The WALKING WATER Mystery (in SPACE and SLOW MOTION!) - Smarter Every Day 160

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    Solving a 5 yr old personal mystery about "Why Water Walks on Water". Click here to tweet this video:
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    Publicerades den 4 år sedan


    1. Joshua J Day

      I love Don. He reminds me of George McFly.

    2. Drino Zhao

      “This is totally awesome” “But you’ve been to space” That was so wholesome

    3. Çaptain Føx

      Kind of late in the game in this, I assumed, that magnetics play the key rule into, "why water dances". We know when impacts happen between materials, energy is released, mostly we see this as light. we also know you don't have to destroy anything to create that light..... I believe, when a water droplet hits the water. A charge happens, during the small amount of time droplet is working like a magnet. Till it loses that charge it becomes part of the water. Pressure also has an effect with this. (Pressure 40% magnetic 60%) But I think it's so cool to talk about the magnetics part of it.

      1. Çaptain Føx

        You know what would really be cool, if you shot a high speed water droplet, if that's possible. Into a water. Hopefully it would amplify the effects, making it really easy to see what's going on.

    4. Abe Hemry

      This was awesome!!

    5. philip shim

      Beautiful shots! Did you try dropping the water on the surface with the speaker vibrating but at a lower amplitude so there were no Faraday waves?

    6. Fern Parker

      9:20 THIS made my day.

    7. cg2478

      The second I saw the cello footage, the thing I said is "that's f*cking awesome" lol, it's amazing that only cello music has that affect on water.

    8. Ganjack Bogle

      They let this Jon malkovich stoner guy into space nice

    9. Paul Lally

      You need to talk with my friend Stellar Fairbairn, she sings in 432 Hertz which makes files of blood stay alive for 15,000 times longer outside the body. Look up Stellar 432, this lady has traveled the world, been to the pyramids and sang in the tombs, sound water and vibrations are immensely powerful.

    10. Paul Lally

      Water has memory, I can't wait to see what memories it contains. Amazing !

    11. A3dr01d

      I've acutally never seen this

    12. hexadecimil

      Hey, Destin. I don't think the phenomenon has anything to do with a "cushion" of air under the water droplet as much as the air pressure around the water droplet is causing the surface tension to be amplified. I know surface tension is molecular attraction. What I'm suggesting is that normaly the pressure from inside the water droplet is getting counteracted by air pressure allowing the surface tention to do its thing. When air pressure drops, internal thermal pressure can break surface tension and the water boils. So there doesn't have to be a cushion. Maybe try the experiment in much higher air pressure and see if you can get a stable anti bubble!

    13. John Thomas

      I did this same experiment in 1977-78 in our kitchen sink fresh water (tap) into soapy water clean and soapy water after washing greasy dishes Minus the high speed camera of course 😅 Also using electric hair clippers touching a fork with the forks in the water

    14. Marshall Harrison - Guitarist

      Wettability and capillary pressure are very important topics in Petroleum reservoir mechanics

    15. Japie Croukamp


    16. Kdawg Bruessard

      He sounds like McFly’s dad a bit

    17. Slightly Off

      Saw this happen when it was raining at my house. First thing I thought of was this video.

    18. Dan Chen

      isent this like same with bubles and stuff?

    19. Nicholas Wroblewski

      probably water tension between the water surface and the droplets

    20. Ravi Lancarte

      i actually never saw it...

      1. Connor McConnell

        yeah bro i think i am delusional i have literally never seen it


      Girls watching this video and looking at the urinal be like what the heck is that

    22. Y Changsang

      8:04 I love that expression

    23. Dashawn Burnette

      i see that in the water all the time

    24. David Brett

      Love the cello!

    25. Maxwell Edison

      Great science videos Dustin. Physics makes the world go round and it has always fascinated me immensely. Everything is truly beautiful if you only care to look and ponder causes of natural phenomena. Your channel has got to be one of the best. Thank you for wanting to share.

    26. Iskendorfッ

      ive never seen that

    27. TAN JIAN ZHI Moe

      Yeah i saw this water jumping everyday lmao thanks.

    28. The Guy

      So ya air inside water is what creates this phenomenon. If u could see at a super tiny molecule at .000000018 the scale

    29. The Guy

      Also test it with a bigger water drop with = amount size.

