What I learned from President Obama - Smarter Every Day 151

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    1. PureMacedonian

      What I learned from Obama: -Good man -Stupid Politics

    2. Michael Russell

      You should NEVER EVER be respectful with someone who HAS NOT EARNED IT. Respect MUST be EARNED, it can never be given, else it is worthless. The people on the right do not respect Obama, they don't know how to EARN Respect, and so they lack the ability to respect those who have earned it. When your basic premises are wrong, it leads to bad judgements, which in turn lead to bad actions, and your actions define you. Obama's Actions made him the first Black President of the United States of America, he's EARNED RESPECT, regardless of your political position. Those who have rejected Obama based upon the misconception of 'race', a fiction created to divide people for political gain, are unworthy of consideration. They simply have not EARNED the right to speak in public.

    3. pizzajona

      I understand this sentiment but saying the New York Times as far left as Fox News is far right is just incorrect. Even if you’re talking about just the opinion sections, Fox News Hannity and Tucker are further right than Paul Krugman is left


      Selective hearing is a bihh. 🇺🇲

    5. Ker Loz

      Me: "Can we get Obama" Mom: "we have Obama at home" Obama at home: 1:30

    6. Nathaniel Gingery

      Oh man, watching this in November 2020 is hard. The division and echo chamber effect are so much worse now. I wish more people would watch this and learn from it.

    7. Mr Puo

      Democrates in 2020 are naughty some might say domestic terorrist you know when they burn buildings down and loot... but dont worry they are peace fully protesting and killing people. BLUE LIVES MATTER ALL LIVES MATTER KEEP AMERICA GREAT

    8. Johann edrosolano

      Try searching smarter every day dinosaur

    9. Dokaaan Dondon

      I see so this is what inspire the obamium meme

    10. Barney Stinson

      If u said: 'I'm not gonna blow up that Box because i don't wanna seal the President's Move', u saved it and maybe made it better and gave him something to feel proud about, and finding So Originally funny that he'll never forget that. Maybe at an meeting he will say to friends: 'In my Whole life, i had ONE Super smart guy that didn't blew up my box, because he didn't wanna steal my Move, he said. isn't that Hilarious?' imagine if u said that? Always have a Plan B (&C) Bro... I wouldn't blow it up on purpose...

    11. Barney Stinson

      %1000 that Trump has one of those XXXL Red Racecar beds with a steer at the feet's end (Because a President can Never drive again) and every night before sleep goes like: 'F youuu! and you too! They said I couldn't drive what an idiots hahaha' (Remember that clip when he goes in that big Truck he dreamed of driving, and started making all these weird driving noises like a child because he was only able to sit in the driver's seat and twist the steer for a minute But could seriously not drive it Because he is the President and he just freaked out?) 😂😂😂

    12. Jason Palmer

      How in the world does anyone give this video a thumbs down? I genuinely want to know. There must be almost 5k trolls somewhere in the ether.

      1. seigeengine

        Trumpets so far gone they go into a rabid frenzy at the mention of Obama.

    13. Joseph Hoover

      We need this today. Thank you so much Destin! You are the bomb.

    14. Reese Hendricksen

      This was a fantastic video, thanks, at the end you reminded me of Daryl Davis. His message as well is about respect and listening, it's through that that he as a black man could take Klansmen away from the Klan and racism.

    15. Pappy

      As a SEprom scientist, you should have asked why he had an alias (Barry Soetoro) and also asked him about his father's communist ties. A scientist has to know all info available before a hypothesis can be assembled.

    16. a36538

      4.5k can’t handle the truth

    17. Thomas Van De Crommenacker

      You are a goddamn superhero... Thank you for who you are. Your curiosity, logic and moral compass are admirable.

    18. Mikel Moreno

      I am watching this interview post election 2020 and I can't believe how important and relevant the points made in 4:30 are. Keep doing what you do Destin, you're awesome!

    19. Peter Thuo

      Can you please tell those maga white supremacists, please!!

    20. Patrick Sanders

      Dustin, if there were ANYOTHER conservative media OTHER THAN FOX I would try to listen. But there isnt any other and whenever I try to listen to fox, I end up on a rage. Even my dogs and cats leave the house! So if you find a centrist conservative (good luck) I'll try for five min. Btw I figure I am a progressive centrist.

      1. seigeengine

        Mate, if you don't think you can find news better than Fox, you're the problem, not the media.

