WHAT IS THIS LINE? (on my Super Blue Blood Moon Photo) - Smarter Every Day 188

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    1. Michael N3MFL Lathwood

      Any updates?

    2. Abishek R Paleri

      its dean potter's moonwalk rope🤣😜😜

    3. Christian Lingurar

      lemme guess: digital camera? red charge saturation on the ccd line and compression algorithm. it's not "there", it's on your camera only. ever tried an analog one? or a telescope?

    4. Nithula Marula

      I think it scattering of light at tip and scattred rays interfere with light from moon it will form line

    5. Alex Agiovlasitis

      @ARRICHANNEL please explain...

    6. Aaron P.

      Is there a power line between you and the rocket?

    7. Dustin Armachain

      I think it is a light wave cancelation from the reflected light along the reflected angle with the moon being the source of light and the angle at the tip of the cone on the rocket reflecting back at the moon. This would explain why the line never leaves the tip of the rocket but is reflected on a specific angle spread outward the same as light leaving a convex surface this light interferes with the light coming from the moon and canceled out but because of the dispersion from the convex shape of the cone should make the image appear as a dark line as opposed to a black point. this would be visible directly from behind the rocket in line with the moon but would not be visible from any other angle due to nonopposing light.

    8. Soungmoon Joung

      I've heard the story about supersonic at the tip of sharp item.... maybe...

    9. D P

      I think it is the shadow of flat Earth

    10. Vatsal Sharda

      Think a loading moon? Or a moon glitch.

    11. Zizi1002

      00:32 respect +99

    12. Dominick Saenz

      I think you just discovered something you're not supposed to discover. What is the moon really, other than just a steel disc?

    13. Amy Dunphy

      whar thie landed

    14. AndroidFerret ANIMALS'N GAMES

      Is there an answer ?

    15. Mr memez Is noice0763

      Plot twist the model is actually a working helicopter

    16. P Blair

      The line is a shadow

    17. Poplar Boy

      It's Huntsville Alabama. It's an atmospheric inversion layer. I also know what all the extra mass in the university is and it's not dark matter. If you want a Nobel prize just contact me. It is unbelievably obvious when you know the answer.

      1. Poplar Boy

        I've thought about driving over to UAH and giving them the answers to this dark matter issue. But it's like 5 mi away and I don't drive. Because of physics.

    18. Zylop6

      Who is also watching 2032?

    19. bob wertz

      It's something in the projector NASA uses for the moon according to the flat earther dummies.

    20. RemleGaming

      It could be the light on top of the rocket doing something

    21. Ice cream blue

      The moon is a paid actor, but failed at the same time which caused the line to appear

    22. Elren1900

      @SmarterEveryDay Not sure if after all this time you're still looking for an answer, but it is most likely an interference phenomenon. The conditions (parallel light, long observation distance, small light source, only slight variations in wavelength) are just perfect for it. What I think happened is that you unintentionally created a doubleslit experiment and recorded one of it's minima. The Intensity of the double slit (for symmetrical slits) is proportional to cos^2(π⋅d⋅sin(α)/λ), where d is the slit distance and α the observation angle. With your α being extremely small and basically constant due to the large distance to the rocket(it is definetly not =0 due to small orientation variations of the camera), the sharp tip width leads to slight variations in d, so at one height it should match the condition of d*α=λ even if it's width is on the order 10^-2 m which would lead to low intensity. The real math would be more complicated due to unsymetrical, changing slit widths and those widths being dependent on the observation distance to the rocket, but the gist is the same.

    23. MOMO

      Has this been solved now?

    24. Ryan Pruske

      hey destin, could it have been interference optically with the lens of the red light at the tip? the light would be polorized from the moon or something like that maybe.

    25. Dan B

      Why does the yin and yang symbol resemble the magnetic field of a magnet 🧲?

    26. Biker Bear

      but we never went to the moon with a live person

    27. Dorothy Gray

      The moon was refreshing - Just wait for your browser to reload.

      1. Eck Stravirgin

        stolen comment get out

    28. Perichron John

      Was there a follow up video?

    29. Mary's Little Helpers

      5:02 Just a thought, but my best guess would be that this is an example of atmospheric refraction induced by a cold front on top of a warmer front that just happened to line up in the right spot at the top of the rocket. If you take a closer look, you can see that the "edges" of the moon are slightly deformed at that line. It's almost as if the bottom section of the moon was cut off and moved slightly higher than it should be. If the temperature of the air under the line was slightly warmer than the temperature above the one (and not a gradient, but isolated fronts), then the change in air density would appear to make the bottom of the moon slightly higher than rest of the moon. Also, since this was a sunrise and you are taking the images towards an urban center I would expect a warm dome of air beneath a colder front (if you look carefully, you can see a slight arc in the line, as if it's a part of a larger dome). It appears that the temperature that night dropped to around 20 degrees Fahrenheit on the night in question. So, the line would just be an artifact cause by light warping as it passes through from the cold front to the warm front. Just a thought.

