World's Longest Home Run (The "Mad Batter" Machine) - Smarter Every Day 230

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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      Happy New Year! There's a lot more to explore here. For example, the coefficient of restitution! If you work for the MLB and would consider letting me in on some baseball science I'd be game. P.S. Besides the obvious answer of Cal Ripken Jr., who was your favorite baseball player as a kid? Also, thank you to everyone who supports Smarter Every Day on Patreon. I really appreciate it.

      1. spongeo

        not so happy

      2. Faith returns

        Why would I download Skunk Works when I saw it when it was first aired? Young people can be idiots sometimes

      3. Даниил Фирсов

        4:20 pure joy of his creation

      4. Razelle Lladones-Mones

        i learned so much things to you!

      5. Drawster

        9th of this week is 7th or so if there were a

    2. Hunter592

      Oh cool a new torture device

    3. Andres Aguirre

      I just blincked at the thumbnail lol

    4. Jordy Gonzalez

      Use the baseball cannon on the mad batter!!!!!

    5. Richard King

      Dumber every day!

    6. Antonio Caire

      it would be so awesome if you guys could fly something with a mecanism like that

    7. Darius Roston

      Mad Batter vs Supersonic Baseball Cannon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. Bear White

      need to change the title not the longest homerun it was longest hit baseball, to be a homerun you would have to be in a game, and this machine could easily be stuck out. cool video but lets be real here. not a home run

    9. AJ Griff

      Pitched a high school game against friends from county I used to live in. Their slugger in sixth grade couldn’t hit the high outside fastball. He could six years later. It went over the right field fence, over the football stands, over a 9 lane track, across the football field and hit the bench on the visitors sideline. My best guess is 450’-460’. I caught myself watching that one go. It was pretty awesome. Ps we won the game so it’s ok.

    10. Z_A_Y_N_O_S

      You know it’s fast when it’s starts sounding like a helicopter.

    11. Tony Martinez

      So it is a waste of time what you're doing. As you litterally using another way of saying it yourself.

    12. faasd fer

      Thats like serving a ball to a helicopter main rotors. Glad those bats did not take off hahaha

    13. Дно YouTyba

      я думал ща взлетит как вертолёт

    14. Critical one Praatik

      I was here for the bat to fly like a helicopter 😂

    15. • MegaShades

      13:12 that POP🤪sound!🤣 Like a cork off a Champagne bottle!

    16. Andrew Fatu-Codreanu


    17. Blue Nile

      1:05 I can see 2011 champions on the white sign. 4k is awesome.

    18. Robotic_Llama

      I want to see the collab between this and the 1000 mph pitching machine?

    19. Duck

      Now, just replace the bats with Helicopter blades.

    20. Zele_Gavin

      You better watch out... that's about to take flight

    21. DesertEagleV

      So if we find baseball on the moon we know who to call.

    22. Brooks Gonzalez

      Would you have been protected if the ball would have hit the wood shield? I'm glad nothing happen, but that ball was way too fast.

    23. crazypolite

      Watching you duck frame by frame has me DYING 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆😆

    24. Aditya Gaur

      Where is SLOW MO of LAST SHOT!!!!!!!!!!

    25. Даниил Фирсов

      8:50 when you and your friends get away with something you shouldn’t have

    26. Lucid Cayden

      I wonder if the bats could fly a helicopter

    27. Joseph Stalin


    28. Sean Kennedy

      Call of duty “Warzone” is proud to announce a update coming soon featuring the... Baseball Helicopter! This update will also include the baseball grenade launcher.(and this comment is only meant for fun)

    29. Will D'Andrea Fonseca

      Could you also provide the lengths in International System of Units? =]

    30. Randall Ruel


    31. Robert Gammett

      When it takes a machine to break a man set record, you know you're an animal

    32. Federico Riggio


    33. Robert Wolfstream

      Dude please please please protect yourself better your a national treasure please be more careful

    34. Brett Ottersberg

      that happened to my marucci

    35. ruhail khan

      12:43 for what we are here.

      1. Frosty Brawl stars

        @Alex Whitehouse fr bro

      2. Alex Whitehouse

        You're a good person.

      3. Frosty Brawl stars

        Thank you

    36. Brian Baskerville

      Lets see the mad batter vs the supersonic pitch

    37. Viacheslav Sokolovsky

      You really risked your lives, guys!

    38. Phillip Greene

      i love how slow capture just shows you how worthless your reaction time is lol.

