What Happens to Lasers Underwater? - Smarter Every Day 219

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    Snell's Window
    Total Internal Reflection
    An excellent video by the Engineer Guy about how fiber optic cables work:
    Index of Refraction:
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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      I found this link later that night while fishing. twitter.com/smartereveryday


        7:46 Destin Pog

      2. kmin3434

        Do birds of prey know about Snell's window? Is that why Bald Eagles and the like fly low to the water's surface while catching fish? The fish can't see them coming until its too late. Does this make sense or am I thinking of it backwards since the light is coming from the bird, thru the water, to the fish's eye?

      3. BOT

        7:50 needs no words

      4. C M

        Totally late but I would be so awesome if you did a video with styropyro

      5. Riguro- kun

        SmarterEveryDay do it with a mirror

    2. ShockDragon Has No Last Name

      Fishing just got a lot more interesting, now

    3. Carlos Ortega

      Lol, that throwback, "you can tell its an aspen, cause it is". You're awesome Destin!

    4. Ji Hyo kim

      8:13 Destin: "u could make a camera that could see all the way to the bottom" Mark Rober: "time to get to work"

    5. v3 dove

      I love how happy and excited he always is. Definitely an amazing father for his children.

    6. ksawery

      Now try to inteenally reflect the whole lake

    7. christopher currier

      Look at 2:44 the lazer doesn't exit the bag ????? Shouldn't it go through the bag?

    8. Son of Wessex

      To all the organisms in that christmas ornament, this is like an alien aubduction.

    9. Bmann92

      Just fire polish the ends of the acrylic dowel

    10. Dominic Davis

      I’m pretty sure this is what you get when you mix genius with whiskey.

    11. cool123

      milf oil under the water?

    12. Urahara451

      Darn science hillbillies, always laser fishing while I’m trying to sleep

    13. Jonathan Guijarro

      Hey what type of laser did you use

    14. Nicholas Nugen

      Those poor fish.... It's no wonder you guys never caught anything...

    15. Manu Petaia

      how much stuff did you guys carry in the canoe?

    16. Michael Simas

      What is MILF oil and where do I get some?

    17. Demetri Johnson’s siren videos!

      You should definitely try to use that acrylic dowel to see underwater!

    18. Ashwin Mahajan

      4:28 I never could visualize wave interference, but it was mind blowing when I saw that wave forming and those sharp points. There has never been a video more enjoyable. More on this please.

    19. ben eberhart

      Love seeing destin getting drunk on science lol, even a year later

    20. MysteriousKyle

      “you can tell it’s an aspen cuz it is” god i love this channel, makes my brain bigger and makes me laugh!!!

    21. SquarePractice


    22. Casual Gamer

      Never seen him with so much of a beard

    23. LaNone

      Title: two drunk guys on a kayak

    24. Frazy Steve

      He is high

    25. Lambchop2559

      You can tell its an aspen because of the way it is, lmao i haven't heard that reference in years!

    26. Benjamin Curley

      1:00 i just figured out the meaning of life O_O

    27. Rick Yarussi

      Nope, using the dowel to take a picture of the bottom won’t work. It mixes up the light (unlike a lens which focuses it).

    28. Marcus

      Just the sounds of this swamp make me wanna put on insect repellent 😅

    29. عز يّز

      Aren’t fiber optics really sharp and dangerous for you?

    30. jim davis

      I’m not up to date, I have fishing poles in my kayak, but not for long!👍😊

    31. Joe Troyner

      I never thought that maybe Destin likes to partake in the Devil's Lettuce until I watched this video.

    32. NomadRedz

      Omg Crist Pratt

    33. grizzlygaming 0214

      pov: you're a fish and two aliens start sticking lightsabers into your house

    34. Alex Uzzo

      6:24 sounds like Laser Fleshlight

    35. Sam Akihabara

      I wish my school taught it with visuals. I know about TIR and realised it the moment I saw it but didn't know it was so beautiful. Thank you Destin. You are the Real G.

