Will a ROCKET POWERED SAW cut wood? - Smarter Every Day 210

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    1. Lester Walit

      *DANJUR* Now put that on a shirt.

    2. Shawn Strode

      Actually with parallel rails and enough down pressure you might cut. Start with softer material and work up from there. The type of blade and speed are the limiting factors. A high energy beam and pushing the material with a rocket could be easier.

    3. Kyle Mozisek

      Ah yes the day the true bama boy came out of destin 😂😂

    4. Fortnite4real -

      I can’t tell why this is illegal but I know it is

    5. Octoschizare

      Was anyone actually expecting this to work? The rate-limiting step in sawing with a circular saw is not at all how fast you push the saw linearly through the wood. If they could get the blade itself to rotate faster (rockets attached to augment the spinning blade perhaps?), then maybe you can increase the maximum cutting rate, which allows the saw to be effectively pushed faster. The cutting rate is also a function of the properties of the wood, and the width of the blade, the sharpness of the blade, the material properties of the blade, etc.

    6. eddie Dahlgren

      The blade is backwards!

    7. Mary Lagua

      It was full of laughter.

    8. Logan Swepston

      Me: ok gotta go to sleep My brain: i wonder what would happen if you slaped rockets on a saw

    9. Alastair Dent

      What had you done to that cat to make it so p!ssed off with you? I'm disappointed, btw. I was looking forward to a saw turned by rockets.

    10. Sean Strydom

      This is why woman live longer than men :-)

    11. Legend of the master Sword

      This is what happens when you leave Three dudes alone

    12. Crazy Nerd Inventor

      Her: he is probably cheating right now. Me and the boys:

    13. Christian Rivera

      2:50 is the perfect amount of happiness, “danjur”and excitement😂😂

    14. Just A Normal -YT Channel

      I love it when smart people doing stupid And dangerous thing like this

    15. Dood Drones

      Was I the only one expecting the saw blade to be powered by rockets?

    16. C- HAZE

      did somebody hear a phone ring?

    17. Omni1012

      D A N J U R

    18. auto_chris420

      And back yard Scientist is good with rocket knife

    19. auto_chris420

      No downforce do it on rails sold in place

    20. Trayton Roberts

      This is the best thing ever lol I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL.

    21. ar_ krrish


    22. Borys Wojnarowski

      You spelled danger wrong 1:20

    23. time space

      was it so hard to predict how the saw would react, the title and the image seemed attractive but after skipping right to the middle and watching 2 seconds of you experience, i feel sad and im not entirely sure why. plz youtube keep those vids for others.

    24. XPNDBLhero

      The giggling the whole time had me LMAO every time he did.... LMMFAO 🤣🤣🤣

    25. Mao man

      I wonder how Casper feels about sponsoring this video lmao

    26. Cody Smith

      Why was danger spelled danjur on the cup!?!

    27. Funday

      the blade in the saw is facing the wrong way not so smart there XD

    28. Steven Kostamo

      I guess the blade will bend very shortly after impact, and the saw will either bounce up, or get jammed into the 4x4 post.

    29. chris bruni

      Imagine how much cooler this would be a little stoned 😎

    30. Spicy Trash Panda

      Destin needs to stop giving Dr. Bright more ideas.

    31. CurzenGT

      Uno reverse card

    32. Ragna Rok

      Cutting of wood needs balance of forces to hold the saw against the wood. It is not a rocket science, even iron age carpenters knows that.

    33. Sleven Bates

      Definitely should try this again on a stable track that will keep the saw from bouncing off the wood. And more rockets. Definitely more rockets

    34. Philip Shirk

      This is a rocket PROPELLED saw, not a rocket powered saw.

    35. Gouneo Kipgen

      Look at all those.....giggles!!

    36. Ukshaan Dumasia

      2:51 thank me later

    37. Jordan Hershberg

      I’m a little late but... Everyone: OMG SAW THING SO SCARY Destin: Danjur

    38. Mary Lagua

      Aren’t you supposed to come?

    39. Kieran Grant

      The only thing that's changed in twelve years is this man's budget.

    40. NeoraxHD

      This why Women lives longer then Men....

    41. Haimerej K

      MR. BRIGHT!!!

    42. David Heinrich

      So good, you need a couple more of these ones Destin :-)

    43. Drops2cents

      6:32 "You're still here, which means you understand." Yes, Destin. I think we understand perfectly that you should have been invited as a guest on some episodes of the Mythbusters series. Because you'd have done great.

    44. Zoe Hartsock

      You had me at the cackle

    45. TBoy205


    46. beartastic

      Not sure I got smarter today; best watch another of your videos to make sure...

    47. Ben Cushwa

      "Quick, get the GoPro before it catches on fire!" - sure sign of quality SEprom content.

    48. a person on the internet


    49. Patrick Doolan

      How does cold affect a newtonian fluid.