    21. Peter Thuo

      We truly appreciate and love you dearly brother

    22. Peter Thuo

      Has trump ever done this ?

    23. Loki D. Wolf

      Four years later and this video pops up. Man, great reminder for me to chill!!! I don't agree with a TON of what's happening regarding politics. Still, understanding them vs me really does help to keep myself in check. And to understand the "whys" of us all. Science - thank you! This is probably one of the best channels on SEprom!!!

    24. amit fahim

      That was amazing

    25. funny muddy

      fraud and traitor

    26. Mark Cox

      I bet the polarised gap is a bit bigger now. 🤣🤣🤣

    27. Roberto Capocchi

      Is the interview available anywhere?

    28. Juan Facundo Balaguer


    29. Jake Calhoun

      Are u a dimacrat

    30. Jet Biking Turtle

      Seems kinda dumb cause you wouldn’t learn anything

    31. cheesitz007

      I didn’t agree with Obama when he was president but I was at least able to respect him. Now we have the Cheeto who won’t accept the results of democracy. I miss having adults in the White House.

    32. Jeff Hensley

      I learned how he gave a pallet full of cash to Iran (over a billion dollars). Yep, that's what I learned. 🤷‍♂️

      1. seigeengine

        Did you also learn how because of Trump, Iran is now stockpiling enriched Uranium and has growing ties to China?

    33. Mo Mentum

      Needed more than ever. Now. At the end of 2020

    34. John Heueisen

      Obama is is a loathsome character. Not worth my time. 🤮

    35. Stanley Banks

      OBomBiom.. is more like it.

    36. Umph

      God I miss him.

    37. michman2

      I would ask HIM, "If you could ask the most powerful man in the world any question, what would it be?"

    38. Simeon Figg

      I call bs on him not knowing your questions. You went through dry runs...YOU WERE IN THE WHITEHOUSE. For all God knows they might have tapped your phone 😂😂 no way you got to the president with unknown questions. No way.

    39. Mikey Johnson

      Too bad he divided the country.

      1. seigeengine

        The only division caused by Obama was caused when racists got so butthurt about him being president that they went even farther into nazidom.

    40. _kermitthefrog __

      Wow this Obama guy is really cool he should run for president

    41. Michael McNamara

      Uhm... when will you do this with Donald Trump?

    42. Peter Tropoli


    43. Spears1dw131qbyt Spears1131qbytdwd

      Mate, three words! YOU ARE AWESOME!

    44. chris azzi

      fan boi

    45. Andy Green

      After watching the full interview it turns out Obama would be the most politically neutral element to appeal to as many potential elections,.. I mean "electrons" as possible.

    46. Andy Green

      I'm guessing he said something to do with a Fire like element with him being a Magha Nakshatra.

    47. Racially Diverse Cat

      Yes, we like Obama!

    48. YouTube Moderator

      I thought this guy was actually sensible for awhile. Lol t

    49. thang pham ngoc

      wdym He is a serial killer CAN NOT BELIEVE YOU GUYS LIKE TTHE SERIAL KILLer

    50. Rob Garber

      Kick the can down the road for 4 years and blame the other guy for it all...

      1. seigeengine

        Who exactly are you talking about? I'd think you were talking about the Republicans but they less kick it down the road, and more stick a bomb in it and set it to go off immediately after they leave power.

    51. Reality_Bites

      6:15 Peder Thil? Is this some alternate universe where Peter Thiel (noted conservative entrepreneur) isn't a Christian? (:

    52. Jason Schachner

      Alternate title how I fell in love with Obama

    53. Joaly nocontroly

      I learned how to identify a lying snake.. a wolf in sheep's clothing.

      1. Bham Bass

        You speak of OBiden.

    54. Mitchell Beaver

      weird that this was posted after President Obama was no longer the President xD

      1. seigeengine

        Nope. Obama was president until Jan 20, 2017.

    55. Sgt_LoeraM1

      Well done sir, well done.

    56. Mike G

      obama is a war criminal that ordered bombings on pregnant women and children.

      1. seigeengine

        Welcome to being the USA. Did you have a specific complaint, or?

      2. Red5q


    57. g robert


    58. Eric Schultz

      I could instantly tell you didn't vote for Obama. You have that red square in the background with the white elephant on it (dead giveaway) ;)

    59. Wesley Mercer

      This is super cool! I love that you are teaching communication skills.

