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    UAH is located in Huntsville, Alabama. We do hardcore research, most often by partnering with several government agencies such as Marshall Spaceflight center or US Army research organizations.
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    From Dr. Gabe Xu:
    Favorite quote from this article:
    "I humorously like to say that ion engines and Hall-effect thrusters are the Prius of the in-space propulsion world," says Hopping, "because they rely on high fuel efficiency to bring about significant cost reduction and range improvements, but at the expense of high thrust."
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    1. Goran Pujic

      "Thanks for the promo video. Your PHD is now fully covered" 😂

    2. Riptide Gaming

      Its kinda funny yeah. You got all these brilliant people, 10x smarter than the average joe, but when it comes to actually explaining the field they are working in, its like their brains just stop working.

    3. Md. Imtiaz Rashid

      I got my master's degree from UAH this summer. I used to work in the lab in front of the office of Dr. Hazeli. I wish I met you during my time in Huntsville.

    4. Deadly Monkey

      Hey Destin, did you end up doing that Phd and how it went I want a video of it pls

    5. Dan B

      Why does the yin and yang symbol resemble the magnetic field of a magnet 🧲?

    6. Jesus Alive

      Now put that on my chest in a bulb!

    7. bdan

      I'll just be drawing lattice structures for fun now see what I come up with lol.

    8. bdan

      For the lattice structures, why don't they just simulate it on a computer, like I mean use AI to find the best structure that can take the most stress. Just throw the physics laws into there and I feel like that would be easier than just building and testing. I would hope they use simulations to find the actual shapes before testing. Because I feel like stress is similar to how current works, how the current coming in equals the current coming out, but in this case the current is force.

    9. bdan

      One day I might go there to do research, seems like a lot of fun!

    10. Hamid Hqs

      All American researchers are Asian

    11. Arthyu Alagao

      I feel so sorry for those research professors, they're going to be FLOODED with applications!

    12. Vojtěch Hála

      I'm thinking about a quasicrystal structure - could it hold the compression stress better than the periodic structures? It should be easy to make with the 3D printer.

    13. Adrian Broderick

      The first

    14. J Flannman

      The ionization engine was mind blowing. I would love to be able to work with this kind of tech. Sounds like a great place.

    15. Mary Lagua

      Great program for advancement.

    16. Photo for a lifetime

      Is this not a bit strange to have so many Chinese in there? How would one not be aware that all the information of these tests paid by American tax payer might end up in China. Call me paranoid but things like that has happened before.

    17. Electric_Bagpipes

      "would you like to get a PHD?" "Would you like to film in slow mo with a phantom for free?"

    18. Bob Robertson

      Huh! Yea, what he said. I wish that would have had the intelligence these incredible people have. Science is Awsome!! Thank you Smarter Every Day.

    19. Robert Smith

      And created a few light strong steuctures

    20. Robert Smith

      My dad does that 3d printing for work.

    21. L3g4allybl1nd

      "the whole point is to make a micro air vehicle" ahh yes I believe the CIA has had this tech for half a century

    22. Sk Basiruddin

      Yo we are so invested now in your PhD give us some updates.

    23. joaago1

      have you or are you going to do a followup video on your PhD studies and research?

    24. Brew Stew

      I'd LOVE to work for those guys as this stuff fascinates me and I'd love to learn and experiment, but I'm just not academic :(

    25. golfbudmike

      Ion propulsion.... that's a TIE fighter... (twin ion engine). That's amazing

    26. Shreyas p

      U got lots of Asians there

    27. RageSquid

      Yoinkity mcdoink hallo

    28. Well That's Just Great

      Did you get your PHD yet?

    29. Randal Thompson

      Gotta have DR. Hazeli try a Penrose tiling as a 3D structure. As an aperiodic tiling it’s structural integrity should be interesting.

    30. Bruce Poindexter

      That's Rad!