    30. Djinncognito

      Did you ever find out what the line was?

    31. MAS

      What if What if it became cloudy at that 😐

    32. Chickent_Nug

      Are they cables keeping the rocket standing? lol I feel like it could be that simple

      1. KingShaz

        at 5:23 he says there are no cables at the top, and even if they were, where would they anchor? the line is literally parallel to the ground.

    33. Aayush Panda

      So it's not just my Saturn V model whos LES broke off :D

    34. Argh Jain

      a glitch in matrix

    35. Jeremy Wallace

      Fraunhofer Lines. There's your answer. Enjoy. 🤙

    36. Praneet Kollati

      So, did you find out???

    37. Michael Rossi

      0:42 you never see destin not smile it made me laugh so hard when he made face and i dont know why

    38. LaynesLab

      i play zelda breath of the wild to but i dont have a horse

    39. Weerqass

      It’s called a line

    40. 5dd

      Destin - I admire your dedication to photography. I don't know what that line is, but I do know that UAH has a Center for Applied Optics and it's populated with lots of people who are smart about things like that. Why don't you drop by the Optics Building and ask somebody?

    41. Papi Ben

      Its now Oct-25-2020........ has anyone found the answer????

    42. Nizar Nizar

      probably a fuel trace of an aircraft or flight who passes faraway and just got visible when the sun light hit it.. nice video btw

    43. Mace_X6

      thats some serious dedication right there

    44. jd123 456

      Not a Twitter advert, hold while I ask people to show me their own photos on Twitter. U funny.... Guy.

    45. Savage22 Bolt

      My daughter took pictures with a film camera and there are orbs floating in the background.

    46. Rhys Binney

      I think its to keep it from falling over


      It's because the moon knows how it is associated with the rocket so it tried to tell you somebody's line.

    48. Jason Pos

      I love how much you promote yourself as being so awesome.

    49. Matt Majcan

      i would love to hear einstein explain this. maybe you discovered some weird new physics

    50. Watson Harrell

      Jesus loves you brochachoz

    51. Richard Carew

      Snapseed HDR free from Google

    52. Alxa

      I forgot about this video until youtube recommended it to me again. So, what was it?

    53. Caleb Julian

      Rolling shutter lol

    54. jl smith

      Maybe some kind of shimmer or mirage on the upper atmosphere?

    55. Zdřáli

      SmarterEveryDay .. Do we know what was that? Is there another video on this line?

    56. ErzengelDesLichtes

      Clearly the moon is fake.

    57. RiverRoadWarrior

      I see a flashing light at the top of the rocket. I would suspect the lens of that light is scattering the light passing through it on a plane. The rest of the light colliding with the rays broken up by the light leave less light on that plane creating the line. Just a thought.

    58. theokidokis

      It means we did not go to the moon.

    59. Mykowser

      Famous last words... “just the tip!”

    60. Sonny Pruitt

      I don't know for sure, BUT, maybe its a electric line that you couldn't see in the dark, and even in the early morning there still is not enough light to see it, BUT with the bright moon behind it, gives the silhouette of the electric line. How about that?! Now what did I win?!

    61. shullln

      It's a diffraction circle from the top of the Saturn 5. It's not projecting towards the moon, it's projecting towards the camera. What f stop were you shooting?

    62. Will H

      I keep thinking that it’s so crazy that I have been to Space Camp!

    63. Magda Borowicz

      It's never a simple task, is it. Started as a photo op of the moon. Then " big guns" called in with drones. Yep, that sounds like 'Bama! // Have we answered the ? -I think it's the red light at the top of the rocket (for aircraft) making a light beam to the sides.

    64. Luck

      Swamp gas....

    65. New Libertarian

      The line stays in relative position to the light on the rocket and the viewer as the moon descends. The source of the phenomenon is the rocket light. Light is a wave of particles (photons) that pass through the lens of the rocket light (lens) and diffracts (splitting up). The geometry of the lens also causes the waves that are split to be out of phase from each other and as the light travels to the viewer, the opposite phased wave lengths of light collide canceling each other out. The light goes dark. The comment from J War is on point. Noise cancellation acts the same way.

    66. northernepicadvenure

      Did you figure out what this line was?

    67. Alex Warren

      That so cool! I was there last year for my 8th grade space camp trip!