    60. Ben M

      TOTAL POS!!!


      Was it Roger Waters who sang; "By the cold and religeous we were taken in hand, - shown how to feel good, and told to feel bad"?


      I've thought up a term to describe this self imposed prison - 'Bell-jar Politics'?


      Will that be the new 'way forward' for Politics USA, - sit in silence and reflect on all you have done, - 'prison'?


      How not to say anything, how not to have an opinion, how not to utter a response out of line - how to be humble, - and how to give the floor to the 'other' so you can take advantage of their 'human' qualities and perhaps point out their perceived 'shortcomings' from the safety of your own silent and non-moving perspective and constant 'non-position'? - sounds like; retreat, - sounds like living in the Himalayan mountains and eating fresh air for breakfast and sitting for hour after silent hour without moving - like Yoga - sound's like a serious case of media grooming to me, - sounds like fear, - sounds like the response of someone who is and has given everything of their person up - all movement, all personal opinion, all personal qualities, all human qualities, - how not to be a regular person, how to be a 'nothing' and not be remembered for anything other than your silence and space you once inhabited - and for back-stepping, side-stepping and none-action - for being constantly out of touch? No offence - it sounds like the wisdom of a monk living in the nirvana of their own cave - not like a regular person living alongside millions of others and rubbing shoulders with millions of others - sounds like the effect Covid has on those working from home and losing touch with everything around them? It's good for study maybe but what else - personal reflection maybe?

    65. Bill Iam

      Great video! Very insightful. We receive similar training in the Bible (go figure) :-) (James 1:19) " Know this, my beloved brothers: Everyone must be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger," Listen with interest when others speak, and do not dominate conversations. People will overlook a mispronounced word or a slip in grammar, but they will not warm to someone who wants to talk but not listen. (Proverbs 11:2) "When presumptuousness comes, dishonor will follow, But wisdom is with the modest ones. " Take an interest in life and the things around you. Read widely but judiciously. When discussing what you learn, temper your conversation with modesty and humility. Thanks for this video.

    66. Djezys Djezys

      most powerful person in the world? you are exaggerating

      1. Djezys Djezys

        @seigeengine are we?

      2. seigeengine

        @Djezys Djezys Are you stupid?

      3. Djezys Djezys

        @seigeengine why do you talk about country if we are talking about person? :D I mean I guess anyone is powerful if can press button for mass destruction ;D good for you

      4. seigeengine

        @Djezys Djezys Indeed, and now that we've ruled out everybody but the leader of Russia and China, I'll point out the US is about 1/4th of the global economy, it's close ally, the EU is another 1/4th of the global economy, and about 1/8th of the global economy are other strongly US/EU/Western-aligned countries, like Japan, South Korea, etc. About another 1/8th are neutral, and about 1/4 are China or China-aligned... and that's including Russia, which itself wields relatively little economic power. That's 62.5% USA-aligned, 25% China-aligned, 12.5% neutral. Russia not a player. Or maybe you want to talk about non-nuclear military power? Global military spending is around $1.9T. About $0.75T of that is the USA, and another $0.25T of that the EU. At least another $0.2T of that is strongly-US aligned countries. China is around $0.25T. Russia is around $0.05T

      5. Djezys Djezys

        @seigeengine in this era China can launch nukes too and Russia..Hehe ;) well have a nice day sir

    67. Guilherme Almeida

      "I'm not a journalist, I'm not a politician, I'm a rocket engineer." So... you're actually useful for society?

      1. seigeengine

        Both journalists and politicians are vitally useful for society.

      2. Zsolt Raduska

        A good journalist is good for the society.

    68. J J

      For some people life just happens....! For me, I failed terribly in life.....

    69. Hyrise Games

      You learned something from Blacky?

      1. HoboGrifter

        Why wouldn't he? "Blacky was a United States president"

    70. llI Storm Ill

      It is insane how relevant this video is at times like this right now. Holy cow...

    71. Brad Phillips

      You slapped him on the arm lucky they didn't shoot you!

    72. Amine Dündar

      Be respectful and listen.

    73. Tazio Spanò

      Learned something about drone strikes

    74. SnakeEyesBP1980

      Well I miss my time to see that interview. Even your button does not work to see anything. So this video is kinda Sad.

      1. seigeengine

        Click the link in the description.

