Trying to Catch a 1,000 MPH Baseball - Smarter Every Day 247

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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      Favorite line: "Bob's gonna die". If you' enjoyed this video and want to help me make more like it, the best way is to support on Patreon. I will send you a Smarter Every Day / Rocket City Trash Pandas baseball. I ship one to literally everyone who supports as a Patron. Here's that link if you're interested: Thank you so much for watching this video! Destin

      1. HowToRandom كيف تصنع

        Try using meat or flesh to stop the bell , To see what would happen if the bell hits a human

      2. ThoracJunaut

        idea: when your trying to stop a bullet, usually bullet proof glass does a good job, the bullet spents a lot of its energy on breaking the glass before getting through, its stopped before then, so just replace the glass with say a hard leather over the baseball mitt, and maybe that might stop the ball

      3. Abraham Perez

        Sadness, I'm needing a glove, and see this😥

      4. Sakonema

        Not using a solid steel ball is just weak.

      5. Douglas Parkinson


    2. Todrick Howard

      go to 10:54 looks like the glove was on fire a bit well im not sure

    3. Aidan Barry

      My coach: why can't you just catch a ball! Me:

    4. peter james

      what about firing the base ball at a bullet proof jacket

    5. Mohamed Tei-Selmane

      Try the same thing but with a 5,000MPH ball

    6. Jamar Parker

      Put liter fluid on the glove and see if it creates a sensational spark

    7. Pan Yvino

      Why are they laughing? Something funny? Or just the beavis & butthead syndrome? Nice video!


      You look just like Jonathan Torrens

    9. 2KGODLY

      I think you should test it out on bullet proof material as well to see if the baseball can be stopped by it.(kevlar)


      My guess was all of them because of what it did to the dumby

    11. GamingPlayground

      hit the 1,000 MPH baseball with the 250 MPH batting machine


      Are you the guy who plays j roc on trailer park boys

    13. beaux brasseur

      How many people could that go through?

    14. Matt Long

      On the fire...It's good plain old friction like rubbing two sticks together (they being made of the same material) but imagine them not being rubbed together for 20 minutes at speed 1, but 20 microseconds at speed 10,000.

    15. Mike Sidebottom

      the fire is from air compression like a fire starter or diesel engine

    16. SAVAGE BOii

      ill catch it

    17. __Lempinen__

      imagine if you could punch that hard

    18. bkrljanac

      I also see fire forming behind the baseball before impact

    19. PEM

      I typically skip ads but them bikes are cool for kids!

    20. EU MEME OFFICER 345

      4:57 here you go

    21. Jordan super

      this seems illegal to watch be careful

    22. Lee Murray

      Only one question. How high would the ball go if you pointed it skywards?

    23. W mans Films

      What did you explode spaghetti in a ball or a baseball

    24. Human

      Fire from the leather on leather friction before the ball finally tears through the glove?

    25. Wilian Oliveira

      "Back in the day we thought a mullet counted as a helmet, but it didn't." Best Destin quote ever.

    26. Yasashi Sai

      Air cannon.

    27. Henry Stickmin

      6:24 watchmojo top 10 anime deaths number 1 Bobs death He gets shot and knocked out and smoked after he got knocked out

    28. Landsburg & Great Western Railroad

      Have you tried a distance measurement? Curious about how far that baseball might travel. - Brian

    29. TS175

      Yeah Jeremy, tell him about that scientific discourse!

    30. veljko marjanovic

      Brother, i almost fell asleep.

    31. Ventecti

      You should fire the ball up in the air with a GoPro or something and see where it goes.

    32. missipssa benatmane

      the light scattering at the canon nozzle juste after the ball exists give a blue color befor the white beam of water vapour i guess!!! which means verry small particles . . . .i'd like to know where it comes from @smartereveryday :) excuse my english

    33. Kill Bane

      There was so much fire and burning flames everywhere :D

    34. No U

      They just realised the ball is burning after 4th try

    35. Ian Hayes

      To estimate the number of gloves the ball would travel through: Could you have measured the velocity of the ball before and after passing through each type of glove then calculate the amount of force that is dissipated as it passed through each? You could assume a glove will stop a ball traveling at 100mph (& add a factor of safety of course) to determine the force each glove is capable of stopping. Assuming the ball doesn’t tear itself apart you could then calculate how many gloves it would take, correct? BTW I guessed 7 and would be curious to know how many gloves it would actually take.

    36. S. Irgendwas

      how far could the ball fly?

    37. Adolphus Hitler

      Imagine someone shoots it at you, while you holding a baseball bat

    38. tomatok k

      Just a bunch of engineers having fun, keep walking people. Nothing extreme going on here.

    39. Pufy

      You copied me beast

    40. Proton Neutron

      Now I know how to start a fire without matches if I'm stranded in the middle of nowhere!

    41. Jessica Williams

      Shoot it at a brick wall please

    42. Dillon Colelli


    43. Jonathan Falix

      Talk about a flaming fastball!

    44. Crankston Shnord

      We are getting DANGEROUSLY close to a SED and Demo Ranch crossover. Make it happen!