    68. J Rehman

      I suspect that it's a subtle artifact in your lens. Lenses are extremely complex machines and their designs come with a lot of trade-offs. (Also, I think it would be very cool if you were to do a video at a lens maker). To test this hypothesis, you'll want to video/photograph a similar image, a backlit pin, probably at full zoom. Pretty easy conditions to reproduce, I would imagine!

    69. Tudor Filip

      Sign in Mumbo Jumbo's base: Why cobble here? Smarter Every Day: Why line here?

    70. Drink water

      i see a red mood almost ever day of the week now. maybe its cause im in california, maybe its cause im slightly near the fires. or its a cool update from 2020.7 or whenever the fires started. pretty cool except for the air quality and no sun since we sun dry our clothes

    71. Lucas Codes

      FBI is at your front door.

    72. c0g010

      Is the light from the rocket tip and/or the moon polarised?

    73. c0g010

      Is the light from the tip of the rocket polarised at all?

    74. Salvador Muro

      Are there other images like this? Has anyone else captured this? Could it be like the double slit experiment where light focused on an interference pattern. Maybe Dustin was at a good spot for the light to mess with our eyes? I'm stumped

    75. tazzman bees

      Share their answer with all of us please I would like to know that thank you

    76. dice14u

      You said you where up about 60 feet, that's really close to the 65-75 feet of a high power transmission line, google maps of the area shows a few high power lines between you and the Saturn V, one notable set one on Patton road, the angle could correspond to the topology of the ground, I suspect maybe it could be that it took the light source of the moon in front of it to contrast it enough that it shows up. The other option may be of Fresnel interference because the light on the top has a Fresnel lens.

    77. larryexe

      dude in my neighborhood where da church is hopefully he finds my hideout

    78. Margarito Garcia

      So what was the answer,now that the inhabitants of the earth all died of covid-19.

    79. Graeme Mellor

      Lightening arrestor system

    80. Max Korenberg

      Claim your "here before this is in everyone's recommended 5 years later ticket" right here

      1. Taylor Bunce


      2. Andrew Martinez


      3. Goldking179


      4. The Fox 793

        2 only

      5. Adogthathasnofood.

        This got recommended to me just now.

    81. Travis Phan

      i paused it

    82. Fit_ N_Nerdy

      This has been annoying me for MANY months

    83. Marko Pihla

      Atmospheric ions

    84. Nick Woods

      The moon is playing with your head...

      1. Bob The Red One

        Nick Woods hey want 10 free subs

    85. Alex Bowers Vlogs

      Hey destin just wondering if you have got the answer for this yet? I need to be smarter!! :D

    86. Christina Bearfield

      Why doesn't anyone ever wonder why the sun rose in the east that day ?

      1. Christian Thom

        Because it's supposed to...

    87. Rayne Rivers

      It's a shadow laser! The light passing through the material at the tip is refracted in a way that it cancels out the light in your direction? I have no idea actually, but that's cool! Have you been able to replicate it?

      1. Arbiter

        That's interesting! I am sure such events that are lined up the way they are in the video are quite rare!

    88. Iteww

      The line is actually from another earth that is flat that was right in front of him and therefore created a shadow that was a line. lol

    89. Sara Llewellyn

      Check out the optical phenomenon called 'diffraction' - I think the answer lies here.

    90. Trinadh

      Attach the camera to a telescope next time. Or just look through the telescope lens for confirmation. If this issue still persists in both cases, as per the manual, turn off the moon for 5 seconds and turn it back on. That should fix it.

    91. Jari Sipilainen

      6:02 noh im not go and tweet. hey i know. im here now. i can say i know,but i not tell that to you.and moon was moving too much right you could drive trunk left to get it center.that was i see before shot lol

    92. Aman Sharma

      The light rays coming from the moon hitting the tip of the rocket spread throughout in a plane by the light angle like structure of the tip of the rocket ,and also note that it is going the perpendicular direction to the rays coming from the moon, so it creates an illusion/phenomenon which causes us to see a line like structure within the moon, and also wee can not see it outside the moon's surface or say in sky(that line in the sky without covering moon surface) Because there the rays are not very definitely seen through naked eyes..👍👍

    93. Jamie Goodwin

      I never new that 🆒

    94. Mr. Dillard

      0:42 that’s where my grandma and grandpa used to live. I loved that place so much. My grandpa actually made the awacs plane.

    95. cancr13

      Still waiting for the answer to this one !!!!!!

    96. abvmoose87

      So, any updates on this?

    97. Will Chen

      Did you ever figure out what was causing the line?

    98. every thing duude

      supper blue blood moon in zelda: ganan returns

    99. Judson Wahba

      Please watch Living Waters on SEprom

    100. مسلمة

      Maybe infrared??? From guidance computer system

      1. Manuell

        Could be. A phone camera can see the light of a remote control. This is how to check if it isn't broken.