The Parker Solar Probe - Smarter Every Day 198

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    Dr. Angela Olinto
    Felipe Ruiz
    Dr. Tony Case
    Total Design Video
    Dr. Eugene Parker's 1958 Paper.
    Checkout the instruments of the Parker Solar Probe:
    University of Chicago announces the naming of the Probe:
    Incredible media made by NASA Goddard Scientific Visualization Studio
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    1. Kings Kingy

      I’m really becoming smarter watching you, thank you so much for sharing!

    2. Tony Chenh


    3. Steve Mattero

      Your daughter rocks

    4. TheX-3D

      I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.

    5. MCT Third

      Corona oh no

    6. Нурман Абдибаитов


    7. Joe Perry

      This is absolutely fascinating. Dr. Case absolutely loves his work and he's awesome to explain the whole deal. Great video, Mr. Dustin.

    8. Tomy Shayo

      I made a model of engenuity but it’s a cube of cardboard with tinfoil, cardboard helicopter things attached with a straw and for the legs it’s four irons for each corner. Yeah, it’s really crappie but it’s ridiculously easy to do and it at least remembers of engenuity.

    9. BOT

      1:03 that’s incorrect with how many abortions and miscarriages there are

    10. Mary Lagua

      10 hour drive.:)

    11. wolf359loki

      Love this channel. But you could have caught a DWI for driving with no sleep for that long.

    12. Simon Suarez

      I've just fallen in love with that awesome Faraday Cup!!! Cool video. Thanks Destin!

    13. Hector Tellez

      Thank you young man, and the thing🇺🇸

    14. Demo

      1:03 "Every human who has ever lived has looked at the sun and thought about it"....? That`d be quite a feat for a blind person. Theres probably many, many people who did look, but just couldn`t be arsed too 😂 so Nope...not "every human"...😋

    15. Skitches

      When are you going to do a follow up of what they have learned so far? They have had to learn something on their way there.

    16. Fall Line Japan

      We call it the TPS The TPS report

    17. bipola telly

      Birkeland Current.

    18. MrCombuster

      I dont wanna take a corona mass ejection to the face that's how it spread across the planet.

    19. VALLEY

      what about using white panels that can reflect light from outside the heat shield onto the side of the probe where the solar panels are? so the panels arent directly hit?

    20. John Premium

      Imagine having a CME right into the probe's face.

    21. Hero Yasha

      of course it's hard.. it is the CORONA

    22. Hamiltonian Path on dodecahedron

      3:58 Tru Dat

    23. a meme duck

      “everyone has looked at the sun” blind people: 👁👄👁

    24. Nate Ashe

      Yeah, so niobium conductor with a saphire insulation... that's a thing.

    25. Mahmudi Mahmudi

      "The sun in hot, the corona is even hotter." Nice prediction Ma'am, you're right

    26. DJ Alex Parker

      When you have a probe named after you 😉 ayy haha

    27. dega

      that's a 1 to 1 model? just wow 😮

    28. Onicgames

      3:58 as in an ilness?

    29. Jimmy Craqcorn

      Wouldn’t the sun “push” the probe back? Like, really hard? All that energy from the sun? How would they counteract something like that? If it does actually push it at all.

    30. Steven Thianpi

      3:58 the corona is even hotter

    31. Jesus is Alive!

      It works just like a solar tracker on a solar array.

    32. Ephraim McDowell

      Who else got triggered when she said "the Corona is really hot too"?

    33. Jaz Kepler

      All your topics are awesome...your an awesome guy...very educational and informative..Greatest show in youtube! Jaz from Philippines

    34. Palanthis

      "You're gonna take a coronal mass ejection to the face?!"

    35. Markus Mulholland

      I question from someone, very uneducated on this topic but equally curious: How do we observe the data captured by the Parker Solar Probe? Is it being streamed to the Earth as we speak or will we only have access to it once the Probe returns to Earth?

      1. Markus Mulholland

        @Spud Gamer Thank you so much for that answer. I really appreciate that.

