The Twitter Bot Battle (Who is Attacking Twitter?) - Smarter Every Day 214

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    2nd video in a 3 part series on Social Media Manipulation
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    Troll Behaviour in the Twitter Brexit Debate
    Who falls for political manipualation
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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      Our Social Media Platforms are under attack. Twitter is being hit with systematic external attacks in the form of meta-manipulation and inauthentic users who attempt to shape the discussion by slowly and methodically radicalizing people. These attackers have demonstrated the desire to promote tribalism and the "us" vs "them" mentality. I propose proactive unity as a countermeasure. It's kind of interesting how crazy typing a sentence like that makes a person sound... but it's absolutely true. My twitter accounts are here (open in new tab?): ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For those commenting on Twitter having a political agenda: I've read the same articles and listened to the same podcast episodes you have on this subject.... and I've concluded that I seem to take a more nuanced perspective on this than others. Whenever I hear about an individual ban/suspension/censorship, the first thing I do is read about the context of the ban. I then divide them into 2 groups. *Group 1 Suspensions: Bans based off of Twitter's values and policy decisions. * In this case it's clear to me a human actively makes a decision to ban someone, or a specific keyword or phrase etc. I agree that several of their policies (banning certain words, phrases, or "protecting" certain groups but not others) should be discussed and debated openly. In case you're not detecting my stance on this I'll spell it out... I have very strong feelings about these things but I'm avoiding disclosing how I feel in order to shine more light on Group 2 suspensions, which are the result of a far more technical threat. Group 1 Suspensions could be changed tomorrow if certain people change their mind.. Group 2 could not. *Group 2 Suspensions. Bans/Suspensions taking place because Twitter is trying to fight literal armies trying to manipulate our society.* I'm finding my attention drawn more to this group more because the attackers' intentions here are so malicious. While doing research for this video, I found that the majority of the inauthentic behavior is focused on content meant to align with the right. This make people on the left think "those people on the right" are more radicalized than reality thus making them retreat further left. Those on the right are also in danger of being pushed further right. The "Us" vs "Them" thinking starts immediately. The play here is subtle, and quite frankly, this is a very intelligent way to attack us. *The dataset Twitter released has more right leaning accounts than left.* (Look for yourself, here's a spreadsheet URLs to the WayBack machine for each username in that dataset. The Wayback machine didn't image all pages: ) .One of the interesting problems that Twitter has, is that BECAUSE the majority of the malicious content is built to look like the political viewpoints from one side, they must test their countermeasure algorithms against inauthentic content that also seems to be authentic content on the right. As a result of the target set being unquestionably biased, I would expect disproportionate amount of "collateral damage" flaggings to be on the right. Whenever I see someone who has been suspended, I try to be intellectually honest and read their complaints and run it through my engineer filter. If they seem emotional, I try to identify what types of emotions are being communicated and use that to figure out what category the ban fits in. Group 1 Bans are usually pretty clear. These bans are usually a process, not a single event. Still, these victims feel that their speech is being controlled (and by definition it is) so they're usually angry. Group 2 Bans are often collateral damage, so the sense of injustice is elevated. From what I can tell, Twitter doesn't provide indicate that the suspension was automatic, therefore the user is forced to assume they have crossed some type of ideological barrier and therefore been deemed "not politially correct". The anger in this case usually has a tiny dash of confusion mixed in. Twitter usually tries to explain that it's a result of automatic filtering.... but without the context of what's going on in this episode, victims of group 2 bans are left to logically assume a political agenda on the part of twitter. They are assume they are the victim of a Group 1 ban. I do not think this is always the case. Heightened emotions lead Group 2 ban victims to tell as many people about the injustices at Twitter, often as loudly as possible. I've noticed when Twitter is notified (as recently happened with the movie "Unplanned" ) the suspension is reversed immediately, followed by a statement by Twitter explaining that the suspension was the result of an autonomous system. To the victim, this explanation is insufficient, and they continue to think Twitter actually wanted to silence them. In the cases I've read, the victims sometime think that because they yelled loud enough the decision was reversed because they publicly shamed Twitter. The implications of this are pretty big for Twitter. The result of all this confusion is that the public ends up thinking Twitter's efforts to "control" things are much lager than they actually are. I think it's a good idea for Twitter to be more transparent about this stuff, and Del said they're moving in that direction which is great. For the record, Twitter was 100% open with me and didn't restrict my message in any way. Because these issues are related to countermeasures, Twitter's sometimes not at liberty to discuss what exactly triggered their system, because knowledge of such systems could lead to exploitation. I'm personally empathetic because I recognize Twitter is fighting a war. ......I also think free speech is awesome.

