Who is Manipulating Facebook? - Smarter Every Day 215

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    Thank you Facebook for being so open to this discussion.
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    An update to about my barber's instagram account. It has been taken down. It's possible the username has been changed. We're not sure at this point if Facebook took it down, but it is no longer communicating with people in the community.
    This is the third video in a Smarter Every Day series on social media manipulation.
    Manipulating the SEprom algorithm:
    Twitter Platform Manipulation
    Facebook statements on the Internet Research Agency:
    newsroom. news/2018/04/authenticity-matters/
    Mark Zuckerberg:
    Follow NATO Strategic Communication Centre of Excellence : STRATCOMCOE
    Check out "Robotrolling"
    NATO (Our interview took place on NATO's 70th birthday).
    Renée Diresta is a Mozilla Fellow in Media, Misinformation, and Trust, where she researches unintended consequences of algorithms and works towards helping machines make better decisions. Renee also writes about disinformation and the changing face of information war - check out her essay “The Digital Maginot Line” (www.ribbonfarm.com/2018/11/28/the-digital-maginot-line) - and is a contributor to Wired Ideas (www.wired.com/author/renee-diresta).
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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      This is the third video in a series I'm doing on social media manipulation. Facebook is an extremely interesting case to study. They're the largest social media platform in the world and one could argue they've felt the pain of this stuff more than any other platform. I find it to be EXTREMELY interesting that they're transitioning to an ACTIVE position on misinformation as opposed to REACTIVE. I think it's super easy for the public to dismiss what facebook says because of their branding/trust issues.... but regardless of what you think about the company, they are one of the most attacked platforms in the world. Therefore, they're the most experienced people at countering this threat. At times it seems like they're getting their butts kicked, and at others it seems like they're winning. Facebook is not blameless, but directing all of our conversational energy towards the platform itself avoids a major issue, namely the people using the platform to do harm, or to inauthentically promote/discredit something. The case of the fitness coach was disturbing. This is a well-known individual with millions of followers. She was clearly benefitting from inauthentic followers and commenters. Someone sympathetic to her clearly wrote the comments. The evidence was very damning in my opinion.... but ultimately I made the decision to blur our her page because attribution is difficult. What if someone purchased face comments on Smarter Every Day and said nice things, then framed me as the one who bought the comments? These are the types of things that undermine the very notion of social media integrity. Another thought here. If you don't use facebook, you may be tempted to leave an anti-facebook comment. Totally cool. I'm not a heavy facebook user myself. I don't post my videos to facebook often because of their intellectual property policies. That being said, I've noticed that the tone of many of these comments has a "superiority" feel to them, with most of the disdain directed at the platform facebook itself. I think this is extremely interesting because its possible platform manipulation has affected how you feel about these platforms themselves. The people I met are trying very hard to make a high integrity platform, but it's clear they are fighting a huge corrupt industry, and in some cases a literal disinformation war. My language will be more charitable in the future.

      1. OVIS HEARDER1

        Lol. The spokesperson for Facebook is a terrible liar and salesman. ♿🇺🇸

      2. coreyfulify

        It just seems incredibly naive to think that Facebook can solve a problem that Facebook created.

      3. Lion of Judea

        Began watching you over 5 years ago... Doing these videos may be the most helpful-beneficial to society. Looking at U.S. division, it is clear that the population needs to understand these manipulative techniques to help them avoid being duped...and potentially worse. Great work Sir! ☺👍

      4. fireroum

        I think it is clear that those from Facebook are working really hard at their jobs but the way Facebook is pushing content to me on both Facebook and Instagram is actually turning me away from using their platforms meaningfully.

      5. Stanley G.

        @Ali- huakbar You've been thinking about it for too long and it distracts you. The number of decimal places is your problem. How simple is it now, unlike the topic?

    2. Graeme Mellor

      Best thing I have done on recent years is to get rid of Facebook, the data mining and privacy issues are of a real concern !!