    31. J.A.Ratt85

      I wonder if I'm one of the few people here that instantly gets the difference between crushing resistance and impact resistance. When pressure is evenly applied to a material at a slow rate it is (typically) easier to withstand. When the same amount of pressure is quickly applied to a material it causes a shockwave to ripple through the material making microscopic (or smaller) changes/waves to/in the material causing it to fail easier. It's similar to the difference between a push and a punch.

    32. Chris Smith

      that is deep research. wish them all the best.


      Doctor Destin. That’s got a nice ring to it.

    34. Andy Wallace

      :O WOW! All the tech and knowledge to be gained by these students and professors is astounding! I mean modeling how air moves while butterflies fly!? that's so cool!

    35. Abraham Weiss

      You get some of the same heat when you punch holes quickly in metal.

    36. Aurimas B

      9:00 double turn on

    37. Chip Estrada


    38. Chance Meads

      Aaayyyee my sister graduated from UAH

    39. Flaky 420

      Think about how much money they will be making xd

    40. Kennedy Mokgatle

      Wow amazing stuff I'm also bussy with similar protos But I have no qualification and can't really afford to go to study further I just relay on fomon sense and usually gives me quite a lot of good result .. But I need profesinall assistance or more info will do.. Thank you for these vids .. You rule

    41. Riad Hossain

      are there some people from China??

    42. Michael Goddard

      so have you started your PhD?? how's it coming along

    43. Mark Brown

    44. Mark Nielson

      I did undergraduate research at BYU and it was a life changing experience.

    45. Ranjodh Singh virk

      Here's the deal🤘

    46. Neverland Lopez

      I looked at all the comments and not a single one has a dislike

    47. Taylor Mcalmon

      The answer is in the structure of the wing itself.

    48. ElementsGaming

      How's the PH.D going?

    49. Sudarshan Pujari

      So you got 4K?

    50. Jared Brandt

      Hmmm...did you catch the US government was the beneficiary of these projects? Brilliant scientists and engineers working for free to give an unstable, narcissist led government the next level of technology. Scientists and engineers often determine the course of history, but sometimes I wonder how many of them consider who they're giving the tech to? If most of these bright minds knew the people funding their project I wonder if they would be so enthused.

    51. S J

      9:32 I just peeked into the future.

    52. The King Of kings

      Whoever watch this video should be very proud and appreciative towards Iranian doctors engineers and scientists who working in United States and building USA right now

    53. Bass Mechanic

      Thank you for sharing this

    54. BarooBoos Basenji's

      I found it very disappointing that there was about 1 1/2 seconds of actual plasma touching in this entire video.

    55. yared deyaso

      Still trying to figure out why this video has 513 dislikes.

    56. Nikola Tesla

      Dr Zeli sounds Persian!

    57. Kd Mo

      this guy escaped from Iranian regime that was developing nuclear missiles to become a doctor in America!

    58. Trippy Penguin

      The Lord's works are great, studied by all who delight in them. Psalm 111:2 CSB

    59. Mayank Singh

      At 7:15 that guy is alumni from my College, IIT

    60. andres perez aguilar

      Welp Destin, you’ve convinced an undergrad to transfer to UAH right now glad to see there’s someone out there doing this stuff and finding it. I feel like the funding for STEM has gotten a lot better in the recent years especially now as well in this pandemic where every since shortcut or outbreak in tech and science could save the world. Much love and greetings from Florida.

    61. Alexander Supertramp

      Man, such a clickbait title. Somebody touches plasma for a whole 2 seconds.

    62. Q2bFF

      The first video I’ve watched that I didn’t feel smarter I only felt dumber. I literally was lost 90% of the time.

    63. Afif Malghani

      I was thinking of not going to a grad school coz I'm tired of formal education. But, this kinda make me wanna do it.

    64. David Ketterer

      I love how a lot of the computers we see are running Windows XP.

