Why Your Newsfeed Sucks - Smarter Every Day 212

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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      Hey guys... this stuff is pretty serious to me. I want to be able to accurately discern truth in all that I do, so the techniques that Katy taught me here were super helpful. I hope you are able to use them as well. MediaWise has been using the hashtag #IsThisLegit across all social media, so tag them on Insta or Twitter (Where a lot of misinformation happens) and they'll get a team to help you figure it out. Also, the upcoming series I'm doing on Algorithmic Manipulation is going to be a very hardcore look into the inner workings of SEprom, Twitter, and Facebook. I hope you'll subscribe (bit.ly/Subscribe2SED ) and consider watching this 3 part series with me. I've never done a series like this, so I hope you find it to be as fascinating as I have while doing the research. Thank you very much for watching my internets. I'm grateful.

      1. Scott Risvold

        Being a Human Intelligence Collector for 10 years, 2 deployments and years of training course in the Army, the truth is really hard to find sometimes. Sometimes it takes a lot of sifting through tons of information. I don't trust these fact checker websites because they're more often than not a guise for the left and sometimes make some hefty claims. I've also applied all the training I have to my faith in Christ and my spider sensies, have revealed there is too much in Christianity that is factual not to be true, and I'm not just saying that from a biased point of view because in my training I've combed through all the other religions and there's no doubt anymore, at least the natural doubts we all get from time to time. Just having this training has been amazing and I'm able to research better than the average person because I trained in it so many years, not that I'm smart, I'm far from it. Anyone can train and become better at this and anything with repetition. Thanks Destin for all you do, I truly enjoy all your content!

      2. BOT

        CNN has entered the chat after disliking

      3. flatulentdragon

        I really appreciate this video. I am on this point regularly on Facebook to the point where I think I'm annoying people who see my feed, but they keep posting garbage.

      4. Chris Rowland

        Thank You, I have been fact checking and challenging a lot of the article I have seen lately from both sides of the aisle. It is crazy how slanted articles are or how many articles are using generic stock photos

      5. ph 88

        Best way to shift thru BS is by not believing liberals

    2. Thames Computer Consulting, LLC

      Dude, you don't know who Bob Woodward and Carl Berstein are? Haven't you heard of Watergate?

    3. matthew abbott

      the more I watch this channel the more I wonder if we learn enough about this can we manipulate the cci for different financial sectors. would that be classified as insider trading ? as for research if we were to do this over a five year period it would not be hard to setup the google reverse image search to come up with verification for our propaganda therefor fueling the change in cci and stock price. I wonder if this is already happening as a lot of he stock market is truly just based on consumer views. I would think that destabilizing a countries stock market sectors would be more useful than just making chaos on twitter and reddit for extremist views. maybe the extremists are not smart enough and as they become more educated and learn about how the world actually works they start to loose there extremist views. maybe ? or maybe they are doing it and I just don't know about it. all guesses on my behalf

    4. matthew abbott

      you truly are one in a million mate. your channel should be compulsory for all high school students. I studied computing and applied science can code quite a few languages and had no idea of google reverse image search. the title of your channel is very appropriate.

    5. Eddy Dishart

      Great vid..i appreciate what seems to be an intentionally unbiased vid...although i kinda cringed when wapo&npr were referred to as [good] sources...im a liberal so even though im 'on their side', their coverage has become so hyperpartisan, its cultish.

    6. Danny D

      9:33 - but the main stream media outlets do this now too. I’d like an updated version of this video, a part 2, after all the Google legal stuff within the year from this release to now (11/17/2020). I’m feeling like things have changed.

    7. Danny D

      Wait wait, partnered with Google? Google, the people who tell me the AP decided Biden won the election so the discussion should be over?..

    8. Blake Terry

      Why I dont use social media for news, or at all.

    9. beagle8boy

      Have you been living on another planet? YT and ALL social media is completely biased and what you put online is going into your social credit score soon to be instituted by google. As for media wise......no.

    10. datsunpolo

      honestly if you guys are watching this video , it means you are not part of the problem

    11. Jason Coleman

      Whew, speaking as a survivor of 2020 (so far), I wish I could go back in time and share this with a few people pre-covid...

    12. Jay P

      You should have just stayed out of politics dude. When you mentioned Poynter Institute and Google, well CYA.