    30. The Guy

      Isnt it just water with air trapped inside it? Also water isn't fully clean so if that's the case that means they have a layer of oil. Also water density. I haven't even watched your whole video I literally just heard your question and immediately wrote a comment

    31. Dad-Bod Steve

      That water is wet

    32. Serai Resana

      You notice Don started with a sine wave, then showed a square wave and a triangle wave. 9:20 "There's something about the cello..." the cello (and other string instruments) produce a sawtooth wave, which ramps up linearly, then has an abrupt decrease in amplitude. My guess would be that this sudden negative delta in pressure would facilitate the smaller droplets shearing off from the internal air/water boundary. And apparently they occur more readily at a frequency resonant with either the diameter of the internal air sphere, the diameter of the water sphere, or the thickness of the water sphere. So a sawtooth wave, swept through that frequency range should work, much like the cello music.

    33. Dana White

      I can't help but wonder if this phenomenon is caused entirely by surface tension, and that the 'air gap' has nothing to do with it. An experiment that could test this would be to add a little detergent to the water, to eliminate the surface tension. If the droplets completely disappear, then it's caused only by surface tension. If some droplets remain, the 'air gap' is a contributing factor. Any experimenters out there? Any opinions?

    34. Ginger Dom

      Don (or someone else) should engineer a system in which, when an earthquake hits, a syringe is compressed, releasesing water into a puddle and a high speed camera should begin shooting. It would be complicated, but awesome!

    35. Loyd

      That thur is purty coo

    36. Nebula Cheese


    37. FenceThis

      Either of these: Different temperatures, surface tension, fat contents, most energy efficient shape, a combination

    38. Kern

      thinking of smartereveryday fake peeing in a public urinal in front of a camera

    39. Jack Hanson

      3:45 was the most satisfying part. I wish I could see a whole video about this phenomenon. It’s almost recursive, you can see 3 distinct drops each a fraction of the size of the one prior to it

    40. Jeremy Heck

      Ferro fluid in the magnet too kinda with the space one

    41. Jeremy Heck

      Kinda like in school all those years ago with dodge balls and a parachute

    42. Jake Harvanchik

      9:24 Where is Wilson Fisk?

    43. MD. Opu AN

      I think, you could get better observation by using different colour of the Surface water....🤔🤔🤔

    44. John Andersen

      So this is where the hard drive stash started.

    45. will york

      if there are any conspiracy theorists who believe were not actually in outer space, they just have to take a loook at the water sphere video, because theres absolutely no conditions on earth that allows that

    46. Mefistofeles


    47. Robert Reynolds

      I've watched hundreds of your videos (i think hundreds but anyway a lot of them) and this is my favorite view of real science in real life!! Thank you for that!! The waters reaction in space did exactly what you said. "Caught my brain on fire." Thanks again and may God bless you and yours!!

    48. Stefan Meyer

      pure besthetics, smart thoughts! well done, Destin!

    49. Paul Microns

      yes I know .. 4 years later =I just seen this > I watched the whole thing and it made me think, a lot. So you tried water so did the astronaut . Has any other liquid been use ? like oil the type that would be use in a car , mineral oil , hard water , spring water ?

    50. jeremy daniels

      Do what makes dirt roads washboard....

    51. Matthias Larsen

      Surface tention ez

    52. asfDevon

      Cello music begins Villain: why do I hear boss music

    53. Thaijler

      I noticed the same thing when filtering oil through a coffee filter in to a large transparent bowl. I was wondering the same thing. Odd that this is recommended.

    54. Saif Khan

      you bark more than you show 50 percent time u show ur face not what needs to be seen

    55. E S

      The footage 8:30 - 9:03 was beautiful and 9:25 - 9:55 was gorgeous..... I know its a different kind of vid but by far my favourite vid for its visuals and education.

    56. Justin Covert

      If I play the cello really loud maybe my water in my body will get air bubbles inside . Music does sooth .

    57. Cara Furry

      I remember telling my mom there was water sitting on water like water bubbles, and she was like those are just air bubbles

    58. CW Kooper

      Would it have anything to do with both bodies of water have separate surface tensions and till those tensions are equal between the 2 bodies of water the separation won't occur? I am just guessing...

