"YOU WON'T BELIEVE YOUR EYES!" - Smarter Every Day 142

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    1. Weekend Warrior


    2. Mark Scheinfeld

      Ok, is this why when I look in a mirror I see brown hair, but when I look at myself in the reflection of a window, I see gray/white hair. A doctor told me I looked in the mirror for over 45 years and I saw brown, so my brain still sees brown, even though I am definitely grey.

    3. master munkey

      Omg u blew my mind at the beginning

    4. 47f0

      That has implications for lighting, too. I noticed while cycling home from a friends house a couple years ago that with my headlight on medium, the tire tread pattern on my front tire was moving slowly backward. A classic strobe effect. Apparently, LEDs work best driven at a certain current - to dim the lights, circuitry just cycles them on and off rapidly. In essence, I was riding in the dark half the time. Which also may be a problem for smart cars - depending on the frame rate of their cameras, they may, or may not see some types of LED lighting as being on.

    5. Callum Wood


    6. Mega YouTube Fan

      I'm still trying to figure out what the illusion at the beginning of the video is called... Anyone know?

    7. WizzyTrippy

      12 seconds in and you just explained why I clicked on the video

    8. im2good 4this


    9. Kimpo 1000

      If two million fireflies

    10. amir tambe

      Greg's the cool dude man.

    11. LoftBits

      Up to about 30 years ago, this is how we would be explaining "how CRT works" (tv/monitors)... With today's LCD, and absence of 'electron beam' and 'persistence of fluorescent coating' on our desks, we need to 'retro-teach'... N.B. brain's delays in interpreting signals also have an interesting application in "pseudo 3D" footages, using the "one eye darker" glassess (it's called the Pulfrich effect).

    12. benji

      dumb video. the led image is not confusing in any way

    13. Raven Goddess Of The 'Woke And Da Heauxz

      When staring at it reality "bursted" like it did when I was on lsd.

    14. Raven Goddess Of The 'Woke And Da Heauxz

      0:59 Actually saw a red aura on top of the island, outlining it!

    15. Johnny Bates

      Sucks. Every since I found out he agrees more with Trump and the GOP than Obama and the DNC, I don't think he is as nice as he pretends.

    16. R Soto

      He changed the color of the pictures to black and white.

    17. Colin Van Nurden

      That's why looking at a wheel from a car driving next to you might look like its going backwards. Cool


      oh mu god

    19. Mr Torque

      He is a great scientist! Thanks to younalso for this video

    20. Victoria Eads

      I've seen this applied in a few different ways. I sincerely hope that this guy is benefiting from this in all the ways. People like him should be essentially left to their own devices so that they can, like, figure out cold fusion.

    21. Jacky Yee

      If ten million fireflies,

    22. Sam Parihar

      Anyone else here 5 years later of upload of this video...!

    23. Techni Myoko

      Now you can buy those fan displays from Walmart for $100, and it is a full diameter instead of half like this one

    24. Legend of the master Sword

      What!!! No way

    25. Sakuya IzaYee

      Lynda sounds like old Skillshare.

    26. Hudson Hamman

      7:21 no, this is not exactly what our eyes see. This is a very poor simulation, considering how rapidly the device revolves and the lights update.

    27. Ardan Iaquinta

      I Dont understand BUT I LOVE IT!!

    28. Alexander Avila

      More of this please 🙏

    29. Ren Stimpy

      5 years later and this can be bought on ebay for bike wheels

    30. daxter hunter

      The fortunate pancreas enzymatically damage because argument rapidly attack before a loutish columnist. new, finicky refund

    31. K N

      Mind brain: rpm = fps My eye: it's illusion.

    32. Nova gaming


    33. digital subliminal messages

      S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S See , our eyes can't see a 4k image / despite getting a clearer ...appearance / but in the 4k/ the light process / within our eye / keeps a image between ..... // this one looks bd s little harder to explain //

    34. digital subliminal messages

      S r b Its the white between all of it// ... see , beside the burning trees/ the trees had a yell bounce off them/ // sweet

    35. Thomas LOL

      We should execute whoever figured that optical illusion out for witchcraft

    36. G Kess

      Why are some tail lights flashing on and off very quickly and some car tail lights are on continuously? Look at tail lights in front of you on the road. Blink quickly. can you see the off cycle? Look at other cars taillights, and quickly sweep your vision across them. Is it a streak (because they are constantly glowing) or do you see dots because they pulse on and off? Maybe being a passenger while trying this is safer.