    36. A Alagao

      DISCLAIMER: NO alcohol was consumed prior to or during the making of this video All giggles were caused strictly by science overload. Hahaha Remember to always science responsibly.

      1. grizzlygaming 0214

        bro you literally copy pasted someone else's comment

    37. Inny Meenz

      this guys acid trips must be insane !

    38. The Game Challenger

      Therapist: Double-one-handed lightsaber monster can't hurt you, it doesn't exist. Double-one-handed lightsaber: 11:52

    39. John Walthall

      I hope maybe one day I’ll be kayaking and be visited by the floating acrylic-bearing laser Destin

    40. Wyatt

      I learned about this in my high school physics class ad well as how to calculate this stuff.

    41. cowcannon

      alt title: "2 science hillbillies do cool laser things in kayaks in the middle of the boonies"

    42. Jacob Vriesema

      Can you imagine the fish and turtles down there, mouth agape at the amazing light show going on in their habitat? Karen fish is all gossiping about what she thinks it is: "I just saw two dudes on kayaks playing with lasers!"

    43. Doug Gale

      Isn't that rolloff at the cutoff angle due to uncertainty principle? It's sharply riding down the probability that it reflected as the angle gets worse, isn't it? In a perfectly ideal clean liquid with a perfect laser putting out every photon perfectly in the same direction, there would be a rolloff anyway, right?

    44. Jack

      Milf Oil

    45. Zach Yohama

      Destin: **uses lasers in the water to do science** The fish: TIME TO GET *_FUNKY_*

    46. John Mommens

      How did the beam curve inside the ornament

    47. Nils Lampe

      All the fishes are now blind lol.

    48. Matthew Szostek

      The same thing happens to sound. Not sure i can say much more about that.

    49. TheBoraxKid

      ok there is totally a face at 10:14

    50. Johnny Howe

      Reduce speed to 0.5 to increase the number of beers Destin drank before making this video.

    51. Tim Bozic

      how TF u get all that in a kayak?!

    52. hoot1141

      I made it 8 minutes and shut it off.

    53. Linkesh Diwan

      Thanks so much for the beautiful demonstration. I would love to know the details behind that interference pattern you got when shining the laser through the acrylic block. IDEA: could you build a visual analog to antenna tuning using lasers and acrylic? I know it’s not exactly the same, but the end result is similar (EM waves) and maybe there’s a way such an analog could translate into better understanding of the dark art of antenna design. ALSO another idea: I wonder if the light pipe analog can translate into an analysis of acoustic waves traveling through water pipes?

    54. irfan Jember


    55. Mike Latta

      You didn't give the fish a warning to goggle up before science happened.

    56. Vivek Chandran

      4:54 it's under the critical angle, not under the angle of incidence.

    57. Divyanshu Mehta

      I didn't wear the glasses. I'm all blind now.

    58. minigunz94

      A 6 pack in, fishing from the kayak... Hey bro, lemme see your flashlight lol

    59. JRogueVI

      I think it's hilarious how excited he is.

    60. Dima Griz

      Lasers+laminar flow?

    61. EveryDayHero

      Please put the fiber optics in the water... Yes.

    62. Kyle Brennan

      anyone else see the eyes in the background at 12:00

    63. SkinnyFlea 262

      I was watching this again and it made me think that this is like the ionosphere. Refracting radio waves.

    64. Kc Mac

      I love how excited you get. You inspire me

    65. Stick Figure Cubing

      We absolutely love this channel.

