The Incredible Sounds of the Falcon Heavy Launch (BINAURAL AUDIO IMMERSION) - Smarter Every Day 189

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    NOTE: Turns out they screwed up and put the same video feed on both of the bottom quad views. I had being wrong in a Smarter Every Day, but obviously I was trying to get this out. Seriously... I will think about this video error for years.
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    1. Perichron John

      4:55 during the actual live stream, they made a mistake and actually showed 1 booster's live feed for both, it was corrected later.

    2. Josh Adams

      I HAVE NEVER had a youtube video bring so much joy and excitement to my face. How awesome!

    3. Suki - voodoo magic

      as an audiophile and sound engineer i subscribed 2 your new channel immideately after i listened 2 the soundexample displayed here via my studio speakers.

    4. Erlan Kautz

      6:53 holy holy mackerel !!! 6:58 holy mackerels ???

    5. ᒍᗩY V̶u̶e̶

      Ahh!!! My ears😈

    6. Andrea Grosso

      great! fantastic!

    7. Jack Schitt

      I keep coming back to this video just for the sound 🤗

    8. EvenStar LoveAnanda

      You talk too much and the sound was not even loud enough.

    9. bad.

      sound traveler should record an atomic explosion ♥ that would be awesome to listen to!!

    10. EDToaster

      5:10 that's because it was. They made a mistake during the livestream. The updated video they uploaded has the corrected video

    11. Chuck Taylor

      Who’s here after Crew-1?

    12. JaWatDenn Jonge

      7:09 I heard 6

    13. Ian Ashlon

      First time im watching something which is more epic than marvel

    14. doctor dunkans

      music to my fkin ears

    15. ASTRO Gaming

      7:00 "We lost the center core."

    16. Mr X

      Can someone explain why the space x rocket has no smoke trail?

    17. Bass Slayer94 Fishforlife

      Wow I have watched his vid like 10 times already

    18. Eli Lara

      0:49 in this moment I understood that I wear my headphones wrong

    19. Bdem782

      Incredible experience thankyou so much !

    20. Ye boi jack

      Wait a minute what if Elon musk is just an alien trying to get home

    21. Carl C

      it's the right sound, but it's missing the pounding feeling you get in your chest when it goes off

    22. entertainment delivered

      120fps hurts my eyes


      crew dragón demostration whatch @46Ic

    24. Action Sports Photography

      I only counted 3 & 3 booms.... 1-2-3...1-2-3

    25. Mdshihabul Haque

      Thank so much Sir

    26. Frederick Chantal

      thank you amazing

    27. Edward Turner

      Next best thing to actually being there. Go Trevor!

    28. MurDOC

      Kapier ich nicht, das VIdeo hat einen Deutschen Titel und ist dann auf English. Nice Video. Don´t understand why the title of the video is on my youtube in German, but it is an english video :D!

    29. OspreyGT

      Who’s here after crew-1

    30. Glenn Photography

      i just watched this with my game headset on and it made the hair on my arms stand on end. really awesome!

    31. Quentin Ducceschi

      So impressive (French Fan's)

    32. Alex Todorov

      Guiness World Record of number of nerds on a roof

    33. Naithí O'rea

      I would love to see more POV videos!

    34. Bigtexun Tex

      I heard 6 booms, but I hear a lot of echo events multiple times per day, and I guess my brain recognizes and cancels the echo.

    35. Bradkey Williams

      WOW !!! I have a pair of "ZIK" Parrot bluetooth Headphones & they almost Vibrated off my head with Incredible Sound !! MAGNIFICENT !! LOL'S

    36. Caren Spencer-Smith

      I was there with my lovely spouse watching from the waterfront near the SpaceX launch and landing control center. Sunburned and happy. My sisters and I watched Apollo 11 launch from the pool at Rockledge High School across the river, where we had swimming lessons that day. The spouse and I were back for SpaceX Demo-2 in May, this time with our two adult children, traveling from TN during the pandemic - the last time I could visit with my aunt in Rockledge before she contracted COVID19 and died in July. Launches never get old - each one is it’s own technology miracle of science and cooperation. I wish you (and my family) could have experienced the Apollo launches (with less efficient engines and sound dampening) - they shook the earth for miles, like a small earthquake.