      2. Spud Gamer

        This thing is never coming back to earth. It lacks the fuel to do so. I don't even know if there is a current launch platform that could have lifted it with enough fuel for a return trip. So, in other words, the data is transmitted back to earth. It may not be transmitted in real time, though. After all, sometimes this will be the other side of the sun from us, very close to the sun, or taking CMEs , all of which can interfere with radio transmissions. As such, it may store the data locally, and burst transmit it during certain times only.

    36. Nephy Spaghetti

      Destin’s daughter is so cute! We can see she loves science just as much as you, Destin.

    37. Tom Bombadil

      Right to the face!

    38. DR. AMMAR

      I am a medical doctor and people refer to me as a NERD. but these guys here are ACTUAL NERDS.

    39. Jarett

      so why is the surface of the sun cooler than when off the surface (i think it's 800,000 degrees centigrade at surface, to 2 million when some distance away)?

    40. Andy Hale

      NASA techs wearing t-shirts saying "I took a CME to the face, and I'm still beautiful".

    41. K S

      What is the significance of isaiah 4:6 at the end?

    42. Jason W

      Every one of these guys explain things incredibly complex as if it is nothing. Like, "we made a cool toaster". lol.

    43. miqueas jas

      can you give us more info on how to see the rocket launch?

    44. Marcos Müller

      So freaking awesome how many knowledge you get from this videos! Mind blown with the materials, insulation, and the fact that it is like a Vacumm tube!!

    45. Douglas Dunbar

      This video and your channel make me happy, thanks Destin!

    46. J G

      You look like J-Rock from trailer park boys.

    47. Jacob Thompson

      Everone one looks the sun you mean the ones who got blined

    48. goteverlastinglife

      Amazing technology, we have learned so much since our first trip into space. Watched during 2020 Pandemic.

    49. P99 Up7

      3:59 CORONA!!!!!!!

    50. Bill

      Unobtanium. ...Haha !

    51. L Barnhill

      Unobtainium and fantastuloid, I love it. P.S. your daughter/promising scientist, rocks!

    52. Tim Holyoake

      You understand “Wrenches” to a degree that I will never understand. .. so.. now you know how I feel 🤣

    53. The Pit


    54. richard kotey

      I don’t easily click on the subscription button but after being glued to you channel for 2 days straight, Even my inner soul was asking why am I not subscribed. And as a devoted Christian, I admire the verses you put at the end. God bless your great works and efforts.

    55. Juned Mohamed

      im a mechanical engineer i understand wrenches

    56. BigBadAmerican

      Oh dang, Juan was a good friend of mine in high school. Good to see him doing great things.

    57. 0MindSwept0

      So uh...what’s this thing supposed to do again?

    58. Why Not

      3:30-3:36 just wow

    59. Derek1978

      update on this?

    60. Mr. Less1001

      The collector plate on the faraday cup kind of reminds me of a Hall effect sensor but one plate is internal to the instrument and the other plate is the sun.

    61. Wolf Elkan

      6:22 is this a... steam-powered spacecraft?

    62. Wolf Elkan

      Am jealous.

    63. Mohak Gujar

      Tungsten Carbide has supa-high melting point, right? Cool video, sir. Tussi great ho! Or translation to English- You're Great!

    64. Bouzsi

      Every human [that has looked at the Sun]* has thought about it. Blind people matter, too!

    65. Adit Newah

      Hi Destin. Thanks for making such wonderful videos. After a hard days work it is really relaxing to watch your videos and to get knowledge from them. Thanks once again.

    66. Rusty Shackelford

      11:07 So.. I mean.. are we not doing 'Phrasing' anymore?

    67. Keithius Prime

      This is such valuable content... I wouldn't have even known about the Parker Space Probe without it... Such an important part of "public outreach", which SHOULD translate to more funding for NASA... Awesome stuff...

    68. Lee Maitland

      Sapphire beads got me, been looking into them all day.

    69. Poop Shoot

      I just watched that whole video and I still have absolutely no idea whatsoever what it meant.

    70. Hugo Hun

      Thank you very interesting

    71. liu lucy


    72. K Laplante

      SEprom is great. what you have built however, is beautiful. Your channel is amazing. My 5 and 6 year olds agree. Thank yuu

    73. Jim Buckley

      Really? Yes, really.

    74. Sarah Epper

      Wow lies lies lies wake up people space and traveling through it is impossible

      1. tgstudio85

        Sarah Epper how do you know if it’s impossible, did you try?

