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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      Yes... I made a top 10 video. I beg your forgiveness. I just really want people to see the beauty and science in this event.

      1. Joel Hudson

        SmarterEveryDay Destin, this video goes to the top of my top 10 Top 10 videos :-) 👍

      2. The Sethioz Project

        Solar eclipse from your other video looks so different from what they show in movies

      3. Abhang Mehendale

        You make amazing videos! I am a big fan of urs!

      4. TopTrends

        Next time ask us to make one for you.

      5. Reuben Rosenberg

        Your video a few months ago with Dr. Telepun greatly prepared me for my trip to Columbia, SC to watch the eclipse with my parents! Thank you! Saw some things, but not others--I think I'll have to do this again! I did get a 360 degree video of the horizon during Totality! Keep up the great work! It was AWESOME!!!

    2. Mary Lagua


    3. Ali Limbada

      Who is watching in 2020 and heard the word corona

    4. TheFlyingBossman


    5. Jeff M

      Smarter Every Day: "Animals are going to do weird things" Chicken: exists

    6. Matthew Schultz

      I just listened to the podcast episode referencing your thumbnail picture (I’m excited to listen to the entire podcast backlog and catch up!) but I watched this back when it first came out. The context given in the podcast episode made it that much more hilarious.

    7. sTone ForesT

      So somehow the eclipse brutally murdered my mom’s plant. The day after the eclipse, the plant had black marks on it like it had been burned, then is just, died, just gave up. The marks weren’t even serious, like a 5 leaves were like that but nope, time to die said the plant.

    8. 01waterwalker

      : ( Too late

    9. Wiktoria Heinz

      Wish I were there...

    10. Ecstatica23

      You're awesome

    11. Jerry Hayter

      Hey Destin, i just wanted to let you know how much all of your videos mean to me and to my family. I'm currently deployed over seas and am watching back through most of your videos. Watching your eclipse videos brought back so many memories from my family's trip to view it and the experience i was able to share with my kids thanks to your coverage of the event. Thank you again for everything you and your family do, thanks for helping my deployment and God bless.

    12. Wejustmight die

      Whats the new 4K camera called?

    13. Logical19


    14. Tommy Smith

      I watched this video 3 times because of the arrow, circle, & "top 10" ... #NoDumbClickBait

    15. Christophe Beauclercq

      Try to use gravity as a constant force trigger. Like a marble attached to a rope and let it swing from a plateform that you can remove the same way each time you do it. At the end of the rope, the pivot point as to be acting like a bike wheel. Limit the friction at the rotation point.

    16. Destin Coble

      My name is Destin, give me $100.

    17. maverick0698

      I used solar viewing glasses taped to my camera lens and it went fine lol I just had to adjust some things.... note that I'm not responsible for others who try it and fail lol

    18. steve hicks

      Hi Dustin, you've heard of people drinking to much water and it can kill you, but in competition, persons can eat 60 plus hot dogs in about 10 minutes and it doesn't kill them. Don't understand

    19. Gabriel Bialik

      wellcome to today were gonna take a look on the top 10 anime eclipse

    20. Roni Ahmad

      Please subtitle indonesia

    21. Trumpy Clancey

      Why am I watching this? I. Australian.

    22. Cruz

      the eclipse is awesome.

    23. Patrik Rasch

      Kind of feels like a waste to watch this now. And I'm from Norway.

    24. Doug Royal

      I thought you'd like to know my kid's school recommended we watch your eclipse video. Thanks for all the effort you put into this channel. It's rare that I find something that both I and the kids like watching.

    25. MicklePicklegaming 21


    26. TheyCalledMeT

      aaaaand .. he screwed up during total eclipse xD

    27. Duncan Donovan

      Perhaps you already did a video on this effect: I ask my son often to walk around in a circle in our circular pool. When he then exits the pool, all dirt gathers in the middle at the bottom of the pool. But why? Should stuff with mass move to the outside of the pool? I have a theory that this has to do with the outside wall of the pool. Because of the pressure, the bottom half of the pool extends outward a little more than the top part. This could cause a flow of water from the top to the bottom, creating a donut shape flow pattern. But is that true? Or is something else happening?

    28. jm08a

      Many people describe it as "Dusk in the middle of the day" However, it feels different. In a eclipse, you can see a "Shadow in the sky" and in the ground. However, at dusk, there is no shadow. It's just light getting lost over the horizon.

    29. t burge

      watching your videos after meeting you in person is pretty cool 😎

    30. Youssef Mousa

      I know you're really excited for this eclipse, but I'll wait until 2019 I think when the next total solar eclipse is gonna happen... because it will pass DIRECTLY ON TOP OF MY FREAKING HOUSE!! do you think you can make all that hype again in 2 years? Please?

    31. henrifin

      Hi! I would like to watch a video of waves (sea, lake etc.) - where ever you go around the lake there are always waves coming to the shore. But how does it happen? There isn't a center point from which the waves travel to every direction, is there. You would make it easy to understand!