    37. Adrian Schmidt

      Great episode! Will definitely check out the other channel. But… 10 booms? I really couldn't hear that even after trying to listen for 10, I very clearly heard 6 🤔 Edit: ah, ok, I can hear 8, still not 10, but at least I get it now 😊👍

    38. Morgan Hamilton

      It took about 12.73 seconds to hear the sound from the launch site. That means the rocket was about 4.4 km away if the temperature outside was 20 degrees Celcius. Just thought I would flex on my high school physics knowledge.

    39. Anthony Cordero

      This is my guess: the echos are the sound hitting the ground and coming back up to the microphone as a reflection. The greater distance that the reflection travels to the microphone in relation to the sound directly from the boosters to the microphone creates a time delay, resulting in the echo phenomenon. There are two additional echoes visible on the waveform that are for some reason less in amplitude and therefore not audible-hence the perceived ten booms.

    40. derkaderka808ify

      Beautiful! Thankyou for your work!

    41. DiamondGecko _

      Who is here after Crew 1?

    42. Gouri Nanda

      Last 10 sec of rocket launching was the only 10 sec but them it was 10 minutes

    43. BaconKiller360

      I saw the launch of GPS III SV03 from Playalinda Beach earlier this year. Nothing can compare to the way those Merlin Engines growl. That low grumble with all of it's pops and cracks is unreal. You feel it in your chest as that rocket propels itself into the heavens. Not to mention the brilliant yellow flame from that LOX and RP-1. Absolutely amazing.

    44. Your Mom

      Thats Air-force one I believe

    45. Connor Strothman

      I would say, listening to that with my Bose headphones with that bass, that was amazing!

    46. Donald Tramp

      Earth is flat.

    47. Not Zayden

      who is here after crew 1?

    48. Shannon &Thor

      When do you hear the sonic booms?

    49. Ayd Wal

      Who's here after Crew-1

    50. JMO JEN

      WOWOWOW!!! THIS IS PROBABLY MY FAVORITE VIDEO EVER!!! This is JUST like being there, I live nearby.❤🇺🇸❤

    51. loskiff

      Why seems to be ice on the sides during liftoff?

    52. Andrew Martinez

      What if the rocket hits a plane which I doubt it would and the people who launch it prob plan it but what if they didn’t like would they get sued by the airline? Idk

    53. BusyPickle

      Thank you for doing this. That was insane to hear. If you go again, do it in VR WITH the binaural!

    54. Kiwi TV

      You do realize when you talk about the engineers in the cameras that you are incorrect. Your video shows the original feed seen by all when one of the boosters cameras was accidentally duplicated in both video feeds. There was a big controversy about this because people were wondering how SpaceX got such easy access to the feed going into SEprom because they corrected their feed within 10 minutes and then showed as past footage within correct feed with in the whole streaming event. Go watch the SpaceX SEprom video of this event can you now see that the view of the two boosters are landing is different from yours and now correct. Yours is now wrong after the correction and so what you state during your video about the marvel of the engineers is wrong. Surprised you still have it posted as such

    55. Aiden jans Gaming


    56. Falcon Heavy

      Well i didn't know i sounded that great.

    57. Iulia Mot

      I was way to focused to hear the camera's noises and they've been there allways, click!click!click :)

    58. John Boze

      So sad NASA Admin Jim B. is leaving NASA because of the "Incoming Administration". He was one of the BEST NASA Admins ever. Politics ended Dads Firing Room Career in 1974. Dad launched Buzz, Neil, and 22 other Astronauts.

    59. Agung Buana

      that was 27 merlins. imagine 34 raptors.!!

    60. Mixup 221

      5:05 I think they actually messed up the stream and put the same video feed and later editors it to have the seperate ones

    61. Mixup 221

      I wish the lens was a little cleaner on the way up

    62. Objectivity1958

      im usiug 7.1 headphones, wasn't impressed. I only heard 6 booms. watched with virtualization on and off, no difference. Sorry Destin this time I was disappointed.

    63. Jonas Grill

      This is one of the best examples of binaural audio I've seen yet. Good job! 👍

    64. Taw Mathews

      Matthew 12:36-37 (KJV) But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.