      1. beagle8boy

        This is not an attack this is a design cause Twitter is a platform for organizing rage mobs and passing on anti-DJT lies, while hiding the truth about Biden corruption. "Site integrity team" Try not to laugh this is Twitter, it and its employees all deserve to die.

      2. Eric !

        Try telling your futur kids that.. they will be born in it

      3. mstrdiver

        Destin - so why even join this platform then?

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      5. Sebastian Lithgow Schmidt

        I like this series, but you could also give at least a little shoutout to The Onion Router (TOR) which give most likely better security.

    2. Patrick Dean

      @SmarterEveryDay You should go back to Twitter and see what they have to say about the massive censorship that YT, FB and themselves are perpetrating on the American people. While you're at it ask them about their support of the CCP.

    3. 1504MBR 1504MBR

      Please go back and correct these videos, twitter is censoring people and they lie about it. They dont own it. They are now the hackers of this Country!

    4. Jamie McEwan

      engagement + 1.

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    6. CommanderAustria

      Twitter FB and co are not a "free" plattform for open discussions! It is regulated and censored. And also you can block people who have a different opinion, and that lead to a one sided viewpoint. The dark net is the only free place on the internet.

    7. Danny Mckenzie

      Everyone who works for Twitter is in on it

    8. Arjen don't read this

      Trying to manipulate the algorithm

    9. Mary Lagua

      I know it takes a lot of time and work.

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    11. Kasper Aare Naicker

      Yep! And this one, too! hahahaha!

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      And another one...

    13. Kasper Aare Naicker

      This is THE BEST three episodes EVAH!!! :D :D :D

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    15. Hernan Bares

      21:46 The Engineer: "Yes, is ALWAYS election time somewhere, all the time FOREVER" That's some tired faces he does XDD

    16. Instinctive _ Wolf

      Beautiful and Twitter don’t go together

    17. Wesley Mercer

      This is rough. I never knew the mind warfare was this deep online.

    18. storm37000

      The problem is, twitter is one of the most biased of them all, they actively try to subvert the truth and outright lie, they only remove the bots that don't post things that align with their destructive divisive political views. Twitter and their subversive "Trust and Safety Council" should be shut down. Don't get me wrong, its good tht at companies fight bad groups, the problem is, many of them apply their rules very unequaly.

    19. JCB

      Thank god or whoever for you making these videos man.. They'll listen to you

    20. circusmonkey28

      This was useful!

    21. Ryan Gurnick

      Uh VPN's, it never ceaces to amaze me what people think VPN's can do. Its important to note that ExpressVPN might not track or store data on you, however the entire rest of the world is really good at figuring out that people use VPN's. Companies like google, amazon, facebook, twitter, youtube have competent enough algorithms to actually figure out that someone is on a VPN and then monitor that. If you ever sign into an account on the VPN then websites you login to will store your information. Its interesting that people go for the VPN all the time when in reality companies like google, and facebook are the companies that generally get contacted when someone wants to violate your personal liberties (either by nations or others) you even bring this up in this video series.

    22. hdtvcamera1

      She sat there and lied to you, and you believe, because you want to believe.

    23. hdtvcamera1

      She sat there and lied to you, and you believe, because you want to believe.

    24. Deftones Dsm

      Hmm wonder why my comments are deleted when ive never commented here not retyping everything i said. Basically i see everyday how manipulated your average midwestern person is online. They have no clue that google tailors searches to you let alone fake accounts. Hmm i dont think i broke any rules

    25. Danny D

      This is interesting... And what’s also interesting is my church has been recommending its members to ... more or less, be more neighborly and take care of each other in your neighborhood. Sort of “lift where you stand,” if that makes sense, but to do it in person and not just through SM or phones. Even with this lockdown stuff, still keep in touch but be wise about it, of course. The idea of maintaining that personal human interaction is in many ways what it’s all about.

    26. David Spector

      At 18:27 the captions say "one big data release so you can pour through it". Incorrect use of word pour. The verb "to pore" may come from the same root as the word "spy", and means to look through carefully.

    27. Funvestor

      but, can't bad people use Express VPN for hiding their identity too ???

    28. A Smithh

      fake news?