    37. R U Ready?

      I know it's not a big deal if i didn't subscribe. But subscribing doesn't cost me anything, if fact, it helps me to get Smarter Every Day !!! Thanks.

    38. Tyler Wright

      The defiant steam erroneously force because chocolate primarily fax up a gray greasy great picture. straight, abstracted siberian

    39. Jyhx. -_-

      Ok Einstein

    40. Shazbat5

      @Destin - Take a JR train from Tokyo to Narita, and you can see posts every so often, maybe 3 meters tall, that are nothing more that a vertical column of LEDs, that are strobing. As you drive by, the posts motion blur, and persistence of vision allows you to see they are actually billboards. They are unobtrusive to to people that aren't moving, don't block much because they are so small, and I suppose they might be sound activated to only run when a train is nearby...

    41. Kidnoob

      The colors my brain made up were grayish tho, i saw color but they were not vibrant

    42. Bert Tweeendertig

      The Tasmanië trick did not work, i can only see black and white because I have a type of colorblindness

    43. Indomo

      Skype guy looks like albert einstein on a budget

    44. Red Faux

      God is the greatest artist and engineer ever. He is awesome! Thank you Jesus!

    45. Pankaj Rawat

      Same like when you blink you dont go blind

    46. Daryl Cheshire

      I understand the cathode ray tube relies on persistence of vision ie a vacuum tube TV. Also cats (for example) has less persistence of vision and so a vacuum tube TV will not make sense to a cat which sees dots.On the other hand a cat can see an LCD image on an iPad, for example, the moving mouse game.

    47. Theophilus Jedediah

      Did the prof. average or include the measure of delay in the speed of light vs. the actual sight/brain/register moment?

    48. Will Bernd

      Where did Destin get the Richland Bombers (Richland Highschool, Washington state) shirt that he's wearing in the hotel. I live in Richland so I'm guessing he either visited or worked at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation.

    49. Thomas Mooney

      Is it an 'arcxel' or a 'ringxel'? If it makes 360° ...

    50. Jimiel Bolasa


    51. Dom Cz.


    52. Jonathan Garlinghouse

      My first reaction was, "what!? What did you do to me!" haha, that color trick was very cool.

    53. MR. KHAN

      Those 3D fans are a commercial product now.

    54. Mary Lagua


    55. Koen Koen

      Question: Since humans are watching screens all the time, would it be possible that future human brains get quicker at seeing the individual images? Would the brain so to speak; "learn its beeing fooled to see a moving image" ? Or does the biology of the eye and nervous system have a limit? Its more then 5 years later but it would be amazing if anyone could shine a light on this. Thanks!

    56. Vaibhav lande

      We believe our eyes but don't believe you.😂😂😂😀

    57. Adrian Monteon

      Me and the boys playing cyberpunk on da Gü€€ï fan

    58. 16. Ipnu ulum munir

      I think the point of that professor said is our eyes needs time to adapt with the change of the lights. As we after see our phone then see around in the middle of the night.

    59. FreddyFozzyFilms

      Has anyone done this but with a sphere instead of a circle. This could be a cool way of faking a hologram

    60. irishtower

      Although the mind does do its "gestalt" filling in for us in lots of situations, the lighthouse image colouring is due to an afterimage effect in the retina after staring at a colour negative. You can prove this by staring at the colour negative and then look at a blank space on your wall. Enjoyable video!

    61. Devo

      I love you didnt go very basic and just took a lightbulb or screen xD Wich both flash with a fast frequentie. We seen constant light, but in reality it flickers hmm 50 times a second. Guess now a days its much faster. Thats why in earlier years if you filmed your screen you would have stripes all over your screen, these are the gabs our eyes finally caught up with or is it our brain? Here is a question: Do some people see what most do not? Do they see the on and off when most do not? Do some animals see what we dont see? Like how theyy hear what we dont hear.

    62. Exploring T.H.C.

      It looked Bret and whit for me. Didn’t workin me boi

    63. Fern Parker

      The oceanic sausage dfly enter because exclamation summatively frighten above a nonstop gun. ordinary, narrow indonesia

    64. John Doe

      He's kind of belittling to people he puts on the show sometimes ...

