Two Vortex Rings Colliding in SLOW MOTION - Smarter Every Day 195

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    This took 4 years to recreate. 12 Hour edit here:
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    I’ve been chasing this problem for over 4 years. The 12 hour edit chronicles the entire process after David Linderman and myself started working on it in earnest.
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    Song “Rings in Rings in Rings” by Gordon McGladdery of A Shell In The Pit
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    A Vortex Ring is also called a Toroidal Vortex
    Original Research Paper by T. T. Lim & T. B. Nickels (Published in Nature 1992)
    Governing Equations of Fluid Mechanics
    Numerical Analysis of this phenomena
    Interesting Research Papers on Vortex Ring Reconnection
    Other Videos created by Dr. T T Lim
    Flow Visualization, A Book by Dr. T T Lim
    Why we typically don’t talk about angular momentum in fluids.
    We used a computer controlled cylinder to pump fluid behind a rubber membrane to fire toroidal vortices out of the vortex cannons.
    We fixed one of the vortex cannon in a stationary position, and used a multi-axis microscope stage to align a second cannon to it… which sounds incredibly easy, until you realize that
    DYE density was an experiment all on its own.
    If the density of the dye mix was light than water, the vortex would go up.
    If the dye was more dense than water the vortex would fall.
    We had to overcome SO MANY VARIABLES to overcome and we basically spent about 4 hours figuring each variable.
    Water/dye temperature differential
    Water turbulence
    Water turbidity (cloudiness or haziness of a fluid)
    How to reset the aquarium
    Cannon Spacing
    Cannon Nozzle
    Cannon Shape
    Dye homogeneity in the vortex itself
    The piston displacement volume
    The piston stroke speed
    Rubber diaphragm tension, would make one side fire faster than the other.
    Water or air to drive diaphram?
    Firing speed (too slow and they drift, too fast and turbulence tears apart secondaries)
    We did a complete redesign of the cannon 3 different times.
    The Dye loading method was changed several times
    At times we tried to maintain negative pressure on the cannon chamber… we also tried to put shutters on the front of the muzzle. Ultimately I decided it was ok to live with dye dripping out of the front.
    We had to premix the dyes and eventually we got there.
    It got to the point where we didn’t even really know what success looked like and always thought we were there.
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      1. Anupam Jain

        SmaterEveryDay This is very interesting. I have a few questions. Can you share the schematic of the device? Why is dye not mixing with water in the cylinder? Is there a membrane between the air and die chamber?

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    2. SupaSteve

      this looks like a galaxy commercial

    3. Lindsey Reyes

      It seems to me that the low pressure theory proposed by Pettit makes perfect sense. The collision creates a new vector plane perpendicular to the original vectors (if they perfectly cancel each other out). The pockets of low pressure draw in the surrounding fluids, creating what become high-pressure zones. Since a vortex is a traveling area of high pressure, it would then make these new rings traveling out in the plane created by the collision. I could be totally off - I didn't study math or science in school, and I'm just an ESL tutor and homeschooling parent. That's just how I'm trying to wrap my brain around it.

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    27. Anupam Jain

      SmaterEveryDay This is very interesting. I have a few questions. Can you share the schematic of the device? Why is dye not mixing with water in the cylinder? Is there a membrane between the air and die chamber?

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      What if the reason for the smaller vortex is from that low pressure spot getting created and sucking the twirling liquid into it, pretty much creating the exact same environment as the original puff from the machines that made the big vortex. So the liquid that gets sucked into it from both sides turns into a secondary "puff" which would create the new vortex and pull the rest of the liquid along.

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