    13. Hugh Gilchrist

      *cough* CNN *cough*

    14. J Co

      .1 and .3 are part of the problem. .2 is all that matters. It doesn't matter what your track record or qualification, people are prone to mistakes ... even worse, people have agendas. It doesn't matter how many truthful articles you write, you can always write a biased nonfactual one, mistakenly or intentionally. At the same time it doesn't matter how many biased and false articles you write, you can write a truthful one. All that matters are the facts: If you publish/share something that's true, nothing else matters - the information is correct. If you publish something false, nothing else matters - the information is incorrect. At the point where you bring in any other quality apart from facts or evidence... or a qualifying argument based on the evidence, your information becomes propaganda. .3 may at least sometimes be a method to corroborate the facts, if another news article has some source that agrees with yours... this simply translates to .2 .1 is useless and irrelevant.

    15. Martti Suomivuori

      The real problem is that activists have taken over the jobs of journalists. Everybody has something to force down your throat. Nobody takes pride in good research and clear representation any longer. It is about winning an argument.

    16. J Loren

      here is a place to get the real truth and its supported by the biggest controller of news......... uh uh. Try skepticism, folks. It won't let you down and doesn't profit off of your adherence or non.

    17. Jørgen Christensen

      I love this video! Have watched it more times than I would have expected when i fist clicked on it.

    18. jcsrst

      I am sorry but 1/10th of 1 percent of people are going to go to this much effort to find the truth. This is why we have an information/truth problem. Most people don't even have a concept that what they're reading might not be true.

    19. Noah C

      CNN is fake news

    20. JovazPulse

      Sure I’m late to your videos but better late than never. 1. Am I the only one who notices that rocket moving above his head. Curious to know what that is lol. 2. How do I know you’re a trusted source. Maybe you’re an alien who took over Destins (apologies if name misspelled) body. I mean you did make that rocket move with your brain waves🤔

    21. Aaron James

      "Where's the evidence?" Is the best question. The internet has opinions without fact and even fact with opinion. When I read, I want information delivered as black and white - not what the writer thinks, but what the evidence shows.

    22. aBucketOfPuppies

      Google just removed the reverse image search feature from Google Chrome. What ever happened to Don't Be Evil?

    23. Jari

      Looks more like " you should not belive anything that comes out of worlds biggest countries since they are big for a reason .REALLY

    24. WRHobba

      "reputable sources" also skip this verify step and also need to be fact checked

    25. WRHobba

      skepticism™ *does not include skepticism from CNN, MSNBC, ABC, FOX, New York Times or Washington Post

    26. Steve Tonnesen

      I have zero confidence in the poynter institute as they have a very visible and long standing left bias, as does their newspaper here in Florida. That the woman here believes the washington post to be a reliable source is hilarious as well.

    27. Glen Waldrop

      The issue at hand is journalists are supposed to be objective, have multiple sources and relay the facts, just the facts. What happens is they lie through their teeth for ratings. There are no reputable sources any more. No one is above question. Any protections and benefits given to journalists need to be revoked the instant one of their stories has been proven factually incorrect and that they knew that when they published the story. That alone would correct the issue in a matter of months and the journalistic landscape would be fundamentally different at the end of the year.

    28. Cédric S

      How will you be able to fight the evergrowing new users that are totally unaware of factchecking.. since almost anybody can give their opinion online, the system is set to fail 100%.. there will not be any solution, it's either misinformation by users or misinformation by a totalitarian system..

    29. Cédric S

      Love how that instagram is called 'justfactspage' 🤨

    30. Gary Green

      It's all propaganda.

    31. steijn vanb

      or just assume its fake unless you can prove it with common sense. Everyone has an agenda, even yourself.

    32. Love Trump

      So, you think I should use Google and SXSW to determine FACT??? Come on....what a joke. I like your SED normally, but I think you should stick to science as much as possible and not try to inject your own personal bias to you followers. When she says WAPO and NPR are both a 'good sign' and you can verify with them....I know nobody can trust this person!

    33. JT Smith

      This is such an important concept that a lot of people haven't grasped. It holds true for media stories as well, even on your favorite news site that seems reputable. They often jump to be first at a story, or write sensational headlines, or use quotes from popular figures in place of data and evidence. It's important to ask the question "what is the evidence" with even the media stories, and find the actual root piece of data to take in.

