The Infinadeck Omnidirectional Treadmill - Smarter Every Day 192 (VR Series)

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    Damping Ratio
    Control loop
    Impedance Control
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    1. MrFishy

      Just use the same freaking stuff as you use for a treadmill and make it a circle so you can move anywhere!,

    2. MrFishy

      Why don’t you work there😂

    3. Htun Sett Han


    4. Gr8Pooba

      I feel like the treadmill correcting itself and moving back and fourth a bit could be fixed by changing the spot in the center to a small circle. So instead of trying to keep you on the spot exactly it has a bit leverage I guess, I don’t know the word I’m trying to think of.

    5. Archie 4 Sure

      Make sure IOI doesn’t buy it

    6. Harshil Bansal

      Noticed the cat at 5:30 ?

    7. Enzy

      𝗮 𝗶𝗻𝘁𝗿𝗼𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘁𝘀 𝗱𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗺

    8. DavidVonDestruct

      i don’t know why, but i really wanna give that guy (the owner) a hug. he looks so friendly.

    9. Mr.Newbie

      5:39 the cat!


      Imagine setting all this up and you start a game and then your mum calls to tell you dinner's ready

    11. Dmitry Sivolovskiy

      so bad gadget. level 3 max

    12. Anonymous

      This is a dream come true, I would Fr pay 600 for me just to play VR for 2 hours on that. 😂

    13. Danny Rodger

      Ask Elon Musk

    14. BlueJay

      This is a strong future for minecraft

    15. Jim Willson

      I would just suspend someone in a full body harness over a ball...taking 95% of weight off the ball.

    16. Angelina Cruz

      How safe is it? Just wondering!

      1. Angelina Cruz

        Is it programmed to run at a certain velocity?

      2. Angelina Cruz

        GREAT 👍 IDEA 💡.

      3. Angelina Cruz

        It's rackety.

      4. Angelina Cruz

        They need to work on the transition in the treadmill.

      5. Angelina Cruz

        You look like a robot 🤖.

    17. Rish Vam

      I can write an algorithm that can solve this problem but the algorithm will need like an year to start being good enough to use

    18. Caleb Chang

      5:26 there's a cat in the shelf

    19. B10 - JoshuaSiriban

      Imagine playing minecraft while speedrunning and using this

    20. Brother Ramen


    21. Robert Turner

      I just want to know when someone is going to create a holodeck kinda like what they have on Star trek.

    22. sore loser

      It needs to be bigger. Like way bigger. That way it'll have way more time to average out your velocity.

    23. Dominick Gionfriddo

      I thought I thought of this

    24. Jeffrey Baba

      One problem I see is that as a man your CG is in your shoulders/chest, not your hips. your shoulder/chest moves forward before any other part of your body. their sensor is in the wrong spot.

    25. Sparks

      Make this thing bigger should solve moving lag problem.

    26. Jan Mašek

      you need to monitor back angle ... the body is leaning backwards when decelerating ... thats the key

    27. Popan Rares

      use a pid

    28. Sanjay Kumar

      I wonder if it is possible to simulate ugly terrains in reality.

    29. Adam Foster

      Should try some feed forward control based off the movement of the foot sensors. The treadmill could start reacting before there is an error signal coming from the position sensor. That would reduce the acceleration required to get back to steady state, and take away some of the lag and jolt feeling.

    30. Cheerlads

      To bad these guys went bankrupt or something I was really looking forward too this

    31. Ghoulishjaguar

      5:28 OMG the cat its sooo cute!

    32. Cubeman

      Why not use a giant hamster ball to walk in all 8 direction's

    33. Casey Prince

      did eny one see the cat on the wall?? 5:32

    34. Gareth Pienaar

      Have you heard of Katwalk vr

    35. Fra0606

      I love that in all of his videos he has good relationships with everyone

    36. Monsterclip1037

      How much for it $ 🤑

    37. Amir Roslan


    38. El Sleezo

      And Jesus wept!

    39. R3braccoon

      I would like to see a much more recent model

    40. 2DarkHorizon

      Maybe just make a motorless treadmill where you push the ground underneath you whilst holding onto the bar. Even better have your waist held in place whilst you run over a motorless treadmill. This will be way more responsive than the motorised one.

    41. dsalpha18

      Please make a moon walk video on the Infinity treadmill, pretty please. XD

    42. Brazen Speculation HashTag DeepThoughts

      The mind of man plans his way, but Yahweh directs his steps. - Proverbs 16:9

    43. Vincenzo Scotto Di Uccio

      Great book !!

    44. É Mexendo que se Aprende

      0:39 404 not found

    45. Luna_una _0042

      Fun fact : treadmills are originally used as torture devices

    46. Patata Kawaii

      Me encanta 😍👍❤

    47. Qcstoned

      He's gonna have to start over with somrthing like a slaq traidmill with a friction phisics. but Idk what Im talking about.

    48. Trevor Philips

      Why are we not funding this?

    49. Cara Furry

      5:28 Cat want to steal

    50. PunkRockPebble

      The echo in the room makes it sound like he’s actually voicing the robot

    51. H Teo

      J E E E S U S W E P T ! ! !

    52. UnknownUser#1320

      One fifteenth of a step closer to irl sword art online. Not really.

    53. Ditto Pokemon

      rip thing on shelf 5:33 - 5:34

    54. Chris Butler

      This is cool but wouldn't a giant multitouch touchpad be more efficient?

