Which Way Will the Water Go? (ft. Steve Mould)- Smarter Every Day 226

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    1. T3 Tedwards

      Steve is a really smart guy if you ignore the British accent" **angry tea clink noises**

      1. Major

        @Brian Wind Grøndahl you’ve never been to Birmingham

      2. airgunnut

        @Kieran doncaster is in South Yorkshire and my point still stands, there is a lot of regional dialects, I won't be far wrong to say each town and city has its own dialect.

      3. airgunnut

        @Calem Bur for us real brits its always tea time

      4. Kieran

        @airgunnut I dare any of these people that assume all English people sound smart to watch one episode of the Yorkshire vet and continue to stand by that opinion. 😂

      5. Alfie Pearce

        It is very annoying having an engineering masters but being English then this being said lol

    2. nrylee

      I think you missed a key "reason" as to why this appears weird. The reason the first one appears to lag behind and the second one shoot forward is due to the difference in linear and angular velocities. When water is expelled outward, the outlet takes less distance to move a degree of rotation, whereas when the water is expelled inwards it takes more distance for the outlet to move a degree of rotation.

    3. Bam MasterJ813

      This one really was mind tripping!!

    4. KingOfGames

      Destin gaslighting us

    5. Goku 4

      I'd say centrifugal force,but sidewards is good👍🎉

    6. Ikenna Efika

      Static vs rotating (dynamic) reference frames.

    7. Moin Khan


    8. Karleo Husky

      Everyone knows water will always flow to the nearest hole within 8 blocks.. or else spread everywhere evenly

    9. Erik

      Where does the water go? Tl;DR: Where It Was

    10. Edo Gelbard

      DUSTY! SMH. Come on man, you know better. Lol

    11. krishna sharma

      if we have enough water in the pipes can we make a circle with the water stream from the second model or the complicated model?

    12. Dale Phillips

      This seems oddly related to the Coriolis effect when shooting long range.

    13. John Thomas

      Is this not the EXACT same phenomenon as playing catch in the back of a pickup with someone else in another pickup driving parallel Or a merry-go-round... pickups are more fun

    14. simmojosh

      Destin is so good at the um technically position its great

    15. Max Mustermann

      Didn't saw the video till the end, but the more outside the point of the radius in relativity to the center, the faster the water. When water gets shot away from the center, the water jet will fall backwards in relativity to the shaft, because the shaft in extension would be faster at this point. If the jet goes in the direction of the center, it will be in front of the shaft, because it has the speed of the point where it comes out, and the center has zero speed.

    16. Dave Coates

      Dude. Massive respect!

    17. asfDevon

      It didn’t go as fast as it would like but I’m sure you would’ve been right with the water lagging at first and would catch up with speed

    18. ipango322

      I’m pretty sure if we followed the vector destin drew we would come up with the same answer as the first example, I think the real reason it happens here is because of the unaccounted length when flipping the tube at the end. If you rotate the screen with the same speed as the pipes you should be able to see what I mean

    19. Maxter Tinga X.

      You need to do one with water going both outwards from the center AND towards the center

    20. Richard Van Voorhis

      This is very reminiscent of the Coriolis effect! Always fascinating content, Destin. Thanks!

    21. Average Boiz

      I was smarter than smarter every day for a few minutes, after that I was more wrong than he was.

    22. diabolo5390

      This video got u my sub

    23. Ben Shiparo

      2:35 this dude is constantly making references to how “smart” he is and that was his prediction?

    24. The Nightmare Before you

      Come on. I’m in Alabama to and I don’t see how u didn’t know that. Lol

    25. Lokesh Pandey

      It's amazing

    26. Lord Zordid

      Happens on a regular basis in the SEprom comment section. People flaming you on topics where you are completely in alignment but they just can't see it. Usually it's because people are stubborn and just want to be heard and don't actually care what others have to say. Or just need to let of steam on a random person. But once in a while you get someone who is so blindsided that it parallels satire. I love when that happens and seeing the drama unfold.

    27. Данил Сл

      Destin, this video is compulsory to watch for world leaders in order to solve the disagreements

    28. Man D

      Smarter every day will you please do a video on fracture cones well Flint napping I would love to see images of fracture cones and I think you would too.

    29. Brian DeContreras

      9:06 is what all americans need to hear right now and live by👍

    30. SuperArcherGaming

      nice shirt destin :)

    31. madskills72cl

      In the first experiment, the question was "what would a SNAP SHOT look like. Don't try to change the wording up to enable you to win. YOU WERE WRONG. IN BOTH EXPERIMENTS! You just lost a subscriber. And yeah, you did look like an idiot. (Your words)


      So smart

    33. Ram Homier

      It is NOT an optical illusion, it is trailing in angular velocity. It is that simple.