    3. Justin Minnaar

      I do find your videos interesting but feel that you might be incorrect about VPN and dislike your trying to make money selling one on your videos. Perhaps you need to investigate what the real facts are behind VPN and do a video on that first?

    4. Justin Minnaar

      Perhaps the social media sites could require that individuals vouch for each other. This would tie a person's identity to their friends and family, making it harder for an attacker to steal the account, as the account could be recalled when the friends and family confirm the original person's identity, it assist in the password recovery.

    5. Mary Lagua

      True, much impersonating.

    6. Getting the steps

      its fun that facebook manipulates you, to stop manipulation ...

    7. Kasper Aare Naicker

      Yet another amazing episode! GREAT mini series man! The best I have ever seen from you!

    8. Lava 321

      I've seen that same one, and I hate it, as it guilt trips people into liking, commenting or sharing, because if you don't "your siding with the enemy", the choice to fallow Christ happens in the heart, not in some text on a screen. It's manipulative because they are reaping the rewards of people's consciences because they don't want to risk siding with Satan even though interacting is playing right into his plan. Christ want us to choose him of course "I stand at the door and knock, if anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and sup with him, and he with me." John Revelation, but the arm wrestling thing is designed to cause division. This is what the deceiver wants, he seeks to separate the sheep so they're easier to pray upon "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber. But he that entereth in by the door is the shepherd of the sheep. To him the porter openeth; and the sheep hear his voice: and he calleth his own sheep by name, and leadeth them out. And when he putteth forth his own sheep, he goeth before them, and the sheep follow him: for they know his voice. And a stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him: for they know not the voice of strangers." John 10:1‭-‬5 KJV Satan seeks to divide, steal and kill, but Christ is the good Shepherd, those who hear his voice fallow and are kept safe, how do you hear his voice "The word became flesh, and the flesh dwelt among us." John 1:1 by putting his word in your heart, and listening for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you learn his voice. I'm not saying that if you have before that it makes you a bad person, just that you got tricked into giving them free views and helping with division rather then unity, just be watchful in the future.

    9. Arne Bosma

      Please do the Reddit one too

    10. Wesley Mercer

      That needs to be better communicated. I never knew I could look up who paid for ads. That's really cool!


      Facebook are the bad guys. ♿🇺🇸

    12. Sho Sha

      This is One of the greatest video i have ever watched on SEprom, ... but my point is- Fb is also involved in such manipulations... In my country the government was not allowing a new feature in whatsapp (owned by Fb) but after a 'kind of' secret deal they allowed that feature.... and now the fake news/hate speech post in fever of that government are not getting removed by Fb even after reported by thousands of people.. and oposition political party's fb pages are getting banned or removed for some silly reasons... There might be secret fb employees who work on that which these employees (you are enterviewing ) don't know.... Fb is not that innocent.

    13. Oscar Blue

      You should go watch “The Social Delimna”. Then revisit this topic.

    14. Pedro Vaz

      Notice how the possibility that Western governments and corporations are manipulating facebook is never mentioned...lol...dude, you're such a tool...

    15. john doe

      These three videos of social media hijacking should be part of high school curriculum.

      1. Pedro Vaz

        Our Western educational systems have too much government-corporate (same thing in the West) propaganda already. This 3 videos are laughable hyper-Orwellian propaganda.

    16. dont test me im 2 by 4

      im a bot pin me down destin

    17. Danny D

      6:43 - Yes!

    18. jackbauer322

      Nice , why do I learn that the i does give you more information ... I never noticed it and NO ONE EXPLAINS IT ! That's stupid ...

    19. Randy M

      This makes me want to use social media even less now; which is zero. Unless commenting on utube videos count.

    20. Randy M

      This is interesting in the fact that yahoo closed off commenting on their articles a few months ago. Normal people were bombing the leftist tools every 5 seconds.