    55. cone

      Kinda seems like it sucks

    56. Mincraft225

      Kitty 😃 5:28

    57. Herb An Legend

      Maybe, copy the design of a trackball muse but make it much larger, then suspend yourself above it enough for balance?

    58. sunshine khan

      the oasis is ever closer to a reality

    59. Ikhsan A.Z

      This just reminds me sword art online

    60. Jeroen

      Same with path prediction on the gps of tractors, when there is a driver on it is basically impossible to do it completely correct

    61. Tanzimul Emam

      These are available to buy for consumers, during their launch it was 700, now it's 1000. Just thought I'd let you know.

    62. NoisyFranklyn Gaming

      Look at the cat 5:29

    63. Chris Williams

      I love audible, Just wish it was cheaper. I spend ALOT of money on their a books but ai love em. It makes mundane chores okay. I'm also a fan of JP!

    64. alex binger

      Jordan Peterson... Gross

    65. twitch direbtw

      This reminds film ready player one

    66. Darren

      Has anybody heard of the virtuix omni? Seems like a much more efficient way to solve these problems. I'm no expert though so would love to hear your opinions.

    67. T C

      I hate that intro music : almost unsubcribed cause that horrible noice

      1. T C

        U lucky i like knowledge

    68. red grinch3912

      Bruv just make a smaller inner ring to keep the player In place

    69. The Myth Playz


    70. RobotikEmpire

      in 20 years this is going to look so cute compared to what exists then.

    71. Gamer Endless

      Use wheight sensors under the person's feet we have natural muscles and wheight readujstmentand prior to our movements for our balance set up a tutorial so the computer can map the individuals wheight patterns for a couple steps my best idea to help

    72. Water Bottle

      Who thought that the background of the VR footage thumbnail was Fortnite?

      1. Water Bottle

        Just me?

    73. killjoy cola

      maybe the sensor needs to watch the motion of the feet to move properly

    74. Clearer_Agenda

      When you finally tell mom that gaming is an exercise

    75. Todd Spender

      lmao the cat at minute 5:35

    76. Umar Vayani

      Imagine adding those gloves you made a video about it seem a lot real

    77. Jimmy Jay

      21 years old, i was in the army and the ONLY!!!! time in my four years in that the weather was to bad to do p.t. outside. So we went across the street to the rec. center and the whole squad got on treadmills. We all ran 30 min and when i went to get off, I almost fell over. My equilibrium was completely off. Thinking back now, it's a good thing i don't get motion sick or else there would have been a HUGE mess all over the cardio room. I don't recall having any problems getting started and running on it, but getting off, WOW. One of the most prominent memories of my life. Add this to you're reverse bike. I can't imagine going 30 min on this treadmill at a full run and then getting off.

    78. eRr0r-s3aRcHeR

      3:25 ew Vrchat xD

    79. Nahid Sharif

      You remember the old ball mouse. I think it'll be easier that way

    80. Andy Jame


    81. Jesse Woo

      5:28, one question, HOW THE FRICK DID THAT CAT GET UP THERE

    82. Garrett Taylor

      it needs to be put on a type of bearing system just like when your pedaling on a bike and stop but the bike keeps going. It will keep you stable but beneath the tread is stopping

    83. Andy Jame

      5:28, one question, HOW THE FRICK DID THAT CAT GET UP THERE

    84. thysovereignst8

      Oxdeadbeef is that you?

    85. Dusk

      just train it with an AI... next..

    86. Marcus Baptiste

      Nvm what i said the ring is gonna keep you there

    87. John Gibbles

      I know how to fix the positioning problem it's easy

    88. Evan Plummer

      Why not go super low friction with the surface/shoes, so you actually move less and less acceleration is needed?

    89. Zaya boy13

      So cool dude hope to see that everywhere soon!

    90. Stephan Botes

      All these books to listen to are SO awesome and SO helpful.

    91. Luke Bomar

      the owner looks like if gordon ramsay and my saxophone teacher had a kid

    92. Rubington Videl

      One day the video game nerds will be more fit than the jocks.

    93. never mind

      you can build a large sphere treadmill and when the neuroscience tech is ready, you can anticipate every move signal in the brain just before the body starts moving.. but then again, the walking in real life maybe not necessary, im thinking about a machine that can fake stimuli that we are walking, for example, tricking the brain that we are really walking.. more and more, i feel like this reality is also a simulation..

    94. Peter Westwood

      use accelerometers in the foot trackers to help predict the acceleration you are trying to apply via the speed your feet move at

    95. VTerran

      they have to pair this with EmotivEpocc Brainwave headset

    96. Sharvil Ghasad

      what they could do to solve the problem is that they can strap the user so that the user cannot move on the treadmill... Problem Solved!!! But you need to compromise the feeling of 'freely walking'

    97. Approximately Balut

      That ring reminds me of a baby walker. I imagine the threadmill would work better if it were spherical and the user walks on the top. The rest of the sphere are hidden under the floor.

    98. Gabriel dapter70

      5:30 cat

    99. jay bee

      Great one day I will get to be mentally AND physically exhausted after playing online shooters

    100. Beastly

      except on a treadmill you arent pushing your body forward and so there are way less muscles in the work. Your legs just support your weight and the treadmill brings it to the back in fact the most muscle work you're gonna put in is bringing your legs in front of your body. anyway thats not what the video's about. run outside kids.