Unmixing Color Machine (Ultra Laminar Reversible Flow) - Smarter Every Day 217

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    Checkout these papers to learn a bit more about Taylor-Couette Flow:
    Wikipedia Article:
    Taylor's Groundbreaking Paper
    How instability forms
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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      If you're interested in seeing a stationary tripod shot here's one on the second channel. Consider subscribing to the second channel while you're over there. seprom.info/clone/video/mJp-f9ueqZ910Ik.html

      1. K. T.

        Agian i find myself watching your channel. I still think you would have lots of fun with the Super Polymer i have. Its a incredible product and could help our society as a whole. 👍 If you ever read this. Im available anytime.

      2. DaRealKyle

        Have you ever lied even if it’s a small lie? Have you ever stolen something even if it’s small? Have you ever used God’s name in vain? Someone who lies is called a liar, someone who steals is called a thief and the sin of using God’s name in vain is called blasphemy, so if you have ever lied, stolen or used God’s name in vain, you are a lying blasphemous thief, and the Bible says that no liar, no thief and no blasphemer will go to Heaven (Corinthians 6:9-10 and Revelation 21:8) so repent of your sins, don’t do it tomorrow do it now, God loves you and He gave His only Son for you so you can go to Heaven. If you want to learn more about this search up “Living Waters” on SEprom and watch some of there videos

      3. Michael Harrison

        Is this used in any way with Saturn's rings? The asteroids placement or something maybe?

      4. Veritasium Aequitasius

        Fun(?) fact: This concept has been used to catch a serial child.... abuser... who distorted his face using photoshop. Reversing the pattern revealed a fairly original shot of his face.

      5. Luke Wells

        I love how you thought it was six and he thought it was seven but it was five lol

    2. Gary Gelini

      Him: Dont fast forward you need to see the whole process Me: looks like you got that covered

    3. Peter Tropoli

      you reverse video pog

    4. Ofek Asulin

      you know what can make it better put servo/step motor and make it do it again and again

    5. Yann Ó hAnnaidh

      bruh thats a time .achine

    6. J

      I haven't been so into anything on the internet since I watched that turtle eat that watermelon with super high def sound and camera.

    7. no one

      When you said don't fast forward I really wanted to

    8. SuperiorPlayer 44

      Destin: don't fast forward this video Also Destin: *fast forwards video.

    9. DaRealKyle

      Have you ever lied even if it’s a small lie? Have you ever stolen something even if it’s small? Have you ever used God’s name in vain? Someone who lies is called a liar, someone who steals is called a thief and the sin of using God’s name in vain is called blasphemy, so if you have ever lied, stolen or used God’s name in vain, you are a lying blasphemous thief, and the Bible says that no liar, no thief and no blasphemer will go to Heaven (Corinthians 6:9-10 and Revelation 21:8) so repent of your sins, don’t do it tomorrow do it now, God loves you and He gave His only Son for you so you can go to Heaven. If you want to learn more about this search up “Living Waters” on SEprom and watch some of there videos

    10. xpizzaplace100


    11. Tiernan Pounders

      He only did 6 rotations

    12. Tiernan Pounders

      Its cu t the t makes a ta sound

    13. You Tubeblows

      So this proves time travel is possible?

      1. pulidoggy

        Watching this video brought to my mind the same question... Besides the metaphor that Destin sees connected to this experiment, I immediately saw in it another great metaphor, that of time and space. So that all past instants are "lingering", one by one, at a given point of a whirlpool and, although we are not able to access any of them because of "dimensional" issues (and very likely we'll never be able, unless we find how to reverse the drum/time-arrow direction) nonetheless we can imagine that all their "frames" are encoded, each one at its proper configuration state into the whirlpool and will always stay there. While, instead, travelling to future is a no brainer... Just fall asleep (or hibernate for a longer travel) and wake up into the future :-) P.S.: Pardon me for my non-scientific language, but I don't have any academical title, just expressing my instinctive feelings!

    14. Nameofthegame

      The biggest mystery is... why does this video have so views?