    21. Physics Guy

      Destin, I know Christians who buy into the type of thinking in that facebook post. Maybe you'd say that they aren't real Christian then, but that would be missing the point. I'm not saying that the facebook post authentically represents your faith, but I am saying that really toxic actors already do use the language and imagery of Christianity in destructive ways in politics, calling their political opponents the enemies of Jesus and such. Additionally, I think you could easily do an entire segment on the invention of Fox news and how that started a dangerous trend in media. Fox has actually only been around for about 20 years. Before Fox, journalism across the board was much more cold and objective. Now, it's a weird, contemptuous blend of fact reporting and opinion. Matt Taibbi, the famed journalist who did some of the earliest reporting on the 2008 financial crisis, recently wrote about this in a great book "Hate Inc", which I highly recommend. It doesn't spare any media outlet, so it seems pretty fair to me. The 24 hour news cycle is at least as damaging to our shared political discourse as the internet is.

    22. ChanSnake

      Waiting for the reddit video 😂👌

      1. ChanSnake

        Sike just found it 😂

    23. Dead Poet

      Anyone who is on social media, who surf the internet, must watch this series of videos.

    24. S Waseem

      01:39 Using Google translate? really?

    25. K Anders

      I'd like to know who is really doing the manipulating. Why can we have random conversations about say, eggplant recipes, in our vehicles but then find that same "advertising" or news feed tweets, posts, or other pop-ups in our home on our desktop that same evening? That kind of manipulation forced me off FB and I lost a lot of friends that way. It wasn't happening to them so it didn't bother them. This is the reality of what's happening in the US and it is criminal. I mean, who really, is involved in the "surveillance state" and what advantage does NATO have in "learning about these things" other than in a way to use it in their own covert manners? Every account should have a driver's license and photo posted with it. There are too many trolls and next thing you know we're blaming another superpower (Russia) on something that maybe they didn't do. How long might they want to be America's scapegoat before getting ticked off at us? The tech companies are too young to understand these things. We can be peaceful with these other countries but where do we draw the line with national security....or looking like fools at the hands of teens on cell phones. Personally, I'm beginning to think this is just Hollywood propaganda. Just watch The Great Hack and how they admit to manipulating the election. It wasn't even close to Russia doing it. Furthermore, since the "filmmakers" seem to "know"....why do they always know so much but our own government doesn't? Sick of you monitoring me. Who else to blame but the NSA, Google, etc...when they all originate within our own country....then you wonder why there's a lot of suspicion about government, vaccines, etc... The CIA admits that they can listen to us through our dishwashers....and apparently we're "all okay with it".

    26. John Ciarleglio

      There's one more thing I'd like to point out. Unfortunately Destin, I think they already won when it comes to people throwing their hands up and calling everything "fake news". At this point, no reasonable person can truly be able to discern if a video or news story is accurate. You're talking about counter-counter-counter measures. People, businesses or governments are putting out content, then putting out content to contradict that content, then setting up fact-checking to cast doubt on that content. Sources cited can be corrupted, inaccurate or incomplete. The most legitimate news outlets consistently get duped and now cite TMZ as a source and even Wikipedia can be vague, misleading or have its information changed and then changed back. Content in videos can be fake, editing can only show one side of a situation and people's voices and faces can be altered. I don't see a way out of this.

    27. John Ciarleglio

      There are two things that need to be mentioned here. First, towards the end when Nathaniel gave examples of state actors, he didn't mention the United States Government. Our government is absolutely engaged in disinformation and manipulation of both US citizens and also people of other countries and their governments. Second, he also mentions that they have people from various intelligence agencies, law-enforcement and investigative journalists working for them. That makes sense, however, the critical part is that people with loyalties to the government, intelligence or even news sources like the NYT are all working with each other, sharing this information and these tools. For example, someone trained and employed by the NSA or the CIA who now works for Facebook now potentially has access to an immeasurable amount of incredibly detailed information, and worse, the tools facebook employs to either takedown, censor, do nothing with or manipulate news, information, sites, people, etc. And it's more likely Facebook is actively working with the gov't to cherry pick the info that is seen and spread propaganda where it sees fit. Be aware, our government is very much embedded with these tech companies and has absolutely no qualms about using this tech on us and other countries where it suits their interests.