    75. Sarah Epper

      They don't go no where period its impossible if you believe in god you would see threw there lies NASA going no where for 50 years

    76. Aaron Vaughn

      Liar I’ve never once thought about the sun

    77. Stinky Piece of Cheese

      Coronal bukkake.

    78. Ga Wa

      Great access.

    79. Parth khaladkar

      THAT’s kinda how William Osman’s rotating bill hat works!

    80. pat mccrotch

      Dang phillippe.. leave some ladies for the rest of us bro..

    81. brad burnett

      would this create a visible shadow? or block light?

    82. Amy L

      What I need to know -- when they need the orientation of the device adjusted to keep the heat shield toward the sun, are they using CAT PHYSICS?

    83. Martti Suomivuori

      Just asking: Is that a neobium-tin conductor and is it supraconductive at that voltage/field? BTW the fastest man-made object was the manhole cover flewn into the space by a nuclear detonation in 1957. Internet told me so.

    84. Moises Castro

      09:08 Nióbio, Bolsonaro tem razão.

    85. Magdiel Crisan

      i always want to know who the dislikers are lol, like did they just click the wrong video and go "dahhh i didn't mean to go here, dislike!!" lol

    86. Lincoln Fong

      amazing what a wire can do, does, the way it would work and not melt while in use ~ wooooo hooooo ~

    87. Austin Bryan

      "When you get to the Sun you get all the Solar energy you would ever want *in the world.*

    88. Eddie vargas

      Is the satellite spinning around the sun ?? More importantly at what speed is it

    89. blue booby

      Parker square probe?

    90. Missouri Bear

      Like you can't have gas pressure without a container? Dude! There's NO probe going around a giant gas ball made of helium & hydrogen sitting in a freaking vacuum!! And your supposed to be a scientist? Do you follow the SCIENTIFIC METHOD?? If you do, which I highly doubt, you would realize there's NEVER been experimental proof the earth spins or that a vacuum even exists above the earth, much less proving GRAVITY. If you can scientifically PROVE, with the SCIENTIFIC METHOD, that you can measure the distance to the SUN or MOON, the WORLD would be terribly fascinated by your results. Good Luck there science man!!

      1. Micah V

        Kit Canyon maybe one day I’ll get through their thick skulls

      2. Micah V

        I know this is probably all for nought, but I will try to not be patronizing. In a way you’re right, there does need to be a container-the atmosphere is exactly that. Think about it as a pressure gradient. Also-this vacuum you’re talking about, you’re thinking about a kitchen vacuum that sucks. This isn’t what is around our planet. It’s the absence (or close to it) of matter. The mass of our huge planet is what keeps everything inside, and yes gravity, vacuumed space, and a spinning globe has all been proven, with the scientific method. I implore you, that if you truly wished to learn more, you’d stop spouting out nonsense on popular science channels and take just one elementary (yes elementary primary) physics course before talking about it. Much of the stuff you do in labs is testable proof about our globe. You’re wrong, accept it, move on, before you end up wasting time that could be spent elsewhere improving humanity’s endeavors. Best of luck to you, and I hope you hear me out.

      3. tgstudio85

        Missouri Bear yes you can’t have gas pressure without container, that’s why earth atmosphere is contained by gravity. On Mount Everest pressure is 1/3 of that in sea level and there is no container between;)

    91. Sankar Subba

      Hello! Can you make an video on voyager 1 and voyager 2.please,please.

    92. Elizabeth Del castillo

      7:21 How did I understood some of the things they said on the video?!?!?!

    93. Elizabeth Del castillo

      9:04 me realizing copper ain’t enough going to the most dangerous distance on the sun is like hwaw!!!!!

    94. Googal

      Brilliant guys, this human species is super intelligent species for sure !!

    95. Kurt R. Warner

      WOW! Very fascinating!

    96. Bobby Davis

      Space is a fabric and a substance.

    97. Nicola Dellino

      Respect to Dr. Parker

    98. TIm Ogle

      Ok you lost me at 13:50 lol

    99. ObeyRoastMan

      Best Dad ever?

    100. SDandRnRoll

      Congrats and thank you Mr Parker and Destin for the video