    32. Ryan Hickey

      This video inspired my Wife and I and my 3 Kids to drive from Ottawa Canada to Cookeville TN to experience totality in all of its amazement. 3500 km Drive - a huge risk, but way beyond worth it. Thanks Destin. What an adventure we had.

    33. Nancyann Hurst

      Totally saw and videoed the shadow snakes.

    34. Bill Russell

      why would the eclipse be a sine wave and not a strait line

    35. Patrick Morales

      I started the NEW podcast before the eclipse but finished it 2 days after. This is awesome! Thank you for the video.

    36. Arnold Schwarzenegger

      over 2000 meters per second :) amazing

    37. Smartzenegger

      If you'd only watched your own video prior to the event happening...

    38. KalabawCNC

      I'm from Huntsville AL and we got shadow bands on video! Viewing location was Hopkinsville KY.

    39. KyeGKY

      hahaha you screwed up number 5

    40. Charles Catt

      Hahaha, the arrow and the circle just as you said in the podcast

    41. ManservantPablo

      Wish I had that app. I still had an awe inspiring total eclipse though!

    42. Koury Ramey

      Too bad SEprom didn't notify me until two days after the eclipse!

    43. Mralabbad

      never seen anybody so excited about an eclipse since avatar

    44. Cars of Pennsylvania

      my school made us have class on eclipse day, it was only partial in my town but they wouldn't let anybody go outside until school ended at 2:55, luckily just before then was the moment of most coverage, so i did get to see it pretty well for a partial eclipse

    45. Matt T

      Anyone else watching after the eclioes?

    46. Anwar Abdullah

      That app was dumb.

    47. Cray Clips

      The real question is... Did he catch the shadow bands on camera...

    48. TopTrends

      Next time ask us to make one for you. Afterall, we are the original "TOP TRENDS" ;)

    49. Adam Hoyt

      Destin, did you see any shadow snakes???

    50. Jay Hampton

      Destin, this is totally random. Today I saw the perfect example of water expansion. No one swam in our community swimming pool for days (weather) and I got some awesome picture of water expansion! Thanks for the videos!

    51. Joey Ritchie

      My dog did go crazy during the eclipse lol 🙂

    52. Marianne Miller

      The shadow bands look an awful lot like what you see above a road in a mirage. Might this be refracting of the light by heat waves rising from the bright surface of the moon?

    53. Adam Erickson

      honestly one of the coolest experiences in my lifetime to see the totality - I wouldn't have been determined to go to it if it weren't for your videos. Thanks for making me smarter 'almost' every day - post more videos!

    54. michael waldorf

      I just wanted to say Thanks!!! between the app and the snakes it was super cool and we got to share knowledge with some people with us!

    55. Xavier Villon

      For a 50% eclipse, it was awesome show for us in Alaska.

    56. Shawn Clark

      BEST VIDEO EVER!!! I watched this one and the How to video! If it wasn't for the App - I would have been lost! You doing a follow up ?

    57. Scooterr

      7 years until the next total eclipse in the US. Lucky us, and it goes straight through Texas... Lucky me

    58. UnitD77

      It was beautiful.... *tear*

    59. Ricky Currier

      Your Chanel turned me onto the app and told me about shadow bands during your first vid... so pumped I got to see the bands where we were at. Thanks for making me smarter every day!

    60. Dustan Webb

      We saw the shadow bands! Thanks to your videos/links and this app! We will be uploading what we captured and will tag you. Thanks Man your channel is awesome.

    61. GreatThings

      So I'm sure someone else has considered this, but surely if we shine a lazer into totality we'll be able to see it reflect from the moon, which we generally can't see due to the sun shining onto the moon? I would really love to see someone getting that on camera. I suppose it will work even better during a lunar eclipse...

    62. Logan Ballard

      u should make more vids on Tesla's creations

    63. John Hanson

      My wife and kids watched the eclipse yesterday and saw the shadow bands you talked about they were awesome !...totality had us all saying, wow,amazing,awesome!..we live in lexington, south carolina...enjoyed 2min 35 seconds of totality.

    64. Mike Billings

      Destin, thanks so much for your video. We made to the path of totality in Holts Summit, MO. Another one your viewers already had a white sheet out and we saw the shadow bands. We both had the app on our phones and it worked great.

    65. Marc Feyzeau

      We had very clear shadow bands (snakes) at Pickens County airport KLQK (west of Greenville SC) with a perfect sky. That was amazing.

    66. Battyden

      Did you see the shadow snakes? (I'm in Australia - no eclipse for me.)

    67. Vini Micorriza

      Ok, just watched Derek's video and got chills seeing C2, it must be an amazing experience, can't wait to watch yours! :D

    68. JDog Night

      Thank you so very much for making this video! The app you recommended was SPOT ON! And made the experience so much better, we could keep our eyes on the prize, it was like having a director speak our way through this awesome natural event! Something I'll never forget!