    28. Priscilla Ross-Fox

      FB LIES! I've seen many who have faked my name.

    29. HunterOrion14

      I now know theres a language called karen

    30. D0ct0rFun

      OK. It's a year later and The Social Dilemma has exploded on Netflix. Any thoughts or comments?

    31. Oma's Channel

      So you are selling “express VPN”? And this video has been created with that goal?

    32. lody basha

      Hi Destin if u really smart u should become Muslim actually u don’t have to be smart to know that Christianity is fake religion full of fake gods and 1 = 3 and the Bible contradict the Christian them self

    33. Michael Gobald

      Thanks for this great series, Destin!

    34. Brads Workbench

      This was a great series

    35. T3CHN01200

      My question is what would happen if you allow certain metrics that can be affected by people that demotes posts and if manipulation in the other direction cancels out the original manipulation?

    36. Robert Smith

      Facebooks fact checking company is owned by the owner of Facebook. Bad actor

    37. Terry Rogers

      I'm not very sympathetic to the argument that the engineers of Facebook were not responsible for the use of a tool they created that they did not understand (i.e. that the language and character set was not understood). I am a licensed engineer in NC, USA. We are not permitted to sign off on designs we do not understand of which the safety is therefore unknown. You might say that the tool was used unsafely by a user and therefore not responsible and in fact, this is the argument usually given by any internet based company. However, if you come to NC and call yourself an engineer or sell engineering services of which you have not investigated or described safe use to the end user (I don't believe most end user SW agreements discuss safe use defaulting to "it's all your fault and risk we promised nothing") or safeguarded against expected faults, you will get a visit from the inspectors (yes, there are full time engineering inspectors carrying the authority of the governor). If you sell products or services in Japan, you will find you need to sign an extradition waiver before it is approved for sale. If one did not understand the implications of doing business in a given country, don't do business there.

    38. Mason Venuso

      You do excellent work in general. I always enjoy it. This is probably the video I've shown others more than any other. By staying out of political weeds, you are able to speak to this with greater trust from your audience. This is well sourced and informative. I wonder if this is your most important deep dive. God bless your continued work!

    39. alxrck3t

      What the Facebook employee is referring to is CENSCORSHIP...They can literally censor whatever they so chose, if it does not align with THEIR prerogative. This should not be aloud. If people can not sort through the nonsense on their own, that's just natural selection taking place.

      1. alxrck3t

        Oh and FB has 30,000 people working on bringing light to fake accounts...Yet they still allow adds on their platform for FAKE businesses that sell knock off products from China. FB is being paid off to conform to someone else's plan

    40. John O'Connor

      I absolutely appreciate your content. From the helicopter and gyro series to the air cannon. To the audio on your other channel. This series has just reinforced my belief that I will only trust others if they present their do the right thing for the right reason. According to my core beliefs. Thank you Destin. Thumbs up and keep it up... GB

    41. Mike Evans

      Tool made the point of engagement near or across the line years ago in Vicarious. I wish more people would open their eyes and see what they are being subjected to.

    42. Tyler Fortner

      I'm trying to figure out what is wrong with the back of her hair it's bothering me something fierce

    43. Melanie A

      Uh... how much did Facebook pay you for this? Lol

    44. jcsrst

      Facebook wants government intervention so they both scapegoat and defer the cost of policing. Another way to inject more government welfare to one of the richest platforms in the world.

    45. Denise Moore

      Last evening ID Channel had an episode that dealt with something of the sort from a dark wed site Hire a Hitman and the person was a local girl. I shared it to Facebook it may help some grasp the issues

    46. ET-19 10 10 Fahim Shahriar

      You should add captions.

    47. soundofsensimilla

      Duuude, you're not christian. You might have some very few aspects of it, probably due to how/where you grew up, but as starting to explore your channel... you're not christian. Bible is not your thing as Koran and Torah are not. You're a scientist and a good science teacher at that one.