    29. Sachi WI

      Del is such a LIAR and I can't believe you fell for this. I got called a not from Twitter they are NO LONGER A PLATFORM THEY ARE A PUBLISHER they delete tweets they do not like or SHADOWBAN real people who tweet things that Jackieboy doesn't like

      1. Half Insane Outdoor Guy

        absolutely true. Its disgusting.

    30. piougar

      social media is trash.. you use it don't let it use you....

    31. piougar

      when the income is reliant on government and advertising they can and will be gone in a whisper .

    32. Blizzard

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      1:00 Twitter is anything but this....

    34. Rice Silew

      People working on COVID-19 vaccines are doing the same sort of thing, but are catching up. What differentiates those scientists from people trying to protect social media?

    35. The Computer Mind

      This is also a type of manipulation why did I trust you because you are also a video of social media recommended by youtube algorithm.

    36. Daniel Dittmeyer

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    37. Sebastian Brand

      a lot more people need to see this

    38. tuh1cax

      I stayed away from twitter for a long time but then as news sources started referring to tweets and twitter influencers as sources, I realized my voice was gonna be drowned by the algorithm. So, it seems like we all have to be hyper engaged not to fall behind... 😔

    39. Vamsi Krishna

      Extremely insightful video series Destin. The "Them vs. Us" rhetoric brings to mind a concept called nudge theory. Hope to hear your thoughts on the same. Obligatory "commenting for the algorithm".

    40. Tony McCutchan

      Just found this... Love your stuff Destin!

    41. beagle8boy

      Sorry but what a dumb hairstyle this woman has adopted. And what a laugh hearing this woman talk about all the evil people trying to maliciously skew Twitter contents. Destin, the solution to bad speech is more speech, not censorship.

    42. beagle8boy

      Nobody manipulates Twitter better than its own insiders.

    43. okemeko

      Very nice. I really like the ideas behind this videos. Not only informing but also giving solutions that can be implemented by all of us and help our mental health not only by avoiding these bad actors but also stressing less in general and helping build stronger more friendly relationships with everyone around us. I don't think you could ask for a better solution for your viewers

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      really enjoy your videos but my god so many cuts

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      There is one account I am going to have to kick out of my feed because I know it is one of those bots.

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      They want to be your mommy and daddy because you are too young and dumb to think for yourself.

    51. Christian Archuleta

      You use the word attack incorrectly

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    54. James Maron

      Hmm, platform manipulation like if a socal media site were to, "throttle" some information about a certain laptop

    55. altgenesis

      Funny how you are manipulating your audience by blaming Russia again. Watch Millie Weaver's Shadow Gate and you will know who the biggest manipulator is. The American military. This social media manipulation is a weapon used to divide and start revolutions like the Arab spring and the Ukraine revolution. Now they have turned it inward against the American people and are dividing us for a coup of President Trump. They are now interfering in our election. Now you can be scared. Watch Shadow Gate 2.0. If Shadow Gate was a conspiracy theory why did these firms who run these weapons suddenly take down their websites right after ShadowGate "aired"? The US military isn't just listening on the internet, they are using the internet to attack other countries just like other countries are doing to us. The scandal is it is now turned on America. So now we are attacked by other countries, China being the worst, along with our own military weapon. But it isn't the military doing it. It is the corporations that spun off from the military operation that are now using this technology to manipulate the American election. Facebook, twitter, SEprom, Google search engine and the Main Stream Media (MSM) are manipulating the election and censor Conservatives and Republican.and smear President Donald Trump. All media is owned by just 5 corporations. Remember the Internet was created by DARPA. It then created the Deep Web or Dark Web so they could run their clandestine operations in secret. But the enemy got wise and knew when the US was running these operations and would intercept the code because the military and CIA were the only ones using the Dark Web. So they they "accidentally" released the Dark Web technology to the Hacker Public so they could hide among all the "noise". The Dark Web is now like the iceberg beneath the water and the internet we use is the tip of the iceberg above the water. It's massive. You have no idea how bad it is and what your military is up to. One day we will wake up and see tanks in the street. Be forewarned.

    56. Itsactuallyfish

      free speech needs to extend to social medias. This is dumb

    57. Arie Wijaya

      Del is fascinating. She like villain that we all love

    58. MechMotions

      The Twitter Engineer talks and behaves almost similar to Mark Zuckerberg!

    59. Vixy

      twitter trust & safety team is the dumbest they banend me after i helepd them getting child predators out of their platform and i still do even tho im banned and they dont want to unban my account they barely help with child p^rn in their platform something that they seriously barely work on they dont want to help us they just want to do what they wanted they dont care about it at all good job twitter safety

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    61. It me abrham

      Commenting to help you in the algorithm :)

    62. jake hensley

      Think about it, no matter where an idea comes from, it still may hold validity. This whole entire idea is about the right of a class of people that are not familiar with you to dictate the choices and words that you are allowed to speak and choose.