    59. Vincent Gray

      All that setup time an nobody thought to add food coloring for contrast?

    60. Jefferson Sermeno

      His high speed camera sounds like my PS4

    61. Lucas

      Just wow!

    62. Rithvik Reddy

      the chillo music played and the footage is ridiculous

    63. Addie Palsetia

      Instructions unclear. My cello got wet and now it won't work.

    64. Kapil Munjal

      9:52 oddly satisfying

    65. Rondo2ooo

      The speaker experiment looks like a kind of lotus effect on water with water.

    66. Ayaan Shaheen

      leidenfrost rules

    67. Ethan Burnell

      I never knew I could be mesmerized by the science of water. Then Don shows up and like oh my god I can't stop thinking about this stuff.

    68. THOM-PEN

      cello is a good instrement

    69. Ewerboweski

      He may have been to low earth orbit. But he has never been to space. He knows it too.

    70. Simon Hill

      I don’t know exactly why but I can say as a cello player that it looks like the way the drop reacts change most with the part of the bow he’s using. The closer to the frog it is the more it reacts, and even fortes and accents at the the tip won’t do as much as just playing at the frog, if you play a string instrument you will probably somewhat understand why but if anyone has better insight I’d be interested to hear why.

    71. Dave Hollis

      Pardon my French but when I saw the cello's effect on the water my first thought was it is "F@%*ing Awesome". But beautiful as Destin Said is also so very apt a description.

    72. CchewWitup

      idk what world u live in, but ive never seen water do this in the 28 years that ive been alive

    73. Tony Chenh


    74. Sean Tiner

      This guys kinda sounds like marty mcflys dad

    75. shawnfella

      So a cello makes water have fun? I did not know that. Now that I do, am I a better person?

    76. amer63 87

      Sounds and frequencies are everything.

    77. Alx Bo

      C'est ľeau...

    78. bmx51nx2

      The simulation isn't programmed as well as people think

    79. berenjervin

      The cello has evil powers. Do not trust a cello!

    80. glad jackson

      supppppeeerrr awesome!!!

    81. Kencilcase

      he is a good man he is

    82. Don Kopp Jr

      My favorite video!!!!!!! Awesome.

    83. John Wick

      1:58 I’m sorry but wtf bro Reminds me of being born

    84. Lachlan Stewart

      Getting real excited while peeing can cause turbulent flow.

    85. Stephen Walsh

      Great science videos Dustin. Physics makes the world go round and it has always fascinated me immensely. Everything is truly beautiful if you only care to look and ponder causes of natural phenomena. Your channel has got to be one of the best. Thank you for wanting to share.

    86. PAXER

      I have actualy never seen this other than in a video

    87. Shaurya Balyan

      seen this and thought it was samll insects coming out of my shower lol :1

    88. Terra Rain

      It is beautiful and thats my favorite cello solo Bach cello suite no 1 😊 in g major

    89. Soler Kiper

      ah yes nerds being nerds doing nerd stuff for ners to whach this nerd stuff

    90. Anti Gen

      I mean.... I’m a geek, *whispers* :I do it too.... Edit: 2:06 they asked a question

    91. Hank J. Wimbleton

      I've literally never seen this before and now im worrying i missed something lol

    92. Ciarán Clear

      The moon landing is fake it never landed

    93. Colton Hall

      When he said “this video sets my brain on fire” I felt that

    94. Johnny Cheung

      I first discovered this in the shower, thought it was air bubbles instead of water 😂

    95. Anderson Crew

      It's a bit gross, but years ago I heard a friend who was a fan of hockey say he was heading to the hockey game to "watch the blood bounce on the ice". When I asked him about it, he said he thought it had something to do with temperature. This makes me wonder, does temperature have any affect on coalescence or was my friend a few beers to deep into a hockey game?

    96. Johnathan Carson

      All due respect my friend but that urinal vid clip was a little too far for me personally

    97. Janek

      Don Petit aint so petit

    98. Богдан Благовирний

      This was so much more satisfying than I had imagined. watches 9:25 over and over with wide-eyed childlike wonder Awesome video, Destin.

    99. Michael Freedom

      Fascinating. Do you know of Dr. Emoto and the ice experiment. I’d really like to see your take on it.

    100. Dave Swart