Which Shape CUTS BEST? (Weed Eater Line at 100,000 Frames Per Second) - Smarter Every Day 238

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    What’s it called? Weed Eater, String Trimmer, Weed Wacker, Whipper Snipper?
    Google Trends map here:
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    THE WINNING SHAPES (As a result of this EXTREMELY limited data set)
    Oregon “Gator Line” (Called “sharp square” in the video)
    288 ft ~ $15: amzn.to/2CFXewP
    895 ft ~ $30: amzn.to/2ZlvTHU
    Star shaped line
    Cyclone Brand
    140 ft ~ $15 amzn.to/2AeCmfq
    855 ft ~ $50 amzn.to/387oPCV
    (I couldn’t find Shakespeare for a good price on Amazon but here is the style I tested)
    125 ft ~ amzn.to/2ZnBRbA
    Other stuff:
    ❓Mystery Item (just for fun): amzn.to/38aNmXv
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    He tested other considerations here: seprom.info/clone/video/m5x3nbB-YJuI25s.html
    I thought this was a well written break-down of different shapes: www.saraheberle.com/understanding-the-various-shapes-of-trimmer-line/
    It’s interesting that so many different companies have their own proprietary shape etc, but I can’t find any scientific research to back any of it up. Fascinating!
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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      Robert subscribed then hit the bell. Be more like Robert. In all seriousness I was impressed by how quickly he came up with a well thought out, nuanced hypothesis without even a moment’s notice. Huge thanks to Robert. Also, a huge thanks to everyone who supports Smarter Every Day on Patreon at www.patreon.com/smartereveryday Thank you! Destin

      1. Mike Heijmans

        we need more Robert

      2. Zareth Wilson

        Robert truly is an expert. His experience is what shows when he demonstrates the ability to quickly form a hypothesis given your data. I bet he has been running a weed eater for 40 years. I think humans have an amazing capacity to become ever greater and greater experts with more and more experience. I love to meet people like Robert, especially because I am a hopeless jack of all trades, myself.

      3. Laura Fiddlesticks

        But it's not "eating" weeds, it's whacking them. SO I personally think "weed whacker" is the best name, and I live in California, grew up here calling it a weed whacker, and so does everyone else in my town, the high desert, where 560,000 people reside among 3 cities in close proximity. EVERYONE< here calls it a WEED WHACKER. That chart is inaccurate.

      4. Just Lorien

        @MIL Ha ha.

      5. MIL

        @Just Lorien In north its mostly legal also.

    2. SativaTalks

      lmao whipper snipper killed me

    3. Just Looking

      "Weed Eater" NW Washington


      Da wacker. 🇺🇲

    5. Gezza Mate

      Should of done a break test on the actual line

    6. Rhys Giles

      In Australia we call them a whipper snipper

    7. Survios

      Absolute alpha dad video 👍😂 Jokes a side great video, love this channel

    8. Mmo Saga

      Im from Alabama too

    9. MustacheStudioz

      which line makes it so you don't have to cut your grass as often? a clean cut seems like it would grow back faster. no?

    10. Mike Nolan

      That guy has been paying 18 dollars for poo line

    11. Mike Nolan

      Metal wire cuts best lol

    12. The Other Side Of Life 2020

      I've been doing yards for 20 years the still lime green when he is the best trust me I know

    13. Pad Padangz

      Whipper snippers aren't for cutting the grass, it's used to trim the edges. Lawn mowers are used to cut the lawn.

    14. Stathem Savage

      Electric models have way higher RPM. I can use a 2 kilowatt with 750 mm of cord hanging out.

    15. Stathem Savage

      None of the above... Piano Wire

    16. Evan Alders

      I think most Canadian call it a Whipper snipper

    17. MEMOE GZ


    18. SaZo

      W E E D E A T E R

    19. William Fears

      weed eater!

    20. Kiersten Torpelund

      In Queensland Australia we call it a whipper snipper I've never heard somebody call it a strimmer and Australia was green not purple and green was whipper snipper not strimmer lol

    21. Tim S

      From Atlantic Canada. It's a "Weed wacker".

    22. Blade2Raiden

      Just a thing I thought, would love to see Steel wire and fishing lines used like this, I am very curious about that

    23. Pep Nyc

      Hey what trimmer head were you using?