    48. Peter Iselizo

      Ironically, vpn's are manipulators n.1 tools 😂

    49. Carbon Fiber Creations Washington

      Honestly there is too much bad behavior on FB. I wish it was gone ( FB)

    50. Ben Adamson

      THIS is the type of content we need! What a great, informational, and worthwhile thing to watch. We need to know about these things now more than ever. Thanks, Destin!

    51. Human Phillip's

      Facebook is just bots and my racist relatives .

    52. Jeff Knott

      Do a video about why youre convinced of a christian religion when you use evidence and experiment when exploring reality...i bet you wont!!

    53. Matt Majcan

      everything on the internet is trying to manipulate you. Even if they claim its "for your own good". thats why i hope facebook, twitter, google, reddit, youtube, all die in a fire

    54. joe misheski

      this is the best channel on all social media!!!

    55. WRHobba

      haha, facebook want regulation so they can corner the market just like every other big corporation

    56. David Godley

      Facebook fact checkers don't know what the heck they're doing. Facebook also manipulates Facebook!

    57. Lee Dinsdale

      Licence the web, there are spyders about!

    58. Donald Stewart

      1.2K People would would like to be Dumber every day,... or we got bots here!

    59. Billy'sRandom Stuff

      Why on this video, the comments seem like bots wrote them

    60. John Hall

      I watched the Social Dilemma recently and now on to this/your series. I have now refused the "blue pill" of FB and Twitter and was a VERY early adopter of both and others.

    61. Bill Wedeman

      Well since I get 20+ calls a day from call centers in India that appear like they are coming from a small town south of me, it is hard far me to get excited about a vpn that would allow a cyber attack from another country that is blocked to appear like it is local traffic.

    62. WvlfDarkfire

      Our attention cannot be for free. Our time is valuable and if anything we should tax them for it.

    63. Rod Duke

      The dislikes are bots !!!

    64. XClomesX

      I really don’t understand how a company can pay him to advertise breaking the terms of service of these streaming services. I love your content Destin but this is literally against the terms of service of every streaming service.

    65. Discord

      facebook liers,

    66. David Allyn

      I disagree that we shouldn't make laws. As long as the product for making money is a person's attention, social media companies will be unable - or unwilling - to change the framework enough to affect change, because it will affect their bottom line more. The whole thing needs a redesign from a powerful, objective entity - The People - for the United States, that's the US government.

    67. Rogue Waffle

      Roblox chat bots when

      1. Preinstallable on Roblox

        69 bobux *_o b t a i n e d_*

    68. ANCHOR

      Destin you are a true patriot of good internet etiquette.

    69. Retloch

      Very informative and interesting video Dustin. Thanks for posting this series.

    70. Retloch

      Very informative and interesting video Dustin. Thanks for posting.

    71. Science done right

      1:36 Karens??? KARENS??? wut da hill

    72. Aaron Petersen

      😂😂😂😂 talking to the master manipulators about manipulation

    73. Shannon McStormy

      Ok....but we know that regulation, oversight and laws DO work against bad actors, both "bad" and Bad. Otherwise, we wouldn't have laws or regulation at all. We can go, right now, and travel to parts of the world where companies are pumping toxins right into the river and ground water. For the most part, this is moderated/limited in developed countries. The difference is laws, regulation and oversight. Or am I missing something? (as usual)..... .

    74. Boaty Bear

      *Sir Nick Clegg* - Current *Head of Facebook Global Communications* *Sir Nick Clegg* - Permanent Member of *Queens Privy Council* *Sir Nick Clegg* -Former Leader of UK *Liberal Democrat Party* *Sir Nick Clegg* - Married into *European Royalty* *Chief Paedo Protector*

    75. Stefano Zazzaro

      I love you and your movies. But, ethicaly dont you think VPN's are also a problem ?

    76. James Goodman

      We cannot be passive consumers of information and we need to be aware of our confirmation bias.