    34. The Bhut

      There are internet/media corp entities though whose approach to disinformation is not binary (true/false) rather e.g. They will present 5 items A. Well known True fact, B. Fairly Well known True fact, C. An Uncommonly known True fact, D. Propaganda Falsehood/Emotionally based ideology Non-Fact Presented As Fact , E. Well known True fact. The pattern is insidious even evil. TL:DR there is not easy way to discern true from false without constant vigilance. Funnier still you can find a great example of this on TRU TV, the show Adam Ruins Everything. This is just one example though.

    35. Alex Lloyd

      Bag school

    36. Adam Park

      @7:35 "Muddy Waters" ... Reminded me of the "The China Hustle" documentary..

    37. UTArch1

      In many of your videos on SEprom you are sitting in a room with a map of the world in the background on the wall. In the upper right hand corner of that map is some sort of electronic device with green, blue and red flashing lights on its face. What is that device and what is it doing? And more importantly, how can I see your answer to this question?

    38. John Dalzell

      She must not work for CNN.

    39. Mary Lagua

      Thanks for sharing Destin.

    40. David Heinrich

      This is really great Destin, I'm definitely showing my children this! Thank you for revealing this for us

    41. MyImaginationsUK

      This should be taught in schools!

    42. Philip Martin

      Sorry, but Google and all of the others are part of the problem. They all lie. Only the elect( true Christians) will not be deceived.

    43. malhar pendse

      what is the thing at upright corner

    44. Clark Magnuson

      She likes WaPo and NPR? They are anti Trump hit piece generators. They push the "Fine People Hoax" and the "Drink Bleach Hoax" Any real journalist gets to the bottom of hoaxes.

    45. Jordan

      The majority of liberal media is exactly like this. Agenda based headlines

    46. maxcyaneye

      I'm not subscribed to any news feed I just take my information from memes and 10 other channels including you

    47. Brendan Hayes

      Thank you for being neutral!

    48. DOT ROT

      There is no truth in media. Most of us live in the dark without facts. Even the "so called, fact checkers" are total BS. All it takes is one lie for a trusted journalist.

    49. Andy M

      Dustin, if an organization is supported by google, it can not be trusted as being reliable. They are the worst manipulators out there.

    50. jesmarina

      A good start is tax-funded news-outlets. In other words, a news-cooperation that is NOT relying on commercial funding by advertisement or anything like that. It is by no means a guarantee, but it's a start. In Denmark we have a national TV/Radio-station; "DR", that, in my opinion, is the closest one can get to a non-biased news-outlet. just my two cents....

    51. O3Chaos

      So, your mediawise is supported by Google, which censors content all the damned time, controls search results to push their agenda, etc. The organization you're touting is left biased and fact checks in a way to support their political bias, just like snopes and factcheck. Just look at their coverage of the actual doctors talking about their actual experience in treating actual xiping-19 patients with hydroxycloraquine. They call it debunked and disinformation focusing on one doctor who said it was a "cure". Well, BS, the original study that said the drug didn't work used flawed data and was retracted. New studies show it IS effective. Every source they mention in their "fact checking" are leftist propaganda shills...New York Times, Associated Press, USA Today, CNN, Washington Post, etc. Look at their article about Trump's delay the election tweet. They say it may hide an ulterior motive of providing a basis to reject the results of the election. This is just BS conspiracy theory mongering. No evidence for it at all. This is just the current leftist talking point to substantiate losing the damned election because Biden is literally declining from dementia in front of the national eye. And you want to talk to Twitter and Facebook censors? They are notorious for censoring to push their political agenda and silencing people who post contradictions of such trustworthy information sources as the World Health Organization, the Chinese governement, the DNC. I just lost all respect for you and you lost a subscriber. Guess you need to work a little harder on getting to "truth" and examine the bias of the fact checkers you use. I like most of your videos but you should probably stick to engineering.

    52. D Swan

      This is the defining problem of the information age. Can you revisit this series? This is not talked about enough. What about the responsibility social media companies have in protecting people from misinformation?

    53. KG7TUO

      OMG BINGO YOU WIN THE INTERNET FOR THE DAY It's ALL about publishing first and getting the clicks which equate to advertising dollars.

    54. FlightSimDev

      Sounds like you read something written by a flat earther he he.

    55. Professor 254

      Twitter = fake, doctored videos and lies.