    24. FordKR-DZL

      Try some 1/8” or 3/16” steel cable. I used that before on a walk behind weed eater. Didn’t hold up as well as nylon does. Would be nice to see why.

    25. Ryn Mm

      Whipper Snipper*



    27. Kevin McKalister

      I’ve literally never heard someone call it a weed eater... i’ve only heard weed whacker. And I live in Arizona. That chart is wrong.

      1. Mr Zomg

        he shows the trend for people googling it. he claims the results are high because most people use that term. but it could also be from people searching the term to check if "weed eater" means the same thing as "weed wacker" cause no one they know says weed eater. the chart is right, the conclusions might not be. he even says that only one of the search terms is also a brand name

    28. TheCaskOf43

      I use Echo Crossfire. I have several packages of it. I have used nearly every brand thats available to me, (in my area of Texas). Also have bought a few off of eBay. After 15 years, I ended up with Echo .95. Also a factor for me is durability and how long it lasts- or how many lawns I can get out of a spool between refills.

    29. VforVeranda

      Man. That Robert dude is legend.

    30. ManuelOrtizification

      Its actually called a Line Trimmer, not sure where all the other names came from 😂

    31. Gun Dyr

      Line trimmer or Whipper Snipper in AUS

    32. David Blalock

      Weed Eater is the original brand name of the line trimmer.

    33. Jeremy Heck

      Iowa here ... weed whacker

    34. Kota Hyatt

      Weed whackers _whacks weeds_ how would it _eat_ a weed? This is from a Pennsylvanian

    35. RoslynMusic

      Thats a Strimmer my guy

    36. 50puft :D

      Am I going to be the one who has to say it?

    37. aidan job

      It's a wiper sniper

    38. jr

      Meanwhile we just use zip ties

    39. ChesterSnap

      Whipper snipper! 😂😂😂 Australia has great names for things I say weed eater usually, though I also occasionally say edge trimmer or weed whacker. I'm from central Florida but I recently moved to Michigan so we'll see if my most common term for it changes

    40. Edigy

      How about using pig iron wire? Also, they should try to make a string shaped flat, like a spinning machete blade.

    41. Dohyden2

      I think Robert's wire that he gave you for the experiment is older and has been over exposed to the sunshine, making it stiff like you saw in your test. I think lighter wire will save fuel in the yearly view of things, plus I like how quiet the triangular wire is so I'd use the quiet one. Combine it with an electric weed wacker and you have yourself a winner.

    42. Justin Good

      11:45 RIP AND TEAR.

    43. El Burrito

      From the UK, I've always called it a strimmer

    44. DeludoSui

      Weed Wacker or weed eater same thing.

    45. marlon simmons

      Robert uses the sharp sharp because it lasted longer while cutting

    46. Gene McCoy

      It's a weed wacker. You're the weird one! Lol


      I call it an edger

    48. Chris Strasser

      you really called that man an expert just to roast his weed -eating line lol.

      1. Chris Strasser

        Robert was the best part lmao

    49. Aurélien Piette

      In French it's called a "debrousailleuse" which litteraly translate to "unbusher"

    50. my boy

      From Virginia and I call it a weed whacker. Never even heard the term "weed eater" except to refer to myself on saturdays

    51. slorping

      Star ⭐️ looks the best

    52. klbearsfan125

      I'm wondering if this test could be redone using Teflon tape instead of grass. It might stretch instead of cut but it would certainly give you a consistent test medium compared to random blades of grass.

    53. Piotr Poławski

      The sharp-sharp square line makes the grass look tidy and natural

    54. Uzair Ansari

      I'm watching this I don't even have a lawn of grass lol..

    55. Pro Skillz

      Square profile is the sharpest line, but be careful to not cut in too deep. You are limited by what is compatible with the head and the power of the unit. Metal blades (called brush cutter in the UK) cut coarsest material but are not good for a fine finish.

    56. Jone Sy

      Whipper snipper all the way

    57. Joseph Joestar

      I've always called them weed wackers

    58. Augden Fischer

      It's a weed eater.

    59. will york


    60. photondebuger45

      Weed whacker Weed eater String trimmer Whipper snipper Trimmer Rock flinger whatever is the same thing through and through call it what you want lol

    61. Cara Furry

      I live in west America, and I call it weed whacker, so... My parents are from eastern America though so...