    15. Joakim Woll

      Is there any good textbook which goes through the matemathics and how to implement it concerning laminar flow and turbulent flow around crossections? For example in civil engineering, particularly bridge engineering?

    16. shaqtus 69

      Basicly bending and back

    17. You Gotta Ride Jimin Before You Park Jimin

      Turbulent flow is better than laminar flow.

    18. AetherDivision

      So pretty much destroys Diffie-Hellman equations 🤣😳

    19. ZchryPlys

      This guy got on WtWFotMJaJtRAtCaB and got hooked.

    20. Ecktor

      If you watch the bubbles, like in 3:32, you can see the syrup closer to the inner spinning cylinder rotates faster... Really, really neat.

    21. howesfull8

      You have a gift of making difficult engineering principles seem simple (thanks for skipping the math). You're fun to watch. But I'm subscribing because of.....Reepicheep.

    22. Jeremy Heck

      Looks like how marbles look like they should be made

    23. Benke

      i love it. subscribing :)

    24. jamoecw

      this works with syrup because syrup is actually a bundle of strings, and not a fluid like we normally think of it (similar to how glass is not really a solid). mineral oil probably would have a different result, as it would more readily mix.

    25. Casey Goode

      Thumbnail says Popeye.

    26. 1998guys_animations

      no one : how they make coloured marbles :

    27. Clayton Grey

      Like, dude, that was totally un-turbular bro

    28. Source Finder

      We all reach an age, eventually, where stuff like this is crack to us.

    29. Peter Reynolds

      3d printed gear reducer for a more consistent result ?

    30. simple gamer

      thank you man i needed what you said at the end of this video about things feeling like they are unfixable but if you don't rush to fix it, it will probably turn out fine, i needed that because i have had a nightmarishly bad past 7 days and that really helped me relax about it. Thank you so much

    31. Esma Şenel

      How inspiring the message in the end is during the Covid pandemic!

    32. United States of America

      I see why he thought people would fast forward

    33. Skyler O'Toole

      "Don't fast forward." Proceeds to turn as SLOWLY AS HUMANY POSSIBLE

    34. Alyx

      It isn't mixing though, it's layering

    35. enlightened advocate

      no way. cant believe it went back to the original. thats crazy

    36. Wiggle Pig

      Wish I could get out of lockdown

    37. Hieronymus Bosch

      If too much time online has given you adult ADD like me, then this video is best enjoyed at 2X. 😁

    38. THE_TANST

      No hablo French lol, jk I’m Canadian

    39. uglygamer2017

      U mean 6 my guy

    40. Matt Martens

      This might be the coolest video I have ever seen

    41. Arthur Kropf

      Thank's a lot for this astonishing experience! Appreciate it a lot!

    42. James Depler

      Sounds like how white holes and black holes work!?

    43. Mike Blake

      I'm not gonna lie to you, I skipped the part he told me not to skip 😔

    44. Carlos Velazquez

      I love going to school for engineering because I can understand the principles in all your videos perfectly.

    45. redblackviper

      I can't believe he said gif instead of gif

    46. Liberty Justice

      He kinda looks like the Skipper from Gilligan's island, but when he was 22.

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    48. The Big Dogs

      Wow that's awesome its not perfect but its about how it was!!

    49. Juidodin

      sorry, you lost me at two and i did fast forward to seven...

    50. Luiz Nunes

      That is a great party trick

    51. Smiththebat

      I don’t know why I don’t watch more of your videos.

    52. Michiel Stikkel

      Best video on SEprom. The Taylor Couette flow experiment, Mindblowing. Have watched this video like 10 times over the last year. Thanks Destin.

    53. Jesus Ibarra

      1:39 A Broke man's golden ratio

    54. Syl Vaing

      That was awesome!

    55. ultagamer Profi gamer

      5 Than 6 Than 7

    56. Xavier NS

      You spelt cool or rong it’s colour

    57. Moderately Amused

      Kind of hard to undo a bad investment, a spending spree, a dwi, a death in the family, quitting a job, etc. Might be able to stop or slow down the negative pattern but usually destructive things in your life are not reversable.