    45. Tuan Vu

      Vượt tốc độ âm thanh nên có cái quầng khí xung quanh luôn

    46. Stupid Coyotes


    47. Steven Kurt

      Dude send that glove and if I repaired it it's mine...

    48. jdm boi

      i think this is a new generation of rpg

    49. Snyper_52

      Try to stack the gloves. While separated the mass of each glove is singled out. Perhaps if the gloves are placed against one another the mass meeting the ball will cause more stopping power to slow the ball. Similar to an arrow passing through a target that is singled out compared to an arrow trying to pass through several targets mashed together. I hope to see this tested.

    50. E Z

      8:05 LMG mounted and loaded.

    51. nur iqbal

      I so excited to wait for literally real human to be your next experiment guys!😁😁😂

    52. Washman 1000

      Not only does the cannon pitch super sonic but it's a super sonic knuckle ball pitcher

    53. XshRa X

      Please shoot a ball into the sky 🌌

    54. Vladi

      "I think the chest will cave in" "I think Bob's gonna die."

    55. dazens1

      Did you manage to keep the bob afterwards or was it just thrown away please

    56. Liu Dora

      R.I.P Bob 2020~2020

    57. Geoffrey Santos

      Next: putting a HE shell

    58. W A K A A S

      4:53 For Those Who Only Came For The Thumbnail, Enjoy ;)

    59. StephenWalking

      it goes through leather? the german army needs this weapon

    60. Ton King

      You look like Biff Tannen from back from the future trilogy!

    61. Matej Kesan

      your boy needs the saddle higher to be more comfortable

    62. Aneligena

      The channel name could be: "TryingToDieEveryDay"

    63. Matej Kesan

      The fire was already at the back of the ball before it hit the glove.....

    64. dan thirlwall

      Just get the pitcher to wear a 6 feet wide mitt made of 6 inch thick titanium.

    65. FearlessBOB

      I wanna see that cannon fire a steel ball bearing towards the metal stop plate....

    66. 0827 RAHUL REDDY G

      do this with a cricket ball

    67. 0denKii

      Try it to penetrate the police or military armor.

    68. Warped

      Fire, ...the gloves are factory pre-conditioned with grease/oil

    69. Bendeguz Ordogh


    70. J. Renard Leather

      @11:21 was the joining of joy, shock, and awe.

    71. Pavle Maksimović VII-3

      Try to dress him armor 😏

    72. Rogelio Isaí Muñoz Zarate

      Awesome and crazy

    73. Arman

      6:25 straight face like a savage

    74. unwxnted407

      Imagine trying to hit that 😥

    75. Kyle Ruz

      Guardian Bikes was on shark tank. So funny how they are the sponsor

    76. MrHulltech2

      Nolan Ryan's fast ball.

    77. Parker Lynch

      could you explain how this weird Grass Water bed phenomenon where when a lawn floods a actual water bed made of grass forms... how?! youre the best man i can ask for this haha Keep up the good work brother! Get Smarter Every Day!

    78. Blinder

      Most american thing ever did.Shooting basseball with huge supersonic canon through baseball gloves :D

    79. Jimmie Beatty

      is there anyway we can call Bob Joe instead?

    80. Cody Coduction

      You guys weaponized a baseball... ILL TAKE YOUR ENTIRE STOKE

    81. rx713bbp

      Bob didn’t even wince, staunch as!

    82. ROHIT S

      There’s fire!

    83. Yong Jou

      boys never grow

    84. Nathan Lone

      If you look closer there’s a ring behind the baseball

    85. Ashton Wade

      Don say rad dd

    86. Brownie The Dark

      Kevlar test please 🙏😅

    87. The Bad One

      RIP Bob

    88. Rustroz_20 _

      You look better with a beard

    89. white reaper

      try making that into a smaller version and make it into like a tank barrel so it could be used for millenary use or something like that because selling that to the government could make good money

    90. Kilo Block

      If you move the glove back a couple more feet you should be able to catch the ball... The gloves are too close to the cannon... I'm 100% sure that was the only thing you guys forgot... The cannon way to close unless you tryna to catch it at a certain speed than that's different...

    91. AMIDST US

      the gloves were interested to kill that man

    92. rea kittyfreak

      Dere is a blue fire is burning the ball!

    93. Croc Cake

      The ball was accelerating so fast it stated to make a super sonic field and melted the ball before it hit the dummy

    94. Александр

      The building is on fire... How many Joule at the shot?

    95. L- akai

      SmarterEveryDay in 10 years : making a baseball shooter faster than the speed of light

    96. Mr K1ll3r

      There wearing safety glasses like it would do anything against that thing😂😅

    97. Sean Quinn

      DID ANYONE ELSE SEE: the blue flames on the glove part :)

    98. Stephen Tryggestad

      You should do a slow mo of high caliber rounds , roufuss 50 cal vs concrete wall etc....

    99. John Jeremy

      try to bat the ball

    100. Ruben Garcia

      Dude. That was absolutely bonkers. Can’t believe Trent was right at the end.