    56. Ehsan Ardestani

      Thanks for the video! Being able to tell fact from fiction in online sphere is a must have skill that everyone need to have in the age of internet and social media.

    57. Keith Peters

      Stop sharing. Easy.

    58. Mike Kain

      Thank you, I would have shared this, but I couldn’t verify you😝

    59. Devin Lefebvre

      Keep up the good work

    60. Dave Teeter

      Thank you for addressing this issues. I did not even know how to ask this but I am horrible and seeing the garbage in the internet!

    61. Robert Hamdy

      Shared! If everyone followed this advice, the world would suck alot less.

    62. Rick Willson

      I would love to see you do an episode on how google manipulates search results to display news and media sources at the very top that are in alignment with their views. It’s interesting that when you searched that picture it was Washington post first, then npr, then I would venture to guess next would be cnn, then nbc, then msnbc, etc. I personally started noticing this during the 2016 campaign where you would have to click through close to 5 pages of results in order to get anything that was right leaning in political views. Which actually skews the results of our decision making process to one side or the other. If we see enough results of the main stream media singing the same toon then how can we honestly make any real decisions for ourselves as to what is real and what is fake?

    63. G-Misc 59

      Like the mass media reports of WMD...LOL...didn't Snowden show a document purporting that many senior Media figures worked for the CIA...and then there is the Russian/Chinese media...best manipulator of the TRUTH for their own purpose wins...nothing new here folks.

    64. rmog2133

      I truly believe in freedom of speech. Foundation of Freedom. That said; those reporting "news" have an obligation to report actual news; facts that are irrefutably true. "News" has been turned into a business, and as money is the catalyst of business monetary damages for those reporting "news" that is false because of negligent due diligence, or other measures, should be punitively damaged and even criminally damaged (think yelling "FIRE" in a theater). Opinion pieces and talking head pieces need to be MAJORLY flagged as such so that the casual observer will know, "hey, this isn't the actual news but someone's opinions."

    65. Betty Schueler

      Unfortunately, we can't even believe mainstream media sources. I've seen videos, presented by one network, be altered by another network, to support their narrative. This seems to happen fairly often between CNN, MSNBC, and Fox networks. The sad fact is, we really can't trust any news media to present the unvarnished truth about a story or about what another network is saying about a story. And apparently anything goes on social media so it is a terrible source for accurate news.

    66. MyCreativeBox.com

      You are smart guy; Thanks God ;), remember 9/11 ? I would like you to just think about it once..

    67. Kari G

      The other thing I notice about what's happening today on the internet is that nobody lets anyone else talk. Nobody actually listens to the other side. No one knows how to communicate to effect change. I say everyone coming out of high school needs to be required to read Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People. They will get nowhere if all they do is yell and yell and yell and yell and not listen as someone else is yelling and yelling and yelling. We've lost the art of constructive conversation. What do you want to happen and how do I get others to go my way? Ask yourself that question and think is what I'm doing accomplishing my goal? If not, why? Then read the book I've mentioned and you'll see why we're all angry and yelling and burning things and nothing changes. Communication. Just like tantrums didn't work as a child (in my house anyway) it won't work to change people's views. Take some time and study Martin Luther King Jr. He was a good communicator. He listened as much as he spoke. I'm not talking race here, just change in general. You want to make a positive change in this world? Learn to communicate effectively. Read about it. Study. And quit yelling so much. People shut down when being yelled at.

    68. Sinkata

      omg you said wow when you saw the Google image reverse search.

      1. Clark Magnuson

        I drag any image from desktop to text area in gmail. Send the email. Look at that email in the sent section. Right click on the image. Once can often find the pic before photoshopping, or find an old copy from some remote country.

    69. a a

      Hey there Dustin. I saw this argument online about the issues with the racism going on. After reading it a bit i thought of this playlist and shared it with the group. It really seemed to help some of the people see a different out look on the topics. Thank you so much, you have been such an inspiration to me in my life. I hope you and your family are doing well. Stay safe. Love ya man!

    70. cwvowel

      Resharing this again. Misinformation is rearing it's evil head a lot recently and I need to remind people of what's going on.

    71. Jdx Smith

      Tech companies have an obvious leftist bias. Whoever controls the information controls the narrative.

    72. P A U L F R O C C H I

      Katy is a superstar! Thankyou Dustin.