    63. Harley Costello

      Thank you for tackling a hard to cover topic and doing it from a point where the enemy isn't people.

    64. BadWo1f

      POV: you are here after Twitter started to censor the truth about corrupt criminal racist bigot Biden

      1. Half Insane Outdoor Guy

        @BadWo1f noticed the idiot doesnt have a response when hes forced to use his tiny brain to think and investigate. All libtard arguments fall to apart when they are forced to explain them.

      2. BadWo1f

        @chud brain so how is trump racist? “Poor kids are just as bright as white kids” -Joe Biden “if it’s for me or trump then you ain’t black” -joe Biden “Unlike the African-American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly diverse attitudes about different things.” -Joe Biden “In Delaware, the largest growth in population is Indian-Americans moving from India. You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.” -Joe Biden “You got the first mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” -Joe Biden (talking about Obama) oh and let’s not forget Biden attended and was best friends with a high ranking KKK member and said he was a good person

      3. chud brain

        @BadWo1f imagine thinking that saying joe biden is/was racist is an argument when trump is the person he is running against

      4. chud brain

        @BadWo1f but im the capitalist supporting their right as a business to remove people from their platform

      5. BadWo1f

        @chud brain ok commie. Clearly you don’t understand freedom of speech

    65. Jeff J

      How very Californian.

    66. Murray Thomas

      "desperation, desperation, it's a desperate race against the mind! and a race against time! and then the engineers arrive!!!!!"

    67. GeorgiaRocketman

      Ask Twitter about them censoring the Biden corruption story and do not let them tell you it was their faulty algorithm.

    68. Devajufan

      I know that tattoo on his arm. It's from Le Petit Prince and the story is that it's not a hat (seen from the outside), but it's a boa that's swallowed an elephant (as seen here). It's about that everything isn't necessary what it looks like.

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      This needs national exposure lol... I've had to remove so many people on FB lately due to falling into these hateful traps and games... don't become part of the devious algorithm :|

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      twitter free and open hahahahahahahahaha

      1. chud brain


    73. Abraham Hannafan

      Hey Destin, I've been watching your channel for a while and love love LOVE your content. Keep up the great work, and never stop learning brother.

    74. Gman2535

      Fascinating topic and unfortunately, another example of how/why attempts at manipulating humans vs humans are slowly but surely transforming social media outlets to anti-social ones. Until seriously dire consequences come to those who serve to manipulate us, this will continue to go on forever. Thank you for sharing your observations on this bc not many people will be willing to give up social media but giving us the knowledge needed to better safeguard ourselves from these tools of manipulation can go a long way towards making the use of the internet a safer and more reliable one.

    75. Matt Smith

      awesome stuff!!

    76. Derric Montoya

      I love that other ppl want to care an love others ..we dont see that much of it these days

    77. Matt Majcan

      soo despite not being malicious in any way, not breaking any rules, not being bots, twitter still decided not to let justin bieber trend, because...why?

      1. Kai Baby

        I'm pretty sure it was because it wasn't an accurate representation of what the general population was interested in. It was mostly just Justin Bieber fans talking about that and not everyone is a fan of Justin and there are other things that people are talking about. That was just Justin fans spamming so that they were more noticeable.

    78. Nathaniel Pontinovitz

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    79. SawHorseDesignBuild

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      You might be one of 3 people who care??

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      Trump is the most powerful source of disinformation on Twitter.

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      They forgot to mention how biased they are towards the left and completely block all the voices from the right which sh*ts all over our constitution.

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    94. 64bitAtheist

      The issue a lot of people have is who watches the Watchmen? Twitter / Facebook / Google have repeatedly demonstrated clear cultures of far-left political bias as evidenced by multiple deplatformings and demonetisation of predominantly conservative and centrist voices and as evidenced by the James Demor revelations.

    95. Discord

      1:03 "different ideas" It's literally a cesspool of mob mentality and cancel culture

    96. Discord

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    97. Anon

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    98. Mach 7 Radio Intercepts

      LOL, I fought with TEN_GOP back in 2016, not understanding it was a foreign troll operation. I asked something like, "WTF is your problem? Don't you have a clue about the Bill of Rights? The 14th Amendment?" What a waste of my time...

    99. Robert Ronning

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