    39. Vesquility

      That’s not a bat, that’s a helicopter

    40. anonymous fairy drones

      (0:07) *le helicopter*

    41. Ed Mondo

      Smarter every day! Can you please fire a 1000mph baseball into this bat machine

    42. LARRY999 Y


    43. Swat_Croix

      Different sport but same problems 😂

    44. Goose

      This thing bout to take off

    45. trace greener

      i think this is a war crime

    46. Erdog

      I just saw the 1000 mph baseball Video. You have a Subscribe!

    47. ZorroFox 2996

      Would love to see them do one with solid aluminum baseball bats

    48. M

      Dude if you record a video you have to have good internet like literally the stick started lagging during the recording

    49. Jamhiro Lawas

      LMAOOO i thought it went over the mountain

    50. satya prakash

      Not a fan of this kind of videos but i like baseball that's why I started watching it... And I liked it...Appreciate your hard work..Thanks 😇😇😇

    51. mr aamer


    52. Kudzai Chiureki

      You should do the supersonic baseball vs the madbatter machine also I love your video's

    53. drop it like a hell cat

      if the spinner broke off it would be a heli

    54. Mastersaurus Rex

      13:10 Me when I hear that I have to go to school.

    55. Mastersaurus Rex

      3:56 When a Helicopter takes off.

    56. Роман Букин

      Беесбол конечно говно, но вот то что вы делаете как инженеры это круто!

    57. James Kan

      You are not able to run the machine like this fast, it must break if running too fast or running for a while the stick cannot maintain.

    58. Mr.Useless

      If it wasn’t secured I bet it would take off

    59. Kacper Zaręba

      Her: I'm sure he cheast one me. Him: Playing baseball with helicopter

    60. s m

      Goku is like that machines child's play.

    61. Earnest E Terry Terry

      My dad always told me the world. But at least you have common sense. Think about that for a minute. Maybe some things you guys shouldn't build.

    62. Nia Rice

      You should do the mad batter vs super sonic baseball pitcher

    63. cyssu

      no joke, this could be an apocalypse weapon

    64. don't doit

      You know it's going fast when it starts to shift the space time around it. 0:15

    65. immortal scurds


    66. Jona V

      That ball at 13:10 really blasted off like Team Rocket

    67. IbragimMars

      Привет из России. Опасные эксперименты! Хорошо, что решётку поставили!

    68. Mr. bman 1234

      Now do this with the supersonic baseball

    69. wolf Melody

      Am suprised the box didnt decide to bale on them and fly

    70. Keith Knight

      that was the sweetest sounding hit ever! congratulations!

    71. amanda c.

      I was there and I still couldn't wait to watch the results and hear that amazing sound again. This was just so awesome!

      1. Zopiloterix

        Wtf jaja

    72. Roblox gamer 200


    73. vsceglio 1013

      15:13 reminds me of the teachers calling out names who dident turn in work.

      1. Siberus

        stolen comment

    74. Rains Illusion

      How did you track that in the air?

    75. Death On Two Legs

      You're gonna have to put in extra engineering in place of the steroids.

    76. Mukundan Gopalachary

      What happens if a man stand near it when it was rotating😱

    77. Jack Ford

      I was there and I still couldn't wait to watch the results and hear that amazing sound again. This was just so awesome!

    78. Joseph Kaiana Lincoln

      *creates bat helicopter rotor*

    79. Xavier Vulpine

      Imagine one of the bats coming off and hitting someone in the face *that's alotta damage*

    80. Alexander Storey

      Starts at 5:50

    81. FxKrOo01 aLlIi


    82. xxFlappjacksxx

      On recommended for some reason. 13:35 if any one is curious. Have a good day!

    83. Xavier Sardinas

      This was nice and informative thank you lol

    84. Just Pidead

      remake this with 1000mph baseball machine!!!

    85. Moist _

      I was actually scared and flinched

    86. James Yap

      5:57 I heard Joker laughing.

    87. Yeet Yeet

      You should do it against the 1000 mph baseball

    88. velociraptor riding a wildshark

      my brain is telling me to want that bat swat my knee caps

    89. gsilva220

      If you rotate the bats on their length, you'll have lift.

    90. Botond Sipos

      So officially you set a new world record of disctance of throwing a bat...

    91. Admiral Piett

      At first I thought it was gonna start flying away

    92. Yahia Ahmad

      That "Mad Batter" sounds like a helicopter rotor

    93. Justin Brantner

      We’re the best home run starts 13:11

    94. JMT 15


    95. Harry Singh

      Mejor Fusión /Interpretación Urbana + Mejor Canción Urbana - @ROSALÍA Yo X Ti Tu X Mi 🎉

    96. Lucky Lachie

      HOME RUN!

    97. winston ledford

      cut ends off

    98. winston ledford

      use soled batt

    99. winston ledford

      to loose

    100. winston ledford

      steal bat ok