    62. XDestroyerZZ4

      I call it weed wacker

    63. metaforest


    64. James Higginbotham

      Should be done with patches of grass naturally cut plus should have different kinds of grass. Different lines work for different cuts and uses. This didn't really show much valuable information.

    65. Devajufan

      Biodegradable is also an option to consider.

    66. Matthew Garland

      its a weed wacker

    67. Sandy Bathwater

      Holding the blade of grass on both ends changes everything.

    68. Tyler

      Oh... I seen slow motion weed eater and gummies. Not lawn trimmer stuff haha

    69. Roddy B

      Down undah we call then line trimmers weed eater/ whacker

    70. Micro Wave

      Weed eater

    71. Thestargazer56

      I really enjoy the "Easter-egg" Scriptures at the end of all your videos!

    72. P.J

      Who would you trust more? The man that did Weed-Eater on 1 grass with 10000 lines, or the man who cut 10000 grass with 1 line?

    73. Jim ferry

      It is called a strimmer

    74. Steph K

      13:22 I'm doing computing in my VCE class (Australia Victorian highschool) and we have legislation regarding data and privacy. Specifically in Victoria, we have the Data Privacy and Protection Act of 2014, one sub point of which states that businesses operating within Victoria and generate over a certain amount of income must only use identifying factors with the data they collect when it allows the business to function efficiently. There's also a legislation in the same act (as well as the Australia wide version, the Privacy Act of 1988, which states that businesses must remove all identifiable factors from the data they collect. This is the first time I've heard about it being mandatory for businesses to collect data on us aussies so I'm a little sceptical but at the same time I'm in year 12 (12th grade) so i don't know much about anything

    75. Cosmic Raver

      Looks like a whack to me 👀

    76. harmonica lessons

      The cleaner cut IS the best! Less surface are means faster healing means stronger greener grass.

    77. harmonica lessons

      Wheed whipp

    78. Vincent Gray

      You should've added "line trimmer" to your Google trends search.

    79. westwrd82

      But what about the which wears faster metric?

    80. Smooth smoothie 68 419

      I call it a weed whacker but I live in Illinois

    81. gavin o keeffe

      Man from texas invented the string trimmer or the strimmer

    82. matt

      In Australia, have to say have only ever heard it called a "whipper Snipper" except for when at tool stores where its called a "Line trimmer"

    83. Evro Craft

      oh um i call it a yard trimmer

    84. רותם שלו

      In the future, humour will be randomly generated.

    85. Dave Goldspink

      Would like to comment and leave a like but SEprom keep censoring me sorry

    86. Scott Jr

      If you have ever actually worked on a landscaping crew its called a "Trimmer". Here is some more correct terms for equipment zero turn, self propelled, edger, power comb, single deck, double deck, brush hog, tractor etc. Its not a weed eater.

    87. buildermarsh -

      Everybody calls it a weed eater.

    88. ColToons

      I always used weed whacker and eater interchangeably

    89. Zachary Nicholas

      It's whipper snipper

    90. Angela Litz

      I had to click off because it's a weed wacker

    91. Mason Bergerac

      WEED WHACKER!!!... I never thought I would get so heated over something I didn't even know was a debate till 5secs ago

    92. Jordan Jay

      It's a weed wacker homie

    93. Tyrant

      Grew up in california, living in oregon, have never heard anyone call it anything BUT weed wacker, working in tools&hardware at superstore.

      1. Dis Boy Doe

        Maybe it's a South thing, stores call them weed eaters too in signs, like coke, if I'm 50 years a new cola comes out I think we will still call it a coke

    94. Respect ma authorita

      In my opinion the best line would be the most durable.

    95. Enrico Moreira

      when your mom tasks you to get rid of the grass so you whip out the "whipper snipper"

    96. Alabama Davis

      Weed eater

    97. Joseph Webber

      Does anyone else think they look like gummies

    98. Frank Lightfoot

      As a landscaper in tx. I did a test like this 2 years ago...but my camera wasn't good enough to get footage like yours.....I use star line for the cleanest cut

    99. Summer Lake Photog

      When I cleared vacant lots in western Oregon, I preferred the blades. I would like to see a sharp new blade tested. Also I thought about how a sharp scythe will fell a huge swath of weeds in a single pass. Of course, it isn’t handy for close work but it still might be a more efficient way of clearing a lot. That is if you don’t have a brush beater or pto mower.

    100. Call Me Kyle

      It’s weed eater trust me