    66. spider plays_YT

      So that is why the fish are blind

    67. lovebird mic

      So the lightsaber with the rode? I wonder b/c that laser is small. Laser pointer. I wonder, what would happen if you have a green laser, or even a few green LEDs, multiple bits of fiber optics, and an acrylic pipe... Basically, I am Starwars geeks and I like lightsabers. I'm also weird, so I still play with them at almost 20 years old (Heh :P) I like to use the "Blade Builder" brand of them, b/c they're thin and how I imagine they'd actually feel. Anyway, onto my point: They have 2 kinds. Electronic and not. I prefer the non-electronic, but I also like its sibling. Nonelectronic can be swung around like normal, but when you go to "store" it, it will actually 'fold' in all the way, so you can have just the hilt. But they don't have the light emission. The electronic ones have light emission, but they don't have the ability to be 'folded' all the way down, I assume b/c batteries, lighting unit, and sound emitters. But, I mean, if you use fiber optic and something about the size of that laser pointer (Maybe replace the laser emitter with a small round LED :P) then perhaps that could make it so they could be retracted completely. Also, side note, I've never liked sound emitters in my toys. Idk why :P So ye, just a childish nerd talking about lightsaber toys :P

    68. mike toews

      Dude, where's your life jacket?

    69. StickyIckyTRaiiN


    70. Ray McGrath

      10:30 ASMRter every day.

    71. Himanshu Sarswat

      Total Internal reflection is running the world's internet. ;-)

    72. Laustin Space

      There's...MILF oil? *does a google* Oh whoops.

    73. Hebrew Hooligan

      Dude if that acrylic rod was polished up it would be even better!!! And yes I realize I said you need to polish your rod.

    74. Rowdy Flyer1903

      And the transmission ability on modern lenses are corrected by the rare earth coatings on the surface of the lens. Microscopes also angle of light which is between the subject and the objective can be so great, light cannot bend at that angle so immersion oils must be used. At times the oils are applied above and below the specimen slide so the condenser lens is also adjusted by the oils. One other note, there are many Immersion oils which have engineered different angles of refractions as needed. Oil filled lenses are available when reaching the limits of light optical microscopy.

    75. vex-erox gaming gamming

      Looks like a radioactive rod

    76. SAMZIRRA

      Now we cant see it because your subtitles are covering it lol

    77. Ben Rogers

      Hey it's BE-DESTIN

    78. MOOG BOOG

      “Light-pipe” is my new favorite word

    79. Lorenzo Gabriel Cabellon

      If Destin loves lasers and laminlar flow that much, maybe we could get a laminar flow and laser collab?

    80. CurzenGT


    81. Tom G.

      So aren’t all the fish in the lake blind now?

    82. ShrimpMage

      You can tell Destin and his friend had a beer or three before this 😂

    83. Paul S

      so cool!

    84. Mehrali yalçınkaya

      9:34 is there laser create a slope? Is only i see it?

    85. James Pickler


    86. ツiHxsthy

      The fish underwater is like : aye yo wtf is going on up there

    87. T Free

      Selenite crystals are really cool minerals that are very much like a fiber optic if you put a light to the end of one. I have one on a LED light base I found and it's awesome how it glows ✌️

    88. Benjamin Goodlich

      This is where UFO sightings come from

    89. Keymonn

      New season of Comedians in Cars getting coffee announced: "Learning things on kayaks with lasers

    90. Guy Mahoney

      6:34 "I happened to bring... My wife's favourite toy"

    91. Darryl H

      The game warden secretly watching them fish must’ve been very confused

    92. nathaniel sullivan

      At 8:00 we need to get this man to make that camera serious everyone like this we need to see

    93. The Masked Musician

      He is so happy with this and I love it.

    94. Abhirup Bhattacharjee

      How did all those things even fit on the kayaks

    95. TJ Struck

      Please get with Styropryo and do slow motion of his Tesla coil!

    96. Stewmeister86

      “This is something you know, it’s nothing knew.” Yeah... totally knew all of that...

    97. otherbob23

      Eeeeeewwwwww don't drink that water 😬🤢🤮

    98. Mary Lagua

      Will check it out.

    99. Matt H

      "Fiber optic" Destin: "Light pipe!" U aint wrong, brother!

    100. Matt H

      TIR is why the Abbe-Koenig prisms in, for example Zeiss Victory HT Binoculars, is superior to the Schmidt-Pechan prisms of other roof prism binoculars, which require coatings to reflect. Optics are neat!