    77. Connor Betancourt

      You can manipulate people's opinions in jusy a few seconds, See, I just did it to you

    78. Shaikh Azam

      BJP party in India was a product of FB and social media. Did nothing but just polarization and advertising

    79. Aryan Zijlstra

      Perhaps you should use one or several of these companies to spread your videos so that everybody sees it. 😀 I know, I know, it's immoral to use these services... This is also why it is important to use strong passwords and not use the same password for multiple accounts. If they manage to hack one account (e.g. FaceBook) then they have the password for everything if you use the same password. There are websites with many do's and don'ts and tips how to create really secure passwords that are hard to hack or guess.

    80. Rob Rob Rob Rob Rob

      its interesting to consider that our hate for the social media platforms may also be a result of manipulation. In the end they're companies filled with regular people like you and I, doing what they individually believe to be right. What I'm becoming aware of is that there is no way in which we can have persuasive arguments with people of differing views unless we treat their views with the consideration and respect that we want for our own. Something surprising (it should not have been ) I've found is most people want basically the same things, but we couch them in different philosophies and beliefs. Once we realise we share basicly the same wishes I think its much easier to see the good in people, express empathy, and compromise. Until you have empathy all you can hear when others speak is your own pre conception of their faction, not the individual. If we want to be respected I think we need to show respect. Basically Turn the other cheek, and do unto others.

    81. Me - '-

      So Facebook is raising money via patreons ,not likely. So Facebook is billion dollar ethical company supporting internet neutrality, not likely.

    82. Joshua Fisk

      So the posts that say 1,000 likes and comments and I will do something is like a red haring for the bad guys. We are helping hide them.

    83. Ridick1981

      FB: It's not manipulation if we're doing it.

    84. Mikkel Højbak

      Just a small bump to the video from me. This series needs more exposure and since I can't upvote it again, here's another comment. 👍

    85. Nomadic Dullard

      All the wastebook employees interviewed are under the age of 40 if you ask me.


      This video was very informative. It also reinforced my decision to NOT have a facebook account. Terms like "hate speach" give companies like facebook, twitter, and youtube, too much power to suppress points of view they disagree with. They are judge and jury on what is allowed.

    87. Limb On Legs

      I have learned a few things from the internet: Some people see rules as challenges Contrarians. Some people just want chaos

    88. Nate Robinson

      Good point on making laws to combat the bad guys, but we also need politicians that understand the technogy.

    89. static shock

      Within a religious point of view in politics

    90. On Purpose

      Shadow net, I’m not a robot, check it out

    91. laladieladada

      for someone so into science, how can you believe in a god?

      1. Riding Dirty

        I came here to say exactly that. Critical thinker, Engineer, Christian?!?

    92. Lucas Ulich

      i think this is one of the great youtube series of this era, this is essential information for the modern internet user

    93. Bill Bob

      Tessa is really hot and I’d bot her all day long ....followed up by some fake news about how much she enjoyed it

    94. Pedro Correia

      Not so surprising. Remember the "Radio Télévision Libre des Mille Collines" in Rwanda. It was the main means of fireing hatred towards the tutsi. Facebook, Twitter or SEprom are just louder radios.

    95. YooToobModerator

      Senators should be watching this...

    96. PistonAvatarGuy

      Is there anything more pathetic than people who can't cope with criticism and have to shield themselves from it by censoring speech?

    97. JAKE BRADY

      Awesome video thank you

    98. Richard Budzic

      Facebook deleted my account and destroyed my family photos and my list of friends. Unable to communicate with my doctor through his FB site. They are not letting me set up another account. It feels like 1984 dystopia to me. Why are they allowed to do that to us in a country with constitutional rights and first amendment? :-(

    99. Tim Steinkamp

      Please don't suggest there is security or privacy on the internet. There never has been and never will be. In fact the world is made so there cannot be.

    100. Tim Steinkamp

      Why is this the first time I heard of you and this video? SEprom wants me to watch Fox and I don't because then they give me more Fox and I really don't like Fox but SEprom is Fox, Fox, Fox. I figured Fox was paying YT to encourage me to pick there uploads. It is frustrating how YT puts us into a slim selection of videos. I don't use Facebook.