    73. bigbenisdaman

      Mainstream news media is the main problem as we're seeing a LOT lately.

    74. Alex Landherr

      I don’t get what most people call news from social media, my news intake comes from public service and well-researched articles in newspapers. My news on social media is overwhelmingly from scientific publications and space agencies. This is a very serious issue though, that’s why I appreciate that I got to learn in high school journalistic principles like investigating the origins of a claim and thinking about how to evaluate and assess it. Thank you Destin for making this.

    75. Adrian Kohann

      I wish there was a little more info on Number 2. Many would say that the Washington Post itself is corrupt and spreads misinformation. I personally disagree and respect the WP, but the question still remains. How does someone new to politics know what sources are reputable?

    76. Jack Ham

      excellent video. Will definitely use this # isthislegit in the future. I too go to both sides of the argument to figure out the truth, I guess I need to adjust my method

    77. Forgiven Because Of Grace

      I'm surprised that he reccomends using google

    78. Bruce Wagner

      Just subscribed a few minutes ago to this channel... I'm excited that you are "feeling things"... but you partnered with Google... nuff said, unsubscribing.

    79. L.L.

      Anything promoted by Google is at least" Left Wing biased", if not full on liberal propaganda. Mediawise is an arm of the Pointer Institute, which is a solid left wing propaganda organization that uses nothing but left leaning sources to check the legitimacy of any article. I like Destin, but I wish he could resist the political maneuvering of his sponsors.

    80. dumbcreaknuller

      do you believe there is such a thing as a honest source of infomation that is clean from agendas and motives of modify public consent? i doubt it.

    81. Heather Freeman

      This is serious now more than ever. Coming back to this to ground myself and remind me that as many are posting for Black Lives Matter- misinformation can be detrimental. Hoping that this video is pushed more as a reminder that we all take a critical look as we post images/events/reports as protests continue. We need to fight our racially-biased, corrupt systems, by pushing TRUTH.

    82. helliviknow

      This should be developed into a required module in social studies classes everywhere. The next generation can be much less useless than we!

    83. NetZeroStrategies

      A primary reason your news feed sucks in that it is polluted with Disinformation (pushed onto the internet by bad actors) & Misinformation (That which is spread “Posted/Re-Tweeted” by the unknowing participant in the process. Unfortunately for that person, they are defined as the” Useful Idiot” in the Disinformation Playbook and are one of the four corners of "Disinformation Campaigns", (as perfected by the KGB and currently deployed to the world by the Russian Internet Research Agency IRA), amongst others... Some of the smartest people I know have been manipulated by this process; Unfortunately, many highly in intelligent people are also very myopic (probably exactly because of their ability to narrowly focus), which makes them highly susceptible to being manipulated with confirmation feedback loops. Facebook is THE GREATEST IDIOT COLLECTION SERVICE IN HUMAN HISTORY & Twitter is the GREATEST CONNECTOR OF USEFUL IDIOTS IN HUMAN HISTORY... Facebook has taken, the formerly obscure process of Psycho-graphic Profiling, perfected it and is currently selling target groups to the highest bidder, often to manipulate the masses and create divisiveness in our societies. The end-game is to deteriorate our democracy, people should not underestimate the vindictiveness of these bad actors. FB & Twitter serve up the "Useful Idiot" to a customer who is often being paid execute a “Disinformation Campaign” to manipulate the tens of millions of "Useful Idiots" in the US and around the globe... One of Twitters many utilities, and increasingly it’s primary utility, is a network for collection “Useful Idiots” in the dissemination of Disinformation campaigns. Twitter allows Useful Idiots to connect (“Follow”) other Useful Idiots on a semi-permanent basis. The puppet masters behind these campaigns use Twitter followers, most often unknowingly, to do their bidding in the conduct of Disinformation Campaigns.