    65. Pau Sky Caelum


    66. Blodstrupmoen

      Greatest video I have ever seen!

    67. Tony Hussey

      That’s the sound of unicorns laughing

    68. Han Tuttel

      Hmmm. Just heard the six booms. Crappy headphone? Or very good ones... ? : )

    69. Jack Notts


    70. Ozarktic

      I didn't expect to cry but I did. That was incredible.

    71. Elian Truth

      12 booms ....

    72. Jeremy Young

      Thank you thank you thank you!

    73. Sean Maloney

      1:58 “Don’t look down!” Everybody looks down

    74. Fadzli Hensem


    75. Tezryy WC

      “Holly Maccroll”

    76. GE Boesch T&T

      Amazing, thank you :-)

    77. Steve Williams

      WOW!! Just WOW!!

    78. ŤhęĞãmîñğ Bøömęř

      Just imagine 5 star ships launching at the same time

    79. Chris L

      How many channels are there i may aswell just sub to all now😂

    80. RoadToZeroK

      It is pretty amazing But i have to say, just before the rocket started i got an advertisement starting that took me out al little bit


      See the camera lens at 4:43 lol.........................

    82. Billy kate

      I came.......

    83. bose sebi

      there were 6 and youre mentioning 10 just to be smarter.

    84. H2O- FPV

      Wow great nice thank u


      When the sonic booms happened i heard was like an M16 burst

    86. Muhammad Faris

      My headphone move when the sonic boom happen

    87. Anakin Skywalker

      Aye Elon if your going by Tatooine can I hitch a ride? Trying to go home as well.

    88. Anthony

      I got surround sound this was sweet

    89. Galxtic

      whos here for homework

    90. Bob Ussery

      Enjoyed this one...actually. Calm, cool, and collected thoughts.

    91. MetalCreative

      This repeat from that guy 6:55 like: dude what?

    92. RK WatchAuralnautsJediPartyOnYouTube

      Binaural is great for directional audio with headphones, but man, you miss the bass. So I had to watch this again in my gaming rig. Home theater receiver and subwoofer plus two tactile transducers mounted to my seat...beautiful. BTW, if you ever go to the Kennedy Space Center, be sure to hit the Saturn V exhibit. The show you watch after the bus drops you off is fantastic. Sit in the back row (top of the bleachers). It took everything in me not to get up and cheer at the end of the Saturn V launch simulation. Those couple minutes were easily worth the whole cost of admission.

    93. Bong Jovi

      This was AWESOME, especially with my DTS : Headphone X on... Definitely subscribing to the Sound Traveller.

    94. Marqus Deanux

      Boi I heard 6 😂

    95. Joe Venezia


    96. Bud D

      At 4:42 pause the video. The smoke plume on the ground left by the rocket looks like a side profile of George Washington.

    97. T A R S

      this is f¡ckin awesome, good job

    98. MR_tomato1

      Me only hear cams taking pics

    99. Justin Carlisle

      3d sound!! Dobly Atmos: 5d sound

    100. Howabouthetruth

      We moved to Melbourne, Florida ( about 40 miles south of Kennedy Space Center ) back in 1969.......and let me tell ya, the sight & sound of this Falcon Heavy is NOTHING compared to those gigantic Saturn V rocket launches during the Apollo missions. Known as "the F1 Saturn V engine"........they EACH produced 1.5 MILLION lbs of thrust, and there were FIVE of them used on each Saturn V rocket, the biggest & most powerful rocket ever launched by NASA. Just 1 of those F1 Saturn V engines is 18 feet tall and produces the same amount of thrust as ALL 3 engines on the space shuttle combined. I was between 7 & 8 yrs old when Dad had a friend who knew a man that got us VIP passes to get closer than any other civilians were allowed to witness the Apollo launches. I swear, as the rocket was lifting off, the thrust was so great, you would be standing in place on concrete or asphalt, yet you would look down & see your feet literally moving around as you stood still from the intense vibrations caused by 7.5 million lbs of thrust. Now THAT was a sensation like no other. Words can't properly convey the experience. No other launches caused that to happen........not even the space shuttle missions. The Saturn V rockets produced 5 TIMES the thrust compared to the space shuttle. I still live here in Melbourne.........after all these years.