    58. PyrkagiaTheHedgehog

      "Seven!" You actually did six but ok

    59. Joel Pearman

      Wow, your autocorrect suggestions are terrible. It didn't suggest imprisonment for imprisonm, imprisonme, or even imprisonmen.

    60. Bschill

      How does Destin have so few subscribers? (Yes, I'm commenting this when he has 8.97 million subscribers!) Also, why hasn't Destin collaborated with DemolitionRanch yet?

    61. The Jeffest Jeff

      No real physical mixing took place, the colors were simply stretched or spread out and light passed through them

    62. djolley61

      very cool

    63. YamiOmo NoSonoAndāwārudo

      What if the complete mess you make involves knocking up your friends girl on election night, Will thinking get me to sort that mess out?

    64. The Big Chop Video Memories Collection

      That's incredible.

    65. fred lonbottom

      "What do you do when you do the thing you've always wanted to do? I don't know what to do. Do we go the other way? - Let's do it!!"

    66. Connor Chadbourne

      If you held the shear rate constant, could you eliminate the differential shear thinning and achieve perfectly revesible flow?

    67. Joao Victor

      My mom thinks you are ling whit this video.......

    68. UnknxwnTheReaper

      Yo what did I just watch

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      This is way cool

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      what kind of devil trickery is this. you shall be banished to the underworld

    72. Brent Robinson

      I love how it looked like it wasn’t going to work until the very end

    73. Hamim Zia

      3.8k dislikes are because he said JIFF instead of GIF at the end of the video.

    74. Christian Pederson

      I absolutely love this channel more than any other. I’am a huge believer in that an expanded intelligence equates to expanding ones success. This channel is great for that! And if you u ever see me and we have a chat, you can bet I’ll have tons of interesting and random information to share thanks to this channel. Thank you!

    75. Victor Chanalet

      You’re saying couette about right 👌🏻

    76. Cooper Walz

      FBI OooOPppPeEEen UUUUUuuuUUPPPpppP

    77. kashif Nawaz

      You my man you literally cured my depression and anxiety. So thank you😀😀

    78. Knutcase Gaming

      Do they do this to split chemicals apart from each other, just in case they mix the wrong chemicals

    79. Богдан Благовирний

      At first I was like "of course its gonna work, it's not that amazing" But then I was like "wait a minute, this is insane if it works" And then I was just in disbelief. Great video!

    80. Mia Johnson

      Hey Destin! I'm from a school in Mission Viefo, CA, and my science teacher loves your channel! Like, every Friday we have our SED due, where we have to analyze your videos! A shout out would be great, if you do it. He's Mr. E at MVCS

      1. Mia Johnson


    81. Berdeh

      So cool

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    83. BiloGadget

      when your teacher said you couldn't unmix something, so you do this

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      He did six not seven.

    85. TATER . MPEG

      Felt like I was watching an x rated film.

    86. OmEr 2311

      you are amazing !!!!!! your videos are amazing and they inspired me to learn and do what i love and the thing i love the most is science!!

    87. KKPz Playz

      SmarterEveryDay: So please don’t fast-forwards Also him: *fast-forwards*

    88. Fotog Fitzfoto

      The correct form when speaking of a Knight of the Realm, is "Sir" followed by their called name, not their family name. So: "Sir Geoffrey", not "Sir Taylor".

    89. Mega Minecraft Man

      0:18 pronounced right

    90. Jason Pos

      OK but for your preaching at the end.

    91. Dudley The Animator

      That close up of the spiral is sick

    92. L L

      To my eye it looks like a blackhole event horizon 😀

    93. Paul VanDeCarr

      I watched this video for the first time around when you posted it and again today and it still made my heart race and was even more amazing. It’s awesome how passionate you are about everything you do, thank you for letting us share that with you.

    94. HolySlaya

      anyways thank you for my ted talk

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      0:36 that made me laugh

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      This is crazy cool!

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      This happens when you do not understand entrophy.

    98. Виктор Быков

      your reaction on a such boring thing...

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      Do they sell the machine? My science class would love this!!!

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