    75. Chris Dorfmueller

      Have you tried to have a meaningful, intelligent conversation with Trump? Didn't think so...

    76. CallMeCivit

      How to drone strike children

      1. seigeengine

        The amusing part being Trump authorized an attack almost immediately after becoming president that killed over a dozen children.

    77. Jean Paul

      You love in an amazing state. Alabama. Obama came from here. AliBaba.

    78. Bass Da Husky

      I cant find the video anymore :(

    79. John Doe

      Did you found out Obama really likes using drones?

    80. Caden Fox


    81. 5G Tower 1000%

      You can say about Obama what you want but the fact that they were willing to invite someone he doesn't fully agree with, had no prior way of knowing what they were going to ask and went in blind is something Trump would have never done. He can't even face criticism from his hand selected advisors. Imagine him having to speak to a democrat.

      1. seigeengine

        And when he does? *coughaxiosinterviewcough*

    82. Michael Johansen

      wait whut. why do americans say the president of the USA is the most powerfull man in the world? lol.

      1. seigeengine

        1. Biggest economy. 2. Biggest military. 3. President can launch nukes at any time for any reason. Was that enough, or?

      2. Mayman

        @Michael Johansen Because the united states of america is the strongest country in the world,Meaning that the US president owns the executive branch of the strongest country in the world.

      3. Michael Johansen

        @Lucci Then name some reasons. I was the one asking a question.. dont answere a question with a question

      4. Lucci

        There are a few reasons. Just curious, in your opinion, who else would be the most powerful man in the world?

    83. Nicolas Blume

      Locating the New York times the same distance from the center than fox News is just false. At most, the new York times is moderate left

    84. Ezra Ephrem

      Is that a slide rule that you r holding?

    85. GarageChemist

      The New York Times is barely left of center, and it upset me to see it compared with Fox

      1. GarageChemist

        @James Brown Someone watches Fox News

      2. James Brown

        Both fake news

    86. DJ Deckard Cain

      TLDR; I’m assuming how to build sturdy cages? Or fly drones.... which one?

    87. Diego C

      We've stooped so low since Obama. Now we have a president who's done nothing but turn the divide into opposite ends of the grand canyon

    88. Mike Friend

      Watch Netflix ‘Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes.’ Then you will understand that Polarisation was a strategy not an unwanted outcome. Thank you for pointing out however that by being respectful and listening we don’t need to go down that path.

    89. Matt Riddle

      What’s Obama’s last name?

    90. Carter Legrand

      You met sWoozie???

    91. Michael Fox

      Obama is a pos

    92. Danish Mehmood

      Congratulations on 9 mil..!!!!!

    93. evrim Kaya

      just a quick note. I wouldn't put NYT at the far left of the political spectrum. the republicans are so far right that NYT might seem very far removed from the median right leaning politics but I would classify NYT more like a 90's moderate republican (very centrist). I understand that you used the same examples that Obama used for your graphic but we need to recognise the true range of the political spectrum.

    94. Dodge M

      This was in my recommended and the first thing that came to mind as soon as the video started playing was 'oh wow, with that haircut Destin looks like GI Joe' :)

    95. Wind of change

      Not a fan of Obama to say the least, but goddamn it if he doesn't have charisma and screen presence. The man had awful polices, but boy did he know how to market and present himself to the public.

      1. seigeengine

        His policies were far from all awful, and it's important to understand the context of his presidency: inherited recession, war, and most of his presidency he had to work around obstructionist republicans. Definitely a lot to criticise though.

    96. Rostol

      wtf the whitehouse unlisted the interview video ? Destin's story about the interview has almost a million more views than the actual interview. No matter if you agree with his policies or not, you guys had a 1st class president. what a guy, i'd probably blush and burst to giggles and blush like a fangirl if I ever met him, not even an american.

    97. TheWoodFly

      Respectful and gracious....let that resonate...

    98. wongobongo

      Did you learn how to be a war monger?

      1. seigeengine

        Calling Obama a warmonger is a bit disingenuous. Obama inherited the conflicts primarily from Bush, and had a responsibility to handle them and exit gracefully. We've seen the consequences of clumsy exits with Trump.

    99. Raphael Erlemann

      “Most powerful man in the world”. World be like: am I a joke to you? What about Putin or Kim?

    100. Mydixie Reckt

      You should’ve asked him what his last name was