    34. Made New Makerspace

      Can you take the portion of this video from about 9:05 to 10:20 ish and turn it into a separate clip unto itself for the whole world to see. We need it right now.

    35. Dylan Roche

      At 7:56, the water jets make a triangle with concaved edges, but they don't line up. What if you could make this contraption accurate enough to make the jets of water hit the nozzles when spun at a specific speed. What would happen to the water coming out of each of the nozzles. I'm imagining it swapping between two phases, where in phase one the water makes the triangle with concaved edges, and in phase two the water interrupts the water exiting the nozzles.

    36. Tomas Joaquin Videla

      i want to see the world on fire biden or trump?

    37. CHiLL_95

      9:22 All Christians be like

    38. lewis young

      Hi, I'm a big fan, it's off subject but I've had an idea for a wireless antistatic strap, I'd love to run some experiments by you

    39. Michael Barr

      Hey Destin, I am a HS Physics teacher. I am going to use this video when I teacher circular motion this year. In amy regular and AP classes. I did predict things correctly for both sprinkler but still couldnt get my brain to imagine what the moving image was going to look like. Thanks again.

    40. Adam Kelley

      Keeping it honest with the man in the mirror, much RESPECT sir!

    41. kevin chen

      I think if it spins fast enough the pattern will be completely different

    42. Lucas Cordier

      I will try to make this um LED and a continuous Walter flow going out!

    43. Yağız Kunduz

      the thing i dont understand, water has a speed but not acceleration but exit point has a acceleration, but still water goes faster. How?

    44. Ryan Marshall

      Ok but in the second example, how does the water have enough “sideways” velocity to move sideways quicker than the pipe?

    45. Odiskis1

      Why is the optical illusion going forwards with the second device? Drawing out all those vectors and imagining water drops as points that are coming out in a straight line from the pipe at different time stamps I alwas end up getting the same bent shape, but not that the water should trail forwards. And the fact that it trails even more forwards at faster rotation is weird to me.

      1. Odiskis1

        Ok so this is like a really cool version of the coriolis effect, where it looks like the water curves compared to the spinning water fountain.

    46. ROZANOFF

      To be able to reconsider its own (stubborn) convictions.... : the real sign of intelligence ! 👍🏻

    47. Nick Bowers

      What would happen if you were to spin the contraption faster than the velocity of the water going through the tube?

    48. Max Muskat


    49. Jon M

      I'm curious what would happen when the rotation speed is faster than the election velocity.

    50. Nikolaos Mallios

      at 4:12 Steve :" its behind the directions of motion " ha ha ha, pure BS

    51. Drek Eater of worlds

      I thank I ate some magic mushroomed

    52. Assassin Gamer

      They just unknowingly proved that the bullet elliptical movement in movie unwanted is impossible

    53. Noe Anguiano

      You might be able to understand what's happening better if you combine both tube setups and have water going inwards and outwards.

    54. HarryLikesLambos gaming

      I'm British too

    55. Jim Larsen

      I suspect that the water squirting inward will have centrifugal force subtracting from the inward motion at a rate dependent on rotational speed, so you need a big hairy formula to explain it. It is an interesting thought experiment.

    56. polar buddy

      The last one was just the simpler one but flipped because the water is just going the opposite way

    57. A T

      Hats off to you my friend. Stop to listen even if you think your right. If only world leaders were also like this.

    58. Riddle

      I just feel like SED was just answering the wrong question with the right answer. Yes each particle is being shot forward but wasn't the question asking "what would the snapshot look like?" It looks like the water is trailing behind the spouts.

    59. razordu30

      I love love love this moment about taking the time to understand the other person. Awesome takeaway. Great moment of humility.

    60. 5dd

      Two engineers in violent agreement.

    61. Sam A

      The inner radius is smaller so the water gets ahead of the arms on the snapshot. If that makes sense to anyone. Until I thought about it like that it was breaking my brain. I can understand the lines and the diagram but it didn't make sense that it was ahead of the arms until I considered the angular distance and how the radius of an imaginary circle it is being flung from effects it.

    62. Tomas Beblar

      Listening to Steve Mould usually leads to getting smarter

    63. The Business Owner's Executive Coach

      A fascinating and moving physics fest that comes with a powerful life lesson. Thanks!