    65. Annette Snyder

      The powerful curve directly peck because resolution epidemiologically strip round a placid psychiatrist. obedient, poised beat

    66. lakai2305

      It wirks again and again its absolutly stunning ... the second time the color were even stronger for me propably because i saw the original picture already!

    67. Leo

      Oh my god, I never even thought that light "trails" we see were just a falloff curve of the brain's reaction to light stimuli. MIND BLOWN.

    68. Kaiden Hall


    69. Mikeztarp

      Dragon Ball fans already knew about persistence of vision! xD

    70. Will Bart

      Is this the answer to the old elementary school trick of waving a pencil in your hands and making it appear flexible?

    71. Farhan Jafari

      Hmmmmmm what if YOU ARE CLICKBAIT

    72. Aimee Hayes

      what is this called scientifically

    73. Leccena Todd

      Wait whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

    74. Dude T

      why after looking at a bright light and closing my eyes do I still see light?

    75. Jim Cheong

      So why do gamer needs a 120hz monitor while the human eyes can only process at about 75hz then?

    76. Shaurya Sisodia

      Me just seeing a black and white picture

    77. freeday.tv

      The irony of the vision expert having a 240p webcam 😂

      1. Z


    78. gunforhirenz

      you can now buy these commercially that create holographic images in the air like birds etc

    79. Jordan Braun

      That after image picture... I would argue it isn’t your brain, but a physiological response in your eye... the signals from your eyes is being properly interpreted by your brain. It is a different effect than say, filling in your blind spot which IS a higher cognitive affect. After image is purely retinal and how our photo receptors work and not demonstrative of how our brain works. Retina =\= brain...

    80. MR Rubix

      LOL I’m colorblind

    81. ~Reiji

      "You would not believe your eyes..."

    82. KooLaidblue

      I didn't see any colors.

    83. bsrcat1

      Whats even stranger is a child's eyes actually see at a different frame rate than adults.

    84. Marek

      Another great video from Destin :D

    85. ayokay123

      In the world of magic, it's called retention of vision, and it's most clearly seen when somebody does a "coin retention vanish". Mickey Silver's is the best in the world. Absolutely crazy looking.

    86. Paul D Darlington

      Is it really informing to almost furtively slip in little Biblical references at the end of these otherwise brilliantly educating videos? Should I expect just that from someone with your accent, the way you complimented the accented scientist who studies vision perception? Might you be a fundamentalist? What kind? Pentecostal? Baptist? Is every Southerner some kind of American-brand Christian who knows his Bible like a memorized encyclopedia of sins or periodic table? I'm one you might not expect so far to be a person who actually can appreciate the joy of poetry in say "Omnia Opera Domini", or the similar Matthew 111-2 you attached to your rocket factory video, I find the juxtaposition of the two ways of thinking incompatible and distracting. Science needs no theology. Theology needs no science. Understanding can be enhanced by poetry, but these Bible verses do not complement your videos any more than would the Gazals of Darshan Singh. But I love them (and you) anyway.

    87. J. Manzueta

      3D images, except the third dimension is temporary ; )

    88. Shortgamemonkey

      I saw it as black and white Immediately. The hek.

    89. Ryan Suyer

      god forgot to turn off motion blur

    90. James Boone

      The first experiment didn't work for me, I didn't see colors.

    91. greek kid shows

      Wow wow wow wow wow Mind blown 🤯 I didn't expect to get surprised as much as this from something as simple as this That's imagination! I forgot that I can do that!

    92. Cooper Nation

      What did you do to my eye

    93. justin wyatt

      This guy did not invent this display he merely copied it I've seen this a gang of times 10 to 15 years ago in China and Singapore

    94. jacob hill

      Same thing with a tracer round, the bullet looks stretched out. Kindve a cool perspective on the delay from your eyes to your brain

    95. Luis Enriquez

      The plucky girdle ontogenically attract because repair statistically retire underneath a cluttered professor. obsequious, tacky mary

    96. Pliny-VC

      Just one word. Wow

    97. pedro hadad

      The psychedelic spring univariably flap because pan pivotally launch minus a general gentle beginner. complete, accidental cougar

    98. Muhammad Sucked My Cock

      Greg is Rich. I saw this being sold in many Chinese sites.

    99. Kyle Allan

      3:02 rolling shutter effect!!

    100. Belfast Kai-Ni

      >little light green spots > me green colorblind :o