    84. Kenneth Welch

      Any entity mixing with Google is left

    85. {AWG}Darkbolt

      Google Destin really? the same google that manipulates algorithms and openly admits to trying to influence the 2020 elections? that same google? and by the way whome does this "reporter" write for? this is a valid question considering that fake news is mostly left wing outlets not all but most and that is a fact. I can point out MANY samples of this, I personally have caught google/youtube shadow banning conservatives proven fact! i have personally experienced this and some of the videos i watch are black screen and or very low audio and or 1 or 2 seconds long after one day of being posted. I have found bias in their spell check for god sakes! Destin/all of you try this simple thing and you will see that even the spell check is rigged on here/bias. Type both "trump" and "clinton" in the comment (don't post it) now look what spell check does! a red line will appear under "clinton" right clicking this will spell correct and capitalize "Clinton" now look at "trump" no spell check not a peep from it! what is the point you may ask? Well this is an indication of bias and superficial animus towards one individual versus another! Trump (i had to add the capitol T) was/is right! everything is rigged for hillary and the DNC. This is just one of many types of things you can notice if your looking.

    86. Bob Keeler

      Here is a FACT I discovered that may be important to some people who are considering using Mediawise. Mediawise is funded by Google (youtube), Facebook. This is stated on their website.

    87. The Chameleon

      Thanks for the effort here. Verifying the source is crucial. I find that checking for your own biases is just as important.

    88. Kyokki Go

      I just want to say THANK YOU !

    89. Emye Hamidi

      I have to tell you this. Your concept is explained by a man 1400 plus years ago. Called "tabayyun." And if I have to go to the root, in context of this video, google is the root, google also have own agenda, how can we believe that what they said was true. Google can also be a "doctor image" to right now. I believe they have somekind of alghorytm to display certain information for certain people to set that people minds. We need to check our (assumed) fact.

    90. david dion

      I did some checking re: MediaWise. I found that some of their MediaWise Ambassadors are known for biased reporting. Makes me very skeptical about the MediaWise site being a legit source for unbiased information.

      1. JT Smith

        It's kind of like Snopes. They are fantastic when talking about actual fake images, myths, and hoaxes. But as soon as politics is involved, it's like they turn into an opinion column. No evidence is anywhere to be seen, and their ratings become completely arbitrary. Anybody else notice that?

      2. Joe Deering

        Care to cite your sources?

      3. Ray X

        and and google are clearly leaning left

      4. Sidhant Tomar

        Well, the three step process is universally useful.

      5. Bob Keeler

        I discovered this as well

    91. PhilosophyVajda

      Destin: "So, you would not retweet that yet?" Katie: "No." ::looks surprised this was a serious question:: ... Me: "She's a pro."

    92. Dennis Bauer

      Forgot, check dates? say after me, check dates, lol.

    93. Dennis Bauer

      Feeding the beast, how true, so if you want to tell the truth just stick to the facts, dont manipulate or exaggerate the facts, if facts, even though they are facts, are presented to gain a better, there fore false impression, is then not fact any more. These days its as bad as non factual stuff, yes feeding the beast. Wonderful saying. Or in Australia its called Spin, but very hare to recognise.

    94. asdreww

      Problem is, the fact checkers, the organisations like Mediawise, they are inherently biased themselves. If you only consume pure facts from peer-reviewed sources (& even then there are issues e.g. the arguments supporting/opposing various factors relating to climate change are absolutely not treated equally) OR you seek out known bias sources from both extremes & form an opinion somewhere in the middle, then you are doing about as well as you can do.

    95. A DH

      A lot of what Katy talks about is reputation (sources, OP, what other reputable sources say). Somehow I feel that that is not a proper way to assess information. Reputable media sources regularly slant the news in one way or another. Reputation is nothing to go by.

    96. Bradley Shields

      This is exactly what I needed. Ive always been skeptical of what Ive seen on the internet and always took it with a grain of salt but never truly knew how to verify or discredit the stuff I had been seeing. Thank you!

    97. Don Eagle

      can anyone tell me what the subject matter was, of the deleted video in this playlist?

    98. Seif Eddine

      Well actually for me as much as it is challenging to decern the truth its harder to convince people to fact check the info that they are charing. Its like the intrest of getting more likes and comments exceeded the want to share something true for a certain number of people. As much as it is important to learn the skills that allow us to fact check it is also important to remind the people the interest of it and the risks of not being aware. In this hard time specifically.

    99. stewartfrye

      Sorry, but please define reputable source, "Weapons of mass destruction" please list all the reputable organizations that did not report that news story. So who is reputable,, NO ONE

    100. Nehmo Sergheyev

      The New York Times, The Washington Post, and NPR are all sources that clearly promote the war machine and the Democratic party. Anything they say is suspect - unless it's about a neutral subject, like knitting or something.