    64. Peter Roessingh

      This is realy fun, because you have it on a way bigger scale, because if you would fire a cannonball a really long distance it path is curved to due to the earth rotating. Its called coriolis effect

    65. Sun Rabbit

      Question: if you take a garden hose, coil it up, and pass water through it very quickly, why does it NOT exhibit the gyroscope effect that the same mass of metal of the same radius would when rotating at the same speed?

    66. Cantere Gonda

      That was so counterintuitive but when you think about the physics of it, it makes so much sense! Great experiment!

    67. RidderRowan

      its prob gonna go in a straight line

    68. Michael Goddard

      9:08 starts the most important 1 minute and 10 seconds of SmarterEveryDay humanity life lesson. I share this with my students every year so they get to hear it at least 3 times and hopefully we ingrain a life skill about perspective, rational thinking, humility, and empathy. I give Dustin a standing ovation on this one!

      1. Bob Hoffer

        you said it better than I could...bravo!

    69. Jamison Conley

      If it was spun faster Destin would be right

    70. Mike Latta

      Back garden. Nice use of the local vernacular.

    71. Mr. Pink

      0:35 *ahem* what

    72. Leif903

      Is this science or psychology? Felt like i went to the therapist :D made me feel like i can fix every argument i'm going to have in the future, great video!! :D

    73. CheeZy

      i love the authentic excited giggling

    74. IRMacGuyver

      I've watched enough Jurassic Park to know you can't tell which way the water will go.

    75. Thermal Citi

      Lol I watched this when it first came out. Almost a year feels fast to me.

    76. Ambreesh Khurana

      He turned an already awesome video to another level by his monologue at the end. Even I was thinking the same thing during the video that Destin is not listening to him properly. But it was cool of him to accept that in the end. Loved the video and your channel in general too.

    77. Abrar Siddiqui

      I wonder why are not they taking into account centrifugal force on the stream. that makes it look like an arc.

    78. eden sorek

      I thought that that would happen but the science is great.

    79. Vass22

      How did i miss this? Love both of you guys.

    80. Alex Sheridan

      learning this next unit in AP Physics C Mech

    81. denimdave

      Open mind is cool

    82. ethybubs

      "If you ignore his accent" says the man with the dumbest sounding accent in the world

    83. ethybubs

      He really pulled the 'I'm an American' to help convince people

    84. Balázs Müller

      Awesome video just like all of your videos! Thanks! Keep up the good work, Best wishes from Hungary!😃

    85. Jussi Tamminen

      Good lesson of being right 😊

    86. Agent Neigh

      This needs to be revisited with some sweet sweet laminar flow!

    87. sangram Loke INST 106

      destin always leaves me amazed by just these simple physics which i thought i knew but didnt.

    88. Nils Chaves

      Dude, you are a scientist, youtuber= influencer, and engineer. At least you should be one of the few saying the world "American" in the right way. The USA does not equal AMERICA!!!!

    89. Hannah Fountain

      Destin. This music. Goodness me dude

    90. Skela

      No Destin, you make yourself look stupid

    91. Skela

      0:34 dude... What? With your inbred country accent... I wouldn't believe a word you'd say if you didn't provide proof with that stupid country accent

    92. Gordon Ramsay

      I made an alt account to be subscribed ONLY to Dustin, Mark Rober, and any other fun learning channels

    93. Wes Miller

      So who is going to make a wonderful fountain with Steve's idea and variable speed. I could stare at that for hours. LOL

    94. David Cooley

      I watched this video months ago and burned no less than 1000 calories figuring out thee physics .... How is it 11 months later I must repeat that mind labor? That being said by sitting for a moment to resist the muscle memory, I can operate a backwards bicycle wish relative ease.

    95. Xhopp3r

      I suffer from the same problem. I have had a few encounters that taught me that very same thing. I need to stop and listen to other people's perspective. I have been trying to practice that. Some people have amazed me, while others have made me regret that I stopped and listened. 😁

    96. I like modern warfare And war zone it’s fun

      To quote Ian Malcolm - Water resembles chaos, it’s unpredictable. (Or something along those lines)

    97. Kyle Eaton

      Now find a architect/artist and turn that into a giant fountain

    98. Justin Masters

      *Spoiler alert* 10 minutes in Destin reveals the secret of a happy marriage and possibly world peace.

    99. Dan S

      And as always he's the worst at explaining stuff, basically leaving me none the wiser. Steve is much better in this regard.

    100. Rankooz Bazer

      Smarter every second. 😅👏