a gun before a human pair of eyes will see it.

    69. Freedom ForAll!

      Seeing your finger on the trigger makes my stomach turn.

    70. Alex Grady

      This needs to get partnered ASAP with the US Army's new IVAS system! If soldiers are engaged in combat near civilians, this could in real time ID armed combatants and highlight them for the soldier. Look it up!

    71. Scout729

      All I will say is guns don’t pull their own triggers, so it’s not gun violence but people violence.

    72. LinkinPark4Ever1996

      Destin you have to check the breach of the guns, not just if the magazine is out... There could be a damaged extractor

    73. Nick Meyring

      nice trying to get around the youtube algorithm

    74. The Frog

      For being former military your thumb nail shows a surprising lack of trigger discipline

    75. Shawnonsens3

      I saw the still image on the video and had to comment....people of youtube. Please don't put your finger on the trigger until you are ready to fire the weapon. Just because you can afford a gun doesn't mean you can operate it correctly. Plenty of gun training classes in your area I'm sure.

    76. DWC4867

      3:35... "Cell phone... ohh S*%T NO WAIT.. its a gun"

    77. Vricy

      11:19 A SQUIRREL!!!

    78. Caden Kemper

      That picture with the finger on the trigger just makes me cringe

    79. Caden Kemper

      Yo I have that red chair

    80. Hugh Foster

      Or you could just not have millions of handguns circulating your country

    81. Colton Hall

      The implementation of this technology combined with the use of magnetic locking doors and a means for communication between the two could save so many lives in shooter situations, not sure why it isn't already done

    82. Ethan Senter

      If you can get distance issues solved this could be very useful for protection details at big events like political speeches. Something that can actively scan the whole crowd simultaneously and provide immediate notification and direction for human focus.

    83. Simple Pilot

      when i saw your thumbnail i shouted at you PUT THE FINGER OFF THE TRIGER

    84. anubislee36

      3:45 LMAO you show US, but you don't check.. I know your probably looked 2 seconds before starting the scene but still xD

    85. Sanjay Kumar

      I hate you Ray Mak.

    86. Nathan Yu

      Will it detect airsoft guns too? Will it detect guns if you hold it like death the kid ?

    87. ajspades19

      There is no reasonable expectation of privacy in a public space or when viewed from a public space, therefore millimeter radar or other “x-ray vision” technology can be used in public without violating privacy, search, or 4th Amendment laws.

    88. ajspades19

      Is there a public database of 3D scans of firearms? I think having an open source database of 3D scans of as many different firearms as possible could be used to feed into firearm detectors.

    89. Fishingthe 256

      It's not GUN violence it's PEOPLE violence!

      1. ajspades19

        @Fishingthe 256 Firearms aren’t weapons, they are tools. The only weapon humans have sits in a bone box at the top of our spines. Humans committing violence using firearms = firearm violence Stubborn zealots like you give the rest of us freedom, liberty, and rights loving gun owners a bad reputation.

      2. Craton

        @Fishingthe 256 Curious how you never cited even one country that has the same problem. Jumping in the other argument: out of guns, knives and vehicles only 1 is made specifically for the purpose of killing. I like guns as a sport or a hobby but to say the wide proliferation of guns in the country is not a factor in gun violence is just dishonest.

      3. Fishingthe 256

        @ajspades19 nope it’s people using those weapons. A gun can’t shoot itself, a knife itself can’t stab someone!

      4. Fishingthe 256

        @Craton you have issues if you think we are the only ones that have this problem!

      5. ajspades19

        Violence using guns = gun violence Violence using knives = knife violence Violence using vehicles = vehicular violence Definitions are already established; you don’t get to change the meaning of words to fit your fragile perception of reality.

    90. Benjamin Riggs Outdoors &All


    91. Shen Shaji

      Respect for you & your channel Destin 👍👏

    92. Colin Carter

      respectfully disagree here. a brown paper bag over a handgun is too easy to counter this. and if we patiently develop a tech that can perceive firearms and firearms only through clothing, which isn't far at all, we'd be in good shape for this situation

    93. nitroad shadow

      it is terrifying how quick people are to throw away there libertys for the illusion of safety, surveillance states are not the a good solution for anything trust me i know what i'm talking about I'm British.

      1. ajspades19

        Anyone interacting on the internet has willfully, implicitly, and tacitly given up many of their rights. That goes for you too, nitroad. Reactionaries will always oppose public health and safety measures because they feel their so called individual rights are in anyway infringed.

    94. Kurt Williams

      Jokes on you SEprom, this came up on my recommendations

    95. Starstream IR

      You might want to do a lot of patent research before committing too many resources into your development. It's not exactly a novel idea. Don't feel bad. I thought I invented what;s commonly known as a coil gun, when I was a kid. I had a bunch of disposable camera flash capacitors ~330v/160 microfarad. I connected ten in series and discharged them into a copper coil wrapped around a Bic pen tube. Steel slingshot BBs happen to fit perfectly into the tube. Depending on the resistance of the coil, it would accelerate those little steel BBs fast enough to punch through soda cans across a room. I was pretty disappointed when I found out that it had already been done, (and much bigger and better), long before I was born. :-D

    96. ejonesss

      always treat a gun as though it is loaded. once the gun is detected set off an alarm

    97. gene burkett

      You could use that in police cruisers and body cams to help lawenforcment to determine whether an assailant has a gun or not this could help with misidentification of gun.. just my thought...

    98. G H

      Revolver? Rifle?

    99. Soham Ray

      I’m not gonna lie was immediately apprehensive when I saw his finger on the trigger in the thumbnail. I’m sure he has excellent trigger discipline in real life but still makes me nervous when I see it.

      1. ajspades19

        @Soham Ray That’s dangerous if just the image of something is enough to trigger you.

      2. Soham Ray

        @ajspades19 yeah I know - still makes me anxious lol. Have had it drilled it in my head too much to feel any other way.

      3. ajspades19

        Having a finger on the trigger was a necessary part of demonstrating the technology.

    100. Hqstupidlab

      Police need this.