    50. Robert Jeffers

      The... uh... innovation that is birthed from a bunch of fellas and "hey, I got an idea." 💥

    51. Eversor

      Just a disaster is my guess... thank you for giggling like Ron Swanson throughout this

    52. Mr. Fen

      Dr. Bright, I presume?

    53. Maxx Arciniega

      5:05 to prince rupert “come here” prince rupert “i dont wanna” like if you hear it

    54. T C

      "Just Because You Can, Doesn't Mean You Should" -- Dr. Ian Malcolm, 1993

    55. Sul Man

      Love how the video is just pure testosterone-y tomfoolery and then hard cuts at 4:55 to "AWW CHONKERS"

    56. David Sanders

      Looks to me the trigger stopped working and it's exactly what I pictured happening...but I'm a carpenter by trade.

    57. Bob Robertson

      Well,this was not scientific at all. Any bozo would know this dumb event would not work. Argh!! 2 minutes of my life lost for good😵😞😳😜😄

    58. drjoe71

      for someone reason i read the video title as "Will a POCKET POWERED SAW cut wood?"

    59. Tom Davis

      Pre accident guess- chunk into the wood and kick back because the speed of the blade isn’t high enough compared to the speed of the intersecting wood to saw. Which will halt the blade momentarily.. Based on my experience of rushing a cut before, lol

    60. admiralcapn

      2:16 - CC's should say "maniacal laughter"

    61. Micke Andersson

      when you hear destins hysterical laugh you know its going to be something crazy lol

    62. Jazz Muncher

      "Who needs drugs when you can do something like this" Me watching this fried: *( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) hannah montana - best of both worlds plays in background*

    63. Bryan Ross

      Why did you send it backwards? Of course it going to bounce off

    64. DrRighteous

      OK, I've gotten used to Destin saying some awesome stuff, but "this is a rocket saw" is probably the most awesome 😁😁

    65. Kyle Collins

      Welcome back to deadiler every day, today we're going to show you why you should put brakes on your guilitone, with a human demonstration

    66. Shelby Copeland

      Alabama he is kinda close I’m in south ga

    67. Penguin

      You should do this but use steel cables so the rocket actually hits the wood on point

    68. Lemon juice in the eye

      That cat did NOT want to be in the Casper Mattress plug.

    69. Lemon juice in the eye

      Elon Musk: Wait, I can make that work.

    70. John Tomik

      edit out all the empty beer cans, thanks

    71. August Burns Red

      The amount of cuts to different camera angles is becoming disorientating, chill out disney

    72. Jaremy Roberson

      Can we put Dustin in the danger cup?

    73. Yora

      But does this event go into "normal" or "dangerous" category for training the computer?

    74. I'm old Old

      But what if you put the blade backwards? Would it pull the blade in slightly?

    75. Joseph Reneer

      I think you’ve developed into one of my science heroes like Mark! Thank you for all your work!

    76. Ju M

      Awww man. You totally ruined my childhood fantasies of replicating Speed Racer's front spinning saws and driving through a thick, heavy forest without hitting the brakes. Well, maybe I can still work on those telescoping jack stands to help the car jump amazing distances!

    77. Mark Robinson

      Told ya

    78. Mark Robinson

      Chef again jam

    79. Joshua Mcclain

      Hearing those bugs brings back memories from living in arkansas lol

    80. William Guan

      Destin: Smart enough to make and think of anything Also Destin: Can't spell Danger properly What he spells: DanJUR 0:41

    81. Ethan Quinn

      What about using something more Ridgid like a metal pipe rather than a wire/line to keep the rocket saw in place.

    82. 1985 Kx

      Only in Alabama

    83. Zaudi700X

      How to spell dangerous correctly: Danjur. Now that’s smart

    84. avrumi solaimani

      i saw the title i think you’ve gone from smarter every day to dumber every day

    85. MonkeyJedi99

      This is such a "Hey y'all, watch this!" moment.

    86. mightaymouse

      "The amount of ~squishh~"

    87. Dustin Allen

      5:08 creepiest laugh ever

    88. exrezcnm

      The only thing missing from your video is “hold my beer and watch this“

    89. siddhesh thakare

      0:57 i think the spelling of dangerous is incorrect

    90. markross56

      You call yourself smarter every day and my IQ dropped 10 points watching this. SMH

    91. Wolf Elkan

      Cicadas ❤️

    92. OPCP

      Best part of this video was the cat

    93. julius speelt

      Because there is no warning not to do this at home guess what i wil do

    94. Jonathan Kipps

      Why did the saw come to a stop when it hit the wood? The blade stopped, and before the saw left the camera view, the blade actually rocked backwards a little. It was not embedded in the wood, so it should have still been propelled by the motor. It appears that something, either a safety feature or a glitch, cut the saw off when it impacted the wood.

    95. rsv13

      Nope. Now I'm out. For good.

    96. 9mm Berreta

      Bucking fullshit

    97. Creeper Craft

      Ur still here Wich means u understand

    98. Creeper Craft

      Colinfurz wants to know ur location

    99. Creeper Craft


    100. Creeper Craft