    69. Andrei Serban

      evrey time i watch your videos i read the time on the clock behind you but where did you buy it

    70. Dt0x75

      Something very interesting happened while I looked for shadow bands after totality, which I missed the first time! This time we saw them against the light grey sidewalk, then I noticed, in the low light from the eclipse, on my video... There are digitized, undulating lines which look exactly like shadow bands. They are very faint, but they are there. I was in the process of turning my camera in the direction you said to orient yourself in order to capture them when that happened. I was reviewing the video when I got home last night... My video was pixelated due to the low light levels, but thats how i noticed them... I would see pixelation, then the bands, back to pixelation, then back to the bands b4 the camera panned to the sidewalk.

    71. Naufan Septyadi

      Did you get the shadow snakes? I'm waiting for your new video about shadow snakes. :D

    72. Yuri Rudnev

      Waiting patiently for the eclipse. When when? Lol

    73. AbsolemLNG

      I feel like I probably live the farthest it's possible to live away from the totality plane in the US, up here in Maine. :(

    74. Daniel Dosen

      I saw it in Oregon - and wished someone had reminded me to look for planets! I understand Mercury to the US during this eclipse.

    75. jemsncrystals

      Also your thumbnail image looked like you are Donald Duck freaking out. Lol

    76. Adam Blackerby

      I wonder if the shadow bands are because all the light is coming from the violently moving Corona

    77. Mitch Connor

      I saw the shadow bands! !! I may have even captured them on video if my phone was good enough to see them I'll check later!

    78. Gabe Jackson

      White people

    79. Nigel Stratton

      Hi Destin, Veritasium's got his eclipse clip up already! We're waiting on yours next.

    80. zee ya

      1: Make a plan to attack the Fire Nation

    81. lb7zf6 03

      I can't wait to see your vid you will post in the next couple days or weeks.....doesnt matter it's going to be worth the wait I love watching your videos and I love the science you teach behind it all definitely excited

    82. Ofinfinitejest

      I made 26000 likes. Great eclipse viewing seen today just south of Fairmont, Nebraska.

    83. randy25rhoads

      When will your eclipse video be up!? Can't wait.

    84. Daniel Reid

      Destin, We were in Marion, IL and saw some terrific shadow bands!! Thanks for the tips from your videos. I know someone took a short video of them and I'll try to pass it along. BTW, the bands were racing west to east across our white sheet and they got darker and darker as we got closer and closer to totality. I think our group was nearly as excited about the bands as the totality event! FREAKING AWESOME DAY!!!!!!!! (P.S.--I'm Jimmy Kobler's favorite uncle.)

    85. Frederic Lin

      We saw Shadow Bands in Wyoming! It was too faint to capture on camera, though. We really tried, 360 camera and everything. It didn't look much like snakes, but more like the shadow of smoke. It reminds of something similar that occurs when light, fluffy cirrus clouds pass over the sun.

    86. Kingbudman

      Just got back from my 7 hour drive to southern Illinois to watch from the path of totality, pretty amazing!

    87. Rylan Delap

      I also noticed a really cool effect on shadows during the eclipse. You could see the eclipse appear in the shadows of anything with holes. So cool!

    88. Gail H

      people planning for the eclipse like it was the apocalypse.

    89. BTW

      Please share so I can make more money Jackass

    90. Tommy Trussell

      Well, I couldn't make it to the area of totality. If I'm still here then, the next one is supposed to come across here and maybe I can watch this again.

    91. Matt Beaven

      Thank you for your videos about the eclipse! You inspired me and I drove several hours to get to a non-cloudy area to see TOTALITY. It was so amazing, so beautiful! I honestly have never seen anything in nature so beautiful other than the birth of my children. The day was amazing. Thank you!

    92. Superbouncybubble

      Thanks for mentioning the shadow snakes that was a cool thing to see

    93. Mutantcy1992

      Was stoked for even the partial eclipse that was visible from my city but it was overcast and foggy so I didn't see anything :/

    94. Tonny Hou

      can't wait to see your eclipse video!

    95. Jammrock

      Was at Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC. We saw shadow bands, Bailey's Beads, and 2.5 minutes of totality. It was truly and honestly amazing. Saw license plates as far away as New York and Wisconsin in Columbia to watch the event.

    96. Murph Ownbey

      Thank you so much for this information. We saw the shadow bands and the diamond ring. Did not see Bailies Beads though. Solar eclipse timer worked great. We saw 2:37 of totality and were the only ones around that new exactly what was happening. Great memories for my boys!

    97. moveabledo

      We saw major shadow bands in Silverton, Oregon...on both ends of the eclipse. Awesome!!

    98. v3bahumut

      I saw shadow bands...... And recorded them!!!

    99. Fragacide

      I live just a few miles off the center line, and the eclipse was amazing! We're still at the shop where we saw it and everybody is still having a great time. We're giving out burgers and hot dogs in the parking lot because we randomly decided to start grilling! lol We even had the local police show up for some food.

    100. Southron Jr

      Well thanks to your videos and my wife's persistence, we traveled from middle Ga to a desolate road just north of Aiken, SC and observed the eclipse as WOW!!! We brought a white sheet with us and started seeing shadow bands about 3 minutes before C2 and for a full 4 minutes after C3, those were amazing. they looked to me almost like mirage waves but sideways and on the ground instead of above the ground. Truly and amazing sight to behold, thank you for posting about it and getting us to travel to see it.