      1. John Pfeifer

        That's because all the hardware is old and the software is only available on xp lol

    65. palearagorn

      “of the wartex”

    66. An He Yang

      The next day ... Name:Anhe 12 yrs old ... The professor: Wait what?

    67. fernando Rodriguez Sanchez

      the more videos I see about students from other countries, the more I hate living in a third world country

    68. Akhra Alaniya


    69. Stephen Youngblood

      YHW is glorified by His creation and we are seeing glimpses into it every day!

    70. Bong Ordaneza

      8:00 hey, it's Matt the Technician!

    71. Ersin Gökmen

      i love how multicultural this researcher group is, asian, indian, mexican etc. I'm sure that's the way to do a great job

    72. Dayvidonex

      is it wierd that I want to work with them all?

    73. Akotski1338

      7:26 he has a light accent then all of a sudden an extremely heavy accent when trying to say “vortex”

    74. sirius

      I thought your hand would touch the plasma

    75. Vincent Damaso

      Came here to see you touch plasma.. Ended up watching a video about undergrad research.

    76. Wayne Stewart

      That controller reminded me of a deflection yoke in a CRT.

    77. Nick Cody

      *first guy* 3d printing metal and the future of metal compression *second guy* plasma jet proportion *third guy* BUTTERFLIES :D

    78. christopher king

      Thank you. I'm now moving to the Bama..!

    79. Kitty Cat

      My eyes: (see NSF logo) My nostalgic brain: CYBERCHASE, WE'RE MOVIN'! WE'RE BEATIN' HACKER AT HIS GAME!

      1. Another FluffyNinja

        (a few minutes ago) Where a kid can be a kid

    80. neonAnarchist

      Ok, so, I’m not the smartest, but I’m interested, and I wanted to ask this question: How well would reflective *dust* work on the A.T.O.M lab? Say you threw some dust over something and let it do it’s thing, would that be possible and let you collect more data? I’m not sure, and I’m definitely not smart or experienced enough to find out, I’m just really curious.

    81. altGoolam

      I watch this and I think, foreigners are making America great.

    82. SWPO

      happy to see that we still study and try to mimic God's work

    83. TheTMFD

      Hey there destin, I’ve been looking in your videos but don’t see one about the electromagnetic properties of mercury rotation. I’ve seen others do it but no one explains what’s going on like you do. Thanks, big fan, Tom

    84. John Elias

      I realize I am now possibly the dumbest person I know.....

    85. Benjamin Hofeldt

      It goes from ion thrust to I play with butter flys

    86. Tim Seidel

      4:25 We have the same Wipes XD

    87. Jacob Legan

      the doctor sounds like the whiterun enchanter from skyrim

    88. Queen Carter

      I could barely understand any of this video, very complicated stuff here, but i love all your videos. Thank you for making me smarter everyday!

    89. A Mayjah Music

      Ion-propulsion WAY cooler choice, Destin!!

    90. xXGameCreator93Xx

      Adam Driver in here learning about butterfly mechanisms.

    91. Rlystupid

      I love it!

    92. Mush V. Peets

      Ion thrusters _have_ startup transients? I thought that was mostly a combustion thing where the fluids obviously can't be expected to behave in a totally orderly manner during the startup sequence... but I always pictured ion engine startup as a pretty smooth 'lightswitch' action. I guess not. Also, the video's titled "touching plasma" and not a word about that rig that's pumping plasma onto your hand?

    93. Hitesh Patel

      thanks ☘️🌸🌿🍁🍀

    94. TRLWNC1

      Monarchs have been photographed on oil rigs in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. So them flying around the Gulf of Mexico is incorrect. ;)

    95. Ehud Reuven

      8:00 ADAM DRIVER

    96. Martin Halvax

      All 3 researchers from abroad. What does a video like this tell an American watching it?

    97. Scorpion King

      I felt dumb watching this!!!

    98. Bill C

      I had a dream about this...

    99. Chris

      The ion propulsion is what the light is (kinda) that comes out of a ufo a little at a time.